Dormitory Slut's Christmas Break


Stanley had fucked enough asses, Lester's and others, that he knew enough to apply the lubricant to his cock, besides what was still in the tight place he was about to insert it. He held his shaft in one hand, and before thrusting into the cute pink hole that was so available to him, he moved it up and down so the tip was just inside the edges. When that was ready, he pushed forward, and felt the head wedge its way into where he wanted it.

That was where Lester wanted it too, and he murmured happily but silently, for his mouth was too full to allow him to make any sounds. The second surge of Stanley's big cock was even better, because it pressed against his clit, sending ripples of exquisite pleasure coursing through his body. The third was even better, because it stretched his ass more, expanded the adjacent channel and, best of all, massaged his prostate gland as it penetrated deeper and again as it drew back. The pleasure inundating his body was fantastic, but he knew of a way to make it even better.

Briefly, Lester took Justin's cock out of his mouth and advised him: "Lie on your back, and I can do you even better."

As good as Les's mouth was making his cock feel, the young man believed it could be even more fun, so he lay down, with his legs spread on either side of the twink's knees. Lester smiled at the delightful sight and leaned forward to rest his elbows on the floor and take the big, hard cock into his mouth. As he did, he bowed his back, raising his hips and presenting his ass as a better target to the man who was starting to stuff it so thoroughly.

Stanley had plowed his cock far enough inside Lester that he no longer needed to guide it, so he wiped his hands on the same damp towel Justin had used earlier and placed them on his roommate's hips for leverage. He pulled back as he thrust his cock in more deeply, and the entire shaft burrowed its way into the tight oily hole it had gotten to know so well. Stan remained like that for almost a minute, letting the small movements of Lester's body massage his shaft, before slowly drawing back, pausing and plunging his cock all the way in again, until his pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of his partner's cheeks.

During that pause, Lester felt bolts of joy rocketing through his body from the same three places Justin had pleasured, but even stronger, for the hard cock cramming him was bigger. He hadn't quit sucking, nor had he even paused, because the stiff shaft inside his mouth felt wonderful too. The girth was just enough to spread his lips and teeth apart, but not so great that it caused him any strain to his jaw or couldn't be caressed by his tongue. That was one of the many great parts of sucking off Justin, feeling the smooth skin stretched so tightly over the roundness of his cock.

The fucking and sucking started in earnest, as Stanley began plunging his big, stiff shaft in and out of the beautiful ass in front of him. As he had before, Les allowed the man behind him to set the pace and fucked back to meet his deep thrusts while moving his head back and forth in the same tempo and engulfing the other man's cock in his mouth. Everything about what he was doing and what was being done to him felt so fantastic, he wanted to make it last, so he refrained from moving too rapidly.

As before, everybody there wanted the same thing, and they all took their time. Except for their sighs and murmurs and grunts of pleasure, none of them said anything, because there was really nothing to say. Finally, after almost half an hour of slowly and steadily driving his cock in and out of his roommate's ass, Stanley broke the silence.

"I'm almost ready to come." Having made the announcement, he began plowing his shaft at an increased pace into the soft white ass that felt so good.

Lester didn't say anything aloud, but signaled his approval with the thumb and index finger of his right hand and started sucking the other cock faster. He knew Justin was close to coming too and, after less than a minute of the faster pace, he felt the thick cylinder starting to throb inside his mouth. He had been giving deep throat, but he stopped doing that and tightened his lips around the hard shaft as he started sucking even faster.

"Me too. I'm ready to come too," Justin announced unnecessarily.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Stanley moaned in joy as he started fucking Lester harder and faster and just as deeply. "Oh yeah!" he cried out as he climaxed and shot a big load of cum into his condom.

This was quickly followed by two more bursts. He was through coming then and leaned back on his heels in order to avoid piling his weight onto the man whose ass had just given him that great climax. Seconds after Stanley's last ejaculation, Justin moaned from the excruciating pleasure he was getting and deposited a big burst of his semen onto Lester's tongue, which was exactly where the young blonde wanted it. Although he continued sucking for another two minutes, Les could only tease one more gob of cum out of Justin's cock.

