tagBDSMDoes He Really Want That? Ch. 04

Does He Really Want That? Ch. 04


Letter from the author: This story is about Female domination, humiliation and cuckolding. The main character has a small cock and therefore feels inferior. If this is not your cup of tea, please go read something else. For those who do enjoy that, please read on. Thanks to all those who commented on the last three chapters. Feel free to e-mail me feedback as well. It is how I know what the readers like and dislike.


A few days later Melissa called Petros to inform him that his offer on the house had been accepted. "I think this calls for a celebration." She said with a suggestive tone. "Why don't you come over this evening and we can seal the deal."

Petros of course agreed, knowing exactly what she meant.

Melissa made arrangements for the kids and eagerly prepared herself and the house for her sexual rendezvous. When Steve got home, Melissa informed him that tonight was the night. She ushered him off to the shower and told him to prepare his viewing spot in the closet.

Steve showered, and as he prepared his spot in the closet, Melissa slipped into the shower. The water cascaded over her body, and Melissa began to dream of the night ahead. Her hands began to explore her body and her pussy tingled with excitement. She pinched her nipples and enjoyed the feeling. She grabbed the soap and lathered her body. Her soapy body quivered as her hands roamed over its entirety. She slid two fingers into her pussy and felt its wetness. She finger fucked her pussy for a few minutes. Her excitement grew and she sped up her pace. She was soon approaching orgasm. She moved her other hand over her ass and slid two fingers inside there too. She alternated penetrating her holes with her fingers for a short time until a small orgasm passed quickly through her. Her knees got weak and she sat down on the shower bench and recovered. She finished her shower and dried off.

She applied her make-up and styled her hair in the nude. When she was finished she went to the bedroom to dress. Her pussy again became moist as she remembered the outfit she had purchased for this evening. She opened the closet and pulled out the shopping bags. She laid the outfit on the bed and admired it, Spiked heels, top of the line silk seamed stockings, matching garter belt and a satin corset with no bra cups. She had decided there would be no reason to cover anything since Petros would just take it off if she did. She slipped on the corset and then the nylons. As she slid on the nylons, she enjoyed the feeling as she pulled them up her legs. She rubbed her thighs with her hands, making her pussy even more aroused. She latched her garter belt and snapped the straps to her nylons. She stepped into her heels and walked to the full length mirror to admire herself.

"Damn I look hot." She thought to herself. "Petros is going to love this."

She pinched her nipples so they stuck out. The feeling ripped through her right to her pussy. She was about to beckon for Steve when something caught her eye in the mirror. It was Steve. He had entered the room and she observed him staring at her. She sexily walked to him and watched as his eyes never left her body. "You like what you see my little hubby?" She said as she placed both hand on her hips.

He just nodded his head without saying a word.

"I was just about to call you." She said matter-of-factly. "Petros will be here soon, I need you to prepare me for him."

She placed her hand on top of his head and pushed him to his knees as she spread her legs. Steve just melted to her touch and instruction. He was inches from her puffy cunt and as she expected, immediately dove in. She felt his tongue as he greedily lapped up the juices from her hot wet cunt.

"That's a good hubby, get mommy's pus ready for her lover." She encouraged him as she grabbed his head. His tongue was magnificent. She ground her pelvis into his face. She was getting into it and didn't want it to stop, but she had already cum in the shower, and did not want to get too exhausted before her lover showed. She pushed Steve away from her pussy and turned around. She bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

"Petros will need this hole prepared too." She teased.

Steve moved in, plunging his tongue deep into her depths. Melissa loved having her ass eaten, and she again briefly forgot about her lover's pending arrival. She stroked her clit as Steve pleasured her ass with his tongue. Her orgasm approached once again and she stroked harder.

"Lick my ass baby." She ordered him. "Mommy is going to cum."

Just then the door bell rang.

"Oh shit, he's here." She said as she pushed Steve from her ass. "Get in the closet."

Steve hurried to his hiding place, and Melissa straightened her outfit in the mirror. As she walked to the front door, she could feel her wetness and the heat between her legs. She arrived at the door and swung it wide open. She waited for the reaction.

"Damn woman, you look like a total slut." He told her.

"Perfect!" she thought to herself. "Exactly what I was going for."

