tagIncest/TabooDoing My Niece and Sister-in-Law

Doing My Niece and Sister-in-Law


My Japanese wife (55) and I (60) live in Japan. I'm originally from Chicago and came to the Far East in my early 20s, upon graduating from college. After working with a major U.S. company for five years, I started up a small consulting firm, helping mid-size foreign corporations enter the profitable, but heavily protected, Japanese market.

I married my secretary, Chieko, two years after she started working for me. My company has become very successful. We live in a large house, by Japanese standards; and have the financial freedom to do almost anything... within reason.

We can't have children, due to my extremely low sperm count. However, we live near Yasuko (58), Chieko's sister. She has two sons, Makoto (29) and Noboru (27). Yasuko's husband, passed away last year from cancer; however, their insurance and retirement savings; plus some government support, allows her to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Makoto and Noboru are married to very beautiful women, Akiko (28) and Keiko (25), respectively. Both women have warm, outgoing personalities and keep themselves in excellent physical condition.

Although Noboru and Keiko remain childless,

Makoto and Akiko have two sons, Takeshi (5) and Masaru (3).

For the last 30 years, Yasuko's family has come to our home for Christmas and we go to hers for New Year's Day. Needless to say, we are very close and always have a wonderful time together, especially during the winter holidays.

Recently, Keiko found out that Noboru was having an affair with another woman. It created much tension between the two; which was obvious during our annual family Christmas party this past December at our home. Everyone tried their best to ignore the bickering going on between them.

On Christmas Day, we were all enjoying cocktails and wine after dinner. As usual, the adults were all drunk, especially Noboru and my wife. I got up to go to the bathroom, which required a rather long walk down the hallway to the back of the house. As I turned to open the toilet door, Keiko stepped out. We were out of eyesight and earshot of the rest of the family. She was slightly unsteady, from the large amount of wine she had consumed during the day.

Putting her arms around my neck, she looked into my eyes, "Uncle Johnny, do you think I'm attractive?" Knowing her situation with Noboru, I felt that she needed reassurance. "Keiko", I said, "You are the most beautiful woman I know and that includes my wife". She smiled, "Do you really think so?" I gazed into her seductive, almond eyes, "If I was 30 years younger, I would steal you away from Noboru."

Suddenly, she lifted up on her toes and kissed me on the lips. Over the years, we had kissed on the lips a few times, when saying goodbye; but this was a different kind of kiss. It was filled with passion. I knew if I rejected her advances, it might destroy her self-confidence; so, I kissed her back deeply, penetrating her mouth with my tongue. She broke the kiss and slurred, "Do you think I'm sexy?"

I understood this was dangerous, but I didn't want to break the positive mood. Reaching for her hand, I brought it to my crotch, where she could feel my 8-ich steel-hard cock straining beneath my slacks. "What do you think?" She gripped my shaft through the thin fabric; then kissed me again. There was fire on her lips, as her tongue probed inside my mouth. Almost instinctively, I reached behind her and began feeling her firm, round ass.

We continued this way for at least two minutes, before I pulled back. "You better return to the living room before someone comes looking for us." She released my covered cock, kissed me one more time, then reluctantly walked away. I watched her sexy ass sway, until she was out of sight. My heart was beating rapidly, thinking about what had happened and what it might lead to. After some deep contemplation, I came to the conclusion that it was the alcohol and nothing more.

Later that night when our guests were leaving, Keiko and I found ourselves outside near their family car; while the rest of the family was still inside saying goodbye to my wife. Once again, Keiko put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She then reached down rubbed my cock through my pants, "Sugoi (I'm surprised), Uncle Johnny is so huge." After everyone was gone, I retreated to the toilet again and masturbated, while thinking about Keiko.

One week later, my wife and I drove to her sister's house on New Year's Day. By mid afternoon, the whole family was feeling no pain; as the beer, whiskey, sake and wine flowed freely.

Keiko asked Noboru to go for a walk along the nearby riverbank. He refused, saying it was too cold. He wanted to watch TV and sip on his sake.

She then turned to me, "Uncle Johnny, will you go for a walk with me?" My wife spoke up immediately, "Please, Dear, go with her. She shouldn't be walking by herself." I happily agreed and began putting on my coat. Yasuko, came up to me and whispered, "Thank you, Johnny, she shouldn't be by herself; especially with what's going on with my naughty son." She then kissed me on the cheek, which was quit unusually. I can only remember her doing that twice over the 3 decades that we had known each other. I teased her, "One more kiss like that and I'll take you to bed." She laughed and squeezed my hand, "Watch out, I might take you up on that".

