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Double Stuffed


Beth sat between two men on her downstairs couch. Her husband David sat on her left side. Her old friend Jason sat to her right. She was giddy with anticipation. Beth had fantasized for a long time about the two men on either side of her. Her mind was awhirl with the possibilities.

Both men knew why they were there. Both men knew what they wanted. Both knew what Beth wanted. Almost in unison, they shifted on the couch to turn their bodies toward Beth. David raised his hand to her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. When he pulled away, Beth reached for the crotch of David's pants with her left hand and massaged his erection through the material. She turned her head to look at Jason while she massaged David's dick. As she looked into Jason's eyes, she knew soon she was going to be used by both men.

Settling back into the sofa, Beth reached for the crotch of Jason's pants too. She felt his erect cock. Her fingers wrapped as far around him as his jeans permitted and stroked up towards the head. Then she rubbed the palm of her hand across it and clutched it as she pulled it toward his beltline beneath the thick material. Both men watched Beth rub the other's dick and then looked up at each other.

David moved closer to Beth. As she turned toward Jason, David pressed the side of his chest against Beth's back and reached around her to hold her large, left breast. Beth winced, almost imperceptibly. Her breasts had become tender after she was impregnated four months ago. No longer massaging David's cock, Beth grabbed Jason's cock through the material of his pants with her left hand. Jason turned and sat a little straighter to free his left arm to lift Beth's shirt. David saw Jason lifting Beth's shirt and helped him. Beth stopped rubbing Jason's dick long enough to lift her arms as Jason and David pulled her shirt off. When her hands were free again, Beth leaned forward and began unbuckling Jason's belt. She unsnapped his jeans and pulled his zipper down. She wanted to touch his cock. Unable to resist any longer, she reached inside his jeans to grab his cock through his underwear. Through the thin material, she could feel the contours of his dick as she rubbed its length. David unsnapped Beth's bra, which fell forward under the weight of her tits. He pulled the bra from around Beth and threw it across the room to the loveseat.

Jason hadn't seen Beth's bountiful tits in a long time. They were just as beautiful as he remembered them, with large areolas and nipples as big as the end of his index finger. They were larger than he remembered, probably due to her pregnancy, Jason thought. Jason's dick twitched involuntarily in Beth's hand in response to the excitement of seeing them again.

David watched Beth massage Jason's cock as he touched the sides of her naked tits. Her hand was beneath Jason's underwear now. Jason's cock was hot and hard in her hand. As she stroked the length of his member, she occasionally moved further south and cupped his balls in her hand before returning to his shaft and bulbous head. The excitement of watching his beautiful wife rub the cock of another man fueled David's arousal. Fantasies of what was to come played in his head. The image of Beth sucking Jason's dick and Jason stuffing it up her cunt played over and over as he watched his wife rub his dick and balls.

Jason stood. Beth pulled his pants down below his hips as Jason removed his shirt and threw it toward the love seat on which Beth's bra had landed. Beth grabbed Jason's balls with her right hand. She had not seen Jason's dick in an equally long time. In fact, she didn't remember Jason's cock too well. The only time she had seen it was the night she had a manage--a--trois with Jason and her former boyfriend Ron a couple years ago. She had smoked some pot to muster the courage to try it, and her memory of the details of the evening was hazy. Nevertheless, she was not disappointed with the cock she was holding in her hands now.

As his pants fell to his ankles, she pulled Jason by his balls toward her mouth. Jason stepped out of the legs of his pants and kicked them toward his shirt. They fell short. Beth's left hand surrounded the shaft of Jason's dick at its base. When he was close enough, Beth engulfed his dick in the wet, warm folds of her mouth. She skillfully moved her mouth up and down the length of Jason's cock. She used her tongue to probe behind and around its flared head. Her hand stroked its shaft while she moved her head up and down its length. Beth was very good at sucking dick and she knew it.

Beth's hand held the base of Jason's cock and bent it down as she swirled her tongue around him. Using the tip of her tongue, she licked the slit on the head of his cock, tasting his pre--cum before opening her mouth wider to allow him to push further into her mouth. Her hand squeezed around Jason's hard cock as he began moving his hips and fucked her mouth.