She just smiled at him and pulled him in the door and rushed him to the bedroom. She wanted to attack him right at the front door, but what she wanted more was for Steve to see what she was doing. She moved him to the side of the bed closest to the closet so Steve could get a good look. Then she unbuckled Petros' pants and engulfed his semi hard cock with her warm wanton mouth. She sucked and licked his cock as it grew and stiffen in her hand and mouth. Soon she was sliding it down her throat savoring the feel as her tongue slid over every vein and bump of his rock hard member. She felt him grab a handful of her hair and force her down hard on his cock. The head filled the back of her throat and she loved it. Her pussy dripped as she felt him fuck her mouth like the slut she loved being.

"Suck it good slut." she heard him say to her. This only spurred her on. She sucked harder and began to stroke her clit.

"Yeah baby, get my cock nice and hard so I can pound your ass." She heard him say.

The nasty talk and her mastery on her clit brought on her second orgasm of the night. The pleasure ripped through her and she screamed a muffled scream, never taking his cock from her mouth.

Before she finished her orgasm, she felt him pull her off his cock and stand her up. Without saying a word to her, he turned her around and bent her over the bed. In one motion, he buried his cock to his balls in her sloppy pussy. His cock felt wonderful in her. Her orgasm was still coursing through her and this stimulation only added to her pleasure. She felt his cock fill her as it entered her. She could feel his pelvis hit her ass as he pounded her pussy and tremors from her orgasm continued. This continued for a while and she was enjoying the hammering when he began to talk to her again.

"You want this in your ass don't you?" He asked as she felt him bottom out against her ass and leave it buried in her.

"Yes!" she answered, relishing in the feeling of his big cock filling her.

She felt him begin to withdraw his cock. Then she felt him grab both hips and drive it back in hard.

"Tell me!" he commanded.

"I want it in my ass." She moaned.

"Beg me, tell me what you want." He told her.

"Please, I want your big cock in my ass." Melissa pleaded.

"Your fat ass." He corrected her. Each time he spoke, he pulled his cock out and drove it back in deep and hard.

"I want your hard thick cock deep in my big fat ass. Please, I want it. I need it." She was pushing against his thrusts each time. Petros pulled out, and as he did, Melissa reached back and spread her big round ass cheeks for him. Her chest now rested on the bed. The cool sensation of the satin sheets caused her nipples to get harder. Petros placed his cock at her nether hole and in one motion slid it in to his balls.

Melissa screamed out as it filled her bowels. Her ass had never been stretched this far, and the feeling was pain and pleasure at the same time. Petros began to find a rhythm and Melissa moaned with excitement. Her body moved back and forth as Petros moved in and out, and her nipples slid back and forth on the sheets causing more stimulation. She let go of her ass cheeks and reached between her legs to fiddle her clit.

"Fuck me harder; Fuck my big fat ass with your cock." She screamed.

She felt him speed up and knew he liked her speaking dirty to him. "Yes baby, that's it, harder, deeper; I love the feel of your cock in my ass. I going to cum."

She manipulated her clit faster and harder, and her orgasm began to boil over. "Yes, Yes, I cumming. Fuck me harder, cum in my ass. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass."

As her orgasm rushed through her, she felt Petros grab her hips harder and speed up his pace. His balls were slapping her pussy and his groin was slamming against her ass hard. She felt the force and knew he was close.

"Cum baby, cum in my ass. Fill me with your hot cum. cum for me now."

Melissa's thundering orgasm was still ripping through her when she heard Petros grunt loudly and bury his cock deep in her. Then she felt his cum explode inside her. He pulled back out and drove back in hard. More cum filled her and she took pleasure in the feeling of it. It seemed like it would never stop. Every thrust brought more warmth and more pleasure. Her orgasm slowed and finally his thrusts stopped.

She could feel his jizz escape from her ass and run over her pussy as Petros left his cock buried in her. She collapsed in her position and savored the after glow.

Suddenly Petros pulled his cock out and pulled his pants up.

"I have a dinner meeting in 20 minutes. Thanks for the good time. I'll talk to you soon." Then he walked out the door.

