Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 03


Pam was jerked back to her experience however when without warning Angela thrust the full length of the toy into her vagina. "OH!! Oh my GOD, Angela!" Pam exclaimed loudly. Angela had dug her nails deeper into Pam's now very sensitive bottom and was thrusting fast and hard, seeming to be letting go of serious pent up frustration, her face tightened into not what looked like enjoyment, but intense focus and determination.

"OH! OH!" Pam let out shouts of delight every time Angela filled her to the hilt with the toy, which Pam slightly ashamedly noticed was a little bit larger than Jim's.

Just as Pam thought she might be close to cumming, Angela stopped driving the strap-on into her and pulled out. Before she could complain Angela roughly grabbed Pam's side and shoved her off the arm of the couch, dumping her onto the cushion. Pam looked up at Angela with confusion and annoyance at being robbed of her orgasm.

"Erin, come over here and help me finish her off" Angela said breathlessly, slightly winded from her minutes of aggressive thrusting.

"Yay!" Erin exclaimed happily, reaching into her bag again before coming over to the couch. "Here Pam, scoot forward a bit." Pam did as she was told and Erin settled in behind her on the couch, then Pam reclined back, nestling into Erin's warm embrace. Both girls smiled as they found Pam's bound hands cupped Erin's warm mound perfectly.

Angela knelt down in front of the two women and reinserted the strap-on into Pam, thrusting all the way in on the first go. "AHH! Oh Angela...Oh please make me cum" Pam begged. Angela did not reply, but began to steadily plunge into Pam over and over again, her trim body straining with effort. Erin massaged Pam's breasts, rolling and fondling them while also pinching her nipples, and kissing her neck.

"Oh yes... Erin! You two... are amazing! AHH!" Pam's moans of pleasure filled the room and turned to shouts as Erin suddenly pulled the little pocket vibrator that she had grabbed from her bag out of hiding and applied it to Pam's clit. "OHHH!!!" Pam nearly screamed as her eyes bulged and her jaw dropped at this new sensation.

Almost immediately her entire body began to spasm as the combination of Angela and Erin's efforts sent her over the edge into an orgasm that seemed to last forever. Her hands clamped firmly over Erin's wetness as her own body continued to contract and relax as the warmth pulsed inside of her.

Finally Pam could not take anymore. "Angela... please... I ... I can't..." Pam was so overwhelmed she could not form her words but Angela understood, stopping her efforts. She got to her feet and looked down at the two sweaty women, Pam still bound and cradled by Erin, who was gently stroking Pam's belly and blowing on her neck, cooling the sweat that had formed there.

"I think you need to clean your toy now that you are done with it Pam" Angela said in a scolding tone. Pam was not sure what she meant at first, but then Angela thrust her hips forward, presenting the glistening strap-on right in front of Pam's face. Pam looked up hesitantly at Angela.

"Go on. I'm waiting Pam... if you want to be untied you have to do this." Pam tentatively licked the tip of the toy with her tongue. She found herself strangely turned on by this act, and deciding she liked her own taste, began to lick with greater passion.

Soon she was sucking on the soft dildo, getting it as deep into her mouth as she could. This submissive behavior seemed to give Angela great pleasure, who sighed softly and placed her hands on either side of Pam's head as it bobbed up and down.

Pam noticed Erin too was finding the scene stimulating, as she gently rocked her hips back and forth, grinding her lips and clit into Pam's hands, which were still behind her back. Pam decided she would see if she could move things further with Angela. While staring intently up at Angela she said "Erin, will you untie me please? I think it is someone else's turn to have some fun."

Erin did as she was asked and Pam felt the blood rush back into her hands as she shook them out. She resumed sucking on the dildo, but with one hand gently cupped Angela's pussy, with its short blonde hair. Pam let the head of the dildo leave her lips with a slight "pop" and placed her hands on Angela's legs.

Angela looked almost nervous as Pam slowly ran her hands up her thighs to the buckles of the strap-on. She slid it off the blonde's narrow frame and guided her close by gently pulling on Angela's butt. She began to plant soft kisses all over Angela's lower stomach, inner thighs and right above her slit, which Pam noticed was wetter than any she had ever experienced.

"Angela, I think you should lie down on those blankets and let me do this for you." Pam said gently. Angela only nodded; again Pam noticed that unlike the forceful energy she had been projecting earlier, Angela seemed almost timid now. First you need to finally get out of that bra though! Angela nodded again and unhooked her bra, revealing her petite but perky breasts, tipped by small pale nipples.

