"Give it to her baby. Give her all that cum," Sarah encouraged her man, though he had little need of the incentive.

Still within the grip of her orgasm, Alyssa's thoughts vanished into a fog of beautiful agony for a time. It was only when Trent jerked free with a pained-sounding grunt that the world came crashing down on her again.

Sarah's slippery fingers caressed her butt as she panted for breath amidst yelps caused by aftershocks still rolling through her. She felt the first dollop of cum seep from inside her and slither down her nether lips, where it dribbled onto her leg, and Sarah's hand moved.

A high-pitched grunt escaped Alyssa as Sarah gathered up the dribbling cream on her fingers, all the way back to its source. A moment later, she brought the cum-coated digits to Alyssa's lips. Alyssa sucked the mingled juices from the younger woman's fingers with a moan, and shuddered.


"Mmm hmm."

"I want a taste too."

Sarah started slithering downward on the bed and Alyssa gasped. Instinctively, she laid a weak hand on Sarah's head and said, "Too... Too much."

Though Sarah affected a pout, she said, "Okay," and looked over at her spent boyfriend to giggle at him.

"Oh shit," he mumbled, apparently knowing what was to come.

Alyssa let her bent knee sink back down and rolled into a slightly more comfortable position as Sarah got her taste from Trent's softening cock instead. It didn't take him long to push her away from the sensitive organ, prompting her to giggle once again.

"You taste good together," she said as she sat up, climbed out of bed, and grabbed one of the towels for Alyssa to tuck between her legs.

Soon after, Alyssa was snuggled between two warm bodies once more, enjoying the afterglow of the most incredible sex of her life. She had nearly dozed off when a brief snore from Trent indicated that he had. She and Sarah shared a quiet laugh, and then a kiss.

"Thank you," Alyssa said as their lips parted.

"Mmm... You're welcome. You had all the annoyances of being pregnant with none of the fun of getting that way. You were long overdue."

"Mmm hmm," Alyssa moaned in response.

Fixing her employer with a sexy stare, Sarah said, "Speaking of... You still owe me a taste of Alyssa cream pie. And I think payment is coming due right after work tomorrow."

Alyssa sucked in a sharp breath and shivered. That was one debt she was going to be more than happy to pay.


Decided to venture into some new territory by mixing up my usual threesome tale, and tossing in a little fetish on top of it. Hope you liked the mix!

Please vote ( only once! ) and perhaps leave a comment or favorite me/the story if you're so inclined. Feedback is the fuel that keeps me writing.

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