Before walking out of the house, I asked if anyone needed anything from the store, since it closed early on New Year's Day. After taking a couple of orders, Keiko and I started walking towards the river. She guided me along a path that led to a rather isolated part of the park, which aligned the riverbank. There was no one else walking in the area, although a few people were gathered up near the soccer field, about 200 meters away.

We stopped at a small pavilion near the water. Although it offered a wonderful view of the river, the place was hidden from the rest of the park by tall bushes and trees along the path. Keiko turned and encircled my neck with her arms. She kissed me with even more passion than I experience on Christmas Day. I was wrestling with my conscious as whether to end this taboo activity or not; when she reach down and began to fondle my dick; which was flag-poled behind my jogging pants and briefs. "Uncle Johnny, show me your Chimpo (Cock)... please. I've only see Noboru's and it's so small compared to you."

She stuck out her tongue, forcing my lips apart and gave me a long, deep kiss. My staff grew harder, longer and thicker in her hand. With lust in her voice, she spoke, "Oh my God, it's so big!" My heart was pounding. Here I was, a 60-year old man being begged by a beautiful 25 year-old woman to show her my dick and being French-Kissed at the same time.

Against my better judgment, I told her to sit on a nearby wooden bench. Looking around, I made sure no one was watching. In the distance, I could still hear people playing on the soccer field. I pulled down my pants and briefs, exposing my stiff cock. It stood tall and proud under her gaze, "I never imagined a man's Chimpo could be so huge. It's beautiful, Uncle Johnny." Her petite hand stroked it from bottom to top.

I tried to take control of the situation, before it got too far out of hand. "Keiko, right now, you are depressed and maybe feeling lonely and betrayed. It is natural for you to reach out to people you care for and seek confirmation of your beauty and value." She had a tear running down her face, "Oh no, this has nothing to do with what's going on with my husband. Of course, Noboru's betrayal has given me the courage to open up to you"

I responded with a gentle, understanding voice. "We are both married. I am 35 years older than you. What kind of future can we have?" She licked the tip of my cock, "We have today and next week and next month. Let me be your lover. It will be our deep secret."

Again she licked the swollen tip of my rock-hard shaft. Then she took it into her mouth and began to suck, while stroking the base with her hand. Pulling it out, she look at me, "We can go to love hotels, take walks in parks like this, or even in the car. Be my lover. I will give my body exclusively to you. I haven't had sex with Noboru for 3 months and I have sworn to myself to never let him touch me again... never!"

She sucked some more on my bright 'pink' cock, caressing my balls with her free hand. She then stood up and had me sit on the bench. Lifting up her ankle-length dress, she slowly revealed her pretty legs and closely-shaven pussy. Climbing onto my lap, she inserted the tip of my shaft into her tiny opening.

Even though she was wet, it was too much meat for such a small hole. Patiently she rocked and rotated, gradually taking it in... a quarter of an inch at a time. We continued to kiss during this time, while I felt her ample breast beneath her dress. After about three minutes, it was halfway in.

"Oh, Uncle Johnny, it is so fantastic. I never thought sex could be so exciting. I am going to 'iku' (cum) soon. Is it OK? Can I finish before you? Noboru always finishes then tells me to finish myself off while taking a shower. I've never finished with his chin chin (small cock)... only with my fingers or the handle of the shower brush.

I felt an obligation to allow her to feel an orgasm caused by a man's cock; so I lifted up off the bench. Combined with her downward pressure, I sunk in another inch; which caused her to climax. First, she shook and began screaming with pleasure. I pushed the collar of her coat in her mouth to silence the noise. Hopefully no one heard; but I remained alert for the sound of footsteps on the path. She was still convulsing and whimpering. I could feel her heart pounding. She was definitely having an earth-shattering experience.

Five-minutes must have passed before she was able to calm down. I was still inserted in her tiny, wet cunt. She started rocking back and forth, while kissing my face, eyes and cheeks. Suddenly, she started shaking again. It was another orgasm.

This time, she stood straight up, causing her pussy to detach from my throbbing cock. She shot several streams of cum over my crotch and upper thighs. Her body vibrated with pleasure.

