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Double Dipping



I started seeing Kevin when I was a senior in college and he had transferred to finish out his last semester before doing his internship there.

We use to stay up all hours of the night just talking about where we'd been in life and the experiences we'd been through. Kevin told me that he'd been in a relationship for several years and that his lover had moved away after their not so pleasant break-up. As Kevin went on to tell me the story I kind of pieced two and two together and before the end of the conversation I couldn't help but to come right out and ask him if he was bi-sexual. I don't think I was as stunned by the answer as I thought I was going to be, even though my blood pressure was soaring through the roof by then.

A couple months later we were really in love with each other and decided that we wanted to get married, and that we would announce our engagement and celebrate with a few friends our last semester of college before we became husband and wife. We decided to throw a little get together and I invited a few of my closest friends as well as a few of his, but one in particular. I'd tracked down his old lover named Todd and he promised me that he'd show up for a little while. Todd was a very handsome man who I measured to stand about 6 foot 2 with a gorgeous body and beautiful gray eyes and shoulder length jet-black hair. I instantly noted how Kevin could have fallen in love, if not just lust, with this gorgeous man.

Kevin didn't know what to do with himself when he answered the door and saw Todd standing there with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a bottle of Cristal in his hand. I embraced Todd and kissed him on the cheek as he handed Kevin the bottle of Cristal and me the bouquet of flowers. The night was filled with congratulations and lots of drinking. By two a.m. most of our guest started leaving, and by 2:45 a.m. the house was empty, all but for Todd, Kevin, and myself. Kevin still looked a little shell-shocked now that it was sinking into his head that I had invited his x-lover to our engagement party.

Todd leaned over from his seat in the big chair, and laid his hand on Kevin's knee and started to apologize for what had gone wrong in the relationship. I took my leave to the other room to let the two of them discuss what it was they had too in private. I felt Kevin's eyes burning me as I walked passed him and kissed him on the cheek. I went to the bedroom and showered and slid into a red teddy and sat on the edge of the bed pulling on the matching red stockings that I'd bought with the teddy.

The door squeaked open and Kevin stood in the doorway with Todd standing closely behind him. I slid into the red robe, and tied it loosely around my waist and slid on my red-heeled slippers. Kevin looked at me with a big question mark on his face. "I figured that since in a few weeks you'll no longer be a single man that we should take care of everything before then," I said, as he stepped into the room and sat on the bed beside me while Todd remained in the doorway.

Todd already knew what I had planned for Kevin and was down with the whole idea. "I invited Todd to spend the night in the guestroom tonight or anywhere he chooses."

Kevin looked from me to the door, which Todd was closing behind him as he stepped into the room. Todd stepped toward the bed, and stopped in front of Kevin and started to pull his T-shirt out of his jeans. Once the T was over his head Kevin reached his hand forward and stroked the fine black hairs that reached up from Todd's jeans and ran straight up the middle of his magnificent chest.

Todd sucked in a breath of air and tilted his head backwards. I sat there holding my breath as I watched Kevin's big strong hands finger the fine straight hair that ran from Todd's sternum to his pelvis. Todd caught his hand, and held it close to his lips and kissed the palm as their eyes locked on each other's and stayed there for what seemed like eternity with a bunch of unspoken words that only the two of them could read.

Todd reached over, and stroked a hand down between the cleft of my tits and smiled at me and then at Kevin. "You have a beautiful bride-to-be." Kevin looked at me, and put his hand on the nap of my neck and pulled my lips to him and kissed me hard and deep. Todd remained standing in front of us as Kevin continued to kiss me and my hands were busy unfastening Todd's jeans. The hair on Todd's belly was so soft and it curled as I pushed his jeans down over his hips and they pooled at his feet. Kevin remembered all to well what his lover looked like, smelled like, and felt like and he was more than willing to let me see for myself what he'd known for so many years.

Todd dropped to his knees in front of Kevin, as I dropped to mine along side of him. Todd was holding the back of my neck the way Kevin had and was now kissing me with hot wet passionate kisses as his other hand worked diligently to release Kevin from his pants. My hand was now busy stroking up and down on Todd's large erect cock, while he was busy running his hands up and down Kevin's rock solid body.

My pussy was wetter than it ever had been and I was so turned on watching the two x-lovers communicate with each other without saying a word. Kevin stretched back on the bed as Todd leaned in and began kissing him the length of his body. I climbed on to the bed wanting to see how the lovers communicated in love, and sex and with each other. I seated myself along side of Kevin's head and watch Todd's tongue dance around Kevin's skin. I heard little moans of pleasure escape both men as the heat in the room increase. Kevin sat up and reached for me as Todd slid him into his mouth.

Kevin moaned loudly as I pushed him back down on the bed and whispered that I wanted to watch him enjoy this in his ear. Kevin settled back down on the bed while I watched Todd gorge himself on Kevin's fat cock. The more he slurped on it the hotter I got watching. I lay down next to Kevin and allowed him to play with my nipples while Todd was giving him an expert blowjob. "I want to watch him please you too," Kevin, said, as he withdrew himself from Todd's hungry mouth. Todd crawled over a little and spread my legs and drove his hot hungry tongue into my cunt.

I immediately saw stars as he licked and sucked on every inch of my hot juicy wet cunt. Kevin slipped off the bed and placed himself behind Todd. He began massaging Todd's ass and the length of his back while Todd continued to eat me out. I sat up on my elbows not wanting to miss a thing. Todd sat up, and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and slipped his hard hot cock inside of me.

He thrusted a few times and then stopped and threw his head back and moaned out loud as Kevin entered him from behind; slow and steady, tender and sweet as I watched Kevin's eyes lock on mine and then felt Todd's cock stiffen even more and his thrusts became a little harder and deeper matching the thrusts that Kevin was putting into him. Kevin's slow tender thrusts became hard hot hungry ones within a matter of minutes; increasing the thrusts that Todd was pumping into me. I felt Todd's body go ridged and taunt and he pulled out and sent his cum spraying all over my belly and my tits.

When he was finished spewing his cum all over me, I crawled back on the bed farther and allowed him to enjoy what Kevin was doing to him. Todd's cock remained rock hard as Kevin increased his pace, and all I could hear was Kevin's balls slapping on Todd's in between the moans of pleasure that were escaping both men. I'd never watched two men make love before and my pussy ached for more attention, but I was determined that this was Kevin's treat to show him how much I really am in love with him.

Kevin withdrew himself from Todd's tight asshole, and turned him around on the bed, spreading Todd's legs wide and far. He climbed back on top of Todd and laid his body on the whole length of Todd's. Face to face, and eye to eye the two men looked at each other a moment before Todd pulled Kevin's face to his and their tongues rolled around each other's mouth. Todd reached for my breasts and massaged my hardened nipples as Kevin plunged himself deeper and deeper into Todd's ass.

Todd's cock was so hard that I thought it was going to bust open. Kevin tightened and his body went hard as he pumped his cum into Todd's asshole and rammed his fingers into my cunt. We, both, exploded and came at the same time. We lay there in a heap of hot, horny, wet bodies for about 15 minutes. We showered together and had another drink before we started all over again. This time I was the one who received a good fuck from two hot horny studs.

Todd is a great fuck, just like Kevin is, and I can see how they fell in love with each other. They are both beautiful men inside and out. I got off a lot that night and I got to watch my husband to be, get rammed by another man. That was one fantasy that I had always wanted and thanks to Todd, I got to see it cum true. Todd is going to be Kevin's best man at the wedding in a few weeks, and I'm sure that I won't have any problem sharing my bed with Todd in the future, when he decides to move back to town or just comes to our house to visit.

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