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Dual Shudder


Dual Shudder

Professor Zarina Debrojev shook her head as she watched Mary-Jane leave her office. It was two days after Halloween and the party that most attendants couldn't remember a thing of. They all swore that it had been the best party ever though. The ripples from it were still reverberating through the campus.

The professor had gotten several complaints about inattentive students. Some of the girls at the sorority looked a little disoriented. Or no, that wasn't really the right word. Spaced-out didn't fit either. She knew the right word, she just wasn't comfortable thinking it. Thinking of the girls under her care as aroused...

In any case, it was obvious to the Board that she had failed in keeping her end of the deal. Professor Debrojev got a rent-free place to live right here on campus and in exchange she just had to maintain a modicum of discipline at Phi Beta Pi as well as act as a councilor for the girls if they needed it. The arrangements suited her fine. She taught psychology after all and work kept her from finding Mister Right at the moment anyway.

She was less enamored with the Board's displeasure. She hadn't been at Phi Beta Pi on Halloween because she had been attending a party for the faculty. Not to mention that there wasn't any evidence something illegal had taken place, just mass memory loss.

Mary-Jane's complaint was a new one. The bottle-blond girl had told her she had been kept awake for quite a while by the noises in the dorm room next to hers. Noises made by Sarah as she was... copulating with another girl. Debrojev mentally shuddered in revulsion.

It wasn't that she thought any less of a woman that chose to participate in such activities. It was just that her own preferences lied firmly elsewhere. Even in her own college years, which wasn't that long ago as she was only 37, she never felt the need to experiment sexually.

'Speak of the devil,' Professor Debrojev mused as another girl walked in and closed the door behind her. "Hello Miss Bronski," she greeted Sarah. While she did use their first names in the privacy of her mind, she thought it best to reserve some distance to her charges by addressing them with their last name. "I must say this is convenient. I wanted to speak to you about something that had just been brought to my attention."

"And I wanted to talk to you about something too, mind if I go first?" She added that part as she took her seat. Her posture was inviting too and Professor Debrojev couldn't help but take a moment to compare the Sarah before her with the one from before Halloween.

In appearance the divergence was subtle. The girl still had that pale complexion and hair as black as Debrojev's. But where her hair ran the length of her back, Sarah's was in a pageboy cut. Her clothes had undergone a slight change and were showing off more skin. Her feet and calves now seemed to be perpetually encased in knee-length leather boots.

In attitude the difference was marked. Sarah had never been a mouse, but now she was simply exuding confidence. She sat on that chair as if it were a throne and she made Professor Debrojev feel a little overdressed in her pantsuit. Before she knew it the professor was nodding her assent.

"Great," Sarah beamed. "I wanted to ask your permission to use the basement for some meetings. Not the whole basement of course, but it isn't in use right now and after a little cleanup there should be more than enough room."

That was true, the basement had been subdivided into a number of rooms twenty years ago. The professor couldn't recall the motivation behind it but all they had been used for since was storage. "What kind of meetings?"

"Oh well, you know how I am into that occult stuff. Most of it is just hocus pocus but not all of it. I have learned meditation as well as exercises to calm the mind, improve memory and a few other things. During the party I got to talk about it and some of the girls are interested. I thought about holding the meetings in my room but its too small and we do need some peace and quiet for it."

Debrojev frowned a little now. "I see. Just how much interest is there?"

Apparently sensing she hadn't convinced the professor yet, Sarah turned up the enthusiasm and leaned forward. "I got Erika, Romy and the Sun twins committed to helping me clean up." To her embarrassment, Professor Debrojev found her eyes glued to that valley framed by two pale mounds. "Once I got a place to hold the meetings, attendance should go up." It wasn't those breasts that had caught her eyes. She could have sworn she had seen something glow blue there.

Her ears managed to catch most of what Sarah was saying but her mind latched onto one of the names. "The Sun twins?" Those two had acted differently too. Before Halloween the twins each strove to have their own identity, to be their own person. But when she had seen them yesterday they had dressed exactly alike and they had been a little clingy.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, Mai and Angela were really interested. And even if everybody loses interest, the cleared space could be used for other activities."

