tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 03

Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 03


Pam filled up her mug with coffee and walked out of the kitchen back into the main office, winking as she flashed a huge smile to the receptionist Erin. It was afternoon and most of the office was in a quiet stupor, willing 5 o'clock to come so they could go home. Pam however was excited beyond words. Though she also wishing the clock would speed up, it was for very different reasons.

Pam had been back at work for a few months now, after delivering her and Jim's first baby and the ensuing maternity leave. It was nice to be back, she had started to go a bit stir crazy sitting at home all day with the baby.

The relationship problems she had experienced with Jim had as she predicted melted away, with him once again showing interest in her body. She still had little glimmers of resentment at times, but for the most part had completely forgiven him, as he was proving to be a fantastic father, constantly helping out and making sure she had everything she needed.

Though as she had come to realize, there were now some things that she had tasted and now needed, that Jim could not give her. She had assumed that once their bedroom relationship was back to normal, her fling with Erin would fall away naturally. After a number of fantastic "meetings" with Erin, Pam had not seen her for the duration of her leave, and had been so incredibly busy with a newborn that she did not even think much of those passionate nights in the break room or the one time adventure with Kelly.

However sitting in a meeting during her first week back, she caught herself staring at Erin's shapely legs lustily, completely blanking on Michael's standard tangential lecture. Erin was across the room from her, and when she noticed, she smiled softly and uncrossed her legs, spreading her knees apart slightly. From the angle only Pam could see up her grey skirt, clearly making out Erin's mound covered by a thin layer of light blue cotton. The tingling that started up in Pam's own panties left no question in her mind that she still had feelings of some sort for the quirky receptionist.

Since that day they had met about once every two weeks, always contriving some excuse why they each needed to be working late. Each tryst seemed to be more fulfilling and explosively wonderful that the last as Pam began to pick up all the tricks and methods that Erin taught her. Pam found this not only an incredible stress release from the demands of motherhood, but something more, something potentially troubling.

The more time she spent with Erin, the more she realized that she had grown quite fond of the girl. Many times, afterwards, they would lie together and talk for just as long of a time as they had spent pleasuring each other, and Pam cherished this greatly. Pam of course loved Jim with all her heart and had no doubt that he was the person she wanted to spend her life with, and this raised the other problem she wrestled with daily: was she cheating on Jim?

Surly if she ever caught Jim with another woman, she would take their daughter and leave him at once, and would deserve the same should she stray with another man (something she had so little interest in it was laughable). However, something about this relationship with Erin just did not seem like cheating to her. She was completely aware she could just be delusional, that she was a horrible person and did not deserve Jim.

At times she thought she had worked up the courage to break it off with Erin, but then she would have a really bad day and Erin would smile at her and those thoughts would evaporate immediately. To her credit, Erin seemed completely happy to give Pam all the time she needed to decide what she wanted and let things grow naturally.

On a day like today however, all thought of right and wrong were far from Pam's mind, because today was one of their meeting days! Pam went back to watching the clock, thinking of what was to come in a few short hours. Erin had steadily been introducing her to all types of body shaking and mind numbing pleasure and experience. From their relatively mild start Erin had shown Pam new positions, some of which were much easier to accomplish since she was no longer pregnant.

Tribbing was one of Pam's favorites; she loved the way her pussy lips felt grinding across Erin's, their hot liquids running together as they held each other tightly. Erin had brought her little pocket vibrator in once too.

Pam was familiar with vibrators of course, but found it was another experience entirely when there was a beautiful naked woman applying the tool to her swollen clitoris, while at the same time quickly slipping her finger in and out of her slit, dragging it across her sensitive g spot each time. Pam had come so hard that time she nearly fainted. This time Erin had promised to bring in something special, so Pam could barely contain her excitement.

As five o'clock rolled around, the workers of Dunder Mifflin began to filter out one by one. Jim kissed Pam on the forehead after he had gathered his things. "Try not to stay so late this time OK? It is much easier to take care of Cece when you are there too."

"Of course, I will do my best" Pam said smiling. She secretly suspected Jim enjoyed these rare evenings to himself, last time she had come home to him and Cece asleep on the couch in front of a half eaten pizza, a football game playing on the unwatched TV.

