tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDuchess of Lamore Ch. 01

Duchess of Lamore Ch. 01


Part I -- He has business on the other side of the world

Rolls Royce London

It was a typical day in London. It drizzled that morning clearing the air if only for a little while. Drake Hampstead appeared at the office directly before 9:00 AM. He was never late. He took his job at the Rolls Royce office very seriously.

There was a definite pecking order within the office. Drake was at the upper end of the lower rung who was very interested in making that last hurdle into the upper rung. For it was the upper rung that dealt with the most famous clients and therefore made the most money.

Being engaged Drake thought about money more these days. He would soon marry his little Kit Kat and that would require a more generous salary. He was thought to be one of the most knowledgeable of the lower rung salesman and he knew that management was keeping an eye on him. It was something he worked very hard at.

Mr. Chesterton sent word that he wanted to see Drake in his office. It was a rare event to be summoned to Mr. Chesterton's office. Drake quickly responded straightening his tie, checking his coat and hurriedly walking down the hallway to the corner office which Mr. Chesterton had occupied for the last decade.

Drake entered his office and stood before his desk and remained silent. Mr. Chesterton was engrossed by what he was reading and Drake did not want to disturb him. Soon enough Mr. Chesterton looked up from his paper work.

"Hampstead. Come with me. I have something I would like to show you."

Drake followed Mr. Chesterton down the stairs to the floor room. Sitting under the dazzling lights was a two door drop head coupe and a four door Wraith. Each automobile was worth well over what Drake would make in salary over the next ten years.

He followed Mr. Chesterton out to the garage. The public was not allowed in the garage. It was here that the precious coaches were prepared for their new owners.

"Tell me, what do you see?" Mr. Chesterton asked. Drake feasted his eyes upon one of the most lovely automobiles he had ever seen.

"It is a Phantom IV Hooper 7 passenger limousine with folding top with mounts to each front fender. It features two R-100 headlamps along with two fog lamps that appear to turn with the front wheels. I see that we have bird's eye maple to the rear cabin with cocktail bar, vanity mirror, makeup kit with brush and comb just above the picnic tables. We have a sterling silver crank for the division window between the seats along with a sterling silver phone to the driver. There appears to be private locks to the rear cabin doors."

Drake studied the gold embossed symbol painted in the center of the rear cabin doors. He knew perfectly well that the Phantom IV was reserved for royalty. He studied the coat of arms which consisted of two crescent moons with an obelisk standing proudly between the two. He made a point of knowing most coats of arms, but did not recognize this one. The obelisk made him think Egyptian, but he knew everything Egyptian backwards and forwards. He had never seen this one.

"This is a most interesting coat of arms. I don't believe I have come across in before." He straightened up appraising the automobile in its entirety. "A most impressive example to be sure."

"Very good Hampstead. You just might be the man for this job," Mr. Chesterton said. "The coat of arms belongs to the Duchess of Lamoure. You should be forgiven for not knowing it. She remains one of our most reclusive clients. This automobile is two years in the making. I don't have to explain to you the importance of its existence."

"Indeed not, sir."

"I need someone to present this beautiful automobile to the Duchess. She lives half way around the world in the Peacock Palace. I am considering you for the job."

"Why thank you sir. I would be most honored to carry out your every instruction."

"Right then. You leave in two days. Get your affairs in order. You will be gone for some time."

Drake left the office with his head spinning. This was exactly what he needed to breach the next rung at the office. Presenting an automobile to royalty...well it just didn't get much better than that.

He stopped by the library on his way home. He wanted to learn as much as he possibly could about the Duchess. He found scant little. She had many financial interests throughout the world which was to be expected. Mot much was known about her personal life as she was very reclusive. He was ashamed to admit he had never heard of her before today.

He did find one report, although unconfirmed, that she maintained a harem at the Peacock Palace. Drake found that most intriguing. He never heard of a female maintaining a harem, much less a member of royalty. He found that most interesting indeed.