"Ah," something squirmed inside Debrojev as Sarah said that last word. "Well, if you only want permission I'll allow it. But I like to sit in on one of those meetings."

"You are welcome anytime, professor." Sarah got up and moved to the door. "Cum when you feel like it."

The professor blinked, not believing her ears. Or the way that word caressed her, oozing down her spine like heated honey. "I beg your pardon?"

Sarah had already opened the door but turned around at hearing the professor's tone. She had a puzzled look on her face. "I just meant that you don't need an appointment to sit in. You can come when it's convenient."

"Oh, I just thought..." Debrojev shook her head. "Never mind and I will keep that in mind." With that, Sarah walked out. The click of the door closing loosened a weight she hadn't even known was there until then. 'I don't know why I felt that way, it's only Sarah and the conversation...' She felt like palming her face, she had completely forgotten Mary-Jane's complaint.

'I should go out there and catch up with Sarah,' she thought. 'But she's going to be busy, it is a mess down there. And Sarah is right that it would be beneficial to have some more space.' In the end, the professor went back to drawing up her lesson plan for tomorrow.


'Sarah moves fast,' Debrojev mused. Last night, as she was on her way to her residence, she had encountered the girls Sarah had managed to rope in to help. They were streaked with dust and obviously tired but every one of them was smiling. And now she was looking at a blue leaflet that started with MIND & BODY EXPLORATION in bold letters.

The title was a little odd, but beneath it was basically the same pitch that had won over the professor. She had seen it lying around on a coffee table in the main hall and picked it up so she could read it in her office. 'Paper feels a little odd, grainy,' she noted.

A wiff of something caught her nose. Bringing the paper closer she breathed in, catching more of the scent. 'Perfuming the leaflets?' Oh, she knew all about how certain scents were supposed to get people in the mood to buy and such. But that was the thing, she couldn't even place what exactly she was smelling.

Reclining in her chair she tried to determine what her nose was telling her. At first it smelled like vanilla but it left a spicy feeling once it was in her lungs. Holding the paper close she took another lungful. Muscles in her stomach tightened as her mind began to...

A knock on the door interrupted her. "Come in," she called as she sat upright. Her breathing had picked up and adrenaline was coursing through her system. Seeing Sarah's penetrating blue eyes measure her, Zarina felt caught. She just didn't know doing what.

"Can I help you, Miss Bronski?" Like yesterday, Sarah was wearing a dress that clung to her curves. Today, however, there were two additional hard points beckoning for attention. 'She's not wearing a bra,' Debrojev concluded.

Sarah took a seat on the far corner of the desk, giving the professor a good view of her profile. "Just wanted to let you know that the first meeting is going to be held today, at eight o'clock."

"Thank you, but I am going to be busy today. I'll see if I have time next week." To her own growing mortification, Zarina still hadn't lifted her eyes up.

"Oh, you don't have to wait that long. I am going to be holding them daily, the response was that good. A lot of the girls have said they will be cumming."

That made her eyes shoot up but she decided she must have been hearing wrong, again. That last word had been spoken in such a different voice. "That's great, but there was something I wanted to talk to you about yesterday. Mary-Jane came by complaining about the noise you and someone else were making. I am not going to tell you what you can and cannot do, but you do need to be considerate about others."

Sarah didn't even blush, she just angled her head in thought. "Strange, I spoke to her this morning but she didn't say anything about it then. But she's coming to the meeting so I can pleasure her there."

"Ehm," Sarah did not just say what she thought she had said. She knew that because she had seen Sarah's lips move and they hadn't matched the word Zarina had heard. What was even stranger was how the word had seemed to resound through her, warming her. "I didn't catch that last part right. You said something about, ah, seeing Mary-Jane at the meeting?"

Sarah nodded, "Yeah, I'll apologize to her there. Well, if that's all I need to go now. Bye, professor."

Once again, Sarah took the weight of her presence with her leaving Professor Debrojev feeling less. Of what, she still could not say. She did become aware of an uncomfortable feeling in her pants. A glance at the door to make sure it was closed and she surreptitiously unzipped to slip a hand into her pants.

