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He had no plans for the evening and didn't feel like going home to an empty house so Dan decided to have dinner out and drop in to the Phoenix House bar afterwards to have a few drinks and watch a ballgame. Besides, you never know who might be there and something interesting could turn up.

He went to Mario's and had himself a good Italian meal and headed over to the bar. When he got there, he took a stool at the bar and had Bobby bring him a scotch on the rocks. He was watching the ballgame on the large flat screen TV when there was a tap on his arm and he turned to see a very attractive blonde with huge breasts, showing a lot of cleavage, standing next to him.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked pointing to the one next to him.

He told her to have a seat and asked if he could buy her a drink. She accepted with a big smile and sat down flashing a bit of thigh as she settled onto the stool. She was very personable and quite interesting and they were hitting it off very nicely when she asked if they could move to a table in the rear where it would be more quiet and they could converse easier.

He told Bobby that they were moving to a table and asked him to refresh their drinks and bring them over. When he brought them and left, they continued their conversation until she asked him if he could bring over one of the small baskets of pretzels that were on the bar. When he came back, they continued talking and he was really getting to like her. They sipped their drinks as they talked and the next thing he knew, he opened his eyes and found himself naked and spread eagled on a bed with his wrists and ankles bound to the bedposts.

His mind was very fuzzy and he slowly came to the realization that he had been drugged. As he was trying to put two and two together, a gorgeous blonde with fantastically large breasts and wearing a black garter belt, black stockings, black heels and a black eye mask appeared in the doorway. He recognized her as the gal from the bar and asked her what the hell was going on. She smiled and walked over and sat down on the bed next to him and idly took his soft penis in her hand as she told him that he should just relax and enjoy himself as she and her friends were going to play with him for the rest of the evening and promised he would not be hurt.

"You can't get free and you can't resist so you might as well enjoy what we do to you as I'm sure you're going to love it" she said to him and then called out to voices that he heard in the other room.

Her friends appeared in the doorway and he saw that there were two attractive gals dressed in similar outfits to the blonde and also wearing masks and three well built and well hung guys all naked wearing cock rings and eye masks.

The blonde told him that he's going to be their toy for the evening and that they were going to take turns on him and see how many times they could make him cum. He looked from one to the other as they stood on both sides of the bed and noticed that the guys were already starting to get hard and were staring at his thick penis as it slowly rose despite his uneasiness about his situation.

The blonde seemed to be in charge as she told the others to sit down on either side of him and see what they could do about getting his cock really hard. As soon as they were seated, they started running their hands over his body and playing with his nipples, penis and balls. Then the attractive redhead worked her hand under his balls and slipped a wet finger into his tight anus and started to finger fuck him slowly as the others worked on him and had him rock hard in a matter of minutes.

"Now this is one of the nicest organs we've had in a long time!" the blonde announced.

She looked down at him and told him that they hadn't had much luck lately as most of the guys had much smaller cocks than they had expected.

"This is going to be a very enjoyable evening." she said. "I hope you like cock because you're going to have these three beauties in each of your openings all evening."

Then she leaned over and looked deeply into his eyes as she asked if he ever had a cock in his ass before. He swallowed hard and told her that he had never been fucked.

"Well we're going to see that before this evening is over, you're going to love being fucked by all three of these big cocks and will ask for more." she told him. "We're a very democratic group and drew cards to see who would have first choice on you. Who is going to be first? she asked them.

The guy sitting at the foot of the bed, who was playing with his balls, raised his hand and she told him to go right ahead as the rest of them couldn't wait for their turn. He flashed a big grin at them and lay down between Dan's thighs and started licking and sucking the balls he had been playing with moments earlier.

"He's a regular ball sucker." one of the other guys said.

The other guy added, "I'm sure glad he is because I love having my balls sucked."

The blonde told him that now he's going to have them sucked by a new recruit and he told her that he couldn't wait. Meanwhile, the guy sucking Dan's balls had moved up to his cock and was working his lips all around the thick shaft as he went up towards the crown.

