tagSci-Fi & FantasyDragons of Fraidel Ch. 05 Pt. 01

Dragons of Fraidel Ch. 05 Pt. 01


A/N: Ack! I really feel bad now. Ya'll have been extremely patient with me and I appreciate it. I figured out my problem of uploading though. I wanted to start breaking up my chapters so I could update more often, but I was afraid it wouldn't be enough because their is a minimum length requirement. I figured it out though. As long as I update every 10 pages, I'll do fine. So this is actually the first part of Ch. 5. My chapters are long enough for me to do this. Again sorry for the big delay. I am going to college full time but I am going to keep on trying to update.


Ch. V

Returning to


Torrence never felt fear in all his life, not the gut-wrenching kind that filled you with dread. He felt it now as he woke up. Galeena was in danger. He could feel it. He leapt out of bed and threw on some clothes and weapons.

"Ankor!" he shouted when he burst into the wizard's room, only to find him standing in front of his fireplace.

"I know why you're here Torrence. I heard her cry for help. Since time is of the essence, I am going to teleport you there. I'll know when you've found her too."


Ankor raised an eyebrow at that question.

"Never mind. Can you hurry please?"

Ankor smiled at his impatience and murmuring a few words, caused Torrence to disappear.


The next thing Torrence knew, he was in a raging inferno.

"Galeena!" he shouted as he started to use his water magic to wipe out the flames.

He maneuvered his way through the room, constantly keeping an eye out for Galeena. He did his best to keep his cool. He would not be able to help Galeena if he lost it. However, it was difficult because of the danger. He called out one more time, praying he'd find her. He knew he had to hurry for the smoke was starting to get to him. Just as he was about to loose it, he heard a cough. It was the sweetest sound he ever heard. He looked down and saw Galeena. Torrence did not notice this, but the fire did not come near her. Quickly, Torrence checked her pulse and found it beating. While he was not a great healer, he knew enough to do a quick body scan for injuries. Seeing Galeena had no broken bones, Torrence gathered her in his arms and picked her up. Just as he did, he found himself being teleported again. He appeared right before Ankor.

"I am assuming you did a body scan." Ankor commented.

"Yes. She has smoke in her lungs, but that's it."

"We best take care of that. Follow me. I have a room prepared for her."

Torrence did as he was instructed and followed Ankor.

Ankor had prepared a room for Galeena. It was near Torrence's room so Torrence could be near her. The room was pale green with soft gold accents. All the furniture was made out of light oak. Torrence placed Galeena on the four poster bed.

"We need to get the smoke out of her lungs and body." Ankor said.

"Laguna learned how to do it. She taught me how to do it."

"Yes I know for the technique was a concept the original Moonstone holder created."

"Well, unfortunately, I wasn't taught how to do it if the toxins got into her blood."

"Let's do this together just to be sure."

Torrence agreed before creating several cuffs of energy to appear on Galeena's wrists and ankles in order to hold her down. Both men placed their hands on Galeena's chest. Using their magic, they started to pull the smoke and toxins out of Galeena's body. At times her body convulsed and she coughed up smoke. So the process was painful. But because Torrence got Galeena out in time, it did not take them long to remove all the smoke and toxins. It did take energy out of the two though.

"There. She'll be fine after a good night's rest. Why don't you get some rest Torrence." Ankor suggested.

"I want to stay in here with her Ankor."

"Suit yourself."

Ankor left them alone and went back to his chambers. Torrence took off his weapons and several articles of clothes until he was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He removed the cuffs from Galeena before maneuvering her so he can pull the sheets back. After doing that, he placed her under them. Torrence decided to join her in the bed. After coming so close to loosing her, he needed to hold her tonight. Decision made, he got underneath the covers and pulled Galeena against him. It felt wonderful to have her in his arms like this. Closing his eyes, Torrence fell asleep.

Torrence woke up around 6:30 am the next day. He turned to look at Galeena. She was still asleep and had moved to where her head was on his shoulder and her hand was on his chest. Torrence smiled, but he knew he had to get up. Moving carefully and slowly, he moved out of Galeena's arms and got out of bed. Picking up his belongings, he just realized that Galeena did not have anything to wear. Back in his room, he changed into his training gear. He trained a little over an hour before heading back to his room. He showered and got dressed before looking for Ankor. He was not in the dining room where they usually ate breakfast. Gerald was there though.

"Mr. Ankor is in the entertainment room watching the news. Breakfast is almost done and someone is watching Ms. Stellar." Gerald informed him.

"Thank you Gerald."

Torrence found the entertainment room and saw Ankor. He was watching the news all right and it was talking about the fire at Galeena's apartment last night. The reporter announced that only one person did not make it out, but they could not release the person's name yet. Torrence and Ankor immediately knew who that person was. It was Galeena.

"What do we do now?" asked Torrence.

"First we wait for Galeena to wake up." Ankor replied looking very serious.

"You realize that if everyone thinks she's dead, she can leave here with no strings attached."