David watched his wife suck Jason's cock. He knew how good he felt and David anticipated feeling her talented mouth on his cock and balls soon. As he watched his wife sucking another man's cock, David stood and took off his clothes. With his attention focused on Beth and the dick moving in and out of her mouth, he once again moved to the sofa behind her. He rested one knee on the sofa and pressed his body against her back while kissing the nape of her neck. David sat down and laid his head on her upper back. Then reaching around, David took hold of the waist of Beth's pants and, by pulling, indicated to Beth he wanted to remove the rest of her clothes. Beth raised her hips enough for David to pull her pants and g-string panties to the top of her knees. David moved to the floor in front of Beth and finished removing Beth's pants. While kneeling in front of Beth, David got a close view of Jason's dick in Beth's mouth. She is so incredibly sexy, David thought to himself.

Beth heard David's words of encouragement as he watched her suck her old friend. "I love watching you suck on Jason's cock, baby. I know how good it feels when you do it for me. You're so good with your mouth"

David moved back to the sofa behind Beth and played with her titties while she continued to suck Jason. Jason's knees were going weak from pleasure and he collapsed on the sofa. Jason lay back on the sofa and Beth got on her hands and knees over him as she continued to give Jason the best head he ever got. David eyed Beth's dripping cunt now perfectly positioned for him to take advantage of it. He reached up and ran two fingers between the cleft of her pussy lips. Beth was incredibly wet, like she always is when she is aroused.

"Your pussy is so hot and wet, Beth." David whispered.

David positioned himself behind Beth kneeling with his right leg on the sofa and standing on the floor with his left leg. Using his hand to guide him, David rubbed his cock up and down the length of Beth's slit. She felt the head of her husband's dick rubbing up and down the lengthy of her pussy lips. Her pussy was aching and Beth knew it was about to receive what it needed. Beth moaned as David began to push his dick into her wet pussy.

David withdrew to the head of his cock and shoved its entire length back into Beth. Over and over he rammed his dick into Beth's cunt. The feeling was exquisite. The force stimulated every nerve in her pussy. Beth was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on the blowjob she was giving Jason.

"Oh god, baby! That's it. Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy good, baby!" Beth stopped sucking Jason and encouraged her husband. She felt the tension of orgasm beginning to build.

"Damn, you are sexy, Beth." Jason pushed his turgid cock toward Beth's mouth. He wanted more. She opened her mouth and accepted it.

"Ohhhhhh! Damn that feels good!" Jason let his head fall back as Beth resumed sucking his dick and jacking it with her hand. David was feeling good too. The sight and sounds of Beth sucking Jason while he dogged her was overwhelming.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck that cock! Do you like having Jason's cock in your mouth while your husband fucks you?" David teased Beth.

"Mmmmhummmm," Beth replied. Her orgasm was building.

"Are you gonna fuck him, baby?" David continued to pound Beth's cunt, pulling her hips with his hands to increase the force with which he slammed into her.

"Mmmmhummmm," Beth replied. Her orgasm was quickly approaching. She stopped sucking only to answer, "You know I am, baby!"

"Oh yeah! She's gonna fuck me good, aren't you Beth?" Jason joined the dirty talk.

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna fuck you both," Beth replied, "over and over."

David continued to fuck Beth toward climax. Although she tried to continue sucking Jason's dick, the tension of her building orgasm made it impossible.

"Oh . . . aagghhh, aagghhh, agh!" Beth was cumming.

"That's it, baby, come on, cum for me. Cum for Jason!" David encouraged Beth as he continued to slam his cock into her. "Cum all over my dick!"

"Aagghhh . . . ah . . ah . . ah! God, oh god, yes baby!" Beth's orgasm crested and waned. "Fuck, that was so good!"

"You know you're not through, baby. There's more dick waiting for you. Do you want more dick, Beth? Are you ready to fuck Jason now, baby?" David pulled his wet dick out of his wife. "Are you ready for another dick, slut?"

"Yeah, I want him to give it to me," Beth replied. "I want your cock in me, Jason. Give me your hard cock. Fuck me good!"

Beth turned to her right and knelt on the couch with her arms crossed on the backrest. Her ass and pussy was pointed out. Jason got off the couch and moved behind Beth. He positioned his cock outside the lips of her cunt and immediately pushed it inside. He had no difficulty entering her. Beth's pussy was well lubricated with David's cum and her own juices. Jason felt different than her husband. Not bigger, not smaller, but different. Beth thought how good it felt just because it was different -- just because it wasn't the same dick she fucked all the time. God, she thought, this is gonna be good! Jason started pumping Beth's pussy.

"Oh shit, Jason! Yeah. That's it. Shove your hard cock in me. Fuck my pussy!" Beth caught her breath. "Give it to me hard!"

Jason held Beth by the hips and started pushing his dick into her more forcefully.

"Harder. Harder, Jason! Tear that pussy up!" Beth encouraged Jason. Jason increased the force of his thrusts.