He left the library and headed to his fiancée's apartment. He knew she would be most distressed about his leaving. He was not looking forward to that part.

Kit Kat

"Hello my little Kit Kat," he said giving her a peck on the cheek after she opened the door.

"Why Drake, I wasn't expecting you. Please do come in," she said opening the door wider.

"You look ravishing my dear," he complimented her.

They shared a glass of sherry in the parlor. "Well I don't like beating around the bush my dear. The truth of the matter is an assignment has come up and I have the distinct privilege of carrying it out."

"Oh my. That sounds interesting."

"I wonder how interesting you will think it is once you understand that I will be away for some time." He took a sip of his sherry allowing her time to digest the news.

"I not at all sure how I feel about this," she said worriedly.

"I know my dear. But this is quite important to my career. I know you will approve of that."

"Yes of course. Your career is very important to me, to us. Why with the wedding and all..."

Drake set his sherry down on the table and took her in his arms. "I miss you already my dear. I don't know how I will survive without your delicate touch for so long."

That was their code word. They had never made love. They would be married first. His reference to her delicate touch referred to her occasional liberty of taking his penis within her hand. It never took much to produce the desired effect for which she had a hanky nearby.

"Why Drake..." she said feeling flushed. She never shared her feelings about their little indiscretions, but she enjoyed them more than she should. She was quite fond of the face he made just before release which was always so plentiful. Her eyes darted to his crotch where she could clearly see a prominent lump.

"Well..." she smiled. She turned to the end table and opened the drawer where she retrieved a hanky trimmed in lace. She laid it across his thigh. "Since you will be gone for some time..."

Drake smiled upon seeing the hanky. He reached for his zipper and carefully lowered it. He reached inside his fly and exposed his throbbing flesh.

She loved the way it seemed to dance on its own accord. Her procedure was always the same. She wrapped her fingers around it and closed her thumb around them. She never looked Drake in the eye. That would simply be too much. No, she preferred to watch his penis as it became more and more excited, watched how it started to ooze. She loved listening as his breath became clipped, strained. Once he straightened his back she knew that he would soon make a mess. She would grab the hanky and place it over the end. She would continue to pump until he exhaled filling the hanky with his ejaculate. She would mop up the excess and put the hanky in the bathroom to be cleaned later. Drake would take this time to put his penis back into his pants and zip up before she returned.

That was their routine. It was always the same, no variation. Drake felt fortunate to have such an arrangement.

The trip begins Two days later he was on a train headed for Malaysia and the Peacock Palace. The phantom traveled safely tucked away in its own boxcar.

The trip was long and arduous. The seats on the train left much to be desired. His fellow occupants fell into the same category the further from London he went. He spent much of his time staring out the window of the train. It was a poor country. There were women washing their clothes in the streams. The roads were not much more than paths. And when they were populated, it was either mule and cart or the odd sole walking.

The train finally arrived at his destination. It was a small village containing the train depot and a few small stores. The inhabitants appeared to be well worn and somewhat ragged. It was if he had left civilization altogether.

He supervised the unloading of the Phantom making sure the utmost care was taken. Such a spectacular automobile looked so out of place in its current environment. It was a crime for such beauty to be regulated to such a place where no one could possibly appreciate it.

He stepped into the small store next to the train depot. The language barrier was sufficient to reduce any conversation past the barest of attempts. The shop keeper showed him a room above the store. There was no bed. At best it would provide a place to store his belongings until he was ready to leave.

That night he decided the best place to sleep would be the back of the automobile. It would be far more comfortable than the wooded floor of his room. And besides, he thought it best to stay with the automobile given his surroundings. Any damage to the automobile would simply be devastating and impossible to repair.

He woke the next morning to the splendor of the rear cabin. With the exception of a small kink in his back his sleep was restful. He walked into the little store to find the facilities for bathing or shaving. He was shown to a water pump outside and a bowl. He filled the bowl with water and used the vanity mirror in the back of the Phantom to shave. He then slipped into a fresh shirt from his bag, straightened his tie and walked into the shop for directions to the Peacock Palace.

