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Dos Mexicanos


I get lots of vacation time at my job, but I'm so busy I don't always get to use all of it. My old friend Alice told me she has a similar situation at work, so we decided that every year in the early spring, we would take a trip to a resort somewhere, so we don't end up losing our vacation days. This year, Alice and I went to a beach resort in Mexico.

The first couple of days, we were busy going on excursions to Mayan ruins and jungle wildlife preserves. By the third day, I just wanted to relax at the hotel. Alice was still up for adventure, so after we had breakfast, off she went on another excursion. I went back to the room and lolled about, enjoying some time to myself, then I got up, put on a skimpy bikini and shawl, and went down to the pool with my book.

While sitting in my lounge chair reading, I noticed waiters going to and fro, bringing people big tropical drinks like pina coladas with chunks of pineapple wedged on the glasses. They looked so good, I ordered one myself. I quickly polished it off and had another one. At that point, I was feeling a little tipsy, so I thought I'd get up and stretch my legs, maybe take a dip in the pool to sober up a bit. The moment I stood up, the alcohol hit me like a ton of bricks!

My vision blanked out and I lost my balance, stumbling over and landing clumsily across the chaiz lounge. Immediately, a young hotel employee ran over to help me. As he ran, he called out "Carlos, Carlos, ven aca!" to one of his co-workers.

The two of them took hold of my arms and helped me sit upright on the chair. The first one said, "Senorita, maybe you'd like to go up to your room and rest until you feel better?" I looked up and read his name, Hector, on his hotel polo shirt.

"Yes," I managed to say, "That sounds like a good idea."

Hector and Carlos helped me to my feet, and grasping my arms firmly but gently, walked me back into the hotel, out of the sun. As soon as I hit the air conditioning of the lobby, I began to recover my equilibrium. By the time we reached the elevator, I felt fine, but I was enjoying the attention of my two young helpers too much to admit it. "What's your room number?" asked Hector as we stepped into the lift. "Twenty-three twelve" I answered. Carlos pressed the button for the 23rd floor, and the doors closed.

From the corners of my eyes, I studied my companions. They looked like they were both in their mid-20s, and could almost have been brothers. They were quite handsome, with classic Indian features. The dark brown skin of their muscular arms contrasted with their clean white hotel shirts. I could sense their youthful, virile strength as they gripped my upper arms, and I purposely let myself sag a little so they had to hold me up.

When the silence in the elevator began to feel uncomfortable, I spoke up. "I feel so embarrassed" I said, batting my eyes.

"There's no need to," said Hector reassuringly, "Many of our guests experience some dizziness after having a few drinks in the hot sun."

"Well," I replied, "thank you so much for coming to my rescue."

"It's no problem, Senorita," said Hector, "It's our pleasure to help you." He looked at me and smiled warmly, his white teeth gleaming. His smile melted my heart, and I felt weak in the knees again, but this time not from the alcohol!

The elevator reached my floor and they led me down the hallway. I continued to feign intoxication, walking unsteadily between them and leaning alternately on one and then the other for support. It had been a while since I'd had sex, and now being escorted by these two trim, strong young Mexicans was really starting to turn me on. Glancing down at their crotches, I could see that my brushing up against them, in my bikini with lots of exposed flesh, was having a similar effect on them, judging by the growing bulges in their shorts!

Although I'm in my late 30s, everyone always tells me I look much younger. I have blue eyes, shoulder-length blonde hair, a slender body with shapely, medium-sized tits, and a nice round ass that guys can never get enough of. As we walked down the hall, I caught both Hector and Carlos stealing glances at my cleavage and butt. By the time we reached my room, I realized that I was horny as hell!

At the door to my room, I purposely fumbled with my key card. Carlos offered to help, taking the card and swiping it. The door opened and they helped me into the room. Closing the door behind us, Hector motioned to Carlos to guide me over to the bed. They led me to it and I flopped down face first, and then rolled onto my back. I looked up at the two of them, smiling shyly and trying to hide their bulging crotches with their clasped hands. "Is there anything else we can do for you, Senorita?" Hector asked earnestly.

"Yes, you must let me thank you properly," I said in a naughty voice.

Something must have been lost in translation, as Hector seemed to think I wanted to give them a tip. "That's okay ma'am, we're not allowed to accept gratuities" He said innocently.

I wriggled over to the side of the bed and managed to sit up on the edge, facing them. Reaching out and putting my hands right on their swollen crotches, I said in my best Mae West impersonation, "A gratuity was not what I had in mind!" Their eyes opened wide as my intent dawned on them. The stunned look on their faces was so comical I had to bite my lip not to laugh. Before they had a chance to say anything, I grabbed the waist bands of Hector's shorts and underwear with both hands and yanked them down to his knees. Out sprang his semi-erect penis. Then I did the same with Carlos's shorts and briefs, freeing his burgeoning dick as well.

I took a cock in each hand and began to slowly stroke them. Looking up at the two of them, I said seductively, "It was so nice of you to help me, I think you both deserve a reward." I opened my mouth and licked my lips lasciviously. Carlos and Hector stared down at me transfixed, their hands hanging at their sides. I took a moment to admire their cocks, which were now rock hard. Hector's wasn't particularly long, maybe 6 inches, but it was nice and thick; Carlos's was longer, about 7 inches, but not as thick. Both were uncircumcised. I pulled back the foreskin of Hector's cock and took his glans into my mouth. He let out a loud moan. I started sucking him off, while continuing to stroke Carlos's cock.

