tagGroup SexDream Come True

Dream Come True


I had started the night out horny, so when I showered, I shaved my pussy clean, making sure to get all the way back and around the puckered hole of my ass. I wanted to be slick enough to lick. I had a few drinks and decided to go out looking for a good fuck. I put on white eye shadow, with black eye shadow in the creases of my lids, tons of black eyeliner, mascara, and brow pencil. To accent the sexed-starved eyes, I wore bright red lipstick, too bright, past the edges of my lips to make them look too-full and aroused, and with too much lip gloss to make them look slippery wet.

I teased my long, dark hair until it looked high, mighty, and hot; almost bed-tousled. I wore the black lacy shelf bra that just holds my breasts; makes my heavy, natural tits stand out and pout, under a tight, sheer, black silk blouse. The kind that's so tight, the buttons seem to strain from the holes, and the material gaps in between; so sheer, there's absolutely no doubt as to what undergarment I am wearing. See-through. I like it that way, because when my nipples get hard, everyone can see how fucking horny I am. I wore a red silk miniskirt, from the same type of flimsy material as my blouse, though not as sheer. If I wear no panties (which of course I don't), I can feel the fabric rub and tickle my ass as I walk. The hem of the skirt came to the tops of my thighs, making it so that if I walked briskly, people behind me could see my naked ass underneath, and maybe wonder if my pussy was as smooth as those soft cheeks. My red platform sandals with the 5 1/2" heels definitely drew attention to my long, tanned legs, as I tottered down the sidewalk on my tiptoes, jutting my tight, round ass out behind me.

It was dark night, about eleven o'clock, and I wanted to be seen. I walked down 72nd Street; not enough sidewalk traffic to be afraid of being bothered, but enough cars driving by that I could see that every man and woman passing was checking the whore as she walked the strip. I was swinging my ass to be sure the skirt flipped and showed my crack to passersby. I loved pretending to be a whore on Saturday nights. I often picked different streets, and sometimes drove to different nearby towns so I would always get the thrill of a new audience. Tonight, I wanted more than an audience. I did love showing my body off to complete strangers, but this time, I wanted more. I wanted to fuck one. Maybe more than one.

I saw a tall, strong looking guy approach, then pass. He was so hot looking that I turned to pursue him. I felt so hot, like such a nasty skank that I could do anything. When I got up close behind him, in line at Club La Putaine, I pressed myself against him. He turned to look at me, and smiled. He fell out of line, and motioned with his head to follow. I trotted after him, in my shoes so high I almost fell. When I caught him, he stood in front of me, rubbing the front of his pants.

"How much?"

I was shocked. I loved to pretend, but I never expected to actually be propositioned. I could be arrested for this. But here I was, my greatest fantasy come true. I was a whore on the street, with a John asking my price. I don't think my pussy could have been wetter if I had been standing under a waterfall. All I could think of was the huge cock I could see straining under this strange guy's zipper. He was enormous, and he wanted to stick that big tool into me!

"I don't have all fuckin' night, bitch, how fuckin' much?" He was pissed because I was taking too long to decide what to do, and I was afraid he and his glorious rod would get away before I could get up the nerve. His rotten treatment of me, the hooker, was making me wetter. Should I do it for free, and ruin the fantasy, or tell him how much, and live out my dream?

"A hundred," I said with as much false confidence as I could muster. Only, he rolled his eyes and started to walk away.

"No cunt's worth that much."

I don't know where I found it, but I wanted that prick, and said to his back, "This pussy's red hot, and worth its weight in gold. But, I'd take seventy-five."

He stopped and turned, "Fifty."

"Done," I stated. Now I was scared shitless. Worth its weight in GOLD??? What the hell had I been thinking?? I didn't know if I could back that bravado up.

I had seen an alley about 20 yards back, so I led him back there, and around the corner, into the alley. It was filthy, smelled like piss and vomit, but was very well lit. The sidewalk at the end of it was very well travelled, and there was no shortage of possible witnesses to my depravity. I was turned on more than ever in my life at the possibility of this transaction. I had to hold up the charade.