He treated that viscous mouthful the same as he had the first one that night and, after Stanley had returned from the bathroom where he went to dispose of his condom, Lester sucked all the delicious cum from his cock and swallowed that too, licking his lips to make sure there were no drops he had missed.

After Justin and Stanley came for the second time that night, they had to rest a few minutes, and Lester had no objection to that. He wanted to come another time himself, and knew the best time to do that would be when his mouth and ass were as well crammed as they had already been twice that night. All three naked men sat on the floor leaning against the bed, with the horny twink in the middle and fondling both cocks so he would be able to get them hard enough for more of the gay sex he loved.

Both bears are young men, but they had come twice already, and it took quite a while before they had erections sufficient to fill Lester's mouth again. Neither of them became erect enough to fuck his ass, which is what he would have preferred, but he settled for kneeling in front of them while they sat on his bed and alternating his mouth between them. After almost an hour of stroking the two shafts between his lips, he elicited an ejaculation from Justin and, a few minutes later, Stanley also filled his mouth. This time, Lester had placed the face towel on the floor so he could masturbate, and he shot two bursts of his own semen onto the cloth.

By that time, it was late, and all three men were tired and satisfied after some of the best sex any of them had ever gotten. Justin said "goodnight" and went to his own room, and the other men soon followed his example. Lester's ass was a bit sore from taking the two big cocks, but it was a very pleasant feeling, and it reminded him of how great it had been, quite possibly the best night of sex in his life as a gay man.

Stanley awoke with an erection the next morning, as he always does, but it disappeared after he urinated. Lester waited until his roommate, who had slept nude as is his wont, finished in the bathroom before using it himself. When he emerged, Stanley was dressed and obviously not interested in any sex that morning, which was alright with Les, because he didn't feel the need for any more either. The previous night had been so great, he doubted he would need to do anything that evening either.

But they were both very interested in breakfast, and Stanley waited until his friend had gotten dressed. "Last night was terrific, Les," he commented. "I'm really glad we're roommates."

"Me too. I mean, it was great for me and I'm glad we're roommates too."

Nothing more was said about the previous night's great carnal adventure, and nothing more would be said. They both expected to get together again, probably frequently during the Christmas break, even if it would not be that night.

Stanley had some errands he needed to attend to that Saturday, so he left the cafeteria immediately after finishing his meal. Lester had nothing urgent to take care of so, after finishing his coffee and toasted bagel with cream cheese, he went to the big urn in the corner for a refill of the former. When he returned to the same table, he was very pleasantly surprised to see Martin Briggs, a tall, athletic African-American who is a dorm mate and had been his sex partner a few times.

"Hi, Marty," he said, reaching out for a handshake."

"G'morning, Les," his friend replied as he responded with his own right hand. "Are you another of those guys who didn't go home for the Christmas break?"

"Yeah. And you?"

"Sure am. My parents are divorced, and they're pretty much divorced from me too. I just didn't have any reason to go anywhere. I hoped I could go with my new chick, but she's not ready to get that involved yet. Probably never will be."

"Well, if you get horny without her, you know whom to come to."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about," Marty replied. "I'm already horny, and I thought we could do something about it."

Lester smiled happily. "My place or your place?"

"I'd rather go to my room so we can listen to my CD player. My roommate's gone for the next two weeks, so we won't be interrupted. If that's okay with you."

"It's more than okay; it sounds great. Do you have anything by Barry White?"

"I sure do. I'm a big fan of him, and I've got almost everything he ever did on a special set of CD's that I burned myself."

Lester was very glad to hear that, and the thought of hearing the voice of Big Barry during sex made his ass tingle. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

The two men strolled to the dormitory. Although they walked casually enough, they were both eager to reach their destination - Martin's bed. His room is just down the hall from the one shared by Stan and Lester and, after unlocking the door and holding it open for his guest, he closed and bolted it behind them. Before doing anything else, Martin went to the CD changer which he keeps on a shelf above the head of his bed and turned it on. Seconds later, the deep, sexy voice of the late Barry White filled the room.