She watched him go and then a few minutes later could not contain her smile as Stanley was the last person to shuffle out the door. They next few moments they spent in silence working at their computers, in what had become a little tradition, both to make sure no one came back in and to build the anticipation even further. Pam had tried to dress up for the occasion, without being too obvious. She wore a revealing red blouse she had bought years ago and only now fit again, with a modest length but tight black skirt. Erin looked fantastic too she had noticed, wearing a somewhat frilly floral blouse with a loose and flirty tan skirt.

Finally Erin virtually leapt off her chair and ran up to Pam flinging herself wordlessly into her embrace. She straddled Pam's legs and settled herself down on her lap. They kissed passionately for a few minutes before coming up for air. "So... should we move this party to the break room?" Pam asked in her best seductive voice.

"We could." Erin replied. "But I was thinking it might be fun to change it up a little. How about we drag a sofa into the conference room? I also snuck up a whole mess of blankets from my car."

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Pam said smiling. She was so happy she could barely contain herself as they pushed a loveseat from the reception area into the large conference room. Erin busied herself spreading out several thick blankets at the foot of the sofa and Pam turned out the lights, save a floor lamp in the corner of the room.

As soon as Erin stood back up, Pam was on her. She grabbed Erin by her perky butt and pulled her tightly into herself, all the while kissing her deeply, flicking her tongue out to meet Erin's. They continued to make out for a few minutes like this, savoring each other's bodies, not wanting to rush the magical evening ahead. Erin slipped one of her hands under Pam's blouse and was massaging her full breasts over her bra and Pam roughly kneaded Erin's behind.

"So before we get too carried away, you should check what I brought from my collection at home" Erin said between wet kisses. "It is on that bag on the couch."

Pam reluctantly tore herself away from Erin's sweet lips and walked over to the couch, peering inside. Her mouth dropped in surprise and her eyes widened. There sat a perfectly sized dildo attached to a harness. "It is called a strap-on!" Erin said, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

"So who... err, which of us will... you know, use it?" Pam asked, her mind spinning with the possibilities.

"Oh, well I guess I had not thought of that, we will just have to see where things go." Erin replied as she walked over and resumed making out with Pam.

Suddenly Pam found herself simply too turned on to continue with this foreplay and dropped to her knees. As she dropped she hooked her thumbs under the band of Erin's skirt and her panties as well and tugged them off in one fluid movement. She looked up at the petite receptionist standing there in a pool of her cloths, wearing just her tight floral shirt. The effect was intense and Pam wanted more. Much more.

"Golly gee, someone is getting right to the point!" Erin said, half giggling, half lightly moaning as Pam stood up again, cupping Erin's vulva with her hand and pressing her body into the young woman's.

"Is that ok? I'm sorry I just have been looking forward to this so much... I just..."

"Of course it is OK! Erin breathed heavily, cutting Pam off. I love that you are starting to take charge now, it is really hot."

With that encouragement Pam began gently pushing Erin back so that she bumped into the conference table in the center of the room. Erin quickly got what Pam was going for and hopped up onto the edge of the table, also placing both feet on the table top, spreading herself completely for her partner.

Pam smiled and leaned in close, first taking Erin's face in her hands and kissing her deeply, before letting one hand fall back down to Erin's pussy, which she started to rub slowly, with her hand in a gentle cupped position.

Erin mewed and bit Pam's neck gently, causing Pam to get goose bumps all over her body. Erin then started to gently tug at Pam's blouse until Pam relented, stopping her rubbing long enough for Erin to lift the blouse up over her head.

Pam reached back and unclasped her bra as well, which caused Erin to beam that great big smile that Pam loved so much. "Now we're talking! Please get back to touching me though, it was feeling amazing!" Erin said.

Pam was happy to comply. Everything was going great; Erin seemed to be working slowly to a nice orgasm, her chest heaving gently and letting out soft moans into Pam's ear, when all of a sudden she let out a shriek. It was not one of pleasure and Pam frantically looked around to see what could have caused it and then froze in horror. There, standing in the doorway with an impossibly stern look on her face was the severe accountant, Angela Martin.

