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Dogging on Cannock Chase


Dogging is a predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks, wooded areas and the like. The term dogging originated in the early Seventies to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors. These men often said that they were "taking their dogs for a walk" as far as their wives were concerned, and would 'dog' the couples' every move in an effort to watch them. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own special thrill they began meeting in car-parks, and the doggers found a new and rich supply of voyeuristic fun. Moreover, the doggers soon realised that these couples were actively encouraging them to watch, even performing for them, and sometimes allowing them to join in.

Cannock Forest sits on Cannock Chase, one of the protected Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain.

Cannock Chase is best known for its open heathland and pine forest and its history which stretches back several hundred years and still effects how the land is managed today. Cannock Chase is a popular destination for people seeking fresh air, peace and exercise with Fairoak Valley amongst the most popular areas for walking and cycling.

Bob, my husband, and Skip (an "intimate friend" of mine) had been chatting together and Skip mentioned that he had recently had the time of his life by visiting one of the car parks on Cannock Chase. He went on to describe how he was not only able to watch one or two couples having sex, but he had noticed that some of the single guys around had actually approached and fingered some of the talent being displayed.

Naturally, Bob and I were extremely interested, as I have always been something of an exhibitionist, and one of my biggest kicks comes from "accidentally" displaying my knickers in public, (if I am wearing any, that is,) or even displaying my naked pussy if I am sure that there cannot be any repercussions, although I have always contrived to make that "flashing" appear accidental as well, of course.

Anyway, the outcome of it was that we all three agreed to go to the area on Saturday evening, and I dressed accordingly -- a brief skirt, just long enough to cover the tops of my nylons and suspenders (I know that seeing me in those turns men on), and a tiny g-string which just hid my pussy lips (I had shaved it specially for the occasion), but no bra even though the top I was wearing was fairly see-through. Normally I never wear knickers, but on this occasion both Bob and Skip asked me to wear some, as they said that sometimes hiding something can make it appear even more exciting.

Skip drove the car whilst I sat in the back with Bob, who could scarcely keep his hands off me all the way there, even though I kept reminding him that none of us wanted to reach any kind of climax too early on in the proceedings.

Anyway, we arrived, and Skip led the way by walking towards a car whose interior lights were on and whose windows were fully open, and through which two men were already peering.

Skip and I went right up to one of the windows and Bob went to the other, where I could immediately see a woman (or girl) on her knees on the passenger seat and openly fellating a man in the driver's seat. As Skip and I watched, though, the man who was already at the window reached inside and flipped up her skirt to show her bare thighs right up to her black knickers which were now on show. Other than wriggling her bottom she made no sign that she was aware of this, even when the fellow reached out and started to tug at her waist-band to show more of her bare bottom. Then she did show more, by reaching behind her and helping him slide them down to her thighs, although we could not see too much as yet as the knickers round her thighs prevented her from opening her legs. However, the man just slid his hand between the kickers and her bottom and presumably began to fondle her cunt, as her bottom twitched even more in what must have been delight.

Just then I felt a hand sliding upwards under my skirt and stroking the suspenders before sliding higher to my crutch. I parted my legs a little knowing full well that this was Skip, as Bob was still on the other side at the driver's window. I felt one finger insert itself under the elastic of my g-string, and turned towards Skip to smile my encouragement. But, to my complete surprise I found I was facing a stranger! For a brief second I jumped as if to object to a stranger's hand, but my quick-thinking stopped me from doing this and I smiled my consent to him, encouraging him to now slide my g-string down. "Snap it if you wish," I whispered to him, as I felt him stretching the elastic, and then came a sudden sting on my thigh as the elastic gave way!

I looked at him again, and saw Skip standing on the other side of him, grinning all over his face as he watched me being groped by someone I did not know!

It was not the same man who had been touching the girl in the car, but a different one again. As I looked him fully in the face, showing my pleasure at being used in this way, he spoke to me, and in the bluntest way I have ever known he simply asked me, "Do you fuck?"

I was in a slight quandary. Until now I have always been quite free with my favours, but only with someone that I, or Bob or Skip knew, and I was a little chary now. I could not vouch for his state of health, naturally, and this was something about which the three of us had always been so careful, but I decided that I would ask Bob or Skip before I went further with this man, so I said, "Not on Saturdays, but if you want to come back here tomorrow I'll give you my answer then. In the meantime you can get me wet, and I'll rub you off!"

And so we had a mutual masturbating session, oblivious to the couple in the car, or even Bob and Skip. I only found out afterwards that they had both been watching me with great amusement!

It was only afterwards, too, that Skip told me that the man I had been with was actually the one who had introduced him to this dogging site. "Steve is an old friend of mine," he told me, "and he has a thing about cleanliness and health, so you should be safe with him."

So Bob, Skip and I all agreed that we would go there again the following evening and to see if Steve was there. If he was there we all agreed that we should see how far he was wishing to go. I was certainly prepared to go all the way, particularly if he was wearing protection, although I prefer to go bareback most of the time, and always with someone I know.

So, next night, I dressed even more provocatively. All I wore was a top and my briefest mini-skirt and shoes. Both the skirt and top were wrap-around, held together with Velcro, so that one tug would release my nudity to everyone.

We used Skip's Volvo estate car to go in, as the back opens upwards and reveals a large flat interior, especially if the back seat is lowered. We all three sat at the front, and I had a hard time to keep them both from pawing me, reminding them both (amid lost of laughter) that tonight was exhibition night and that I did not want to exhaust myself before I met Steve - assuming that Steve would be there as I had half-promised him.

And he was! He was waiting when we arrived, and courteously held open the door for me, and got an eyeful immediately as I was sitting in the middle between the other two and had to climb over Bob to get out!

I noticed that there were one or two punters (or "doggers") around as I clinched with Steve in a welcoming kiss. As I was doing that, Skip and Bob were opening the tail-gate of the car and beckoning the other people towards us. It was interesting to note that although the majority of the doggers were men, there were two or even three women present also.

I roughly pushed Steve away for a brief moment as I stood beneath the open door and as Skip turned on the interior light, he and Bob shone torches onto me. But the intensity of the light increased as one punter also switched on his car headlights!

So, playing to the crowd, I stood momentarily there, kicked off my shoes, then with simultaneous tugs I tore off both tops and skirt to leave myself totally naked! As a cheer went up I stepped backwards into the car and beckoned for Steve to join me, which he lost no time in doing, and with hardly any foreplay he thrust right into my willing pussy!

It was heaven! My ultimate desires had all come true - to be fucked in public as my best friend and my husband both looked on!

Steve went at it like a hammer and tongs, and his climax was terrific. I felt on fire as he continued to pump into me, and as he withdrew both Bob and Skip deposited their cum onto my naked tummy and breasts, followed by one or two more strangers joining in the orgy. I felt on Cloud Nine, and when I got out of the car to take my turn at watching I was pawed by almost everyone there in turn!

It was a night I shall never forget, even though this was not my only time to visit the site. And even now, the memory of that night and telling about it has made me feel randy once again. And now I must go and find Bob and beg him for relief now that this story has roused me so much.

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