"Yes I do, but would you want her family to think that?"

Torrence shook his head. It was definitely a complicated situation.

"For now, let's break fast." Ankor suggested.

After they ate breakfast, Torrence went back to Galeena's room to sit by her. Taking her hand in his, he knelt by the bed. Torrence did not pray much, but he did now.

"Please, love, wake up." he murmured.

Suddenly, he heard her moan. Torrence immediately looked up to see Galeena slowly open her eyes. Galeena woke up with a big headache and her throat felt as dry as a desert. She turned her head and saw Torrence.

"Water?" she managed to ask.

Torrence was told she might feel dehydrated and took a cup of water off the small dresser next to the bed. With his other hand, he helped Galeena sit up before lifting the cup up to her lips and letting her take a few sips.

"Better?" he asked before placing the cup down and helping her lay down again.

Galeena nodded before asking, "What happened?"

Torrence had been dreading this and did not know how to tell her. After thinking a few minutes, he decided to be honest.

Rubbing her pale hand in between his two big ones he said gently, "There was a fire in your apartment. On the news this morning they said that everyone got out except one, whom they now think is dead. Galeena, you're the one who was unaccounted for. I found you unconscious and felt it was best to bring you back here. So no one knows you're alive."

Galeena's eyes widen in shock. Suddenly, all of last night's events came rushing back.

"I could have died!" she exclaimed, trying to sit up.

Keeping a hold of her hand, Torrence wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Shh, it's okay. You are safe." he comforted.

"My family . . .I have . . .to tell them . ." Galeena started to say as she drifted off, still weary from last night's events.

Torrence laid her back down. He wished he had more time so she could recover, but knew he had to tell her about Fraidel very soon. He just hoped Galeena would be ready by then.

Galeena woke up a couple hours later, this time she was alone and starving. Feeling more at ease and a little stronger, she managed to sit up and took in her surroundings. It was a lovely room. It also seemed familiar. That's when she remembered. This was Mr. Ankor's house. She'd been to his mansion before on several occasions. But why was she here? Slowly she remembered how. She also remembered Torrence telling her about last night. It also brought up a few more questions. How did Torrence know she was in danger and how did he get in and get out of her apartment. Galeena's thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked on the door. Suddenly, a matronly African American woman appeared with a tray and some clothing on her arm.

"Aw, good you're awake. My name is Mrs. Wilson and I am the house keeper. Mr. Ankor thought you would be hungry and Mr. Bronson ordered you some clothes. Now, how about we get some food in you and than we can get you cleaned up." Mrs. Wilson said.

Galeena nodded and obliged her. By the time she put on clean clothes, she was feeling better. She was feeling so good that she convinced Mrs. Wilson to help her find Torrence or Mr. Ankor. Still taking it easy though, she let Mrs. Wilson lead the way. Soon they ran into Gerald. He informed Galeena that both Torrence and Mr. Ankor were in Mr. Ankor's study. Since Mrs. Wilson had other things to attend to, Gerald led Galeena to the study.

Both Ankor and Torrence were talking about Galeena when someone knocked on the door.

"Ms. Stellar wishes to see both of you." Gerald said as he poked his head in.

"Thank you Gerald. Please let her in." Ankor said.

Galeena came in as both men stood up.

"Please come and sit my dear." Ankor said as he offered her his chair.

"Henry, let her take my chair. I can stand for now." Torrence replied.

Ankor nodded and Galeena sat in the chair Torrence was in.

"I want to thank you both for your help. But I do have a few questions." Galeena said.

"Ask away." Ankor replied.

"Can I call my family to tell them I am okay?"

"Certainly my dear, but there is something Torrence and I must tell you first."

"That was the other question. I know both of you have been hiding something and I would like to know what it is. Please? I promise I won't tell anyone."

Both Ankor and Torrence looked at each other and Ankor nodded to Torrence.

"Galeena, I am sorry but both of us haven't been completely honest with you."

Galeena nodded and braced herself.

Torrence took a deep breath before saying, "We're not from this world. We come from a world called Fraidel. I believe you've been dreaming of it."

Galeena's eyes open wide.

"My paintings?" she asked.

"Yes Galeena."

"This is surprising, but at the same time, it isn't. I've been dreaming of you Torrence. My Elements Series, those dragons and other people exist, don't they?"

"Yes. Our planet is filled with different types of dragons and the clans that live with them. I lead the Water Dragon Clan. Those other people you painted in that series are the other leaders. All the leaders are dragoons."


"We're warriors that fight alongside with dragons. Only dragoons and the royal family have dragon partners. My dragon partner is Cerulos."

Galeena was fascinated. She always wondered if the place she'd been dreaming about was real. To learn that it was real excited her. That's when something occurred to her.

"Wait. Torrence? If you are a ruler, why are you here?"

Torrence looked at Ankor. Seeing he was a third wheel now, Ankor stood up and left the room. Galeena watched as he left. She looked at Torrence quizzically.