Melissa was so exhausted and so satisfied, she didn't even protest. She closed her eyes and relaxed, her body still bent over the bed and her ass still exposed. She could feel the cum oozing from her back side. It ran over her pussy and down her leg. She almost immediately began to doze off. Then unexpectedly, she felt something warm and soothing touch her quivering ass. She turned her head and there was Steve with his tongue buried in her ass. His head disappeared and she felt his tongue touch her thigh. It licked up all the way to her sloppy cunt. He spent some time on her pussy cleaning it too. Then he reached her ass again. He devoured it. She pushed the load of cum from her asshole and Steve eagerly lapped it up. His masterful tongue caused aftershock orgasms that were wonderful. Melissa just laid there and enjoyed the whole thing.

When he had finished he helped her into the bed. He crawled behind her and spooned her. She could feel his rock hard cock between her ass cheeks. She lay there thinking to herself, "Oh how much he must love me to be willing to watch that and happily clean up another man's seed from my body. I must be the luckiest woman alive." Then she fell asleep in his arms.

* * * * * * * *

Steve arrived home and as he entered the house, Melissa almost attacked him at the door.

"He's coming over tonight, hurry and take a shower so we can get the bedroom ready." She told him as she hurried him down the hall.

Steve knew exactly what she was talking about. Her lover was coming over and he was going to watch as he fucked his wife in the ass. He had been expecting this day ever since last week, but was surprised at how soon it arrived. Again he was conflicted. He had been wondering if he could really let her go through with it, as if he really could stop her now. He had become a willing subject in all this. He was powerless to stop her, and he was not really sure if he wanted to stop her.

"Now take a shower and get your spot in the closet ready. He will be here soon." She told him.

Steve showered and as his mind pondered what was to happen, he found his cock stiffening. He imagined his wife being pounded from behind. As he soaped his body he stroked his cock a bit, enjoying the slick feeling of his soapy hand sliding up and down his little cock. He looked down and watched as he masturbated with only three fingers and his thumb. "No wonder she wants her lover to fuck her, this cock is pathetic." He thought to himself. Even his own self deprecation aroused him. He stroked harder and felt his climax coming when Melissa shouted at him to hurry. Disappointed, he quickly finished his shower and dried off. He dressed and began to prepare his spot in the closet as Melissa slipped into the shower.

When he had prepared his spot, he closed the closet and started to leave the room. However, when he walked by the bathroom, he heard a low moan from the shower. He peeked around the corner to see Melissa half bent over with one hand fucking her pussy and the other fucking her ass. His cock stiffened again and he reached in his shorts to stroke it. He was mesmerized as Melissa pounded her own ass and pussy. His cock was rock hard and he lowered his shorts. He again stroked his little cock and watched his sexy wife orgasm to her own touch. He tried to get relief, but before he could, she sat down on the bench in the shower. This let her see the door way perfectly, and he didn't want to get caught in this position. He pulled his shorts over his rock hard unit and hustled to the living room.

As he sat there watching some TV, he pondered his situation. He wasn't sure he could go along with it. The longer he sat there, the braver he got, until he finally decided he was going to put a stop to this. He couldn't just sit by and watch another man fuck his wife right in front of him, especially in the ass. He walked to the bedroom to let Melissa know how he felt, but the sight in front of him as he entered the room made him forget all he had to say. Standing in front of her full length mirror was Melissa admiring her full figure as it filled out her sexy outfit. She had on a pair of spiked heels, seemed nylons, matching garter belt and a one piece satin thing with no breast cups. A lack of panties had all of her womanly assets on display. Her full breasts hung off her chest in full view and her dark nipples poked out stiffly. Her large round ass jutted back as if aching to be fucked, and her cleanly shaven pussy was puffy from her arousal. Steve couldn't move. He wanted to take her right there, but he knew he couldn't pull that off, so he just stood and stared at the sexiest woman he knew. He watched as she spotted him in the mirror and approached him. Her walk was so sexy. She swiveled her hips and the bounce in her step caused her heavy breasts to sway back and forth.

All he could do was nod when she placed her hands on her hips and struck a sexy stance and said, "You like what you see my little hubby? I was just about to call you. Petros will be here soon, I need you to prepare me for him."