Lester was enthralled by the first song to be played, which was Barry telling some lucky woman to remove her clothes, including her panties and bra. Not ever having been interested in dressing in drag, he had never worn such items, but he almost wished he had, so he could remove them at the behest of his favorite vocalist. The only thing he removed was his jacket, which he hung on the hook inside the door before sitting and waiting for Marty to join him so the anticipated carnal fun could begin.

Martin was as avid as Les, and he shucked his jacket off and sat next to him to let the cute blonde reach over and place his hand on the African-American's thigh. The questing hand quickly moved upward to where a stiff cock was creating a bulge in the tight blue jeans and caressed Marty there briefly before being joined by the other hand to unbutton and unzip the fly. The owner of that stiff cock spread his legs slightly and leaned back to relax on the bed as more good things began to happen to him.

The next of those good things was Lester reaching through the fly of Martin's shorts to gently fondle the erect cock there. It was too big and too hard to pull through the front opening of his jockey shorts, but this was no problem, since he was going to be removing them anyhow. Lester quickly got up, knelt in front of his friend and started to pull his jeans down. Martin sat up then and lifted his ass from the bed so his pants could be pulled down to his ankles.

He could have left it at that, but Lester saw no reason for Martin and himself not to get completely undressed for their sexual adventure together, because they, literally, had all day. Before pulling his pants all the way off, he removed the shoes and socks from the object of his lust. Marty was getting with the program too, and he had removed his shirt and undershirt, leaving him wearing just his shorts. Of course, they didn't stay on very long.

Lester gave the hard shaft a gentle squeeze through the cotton fabric before placing the tips of his fingers in the elastic waistband and starting to pull down. Once again, Martin raised his ass from the bed and Les carefully worked the last garment down and around the erection, letting the stiff cock happily spring to attention. After kissing the head, he pulled the shorts the rest of the way off and tossed them aside. As Lester already knew, the cock which would be pleasuring him that morning was a nice size, although not as big as the two he had cavorted with the previous night, and resembled a large chocolate bar. Much as he would have done with a real bar of chocolate, Les licked around the head before slipping it into his mouth and starting to stroke its length between his lips.

Barry White's voice was still rumbling, by then a song about getting hotter all the time, and that certainly applied to the two men in the dormitory room. Martin was getting hotter all the time from watching his cock sliding in and out of the mouth in the pretty face and gazing at the blue eyes and at the blonde hair that was swaying from side to side. Lester was getting hotter too, from the way the erect shaft was filling his mouth and the exquisite sensation when he laved its smooth, tight skin with his tongue.

As wonderful as Marty's cock felt in his mouth, what Lester really wanted was to have its full length plunging in and out of his ass and massaging his clit. He took the hard shaft out of his mouth and smiled around it at Martin.

"I hope you don't mind, but what I really want is to get this big dude in my ass," he suggested.

"That's fine with me. But I want to try a different position I read about."

Lester had no objection to that idea, so he sat down on the bed and, while Barry White was singing Change and Come on, he removed all his clothes. Martin watched and, when Les was as naked as he, got off the bed, pulled a pillow down to the foot and stood behind it with his erect cock protruding from his crotch.

"Lie on your back with your ass on the pillow," he instructed his partner.

Lester had used that form of the missionary position, before, and it was one of his favorites, but he had only done it with other gay men. Usually, the top man would masturbate the bottom while fucking his ass, but he was reluctant to ask an essentially straight man to do that for him. He decided to let Martin set the pace and, when he was ready, he would stroke his own cock at the same tempo. Since he would be squirting his juices on his own bare belly, he would not need to have a face towel in front of him to catch his semen.

As he moved into the desired position, Martin went to the night stand and took out condoms and a small bottle of Aqualube. "I've been wanting to get you up here for a long time, and I've been prepared," he remarked while holding the latex disk against the tip of his cock and rolling it into place.