Carlos, finally beginning to get the picture, reached forward and slipped the strap of my bikini top off my shoulder, then pulled the top down to expose my tits. He grabbed crudely at my left breast, mauling it with his rough hand and squeezing the nipple. I took my mouth off Hector's cock and switched over to Carlos, taking his long, stiff rod deep into my throat. I fondled his balls with one hand while stroking Hector's saliva-smeared cock with my other hand. Hector grabbed at my other tit and massaged it. I could hear them both breathing heavily. With a hard cock in my mouth and another in my hand, I was in heaven!

Sensing that Hector was becoming impatient with just a hand job, I stopped sucking Carlos's cock, pulled off my bikini and maneuvered onto my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, with my butt sticking out towards the two of them. Sizing up the situation, Hector said something to Carlos in Spanish, then quickly walked around to the other side of the bed. Kneeling on the edge of the mattress, Hector presented his engorged cock to my face while gesturing encouragement to Carlos. Carlos positioned himself behind me and in one swift motion, plunged his hard-on into my wet pussy. I took Hector's cock in my mouth and began to stroke his balls with one hand, as Carlos pounded away at my cunt with gusto, his balls slapping against my ass.

It didn't take long for Carlos to reach his point of no return; with a loud grunt he thrust his cock deep into my cunt and shot his load, pushing me forward so that I swallowed Hector's thick pole up to the hilt. Grabbing my hair, Hector fucked my face as I deep-throated him. Within moments, he too came, filling my mouth with his salty spunk. I savored the warm cum in my mouth for a few moments before swallowing it down. Then Hector bent down and said softly, "Por favor, Senorita, stay like this, I have a surprise for you." Intrigued, I remained on my hands and knees, crossways on the bed.

Hector said something to Carlos, and they switched places. Carlos came around the bed and sat down next to my face, his limp dick still coated with his semen and my pussy juices. Hector took his position behind me and knelt down on the floor. Spreading my butt cheeks with his hands, he buried his face in my crack and began to lick my asshole. It felt wonderful! As Hector rimmed me, I could feel Carlos's cum beginning to ooze from my cunt. Hector plunged his thumb into my pussy to coat it with semen, and then began rubbing my sensitive clit as he licked and poked at my asshole with his agile tongue.

Carlos watched the action as if in a trance. Not wanting him to feel left out, I leaned down and began to lick the cum and cunt juice off his flaccid penis. My velvety tongue, plus the sight of his friend giving me a rim job, must've turned Carlos on, as his penis began to twitch and grow. As I took his hardening cock into my mouth, I felt Hector forcing his tongue into my tight asshole. I couldn't believe the power of his tongue; it actually penetrated into my anus so that he was literally fucking my ass with his tongue! It was a unique sensation I'd never before experienced. I moaned with Carlos's dick in my mouth as I pushed back against Hector's muscular tongue plunging in and out of my ass.

Suddenly, Hector stopped tonguing my asshole and stood up. Holding my butt cheeks apart, he pressed the tip of his cock against my puckered brown eye; moistened with his copious saliva, his fat cock slid into my back door with surprising ease. The feeling of that thick cock filling my rectum and stretching my anal sphincter took a moment to get used to. Hector waited a few moments for me to adapt; then he began to fuck my ass slowly and methodically, as I tried to concentrate on sucking off Carlos. As he pumped his cock in and out of my ass, Hector leaned forward and started rubbing my swollen clit with his fingers. My eyes closed involuntarily as I succumbed to the pleasurable sensations emanating from my ass and pussy. Before I knew it, a powerful orgasm ripped through my body.

Once the last of my orgasmic contractions had faded away, I simply couldn't hold myself up any longer. My arms gave out and I flopped down onto my back as their cocks slid out of my orifices. For a moment I just stared up at the ceiling, panting. Undeterred, Hector grabbed my legs behind the knees and pushed them forward, then plunged his glistening tool back into my asshole. He hooked my ankles over his shoulders as he fucked my ass, freeing his hands to play with my pussy and clit again. Meanwhile, Carlos climbed up and straddled my face, lowering his balls toward my mouth as if to teabag me. I willingly swallowed his heavy balls and rolled them around my mouth with my tongue, while I reached up and grabbed his saliva-coated cock and started stroking it.

I don't know what got into me, but the next thing I knew, I had moved from sucking Carlos balls to licking his perineum, and not content with stopping there, I continued on and started tonguing his asshole. I was surprising even myself with how slutty I was acting! I gyrated my hips as Hector vigorously fucked my asshole and rubbed my clit, and Carlos moaned as I jerked his cock and licked his butthole. I felt myself coming again, my anal sphincter clamping down around Hector's cock as I squealed in ecstasy. That pushed Hector over the edge; with a loud groan, he pulled his cock out of my ass and sprayed hot cum all over my belly. This in turn set off Carlos; I felt his cock throbbing in my hand as it sent spurt after spurt of milky white semen all over my tits.

Carlos collapsed onto the floor beside the bed, in a daze. Hector helped turn me until I was lying lengthwise on the bed, then he disappeared into the bathroom. He emerged a moment later with a towel and carefully wiped the semen off my body. The two of them pulled their shorts back on and stood by the side of the bed, gazing down at me with huge grins on their faces. Hector said with a hint of humor, "Senorita, if there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask!" I smiled up at them and winked, but was too drained to say a word.

After they had left the room, I felt myself beginning to fall asleep. I wondered if I should tell Alice about this exciting little sex-capade. Alice also knows that I can be a bit of a slut at times; I've shared some pretty raunchy stories with her before. But the last thing I remember thinking before drifting off to dreamland was, "No, I think I'll keep this one to myself; it might be a bit too much for Alice!"

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