"Is that what you want, slut?" Jason asked as he pounded Beth's pussy.

"Yeah, oh yeah. That's what I want. You know that's what I want." Beth replied.

David watched as Jason fucked his wife. Jason pulled his cock out to its head and slammed it back into her. Beth's large tits flew forward and hit the back of the couch with every thrust. Her face mirrored the orgasmic pleasure she felt every time Jason slammed into her. Sounds of passion escaped her lips as Jason pummeled her with his cock. David's felt his dick growing erect again as he watched his wife so obviously enjoying another man's cock.

David stepped up onto the couch so his dick was near Beth's mouth. Beth reached over and guided David into her mouth. As Jason shoved his cock into her, she began to suck David's cock. Jason continued pounding Beth's twat. David could hardly believe he was watching another man fucking his wife right before his eyes. And Jason was fucking Beth good!

Beth stopped sucking David and slapped his cock sharply as she withdrew her mouth. David flinched with pain. Hurts so good, David thought. Beth looked up at him mischievously. She looked back at Jason over her shoulder. He stopped fucking her.

"Jason, sit for me." Beth said breathlessly and patted the sofa with her left hand.

Jason sat down on the couch. David watched as Beth lifted her left leg and straddled Jason. Some cum dripped from her cunt and fell on the base of Jason's dick where it joined his scrotum. Consumed by lust, Beth reached back to guide his cock into her dripping cunt. She spread her pussy with her fingers and slowly began rubbing the head of his cock against her wetness. With his cock pushed tightly against the opening to her cunt, Beth sank back and impaled herself on Jason's throbbing cock. Beth pushed down until she felt his erection all the way into her pussy. Trying desperately to force it deeper, Beth pushed down hard on Jason. She felt his cock stretching the walls of her pussy and pushing its way deeper and deeper into her. She began moving her hips back and forth with Jason's dick buried in her. The pressure of her clitoris against his pubic bone felt ecstatic. Not wanting to come just yet, Beth lifted her hips and began repeatedly impaling herself on Jason's dick, feeling the fullness of it.

David wanted a better view of Jason's cock violating his wife's pussy or, more accurately since she had taken charge, his wife's pussy violating Jason's cock. He moved to the floor behind Beth. Beth's pussy was full and stretched by the girth of Jason's member. The sight of her pussy lips gripping his cock and moving in and out as she slid up and down Jason's cock it made David even harder.

Beth plunged down and took all of Jason's dick in her cunt. With Jason's cock deep in her pussy, Beth began rotating her hips and grinding her pussy down into him, again putting constant pressure on her swollen clit as it rubbed against his shaft. Beth's clit began to throb, her pussy muscles twitched and quivered, and the walls of her pussy contracted tightly around his shaft. Wetness flooded her pussy as the first wave of excitement hit and rushed through her. Beth resumed moving up and down on his cock. Then she rose up until the head of his cock touched against her pussy lips, took a deep breath, and pushed down hard onto him, burying the full length of his cock deep inside her hot pussy once more.

Beth continued fucking Jason. Over and over she impaled herself on Jason's dick. Jason began raising his hips to meet her thrusts. David watched as they forcefully collided. The sight of his wife's cunt gripping Jason's cock tightly as she fucked him overwhelmed David. Jason's cock was wet with David's sperm and Beth's juices. David looked at Beth's face. She was thoroughly satisfying herself.

David stood. As he approached Beth and Jason, he could see her large tits grazing his bare chest as they swayed back and forth to the rhythm of their thrusts. David thought he would remember that image forever.

"Are you ready for me, baby? Are you ready for another dick?" David asked. Beth knew immediately what he was asking. They had talked about it many times while talking dirty to each other in the throes of passion. "Are you ready to really be fucked by two men?"

"God yes! Yes baby. I'm ready. Give me it to me." Beth pleaded. "Stick your dick in me!"

As David positioned himself behind Beth, she stopped pumping Jason momentarily. David held his hard dick in his hand and searched for the hole already occupied by Jason's cock. Beth felt the hot tip of her husband's cock at the entrance of her pussy. David first pushed gently to assure he was entering Beth's pussy and then pushed more firmly. Beth could feel the head pressing against Jason's cock as David pushed inside her. She groaned as the two cocks spread her apart. Her body felt a good pain as David's cock forced its way inside her cunt alongside Jason's cock. David thought it was strange that the feeling of another cock touching his inside his wife would arouse him so much. Beth could feel both men buried inside her. She squeezed both cocks with her pussy.