Again the language barrier interfered although the shop keeper was wise enough to know that a car of such magnitude could belong to only one person. He stepped from his shop and pointed west.

Drake slipped behind the wheel of the massive limousine and headed west. The roads left much to be desired, but the Phantom provide the smoothest ride anyone could have expected.

The country side struck Drake as rather baron. He began to wonder if he was headed in the right direction when he saw a log standing by the side of the road. It featured the two crescent moons with the obelisk in between. He smiled thinking the obelisk was pointing the way. After several more bends in the road he saw what had to be the Peacock Palace. It was the only structure for miles.

The Peacock Palace

It stood alone on a hillside. It was massive and eerie. Drake couldn't help but wonder why on earth the Duchess chose to live here. But then again what better place for a recluse?

He pulled the car to the huge gates and was met by a man wearing Punjab pants and a vest. He appeared to be of African descent and was rather large. Drake got out of the car and walked over to him.

"Hello. Drake Hampstead, Rolls Royce London. I'm here to deliver this beautiful automobile to the Duchess."

The man looked at him silently. He did not speak English. He did notice the coat of arms on the rear cabin door and opened the gates. Drake gave him a smile and pulled the car down the road.

The Palace was surrounded by large fields in all directions. Drake surmised that at some point in the past those fields produced food for the Palace. It appeared the Palace was several hundred years old and had a mysterious feel to it. Maybe it was due to the isolation and the quiet.

He parked the car in front of the Palace and headed for the front doors. He was met by another dark man wearing the same Punjab pants and vest as the man at the gate. Drake quickly surmised this was the uniform of the Palace.

The man walked towards him and something caught Drake's eye. There was an odd movement inside the man's pants in the area of his penis. Drake turned away from him glancing at the car and then turned back in his direction. This turn camouflaged his true intent of investigating the man's crotch.

The fly of the Punjab pants consisted of little more than two flaps of material overlapping each other. He thought he caught a glimpse of something metallic through the man's fly. It appeared the man was wearing something ornamental on his penis or possibly his balls underneath his pants.

Drake wondered if he spoke English, but guessed that he did not. He tried just the same. "Hello. Drake Hampstead, Rolls Royce London. I'm here to deliver this beautiful automobile to the Duchess."

The man escorted him into the Palace. As they walked Drake could definitely tell it was some sort of jewelry he was wearing on his penis. The stiff metal caused his penis to bulge against his pants awkwardly as he walked. Drake found himself wondering if maybe this was some African custom as he did not recall any Asian culture having such a ritual.

He was shown to a room just inside the great doors where the man pointed to a bench. Drake gave him a smile and took his seat.

Word made its way to the Duchess. She was informed that a foreigner was in the visitor room. He had arrived in a big car. The Duchess made her way to a peep hole that spied inside the visitor room.

The man appeared to be in his early thirties, dressed very nicely in a linen suit and tie. He was an Anglo and sat with good posture. Of course she knew why he was there. She was the only one in this part of the country who even had an automobile.

She turned from the peep hole and told the servant to let him wait.

Several hours went by and Drake wondered silently if the Duchess was informed of his arrival. He wondered what the Duchess would look like. He pictured an older woman who was quite used to the finer things in life. He couldn't imagine why she would want such an automobile for this location.

Late that afternoon another male servant entered the visitor room. He was carrying a tray with a cup of what Drake hoped was tea. This man too was wearing some jewelry on his penis. From a seated position, Drake had a much better glimpse. It looked rather ornate and seemed to fit his shaft.

The man served him tea and Drake thanked him although he was sure the man did not speak English. You didn't have to speak English to know when someone was thankful for what you had done.

He watched the man leave the room. Drake was fascinated by this jewelry around his genitals. He wondered if it was uncomfortable to wear. He couldn't imagine wearing something metal around his privates. How barbaric!

The Duchess looked through the peep hole once again late that afternoon. The man was still immaculately dressed with his tie pulled solidly around his neck. She would have thought he would have loosened by now. She signaled her servant to have the man dismissed.