"Galeena, you're the reason I am here."

Galeena could feel her face heat up. But her heart stopped when Torrence knelt before her and took her hand. He couldn't be.

"Galeena, the first time I saw you, my heart stopped, even though I thought you were nothing but a dream. When I found out you were real, I wanted to meet you to see if the feelings I was experiencing were real. And they are, only they became more profound. I know we've only known each other for a short time, but I swear with every breath I take, I am in love with you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Galeena told herself to breath.

"You're asking me to go with you, aren't you?" she managed to ask.

Torrence nodded.

"Will I ever be able to come back?"

"Yes, but not that very often. I am sorry Galeena. I know I am asking a lot of you, but I don't want to hide anything from you again. Why don't you think it over? I do need to know soon though. In two more days I must return." Torrence said.

He kissed her hand, stood up, and left the room. Galeena sat there, flabbergasted. Torrence had just asked her to marry him. He was also asking her to give up her life here. It was a tough pill to swallow. There was no doubt she loved him, but did she love him enough to leave Earth? She suddenly wanted to talk to someone. Her first thought was her grandma, but then she remembered she promised not to tell anyone about Fraidel. Her next thought was to find Mr. Ankor. Decision made, she went to find him. Gerald was outside the room and told her that Mr. Ankor was outside in the garden. Showing Galeena the way, Gerald led the way.

Galeena found Mr. Ankor near the entrance sitting on a bench. Looking at her, he smiled.

"I had a feeling you come searching for me, my dear." Mr. Ankor said as he stood up.

"Henry? Um, that is your real name right?" Galeena asked as she sat done.

Ankor sat down too.

"Here on Earth it is. On Fraidel I am simply Ankor."

"Aw, are you part of the Water Dragon Clan?"

"No, and in fact I don't belong to any clan. I am a wizard who travels to all clans. Currently I am visiting Torrence's clan."

Galeena nodded.

"Torrence asked me to marry him."

"I figured as much."

"I . .I don't know what to do."

"Do you love him?"

"Yes I do, but . ." Galeena hesitated.

"But what?"

"What do I tell my family? I know I want to tell them I am alive, but what do I tell them? They won't believe me. Well, at least my father's side."

"What about your mother's side?"

"Granny? I think she would. She always told me to keep an open mind and that anything is possible."

"Than here is what I suggest. Tell your grandma the truth, but tell the others you're going away somewhere and won't be back for awhile. If they ask where, tell the you've found love and want to be with him."

"Hmm, that would work. They wouldn't be too surprised either. My parents only knew each other for a few weeks too before getting married. But I can't let everyone else I know or who know about this think I am dead. Oh, what about my paintings?"

"Galeena, I'll take care of those people and everything else. I didn't plan on telling you this until later, but I bought your Elemental Series. I was going to take them back with us."

"What? Ankor, you didn't have to do that. I would have gladly given them to you. Thank you though."

"It was my pleasure. And I bought them because they were worth it. So, what are you going to do now?"

"I think I better call my family first."

Ankor nodded.

"You can use my phone in the study. Oh, and Galeena, Torrence is in his room, going over Fraidel events and other things."

Galeena nodded and left.

Galeena hanged up the phone. She had just talked with her paternal grandmother, who was the matriarch on her father's side. It was not as hard as she thought when she told the practical woman her plans. Her grandma just sighed and had said she was her father's daughter. Grandma Stellar would tell the rest of the family. Now, all that was left was her granny. She dialed her number and waited as the phone ranged.

"Hello?" answered a voice.

"Hi, granny."

There was a pause.

"Galeena, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me. I am fine."

"Oh thank the Heavens! When I received a call from the police there . . ."

"It's okay granny. Torrence saved me."

Galeena had been telling her grandma about him. She also told her about her dreams.

"Aw, well than I'll always be grateful to him."

"Granny, there's something I have to tell you. And you have to promise not to tell anyone."

"Of course dear, as long as it's not illegal."

"Hehe, no it isn't." Galeena said before telling her about Fraidel and Torrence's proposal.

"You believe me, don't you Granny?"

"Of course you silly goose. It be silly to think Earth was the only living planet out there. I just wish I could come with you."

"Why can't you?"

"Aw honey, I am just not strong enough to try. If I could, you know I would. I'll miss you dreadfully."

"Oh granny, what will I do without you?"

"You'll have Torrence dear. Now there's something I must tell you."


"Never give up. And keep on smiling. You have a beautiful heart dear. I am sure the people there will love you."

"Thank you granny. I love you."

"I love you too. Now, don't you think you should put that young man out of his misery?"

"Hehe, yes. Good bye."

When Tess hanged up, she looked out her window and smiled. Her Galeena found her soul mate. She just wondered what adventures would await her.

"Be safe Galeena. Your true self awaits." Tess said before taking a nap.


A/N: Hehe I hope your happy now. I wasn't going to leave ya'll on another bad cliffy.

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