"This is one delicious cock!" he announced as he took the swollen crown between his lips and nursed on it a while.

Dan had never had his cock sucked by a guy but was being turned on tremendously by the talented mouth working on his organ.

"He appreciates a good cocksucker." the blonde said. "I can tell from the expression on his face that you're turning him on tremendously so keep up the good work but don't let him cum, I warn you!"

Then she leaned over and brushed her lips over Dan's and looked into his eyes as she asked if he was enjoying the proceedings thus far. She told him that all the time they were sitting in the bar talking, all she could think about was what they were going to do to him tonight.

"What did you do to me and how the hell did you get me here?" he asked her.

She told him that when he went to the bar to get the pretzels, she slipped some dope into his drink which took about 20 minutes to work and when he started to get woozy, she paid the bill and helped him outside where the guys were waiting in a car. He had more questions but the guy was deep throating his penis and he was getting hotter and hotter as he was being sucked. The blonde noticed his expression and told the guy to stop sucking him since he may have won first dibs but she had won the honor of drawing the first load from his balls.

"I think he's about ready for his first cum!" she announced. "He's very horny right now so while I'm sucking the cum out of him, how about introducing him to cock? Carl, you helped get him hot so how about feeding him your dick to suck while I'm enjoying myself?

She went down between his legs and started licking his shaft as the big guy straddled his chest and rubbed his cock head over his lips.

"Open your mouth darling, I want to feed you something delicious that you're going to grow to love." he said to him as he continued pushing the head of his huge organ against his lips.

Then when Dan kept his mouth closed, he pinched his nose between his fingers for a few moments until Dan had to open his mouth to breath and then he shoved the entire sloped crown inside. Dan had never had a cock in his mouth before, at least not a cock this size. When he was about thirteen, he and a friend had sucked each other's small organs for a while until they grew out of the phase but this was different.

It tasted good and it felt good so Dan started running his tongue over it as he slowly nursed on it and got used to it.

"That's my boy!" the guy said and then, to the others, "He's learning how to be a good cocksucker. By the time you get him George, he'll be an ace!"

Dan found that, not only wasn't it bad, but that he was beginning to enjoy it especially every so often when a delicious flavor oozed out onto his tongue. He didn't realize it at the moment but it was precum and he loved it. He started to suck on the head to get more nectar and the guy cried out,

"He found precum and it looks like he loves it as he's sucking me hard to draw more out!"

The blonde lifted her head for a moment and told them that the precum she was drinking was also delicious and they all had to try it. Dan was lost in sensations that he never experienced before since his cock was being sucked so beautifully by the blonde and the cock in his mouth was feeling fabulous and tasted so good that he couldn't help drawing deeply on it as he started taking more and more of it into his mouth. The big guy started slow fucking his mouth and feeding him more and more of the huge penis until he started to gag and then he backed off a bit and let him suck what he could handle.

The blonde had slipped two fingers into his tight asshole as she worked on his cock and he knew it wasn't going to be long before she had him cumming. He started to lose himself between her mouth on his cock, her fingers fucking his ass and the huge penis he was sucking on. Before he realized it, the cock in his mouth started jerking and he heard the groans as the guy shot his load into his mouth. The first spurt landed deep down his throat and he gulped it down to keep from choking. The second, he tasted before swallowing and didn't mind it at all so he kept sucking until the last spasm ended and the cum stopped flowing into his mouth.

As he swallowed the last load, his penis erupted and sent spurts of hot cum into the blonde's voracious mouth. She was moaning along with him as she swallowed his cum and drew deeply on his organ to get every drop. When his last spasm passed, she lifted her head and told everyone that they were in for a treat as his juices were delicious. The big guy slowly pulled his receding organ from Dan's mouth and patted his head telling him that he did a wonderful job considering it was his first.

The dark haired gal was next on him and she sat down alongside and took his soft penis in her hand and played with it as she leaned closer to his face and looked into his eyes and asked him if he likes pussy. When he nodded, she told him that she was a squirter and was going to face fuck him until she came all over his face and made him drink her load which was going to be a lot more than he can imagine.