He just stood there as she placed her hand on top of his head and pushed him down. Steve could feel his knees just melt as if he had no control over his actions. Soon he found his nose inches from his wife's smooth pussy. He breathed in deeply and delighted in the smell of her arousal. His cock was so hard it almost ached. He needed no further instruction. He immediately dove into her hot wet cunt. He licked it feverishly, tasting her juices and loving its flavor. He felt her grab his head and grind her pussy hard into his face.

"That's a good hubby, get mommy's pus ready for her lover." He heard her tell him.

He was devouring her pussy like a good slave when she suddenly pushed him away. He didn't understand. He could feel the cool air hit his wet face. He wanted to continue, but soon understood when Melissa turned around, bent over and spread her ass cheeks.

"Petros will need this hole prepared too." She told him.

Steve didn't dawdle. He plunged his tongue deep inside her big beautiful ass, licking every inch of it he could. He felt her fingers hit his chin as she stroked her clit.

"Lick my ass baby. Mommy is going to cum." He heard her say.

He licked harder, trying to please his commander. He could tell she was close, but when the door bell rang, she pushed him from her ass. "Oh shit, he's here. Get in the closet."

Steve disappointedly rose and moved to his hiding place. He sat there waiting for them to come back. Immediately his stomach got weak. Again all the doubts rushed back. However, he knew it was too late. Just then Melissa and Petros entered the room. They moved to the closet side of the bed. They were only a couple feet from Steve. He quietly opened the louvers on the bi-fold closet door. Petros was turned the other way, but Steve got a perfect view as his wife was already on her knees unbuckling her lover's pants. Steve watched as her lover's half erect cock came into view. It was impressive. In its current state, it was already longer and much thicker than his when it was fully hard. He watched as his wife swallowed every inch of it like a professional. As it grew he could see why she loved his cock more than Steve's. She could use one hand and stroke it, and still have plenty to slide in and out of her mouth. The sight of his wife eagerly sucking this man's cock was a thrill. Steve's cock stood rock hard between his legs. He decided there was no reason to have his shorts on, so he pulled them down and off. Precum dripped from his swollen unit and he began to smear it over the pulsating head. Steve peered out the slit in the door as this man grabbed a handful of his sexy wife's hair and started fucking her face. His wife really seemed to enjoy the forcefulness.

"Suck it good slut." He heard her lover tell his wife. Steve was amazed that she let him talk to her that way.

"Yeah baby, get my cock nice and hard so I can pound your ass." Petros instructed her.

Steve couldn't believe it. She not only didn't mind him talking to her that way, she really seemed to like it. Steve noticed her fingering her clit hard. He watched as his wife gave this man an expert blow job and fingered her pussy until she climaxed, screaming loudly while never removing the large stiff cock in her mouth. Steve was now stroking his cock as he watched this all unfold in front of him.

Steve continued to stroke his cock as he observed Petros push Melissa away from his cock, spin her around, bend her over the bed and bury his cock deep in her pussy. Petros assaulted her from behind roughly. Melissa just moaned and groaned with pleasure. Steve was so hot that he could not hold back. His cock exploded and he bit down on both lips to keep from making any noise. Cum shot all over the back of the closet door. Pump after pump brought more and more cum. Steve could not remember cumming that hard ever from just masturbating. He came down from his climax and relaxed. He peeked out for what seemed like forever as Petros continued to fuck his wife hard and fast, never reaching orgasm. Steve was amazed at his staying power.

The next sight was enthralling.

Petros drove his cock deep in her and stopped. "You want this in your ass don't you?" He asked.

"Yes!" he heard his wife say.

"Tell me!"

"I want it in my ass." His wife replied.

"Beg me! Tell me what you want." He commanded.

Each time he spoke to her he pulled out his large thick shaft and drove it back in as he finished his demand, as if punctuating with an exclamation point.

"Please, I want your cock in my ass." His wife pleaded.

Steve's cock was already hard again. Watching his wife beg to be fucked in the ass was hot. Then came another amazing thing.

Petros corrected her plea, "Your fat ass!"

Steve's jaw dropped. His wife would never let this guy talk to her that way. She would surely not let him get away with that. He was wrong.

"I want your hard thick cock deep in my big fat ass. I want it. I need it." She said with lust in her eyes.

"What a total slut." Steve thought to himself. This guy was treating her like a street whore and she loved every minute of it. Steve began to stroke his cock again.

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