'I really shouldn't do this, not here.' Further admonishments were stopped by the dampness her hand encountered. 'Oh my, how did that happen?' Instead of retrieving her hand, it went exploring. 'I should stop.' Zarina closed her eyes as a finger slid between her folds.

'Someone can cum at any time.' The errant thought sparked something in her. Her body shuddered as she almost came. Resigned to the fact that she wasn't going to stop this, she set about finishing herself off as quickly as possible. Circling her palm against her clitoris she started imagining her most favorite fantasy.

It wasn't much actually. Just a faceless guy with a nicely defined body kissing her as he lovingly pumped into her. She was under him, resting on her comfortable bed in a dimly lit room. And he just kept his pace, minute after minute. Zarina rolled her hips in an effort to get some more stimulation, trying to stoke the fires of her arousal higher.

But they kept burning at the same intensity, kept her mind simmering in pleasure. That last thought made her think of Sarah and the weird hallucination she'd had. For a moment her dream-lover was replaced with the image of a sweaty Sarah grinding her pussy against Zarina's. A moan escaped her as her arousal flared up.

'Nooo,' she mentally shouted. Wrenching her thoughts away from the girl by force she felt her orgasm slip away at the same time. Zarina wanted to give up now, but her fingers didn't let up. Desperation began to creep into the professor's thoughts. With a shudder she let her thoughts linger on Sarah again.

This time Sarah was sitting on the bed resting her arms behind her. Everything beyond the bed was dark while Sarah was perfectly illuminated. Her legs were spread as to better display her bald pussy. Zarina was prostrate before her and was just about to take her first lick. When her tongue touched that overheated flesh, the world stopped.

She arched her back as the image was burned into her brain. Exhausted she plopped back into her chair, only noticing she was cleaning her fingers with her tongue when she could find nothing more to taste.


"Oh, God yes! Lick me Erika, just a little higher! Almost there, almost there!" Despite the pillow Mary-Jane could still here it, the sounds of two women having sex. It simply wasn't enough to muffle all of the sounds but it did prevent her from hearing the door opening and closing again. And it hid the sound of someone approaching the bed on the soft carpet.

"You've been telling tales, Mary-Jane." The sound of Sarah's voice did break through and Mary-Jane threw her pillow to the side. Erika only reaction was to slow down her licking and Mary-Jane was grateful for that. It was already so hard to keep her eyes open. Sarah clarified, "your complaint to Professor Debrojev."

Mary-Jane bit her lip in thought. "I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't know. You hadn't, unnnhh, explained things to me then." She gripped the sheets in an effort to stave of her climax. Thankfully, it was easier when Mistress didn't use her voice. The voice that had whispered hot truths into her ear last night.

"I know and it was actually a good thing. Now, every time our dear professor thinks of me she can't help but think of that. Tell me, how explicit were you?" Sarah leered.

"I was embarrassed then, so I gave her the bare facts." Luckily she knew better now. Knew she should revel in it. Mary-Jane cooed as Erika diverted her attention to her rosebud for a moment.

Mary-Jane's eyes widened when Mistress hummed with her truth-voice, she felt her erogenous zones vibrate in sympathy, and took off her dress. This revealed the small blue markings on her alabaster skin. A band of them crawled its way around the underside of each breast meeting in the middle. From there they trickled down only to part again at the navel. After that the tiny tattoos came together again for a brief stretch before enveloping her bald pussy. Mary-Jane only had one of them so far and she shuddered to imagine how so many would feel.

Crawling behind the still busy Erika, Sarah spoke with both her voices. "I think the professor would benefit from a detailed explanation as to why you found it so embarrassing. Pour those images into her mind until it is filled," she punctuated the word by entering Erika. If Sarah said anything else, Mary-Jane wouldn't know. Because at the same time her own mark activated, letting her feel in exquisite detail what Erika was experiencing. Her eyes rolled up as a second mark imprinted itself on her tailbone.


Images of Erika's and Sarah's entwined bodies tumbled through Zarina's mind as she hastened to her office. Interspersed were snippets of Mary-Jane's breathy voice describing her own growing arousal at hearing their sex-marathon.