She let go of his cock and straddled his face and lowered her crotch to his mouth. He looked up and saw her swollen labia and pink opening descending and just before her wet flesh touched his mouth, he noticed that her clit was peeking out of her hood and seemed to be quite large. She rubbed her labia over his face and fed him various parts of her crotch to suck as she moaned softly and told him to suck what she fed him. She moved her anus over his mouth and told him to stick his tongue in as far as he can as she loved being reamed and then she had him lick and suck her labia before feeding him her large clit to suck.

While she was busy enjoying herself, someone took his soft organ in their mouth and began sucking on it and fingering his asshole. As he sucked the erect clit in his mouth, it started growing even larger and before he knew it he had a fairly thick organ in his mouth which felt like it was a tiny cock with a crown and all. She told him to suck it like it was a cock and promised him a reward if he was good and made her cum. It happened that he was enjoying himself as her clit was very different from any he had sucked before and he started to draw on it like the cock he just had in his mouth a few minutes earlier.

She started to moan and told him that she was getting ready to cum and he should keep sucking. A minute or so later, she groaned loudly and pulled her clit from his lips and, as he looked at her quivering pussy, it started spurting streams of a white cream into his face and mouth in one spurt after another. He was surprised at the quantity coming out and found that it tasted quite good as she pushed her cunt down on his mouth and told him to drink her juices. He gulped down each spurt until they ceased and she slowly lifted herself off him telling him that he had done a fine job and she was proud of him.

He looked down and saw that it was the redhead sucking his cock and she had brought it to life again very quickly. It wasn't fully hard but it was getting there and she was taking her time and enjoying herself as she sucked the thick shaft and then went down and sucked his balls before going back up and nursing on his crown. As he watched her suck his organ, one of the other guys got up and straddled his chest and pushed his thick cock head against his mouth and told him to open it and start sucking him just like he did Carl.

"I've been saving all my cum for you 'cause I know how much you love cum." he told him.

Dan opened his mouth and started to suck the swollen, sloped crown. It tasted quite good and as soon as his precum started to flow, Dan began enjoying the flavor and started sucking deeply on the head and dipping the tip of his tongue into the slit to capture the juices as they flowed out.

"He really loves precum!" the guy told them. "He's trying to draw as much out of my cock as he can!"

As he sucked the big cock in his mouth, the redhead stopped sucking him and then he felt her cunt cover his crown as she lowered herself onto his erection and sighed in satisfaction as it filled her up. She started a back and forth motion on his organ like she was riding a horse and it felt fabulous. The cock in his mouth started going deeper and he relaxed his throat muscles so that he could take as much as possible without gagging. He had found from the first cock that he loved the feeling of a thick cock deep down his throat so that he had to swallow around the shaft.

"Oh baby! This guy is getting good! I love fucking his mouth! C'mon baby take a little more for Daddy." he murmured as he fed a little more cock into Dan's mouth.

Then he started moving in and out and breathing heavily and Dan realized that he was getting ready to cum. He was sucking the thick meat from the base of the shaft to the swollen crown as it moved in his mouth and then he felt it swell and start jerking as jets of hot cum shot onto his tongue. He started swallowing each load as it poured down his throat until the last spasm ended and the huge organ was withdrawn with a contented sigh from its owner. Dan was amazed at the fact that he already sucked two cocks and swallowed two loads of cum and he had actually enjoyed it.

The guy slapped his face with the softening organ as he congratulated him for such a fine blowjob and then lifted himself off Dan and sat down on the bed to rest. The redhead was still riding his cock and when she saw the guy get off his face, she announced that she wanted to cum while face fucking him so she lifted herself off his erection and moved up to his chest and lowered her wet cunt to his mouth and told him to suck each part that she fed him.