Les knew what was expected of him and, with Marty standing in place, began to raise his legs, beginning with the left one. The man who was about to fuck him helped, lifting the leg until that ankle was resting against his own right shoulder. The other leg was treated the same way, and Lester was looking up into the smiling face of the tall man. He reached under his body and spread his ass cheeks, really looking forward to what was about to start happening.

Martin squirted a good dollop of the lubricant into the open hole and spread it evenly with the middle finger of one hand. He coated his latex-covered cock, and both men were prepared for what they knew would be some great fucking. Lester's hips were already squirming in anticipation when he felt the blunt head of the other man's cock pressing against his ass and moving up and down to make a small penetration. When the end was within the soft pink edges, Marty thrust forward and the head wedged into the place that wanted it so badly. He continued holding his shaft in his hand and, seconds later, thrust forward again. That time, Lester felt more than an inch of hard cock burrow into his eager ass.

Barry White had just started singing There it Is when Lester begged his partner to give him the whole cock. "Yes! Right there! There it is!" he urged him.

Martin wanted nothing more than to plunge his entire cock into the cute blonde man's ass and give him a great fucking, and needed no encouragement. His next stroke raked across Lester's prostate, and the man on the bed cried out in joy at the fantastic sensation.

His cock was imbedded deeply enough that Martin no longer needed to guide it, so he placed his hands on the fronts of Lester's thighs for leverage. His next firm thrust drove almost the entire shaft into the delightful place that wanted it so much, and the avid twink fucked back to meet the stroke and babbled of his delight.

"Oh, god, that feels good. Keep doing that! Give me your whole dick!"

That was exactly what he got with the next stroke. Just as Barry White started crooning Put Me in Your Mix, Martin plunged the rest of his cock into the ass that yearned for it. They stayed like that for a minute, both men reveling in the exquisite pleasure they were already receiving. Lester was writhing in pleasure from the waves of joy sweeping through his body from where his ass was being stretched, the adjacent channel was being expanded and his clit was getting the massage it loved so much. His small movements, combined with the action of Les's internal muscles, were sending quiivers of bliss through Marty's body, and their sounds of lust being satisfied formed an erotic duet.

Wonderful as the sensations were, things would get better once the heavy duty fucking started, so Martin slowly drew his cock out until just the head was still inside, paused, and drove the entire shaft back into the tunnel of joy. When Lester felt the thick cylinder surging into his ass, he fucked back to meet it, and the stroke ended with Marty's cock all the way inside and his pubic hair tickling the soft insides of Les's cheeks.

The next stroke was the same, as was the one after that. Both men were loudly moaning in bliss and Lester's body was rocking from side to side as he fucked back to meet the thrusts of his partner's cock while building toward an orgasm. The Aqualube was working perfectly, and Martin's cock was sliding in and out of the ass in front of him. His body was affected by his mounting climax too, and he was writhing ecstatically from some of the greatest carnal pleasure he had ever experienced. The voice of Barry White continued too, singing I'm Qualified to Satisfy You, and either of the happily coupling men thought that a perfectly apt description of the other.

From the intense sexual pleasure his ass was getting, Lester's cock had become fully erect, and he reached out to take it gently in his hand and start stroking in the same tempo as the big, black cock going in and out of his ass. The music continued, and Barry White started singing I've Got So Much to Give, making Lester glad Martin had so much to give him.

The singing and the fucking and the masturbating continued until both men were almost ready to come. Lester continued thrusting back, pushing against the bed with his elbows and forearms, but his orgasm was so imminent and would be so strong he had lost most control of most of his muscles. Martin was ready to come too, and his hands tightly gripped the twink's thighs as he pounded his cock in and out.

"Oh, my god!" Les cried out joyfully as his orgasm welled up from throughout his body and blasted out his cock. A gush of semen splattered all over his right hand and his belly, but he continued until he ejaculated two more times.

Martin felt his climax about to explode too, and he started fucking Lester's ass as hard and fast as he could. Passion bellowed from the CD player, and he felt his own passion erupting as he started coming. He ejaculated four times before he was through, and might have sprawled across the totally relaxed body in front of him if he hadn't stopped himself by moving his hands from Lester's thighs and placing them the bed where they supported his weight.

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