Erin quickly slid off the table, trying to covering her nudity with her two hands; Pam was so stunned she didn't even think to cover her breasts, instead just staring at Angela.

"I KNEW IT!" Angela said in a furious tone. "I knew you two were up to something...dirty! Something wrong!! All these nights of "working late"?!? How could you defile our place of work like this with your... your filthy actions! Wait till I tell Michael, you will both be fired so fast! Angela stopped and seemed to reconsider her last sentence for a second. "Ok well I'll tell someone from Sabre and then you'll be done!"

"Please, Angela, can't we just forget this happened? We're sorry, really!" Pleaded Pam, finally getting her voice back.

"Nope! No Way. I am out of here, and first thing tomorrow, you two are done! After all these years of making my job so much worse than it needed to be, finally I can get you out of here. Seriously I am leaving right now!"

Angela kept claiming to be ready to storm off, but both Pam and Erin noticed she was not budging. In fact they noticed something else as well.

As much as she seemed to be fighting it, Angela's eyes kept darting to the area that Erin was attempting to cover with her hands, and to Pam's large breasts, with their jutting hard nipples. This awkward situation seemed to drag forever until Erin did something so bold Pam was blown away.

Seeming to think she was picking up on some telepathic desire being transmitted by Angela, she moved her hands, revealing her soft brown pubic hair and walked slowly towards Angela. "Are you sure you want to report us Angela? Really? Are you sure you wouldn't rather join us? It would stay between the three of us, we promise! Right Pam?"

Pam, who was not sure how she felt about Angela being included in this scenario simply nodded, dumbfounded by Erin's daring.

"Join you?!? Angela said incredulously. "I... I..." she stammered as she noticed the strap-on lying on the couch cushion. "What's the deal with... that?" She asked pointing almost distastefully at the sex toy.

"Well that's what we were going to do tonight!" Erin said cheerfully. "I was going to put it on and have sex with Pam, or maybe the other way around." Erin let out a slight giggle. Pam was not sure how Erin was staying so calm and happy, personally she felt a little sick.

Erin started talking again as Angela continued to have difficulty tearing her eyes away from Pam's breasts or between Erin's legs. "Or maybe one of us... could have sex with you?"

The question floated and Pam heard what she was expecting, a stern "No" come from Angela. But what she said next, she did not expect. "I want to be the one wearing it! I want to fuck Pam."

The facial expressions of Pam and Erin could not have been more different. Erin smiled widely and looked at Pam, winking for some reason. And Pam just continued to stare dumbly, her mouth hanging open.

"Is that OK with you Pam?" Erin asked. "I think it would be super hot myself!"

Pam thought to herself that she had come this far in her Sapphic adventures that it was silly to turn back now. Plus she had always though Angela was pretty, even though she hid it under all that long grey clothing. "Ok. Let's do this!" she said, still with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

"Good" Angela said firmly. "Pam take of the rest of your cloths. Now please." She added as Pam hesitated. Pam slipped off her skirt and panties in one movement and stood there, unsure of what to do and feeling quite vulnerable.

Angela, keeping a stern look on her face as opposed to Erin who was grinning wildly, began to unbutton her long sweater. She then let her ankle length skirt fall to the floor, leaving her standing in plain white cotton panties and a white lace bra.

Despite being a little older than Pam, it was obvious that she took very good care of her body. Pam's eyes traced over her tight stomach and cute breasts, still hidden in the delicate lace bra. Angela's hair was tied up in a tight bun, which added to the strict librarian look she carried about her.

"I'm going to enjoy this Pam, very much. Oh yes, all the grief you put me through... I'm going to teach you a lesson..." Angela said slowly as she slid off her panties. Stepping closer to the table, she picked up the strap on and stepped into its harness. Pam saw Angela's eyes focusing intensely on her pussy as she adjusted the harness and stepped closer...

Pam saw that Erin had dragged a cushy armchair into the room as well, apparently quite excited about the show that she was now in a front row seat for. She had pulled off the rest of her cloths and had one leg draped over each of the arms of the chair, prominently displaying herself to all in the room. She smiled widely at the scene unfolding in front of her, gently rolling her nipples with one hand, the other massaging her inner thighs just below her vulva.

