tagBDSMDr. Harden at Your Service Ch. 07

Dr. Harden at Your Service Ch. 07


~ Adora and Cee Cee are made to pleasure one another in front of the doctor. Then later Cee Cee is made to belly dance in front of the doctor.

The doctor and Master gives one another pleasure in front of Cee Cee before she is put in the room of shame again. ~

The sound of birds chirping woke me up from my peaceful slumber. I was still laying next to Adora looking at her softness.

"Did you sleep well, Cee Cee?"

"Yes, I did. How about you?"

"Yes. It was as wonderful as our night together."

Part of me could not help to extend that night of pleasure as I kept looking at her bossom. I started to kiss her and showed how much I love taking her softness into my mouth. She moaned and held my head in place wanting more.

"Mmmm... Oooohh... Someone is hungry this morning. Mmmm..."

Before long, I was kissing her from neck to her thighs. She was wet by the time I got down to her thighs. I was happy to see that I could please her.

"What should I do next, Adora?"

"Need you ask?"

She sat up a little, opened her legs, guided my head to her flower and I did my best to make her moan endlessly. I was starting her day right. Minutes later, I felt her quivering and then let out a loud scream. It sounded wonderful to me. I looked at her relishing the sensation for a moment before I had my tongue do some more morning exercise to make her shake and scream some more.


I wanted to make her scream some more, but she closed her legs and turned over to keep me from doing any more to her sensitive spot. Then I began to kiss her back and rubbed her legs. My morning is complete knowing Adora is happy.

"Someone is wet for attention, I see. Lay down."

I laid down and she pushed my legs up. Her hands stayed in place to keep my legs where she wanted them before she made me moan the way she was earlier. She kept teasing me with her mischievous tongue for a bit. Then I started to quiver and she held my legs tightly in place to prevent me from closing up.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! AAAAAAHHH!! Mmmmm... Oooooohh..."

She watched me catch my breath before she made me climax again. What I could not do to her, she did to me. I screamed and shaked three times in a row for her. Afterwards, she ran her hands up and down my upper legs as she looked at my body lay there weak and open to her every whim.

"My my my. Someone is quite sensitive down there. Are you ready for a shower together?"

"Mmmm... Yes. Mmmm..."

It was nice to lather her up with soap. She moaned as my hands ran all over her slippery body. We kissed and held one another as the warm water showered our sensual bodies. I wonder if my Master would enjoy seeing us together this way.

We made breakfast together after a steamy shower. I learned how to make crêpes wrapped around bananas and fresh strawberries with a dollop of whip cream while the frittata was slowly cooked in a deep skillet before it is put into an oven. Sour cream, green onions, red bell peppers, spices and cheese were mixed together in a medium sized bowl. The yellow, white, red, green and specks of black pepper could be seen easily. It looked good and I was ready to taste the multi-layer of flavors.

She asked me during our tasty breakfast about what I would think if she could move into my Master's home or at least show up more often. At first, the idea sounded great. Then I was thinking if my Master would like that and idea of sharing him with someone else. Someone else pleasing him other than me did not seem to be a good idea. I had mixed emotions.

My Master would love the idea of teasing me by having someone else pleasure him. It is hard for me to see someone else please him except for me, but I know that loves to tease me in such a way and like the fact that I do everything he tells me to do. I do not enjoy staying with anyone else except my Master, but I do it knowing it pleases him. He denies me of being fulfilled with his hot cream often so that I would enjoy it that much more when I do receive his wet gift. Anything he denies me of that I want so much from him is his way of seeing how much I love what I do for him. It pleases him greatly that I work hard to earn his attention. The feeling I get inside for getting his hard attention is difficult to explain. I love every second of his manhood inside of me. He knows how much I enjoy it and loves to see how hard I work to earn relief from him.

The day went by quickly with her cleaning the house, us cooking together and making sure I practice belly dancing properly for my Master. There were so many times I wanted to make her melt with my tongue, but I held back. She could have done anything to me in between what she was doing, but she also held back her cravings to see me laying weak at her mercy. All that energy was waiting to burst out and it did when it was time for us to go to bed. It was another passionate night and we both enjoyed every second of it.

Time flew by quickly as Friday night came in a blink of an eye. Dr. Harden came back as the thunderous storm brought an air of tension. I was nervous and Adora told me to relax. She told me it will be alright because she is there.

The doctor had me give him a shower. In the process, he made me pleasure him. Then made me scream as he thrust in between my legs.

"You have been waiting for my attention, yes?"

"Yes. Mmmm... I have been waiting for your attention, Master Harden."

This time he spurted his juices all on my leg. I was surprised and he gave a smile.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, Master Harden. I enjoyed that. Thank you, Master Harden."

When we came out, he sat on a chair with his bath robe open and made Adora and I pleasure ourselves. He wanted to watch us become wet and moan in front of him. After a while, he had me come kneel down and stiffen him up. Then he had me watch as he approached Adora on the bed. He pushed his way into her wetness and made her relieve him.

"Did you enjoy my relief, Cee Cee?"

"Yes, Master Harden. I enjoyed your relief. Thank you, Master Harden."

"Good. You will get to see more of this tonight."