"Fifty bucks."

He handed my the fifty dollar bill, which I slipped into my purse, and unzipped his pants. He pulled out the most beautiful light-brown penis I had ever seen. It was just as huge as I had thought beneath his pants. It was covered with pulsing veins, and the head looked like it may burst.

He grabbed me by the hair and turned me around, so that I was facing the wall. He shoved me roughly against the bricks, and ordered me, "Pull your skirt up, bitch, you act like you never did this before." Before I had time to respond, he rammed his cock from behind into my tight pussy. I had thought I was wet, but I was nowhere near ready for this giant dick. As he pulled my hair backward with one hand,my head toward him , he reached around to the front of my blouse and ripped the front of it with the other. My tits popped out of it, spilling over the top of my expensive bra, and scraping the sensitive pink nubs of my nipples on the rough exterior of the building.

Although I started to feel a bit scared, at the same time, I became even more turned on. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see some people watching farther down the alley. He rammed his cock into me over and over, and when I thought maybe my tits were bleeding, he pulled his staff out of my aching hole. I might have thought I had a reprieve, but I was oh-so-wrong. He had seen his friend coming down the alley, and decided to share his slut. "You want a piece?" He laughed to his buddy.

I had seen his buddy earlier, and knew him to be a tall black man, probably in his mid twenties. Oh, god, I wanted his cock in my mouth. It must be huge, if what I had heard about black men were true. He approached me with his cock hanging out, and I was not wrong. He was far larger around than my John, and at least as long. But he was made of beautiful, hard ebony. I could not wait to get it in me one way or another.

He pointed to the paved surface of the alleyway, and like a slave, I dropped at his command. His shining knob was so beautiful and tasty looking, I couldn't control myself. I grabbed it with both hands and began to suck it hungrily, shoving as deep into my throat as I could while playing with his balls. I went back and forth between his wonderful black stick and his large, swinging balls. I licked and sucked, trying to swallow the massive cock that slid back and forth inside my throat, I thought that alone would be heaven, that big black tool fucking my mouth, past my lips, tongue, and vocal chords, ripping at my hair to help him pump harder.

But then, my John came back to me. My wonderful John. He ordered the black stud onto his knees, and slapped my ass hard enough to bruise it, while telling me not to let that hot cock out of my mouth. No way was I going to let that licorice whip go. Once my horny black master dropped to his knees, John dropped as well. I had hoped, but hadn't allowed myself to really dream...He stabbed my asshole with his hard, dry cock, driving it all the way to the bottom of the shaft in one stroke. I screamed, it hurt so bad, but my voice was muffled by the big, black prick my black master was fucking into my throat.

They pumped in rhythm, both in, both out. Filling me at both ends at once, then both emptying me. I wanted to be full, I didn't want them to stop, this was what it was all about. I was now finally the true fuck slut, the sleazy, nasty skank. I was getting fucked on both ends, and I was just as trashy as I had always wanted to be.

Suddenly, it was over almost as quickly as it had started. Both of my studs came in me, one in my mouth, one in my ass. They pulled out, turned their backs, and left me there in the alley. I was on my hands and knees, cum dripping down my chin, gushing out of my brown asshole. I looked to the end of the alley, and there were people standing there, watching me, revulsion on their faces.

My legs were spread as wide apart as I could get them. I licked at the cum running down my chin with my tongue. I reached back to my ass and poked into it with my left thumb, and rubbed the hot jizz my John had left inside for me. As his slimy cum dripped from my cunt, I stuck my middle finger, my "fuck" finger deep inside my snatch. With one hand on the pavement, and one hand working my cum-filled asshole and spoo-dripping slit at the same time, I worked myself into a whorish frenzy, my pussy pointed toward the small crowd of bums and pimps.

I writhed in ecstasy as I muscled myself to the most powerful orgasm of my life. I screamed and moaned, I fell onto my stomach, my legs spread wide, cum on my face, lipstick smeared everywhere.

I knew I would never be able to top this night, no matter how long I tried.

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