"Pam, I want you to stand in front of the couch now." Angela ordered strictly. As Pam obliged a slight smile stole across Angela's lips. "Now I want you to lay along the arm of the couch, with a leg on each side.

Pam did as she was told, laying her front side along the plush arm of the couch, with one foot now planted on the ground, one kneeling on the cushion, her head resting on the back corner. Her pussy was perfectly poised for entry as Angela stepped up behind her.

But instead of pushing inside her, Angela grabbed Pam's arms firmly and pulled them behind her back. "Hey! Angela! What are you doing?"

"I'm teaching you a lesson, like I said." As she said this, Angela grabbed her long blouse and began to bind Pam's hands together behind her back.

Pam could see Erin sitting up with a worried look on her face wondering if maybe things were getting out of control. "Angela no!! This is not cool, let me up right now!" Pam said almost frantically. She was not worried for her safety necessarily, but just taken by surprise about the direction the night had taken, being so used to such a gentle experience with Erin.

"Ok. Fine. I'll just leave then." Angela said. "I guess I'll just phone corporate tonight, leave them a message about what has been going on in their offices."

Pam looked over at Erin, trying to decide what to do. She did not really care what most people thought, but she really did not want Jim to find out about her and Erin in this way. She was pretty sure she could convince Angela to keep the secret if she wanted to, but it would take so much work it might just be easier...

Erin smiled at Pam, a look meaning she would support in either case and Pam finally said "OK Angela, go ahead... But if I tell you to stop we're done, ok?"

"Fine. You make everything so dramatic Pam." Angela said as she finished cinching up Pam's bonds. While Pam was still slightly nervous about this whole development, something about being displayed in front of Angela like this, draped over the arm of the couch, her arms tied tightly behind her and pussy just hanging over the edge being kissed by the cool office air, waiting to be touched was intensely erotic. Angela was in complete control.

Erin had settled back on to the chair and had begun to lightly trace circles over her mound and pull her pink nipples, causing them to stand out proudly from her small breasts. She also tossed a small bottle of lube to Angela, who applied it to the dildo.

Then, with the skill that seemed suspiciously like someone who had done this before, Angela grabbed Pam's butt firmly. She pressed each thumb on either side of Pam's opening and spread her moist lips apart. Pam tensed slightly as the tip of the strap-on entered her, and then exhaled in a deep, guttural moan as Angela pushed half way into her.

Angela began to slowly pump in and out of the prostrate brunette, still tightly holding onto her bottom, her nails digging into the flesh slightly. "ahhh...ahh...ahhhhh" Pam breathed heavily, each time Angela entered her now very wet opening. She was enjoying the sensation immensely, especially because her clit was rubbing into the fabric of the couch with each thrust. "Oh Angela... this..." Pam was unable to admit how much she was enjoying this position after her initial objections.

Angela began to speed up her tempo, still only filling Pam with half of her strap-on. Angela flashed a think smile and slapped Pam's bottom with an open hand. Not too hard at first, wanting to judge the reaction. Pam let out a surprised squeal at this, followed by more moans of pleasure as her clit ground into the couch and her dripping pussy was filled by the blonde.

Angela continued to slap Pam's rosy cheeks, each time a little sharper and harder. Soon her backside was bright pink and far from objecting; Pam had a look of delirious pleasure on her face, loving every minute of Angela's dominion over her body. Every hard slap caused her body to jump and let out a high pitched moan of approval.

As the stinging pain built, she found herself only more turned on. Angela also seemed to be relishing the action, concentrating intensely on the task. Pam looked over to where Erin was sitting, and almost came right then due to the gorgeous sight.

Erin's mouth hung open as she stared intensely ahead at Pam and Angela. She had one of her long, nimble fingers buried deep inside herself, while her other hand urgently rubbed her clit in tight circles. Pam could hear Erin moaning softly and saw her body tensing in anticipation of the coming orgasm. A minute later the young woman was shuddering as a wave of pleasure rippled through her body, her head thrown back in ecstasy.

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