The servant returned and pointed towards the door. Drake understood he was being asked to leave. Well it was not his place to question royalty. He walked outside and got in the car. He would return tomorrow. Maybe they would have had enough time to prepare for his visit by then.

He drove back to the village. The people in the village were all Asian, which is what he would have expected. He noted that Asians generally were of smaller frame and size than Anglos and certainly much smaller than the African men at the Palace.

He made his way into the shop and arranged for some food. It wasn't much, but certainly enough to get him by. He then retired to the rear cabin of the Phantom and quickly fell asleep.

The next day he drove back to the Palace. Once again he was shown to the visitor's room where he made himself comfortable. The Duchess was curious as to how he dressed for his second visit. He was wearing the same linen suit he wore the day before. She smiled to herself. She signaled to the servant to let him wait.

Drake spent all day in that room. At various times he stood and paced the room. That afternoon the male servant appeared with a cup of tea. The man was wearing his jewelry as he had the day before. Drake assumed he wore it every day. He was able to secure a decent peek when the man bent over to serve his tea. Drake could see that the jewelry did indeed wrap around the man's testicles squeezing them out the bottom. He couldn't help but notice the size of the man's penis. There was an ornate silver tube that covered the bottom of his shaft, but there were still several inches of soft dark flesh on the other side.

Drake averted his eyes before being discovered. He thanked the man again for his tea and watched as he left the room. He certainly didn't seem to be in pain. He sipped his tea slowly hoping to make it last as long as possible. He began to wonder how many days he would have to wait before the Duchess would see him.

He found himself thinking about that jewelry. It seemed to him that silver tube would prevent any sort of arousal. He couldn't imagine having an erection with that thing on. That would have to hurt very much.

He returned the third day and took his seat in the visitor's room. He knew what to expect now and the waiting was not nearly as difficult. He was surprised when a female servant entered with is tea. She was of Asian decent, very petite with long black hair and almond eyes.

She was wearing the same Punjab pants and vest as the men. The vest of course left her breasts exposed. And hanging between them was a silver pendant featuring the coat of arms. Drake was drawn to her nipples which were adorned with gem studded jewelry. He felt his face flush. She had lovely breasts and didn't seem the least inhibited about their exposure.

She gave him a smile and poured his tea and left the room. The Duchess smiled as she watched her visitor's face turn red. She glanced at his crotch looking for a bulge. She couldn't see for the coat he wore. She imagined he was quite stiff.

She gave instructions to the servant and left.

Drake was surprised when another woman walked into the visitor's room. She was wearing a flowing red tunic that stretched to the floor. Although it was quite lovely, it managed to leave a good deal of her breasts exposed. She too was wearing a silver pendant featuring the coat of arms. Clearly she was someone of import.

First Night in Palace Drake got to his feet and introduced himself. "Hello. Drake Hampstead, Rolls Royce London."

He was quite surprised when the lady spoke English. "Heywo. Weecome to the Pee cuck Palace. I see do rume. Fall low pease."

Drake nodded and followed her behind her. They walked down a long hallway with open courtyards on each side flanked by large black servants. Sitting in the courtyards were many women. Not a single one was fully dressed. Drake couldn't help but look at them as they were all quite beautiful.

As the ladies noticed the new stranger they would cover their mouth and giggle. Surely they had seen an Anglo before. Drake returned their smiles, but kept it very subtle. He did not want to give the wrong impression.

They turned down more hallways before stopping in front of a door. It was flanked by a large black man in his Punjab pants and vest. Drake wondered exactly why he was there. Was he there to protect him from others or was he there to protect others from him? He found either answer troubling as neither made any sense to him.

The lady opened the door and waved Drake inside. It was a large room with a bed in the middle. The walls were filled with beautiful tapestries. Off to one side adorned with bolts of silk was a recessed pool in the floor. He assumed it was for bathing which was something he was dearly looking forward to.

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