As he sucked her most delicious cunt, a mouth covered his organ and once again he was transported to heaven! The redhead had him concentrate on her vaginal opening and told him to tongue fuck her as she was ready to feed him some delicious juices and wanted his tongue deep inside when she came. She had been riding his cock for some time and her pussy was soaking wet with her juices already and he was getting plenty as his tongue caressed her passage but then she grabbed his head and bore down on his face as she cried out and went into orgasm and a flood of juice filled his mouth as she shuddered and shook in ecstasy. He swallowed to keep from choking and found that it tasted great so he drove his tongue deep into her passage and searched for more of the delicious nectar until she slowly came down from Nirvana and looked down at him with glazed eyes as she thanked him for the beautiful sucking.

Then the mouth on his cock was removed and he heard a guy say, "You were right Mona, this guy's precum tastes great!"

Then the mouth covered his organ again and started sucking on the head. When the redhead lifted herself off him, he saw that the third guy was sucking his cock and playing with his balls and asshole. Then the blonde said,

"Freddie, why don't you go up and have him suck your cock. I want his cock in my pussy for a while."

Freddie stopped sucking and got up and straddled his chest and rubbed his erection over Dan's lips and asked, "Does baby feel like nursing on Daddy's cock?"

He pushed the head against Dan's lips and when Dan opened his mouth fed the head inside and told him to start nursing on it. As Dan sucked on the swollen crown, the blonde fit the head of his cock to her pussy and lowered herself on the thick pole gasping as each inch filled her hole.

'Oh, I really picked a winner this time!" she said to them. "This is one gorgeous cock!"

She started to lift herself up so that just the tip of the crown was inside her cunt and then slowly went back down and sighed in contentment as the thickness filled her up once again. She was moaning and cooing in contentment as she rode his pole and telling one and all how good it felt. Meanwhile Freddie was slow fucking his mouth and trying to see how much of his thickness Dan could swallow. His cock was long and thick and when he saw Dan gag, he pulled back a bit and fed him only enough so that he wouldn't choke.

He would pull his cock out so that Dan was nursing on the head and then slowly feed it back in until Dan had most of the thick shaft down his throat and was swallowing around it which milked his organ and felt wonderful.

"Keep it up baby! You're doing a marvelous job on my cock and soon I'll be rewarding you with a delicious drink!" he told him as he held his head in his hands.

Then the blonde cried out and bore down on Dan's penis as she went into orgasm. Dan felt her cunt contract around his organ in a series of spasms and that, along with the thick penis moving in and out of his mouth, was bringing him closer and closer to climax also. Then Freddie cried out and fed his cock deep in Dan's mouth as he began spurting cum in spasm after spasm. Dan found it slightly salty but not bad and had to swallow quickly as his spurts came one after the other.

"Drink deeply baby, there's a lot of delicious juice for you." he cried as he came.

He left his cock in Dan's mouth long after his last spasm had passed until the blonde told him to get off as she lifted her cunt off Dan's throbbing organ.

"Now that our friend has been orally deflowered, it's time for him to lose his virginity elsewhere!" she told them and motioned for the guys to hold his arms as the gals unfastened his wrists and they turned him over on his hands and knees and refastened him to the bedposts. They worked like a smoothly oiled machine as they slipped some large pillows under his stomach to keep his ass high in the air and tightened his arms and legs so that he was again totally at their mercy only this time face down.

"Please be careful! I've never been fucked before and I don't want to be torn apart!" Dan begged them.

"Don't worry, sweetheart" the blonde said, "We want your first experience to be a good one so the last thing we want to do is hurt you. Who's going to be first to fuck this virgin?" she called out. George stepped forward and she told him to lube Dan's ass well and to be gentle as she wanted him to love having a cock in his ass before the evening was over.

George spread some KY in Dan's anal opening and fit the head of his thick organ to the puckered opening and pushed it inside. He heard a quick intake of breath from Dan as the crown popped inside and he grasped Dan by the hips and started moving slowly in and out making sure his hole was smooth before continuing to go deeper. The redhead squirmed underneath him and pushed the pillows aside enough for her to suck on the head of his cock as she announced that she was going to help prepare him for a good time.

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