Sliding down to her knees she came face to face with long, thick cock. Like a mad woman, she started sucking and licking, while pumping my shaft with one hand and groping my balls with the other. "Cum in my mouth! Let me taste you. Let me satisfy you."

Within seconds, her wish was granted, as I grunted; shooting several loads of rich, thick, creamy spunk down her throat. She swallowed it all and kept sucking until every drop was in her stomach.

Looking up at me with her sexy eyes, "Was it good? Did I satisfy you? Will you let me be your lover?" Despite the odds, I replied, "Yes, Keiko you are my lover. But we must be very careful. We must be smart and patient; but yes... I am your lover and you are my lady!"

Rising up to her feet, she straightened her clothes then suggested, "On the way to the store, let's plan or next meeting. You must teach me everything about sex."

Upon arriving at Yasuko's house, we went back to being Uncle and Niece; but now, when we looked at each other there was a sparkle in our eyes and satisfied smile on our faces. Can we keep our affair secret? I don't know. Probably not!

By 6 p.m., I was very tired. Too much alcohol and Keiko's hungry cunt had taken its toll. I asked Yasuko if I could take a nap upstairs. While the rest of the family watched TV, chatted about various topics and continued drinking; my sister-in-law led me upstairs.

Inside the guest bedroom, she started pulling off my long-sleeved sweatshirt. I watched with curiosity, "What are you doing?" She smiled, "I'm taking you up on your offer."

After pulling off my shirt, she took off her dress, and was left standing in front of me with noting but panties... no bra! Next, she pulled down my pants and briefs, leaving me totally naked. "Johnny, here's the kiss that will take us to bed." She then kissed me on the lips, followed by her tongue swirling around mine inside my mouth.

Suddenly, she pushed me backwards, causing me to land on the double bed in the room. Kneeling, Yasuko took my cock into her hand and pumped it for several strokes, before putting the tip in her mouth.

I sighed then asked, "You know that Chieko and the rest of the family are downstairs." She grinned, "I told everyone that I was taking an ofuro (bath). Plus, no one would interrupt Johnny's nap... not even my sister. "

She began seriously sucking my rejuvenated shaft. I have to admit, Yasuko can suck cock better than any woman I've ever experienced and I've had many. Her left hand reached between her legs and began flicking her clit.

I was trying my best to hold back, knowing that if I shot my load, I wouldn't be able to fill Yasuko's juicy pussy. Luckily she beat me to it, shivering with climatic bliss from a self-inflicted orgasm.

Lifting her off the floor, I positioned her dripping cunt above my long, hard rod. She sat down and easily slid down for 5 inches before starting to groan with gratification. "Oh God Johnny, no wonder Chieko is always happy and feeling content. Why haven't I tried this before?" Her vaginal muscles were squeezing me with rhythmic desire.

I was too far gone after her fabulous blow job. Closing my eyes, I grunted and fired a heavy load into her delightful cunt. The added lubrication permitted her tight twat to slip down my shaft another inch. I fired another round; which set off Yasuko, as she screamed loud enough for the entire household to hear.

We stayed in that position, while listening intently for someone climbing up the stairs. When her shaking body settled, she rose up off me, gathered her clothes and headed down the hallway to the bathroom. I turned off the light and jumped into bed.

Within 30 seconds, the bedroom door opened and Chieko asked, "Johnny are you OK? We heard a loud noise, like a scream!" I sat up and rubbed my eyes, "No, I didn't hear anything."

She closed the door and headed to the bath. I tried to listen to the muffled conversation between sisters. Yasuko said that she had slipped getting out of the tub. Chieko told her to be careful and headed back downstairs.

To my surprise, Yasuko came back to the bedroom and slid under the covers... still naked. I warned her, "Don't you think you're pushing our luck a little too far?" She laughed, "Maybe, but feeling that huge cock of yours in my tiny pussy is worth it.

Within in seconds, she was on top of me and grinding her well-oiled cunt against my recovering cock. For the next 15 minutes, we fucked, sucked and felt each other with unbridled passion.

She left first, and by the time I descended the stairs to rejoin them, the family was laughing and drinking. No one seemed aware of what just happened above their heads.

I can see that between Keiko and Yasuko; the next few months, maybe longer, will be very busy and sexually satisfying.

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