"There baby," David said as he began to move his cock. "We're both in you! You're stuffed with two cocks. How does it feel?"

Oh god, David . . . Jason . . . damn, I'm so full," Beth exclaimed. "Fuck me! . . . Fuck me! Both of you!"

Jason began to move his dick in Beth's pussy. Beth now had two cocks fucking her pussy simultaneously. She could feel their hard cocks rubbing together as they matched their rhythm. Having David's cock inside her with Jason's meant that Jason's cock was continuously rubbing against her g--spot, leaving her body quaking with one mini--orgasm after another. Beth followed the pace they set and rocked her hips against them, arching up to pull David in deeper then pressing her hips down against Jason.

"You are so tight, baby. You have both our fat cocks in your pussy," David teased.

"Two cocks for your slutty cunt." Jason joined the banter.

"Just shut up and fuck me, both of you!" Beth exclaimed.

Beth pushed down on Jason's cock and David pushed into Beth. Each man continued to thrust until Beth began to feel a major orgasm mounting. Beth enjoyed the feeling of fullness — heft — she felt with two cocks in her pussy. Every part of her cunt seemed stimulated. Jason and David continued to pump in and out of Beth's cunt. Her orgasm built. She could feel her cunt starting to spasm around the two men inside her.

"Oh shit! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" Beth shouted. "Jason, David, cum with me! Cum in me, dump your loads in me!" The thought of being flooded with the sperm of two men at the same time fueled Beth's building orgasm.

Jason and David were both talking over each other.

"I'm gonna cum with you, baby!" David said. "We're both . . . gonna cum in you."

"I'm gonna dump my load in you, Beth." Jason replied. "I've got a big load for you!"

"You're such a slut, baby!" David teased Beth.

"Oh yes," Beth gasped. Her orgasm was almost there. It felt big. It felt like she was going to squirt. "I'm your cum--dump, baby! Jason . . . I'm your cum--dump!" The thought of her pussy flooded with seed returned.

"You're a fucking slut," David taunted Beth. "Fucking us both. Letting us both use your pussy at the same time."

"You're my cum dump," added Jason in mock humiliation.

"Oh yeah, I'm your slut, your whore. Both of you're fucking me. You're both in my pussy. You're both gonna cum in me. You're both making me cuuuummmmm! Oh shit! Aagghhh . . . ah . . ah . . ah! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck . . .!" Beth screamed in orgasmic pleasure.

David could feel his dick swell. Jason's cock was swelling too. They both felt their balls tighten as they prepared to spew their sperm into Beth. David began to cum. Jason began to cum simultaneously. Beth started squirting. She felt her pussy flood. Her legs were wet with her juices and the seed of two men. Jason and David suddenly realized they were wet as well.

David pulled his cock out of his wife first. He plopped down on the floor panting. Beth rolled off Jason to her left and slouched against the back of the sofa with her legs parted immodestly. (No need for modesty. She had just been thoroughly fucked by two men.) David noticed cum beginning to pool at the opening to his wife's pussy. He knew it was a mixture of his and his new friend's cum leaking out of his well--fucked wife.

David was surprised the sight of cum pooling at the opening of his wife's pussy caused his dick to stir — right after he'd just got off! David thought about crawling over and licking her used pussy. Before he could move, he saw Jason already had slid off the sofa to the floor. He pulled Beth's left leg by her knee to give him full access to her pussy.

"Let me lick your pussy, Beth. Let me lick the cum outta you." Jason said.

Beth looked down at Jason and then, closing her eyes, settled back into the sofa and spread her legs wider for Jason. Jason began licking Beth's pussy. He kissed her outer lips and licked the inner lips with the tip of his tongue. Sporadically, Jason moved up to her button, licked it and latched onto it to suck, only to return momentarily to kissing and licking her swollen pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmm . . . yeah, lick me Jason. Lick the cum outta my pussy!" she said without opening her eyes.

"You taste so good. I love how hot and wet you get for me," Jason told Beth as he spread her pussy lips wide with his fingers. Jason once again bent his head to Beth's pussy and pushed his tongue against her clit. He was not licking it, just holding his tongue against it. Beth began rocking her hips so that her clit was sliding around under his tongue. Gently Jason bit down on her clit before pushing his tongue inside Beth's pussy. She could feel her pussy clamping down on his tongue as he wiggled it deep inside her. Beth began rubbing her clit as Jason tongue fucked her, moaning and rocking her hips faster. Jason pulled his tongue from Beth's steaming pussy and watched her stroke her clit. Her exhaustion had turned into desire.

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