'I should have stopped her,' she told herself for the umpteenth time. Instead she had just stood there, her own nipples digging into her bra as her mind conjured the appropriate images to accompany Mary-Jane's far too detailed explanation. 'Just to tell me she had complained out of embarrassment rather than genuine irritation. At least Sarah worked it out with her, that's something.'

She had managed to get through Mary-Jane's description of her first masturbation session but when the girl had the gall to begin about her second, Zarina had cut her off. She snorted, 'fled is a better word.' She passed Susanne going the other way. The leggy brunette was wearing a shirt that strained to contain her modest chest and short shorts. 'And is it my imagination or are more and more people here looking sexy, I mean wearing sexy things.' It was November and cold outside but you wouldn't guess from what people were wearing in the sorority.

The professor had almost reached her office when she caught something out of the corner of her eye down the hall on her right. The idle curiosity of what was there turned into shock as her mind absorbed the sight.

It was Romy, wearing a backless top and a mini-skirt, standing very close to Julia who was leaning against the wall next to the door of her room. Julia was at least dressed for the season with her jeans and sweater. She was holding one of Sarah's leaflets so close it obscured her face.

Professor Debrojev did get a good look at what Romy was doing. Her face was almost buried in Julia's hair as she seemed to be whispering something to the brunette. Her hand was rubbing Julia's tummy while her lower leg did something similar between Julia's legs. And then that hand strayed up, gently squeezing a breast through the layers of fabric.

The soft yelp from Julia carried far enough for Zarina to hear it but instead of fighting the grabby girl off Julia pressed into the hand. Her now limp arm still clutched the blue leaflet. Her half-lidded eyes took no notice of their audience and Romy's face was now buried in Julia's neck. The professor watched stunned as Romy herded the other girl into her dorm.

Wasting no time Zarina bolted for her office, slamming the door closed behind her by leaning against it. Still picturing Julia's face she shoved her hand into her pants not bothering to open them first. She wormed the hand into her now weeping pussy and began to drive two fingers in and out.

The position didn't offer her digits much room but she was so primed that the first touch was enough to bring Zarina to her knees. Rocking her hips she envisioned what those two were doing now. Her body shook as the short and sharp climax overtook her.

This time, Zarina did notice she was cleaning her fingers but the taste was too alluring for her to stop. In fact, it wasn't until she was sitting in her chair, still sucking her index finger, that the sexual haze began to dissolve.

'What the hell am I doing?' she wondered. 'I need to get a grip on this before I suck cum,' her pussy twitched approvingly but her embarrassment settled it down. 'Before I succumb to this sexual hysteria that is going on around me,' she corrected. Professor Debrojev nodded to herself, hysteria was the right word for it.

'But you are better than that, smarter than that,' she berated herself. 'You are an adult in full control of her faculties, time to act like it.' And she could start with figuring out what the cause was and do something about it.

The Halloween party was a good candidate, something had happened during it after all. Only problem was that the current problem should be more widespread than just Phi Beta Pi, something she had heard nothing about.

She responded to the knock on the door with an automatic, "Cum in!" This time she didn't even notice her pussy flutter. She did note the warm glow that began to trickle from her sex. Seeing a smiling Sarah enter did nothing to dampen it. "Sarah! I mean Miss Bronski, what can I do for you?"

"Hello, Zarina." She took a seat on the corner of the desk, on the professor's side of it too. A shudder shot through her at the way the girl had said her name. She knew she should correct Sarah, tell her to keep things formal. But Zarina, another pussyflutter made her breathing hitch, was her name. The professor couldn't help check if the girl was going bra-less again and was dismayed to find how pleased she was that Sarah was.

"And I came by to invite you to tonight's meeting, I trust you'll comply." Zarina felt that last word ooze into her, relaxing muscles she hadn't even known were tense. "I am certain you will lick us," the pale girl purred.

"Hmmm," Professor Zarina replied. She was sure that wasn't exactly what Sarah had said but she didn't have the energy to ask for clarification. 'And she makes licking all those lovely ladies sounds sooo good.' So she just sighed and complied. Even her squirming had become languid. Slowly her eyes traveled over Sarah's form until they met her eyes.

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