He had me pleasure him in all different ways, but at the end, he would let Adora receive all his cream in between her soaking wet legs. There was a mix of relief and shame knowing he was not doing the things he did before, but was still trying to show me that I did not deserve his relief inside of me regardless of how much I work for it. I know he is doing this to keep up his part in training me. If it was outside of this situation that I had got myself in then he would be very generous.

I will be glad when this night is over. The doctor is to meet my Master for lunch tomorrow. There was some relief, but also sadness knowing I may not get to see Adora again. She told me not to worry and that she will figure out a way to have us together again. I went to sleep having some comfort knowing that she will do her best to make that happen.

The next morning, the doctor had me clean up to head to the kitchen for breakfast. He skipped his usual routine and I was glad to see Adora in the kitchen preparing another mouth-watering meal. Except this time, the doctor had me sit in that special chair again with my legs open. I could see them both looking at me. I think they were enjoying the position I was in more than their food.

When we were done with our food, Adora cleaned up and told me she will see me again soon before she left. I wanted to cry knowing she had to leave, but was also excited that I would see her again and that I will see my Master in a few hours. Until it was time to leave, the doctor had me belly dance for him. Once he was aroused enough, he made me pleasure him some more.

"Oooooohh... You will have the pleasure of all my attention before it is time for me to take you home. Faster. Yes. Mmmm..."

Every time he unloaded onto a towel, I could not help to think how much my Master loves to tease me by denying me his relief. I was counting the minutes till it was time to go home. The doctor put a plug in my anus and had my wet flower holding onto a short, prickly, rubber toy before I put my clothes on and headed home.

When we arrived home, I was hoping that the doctor would leave soon after having lunch, but I doubt that will be the case.

"Hello Al! How are you doing?"

"I am good, Lucius. How about you?"

"Not bad myself, Al. The nurse you sent over was very enjoyable. The maid was great too."

Did I hear my Master correctly? Is this the same maid that came to the doctor's house?

"Did you miss me, Cee Cee?"

"Yes, Master. I missed you very very much."

"Good. Now take your clothes off and stay on all fours."

I did so without haste to show how ready I was to please him. Then he noticed I was filled.

"I took the liberty of filling her up for you, Lucius."

"Thank you, Al. She needs to earn my attention. Come into the dining room. Lunch is ready."

I followed behind them on my hands and knees. Does my Master think I have been bad? What did the doctor tell him? There was fear that he would not let me touch him or even look at him. This is worse than him giving me lashes.

After lunch, my Master wanted to show his thanks to the doctor. He knew how I would feel to see someone else pleasuring him. It was his way of teasing me and punishing me at the same time.

"Let me help you with your pants, Al."

My Master unzipped the doctor's pants and let it fall to the floor. Then he pushed the boxer shorts down to gaze at the softness. He was on his knees giving the doctor much pleasure.

"Ooooooohh... Mmmm... Lucius. Ooooohh... You are much too kind. Mmmmm..."

"The pleasure is all mine, Al. Mmmm..."

When the doctor was ready for relief, my Master removed his pants and got on his knees next to the sofa. He had his upper body laying on the sofa as he showed his back door filled with a thick, hard vibrator. Dr. Harden knelt down, slid the toy in and out for a bit before he slid himself in with a condom.

"OOOOOOHHH... You feel so goooood, Al. Mmmm..."

They took turns relieving one another as I was on my knees a few feet away from them. I could not believe my eyes. The more relief he received from the doctor, the less relief I would get from him. He made me watch as my body showed signs of discomfort.

"Are you enjoying me giving your Master relief, Cee Cee?"

"Yes, Master Harden. I enjoy seeing my Master receiving relief from you, Master Harden."

"Show the good doctor your thanks for taking you in for a week, Cee Cee."

I crawled over to give the doctor my thanks with my mouth. Then when he was ready for relief, he slid into my Master's back door. Afterwards, he cleaned himself up and thanked my Master for a nice lunch and left.

"Did you enjoy seeing him give me pleasure, Cee Cee?"

"Yes, Master. I enjoyed seeing him give you pleasure, Master."

"The doctor has told me everything. You had been naughty a few times. I should have you in the room of shame for that."

"No, Master. No. I did not mean to be naughty. I... I..."

"Enough of your stuttering. You shall come with me to the room of shame."

I followed him to the room with fear, but was glad that I was home with him again. He gave me about 20 lashes with the thin whip and made me tell him everything that I did wrong during my stay with the doctor.

"You know very well what you did wrong. Now you will suffer the consequences."

He hanged me against the wall spread out in an X form.

"You shall stay wet for me, but do not dare drop this."

He removed the piece that Dr. Harden had put in me and replaced it with a thicker piece. Then he told me that he will be back when it is dinner time. Until then, I was to hang in shame for what I did. As if that was not enough, he had me watch a video of him receiving pleasure from the nurse and the maid. He told me that he will be testing me afterwards to make sure that I watch every bit of it before he left the room.

I was very wet knowing how much he enjoyed teasing me this way, but I also had to be careful not to get too wet or I would lose grip of the toy he wanted me to hold onto. My emotions ran wild filled with shame, relief, anticipation, love and craving for my Master's hard attention. The clock on the wall taunts me as I hang in shame for hours to please my loving Master. He holds his emotions back very well.

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