The elfin blonde lay on her back among the soft bed of blankets Erin had made, her legs spread wide for Pam, who lay on her stomach, eyeing the feast in front of her in anticipation.

She began to sloooowly lap at Angela's exposed slit with her flat tongue, always stopping right below her clit. She did this 10 times or so, then took a break to nibble and suck on Angela's pretty pink lips, at the same time softly playing across her damp opening with a thumb. Then Pam repeated the process, lapping a little more forcefully and a little quicker with each set.

By the 5th or 6th set Angela was obviously in a state of bliss. She was almost silent, but her eyes were screwed shut tightly and her hands clenched handfuls of blanket. Her hips also began to forcefully rise to meet Pam's tongue with each lick and Pam took her free hand and slid it under Angela's small buttocks, trying to get a hold of the squirming accountant.

Finally Pam started to lick Angela's clit directly, which at this point was standing hard. Angela still remained relatively quiet, but began to pant heavily and loudly, drawing long breaths and exhaling quickly, and erotic effect that drove Pam to work even harder. She continued to lick rapidly, but also inserted two fingers deep into Angela, who responded by letting out a single sharp cry of approval as her body began to tense.

Remembering something Erin had done to her on a previous night, Pam stopped licking for a moment, formed a ring with her lips, took Angela's clit in it and began to suck her. "HHHNNNGHHHHH!!!" Angela made a noise as if she was struggling to suppress her guttural moans of joy and rapture with all her might, and finally shuddered intensely as her orgasm ripped through her small body.

Pam was caught off guard by the amount of hot liquid that seemed to come from nowhere as Angela climaxed. Not like those fake videos Pam has seen online one restless night, but true female ejaculate absolutely drenched Pam's face and hands, so much it ran down Angela's thighs and pooled on the blanket below.

Pam was grinning from ear to ear at the effect she had caused, as Angela panted breathlessly on the blanket, a soft sheen of sweat covering her body, causing her breasts to glow as they gently heaved up and down. Angela did not say anything, but for the first time that night smiled warmly at Pam, who smiled back.

Pam pushed herself up onto her knees and she looked around the room for Erin. She was still on the couch, but was now striking her best pin up girl pose and winking at Pam. "Hey there big boy! Why don't you strap that thing on and come show a girl a good time?"

Pam laughed out loud at how Erin could be so goofy yet stunningly sexy at the same time. "Don't mind if I do." Pam said, rising to her feet and retrieving the discarded toy. Angela seemed perfectly content curled up in the nest of blankets, drawing one over her body and settling down for the final act of the evening's show.

Erin got onto all fours on the couch, her knees on the cushion and arms propped up on one armrest. Erin presenting herself like this was so hot and Pam struggled to get the strap-on situated fast enough. While she had enjoyed being on the receiving end immensely, she was also excited to be giving it now, especially to her cute brunette lover.

She knelt behind Erin on the couch, who turned her head to look back at Pam, both girls smiling broadly. "Ok, here it goes" Pam said unsurely. She gently pressed the tip against Erin's waiting slit, which opened to accommodate Pam. At first she tenderly played at Erin's opening, just barely entering then pulling out again.

"Oooh Pam you are such a tease! Oohh.." Erin breathed softly as she groped a breast with a free hand.

Pam slowly slid deeper into Erin, causing the girl to shudder as she did so. At first Pam, having never being in this position before had a little trouble getting the rhythm down. But as she found her balance and timing, she began to thrust smoothly into Erin, slowly and gently at first.

"Ooohhh... hmmmm yes Pam, just like that... ohhh a little faster now... hmmm hmmm" Erin coached Pam along. Pam could feel Erin's wetness seeping out to meet hers, coating her inner thighs.

Pam started to build up speed and thrust a little more confidentially now. It was nothing like Angela had done, which she could only describe as a pounding, but something strong and intimate, which Erin was responding to vigorously.

Every time Pam drove her hips forward, Erin pushed hers back to meet them. As they got their timing synched perfectly, Erin began to moan and call Pam's name loudly. The sensation of filling Erin to the brim, holding tightly to her cute bottom was powerfully erotic and Pam felt a great connection to Erin at that moment.

Pam glanced quickly over at Angela. She noticed she had not removed her blanket, but the furious little circular motions she detected coming from where her hips lay and the light panting coming from her open mouth left little question as to what was going on beneath it.

Pam turned her focus back to Erin, whose arms had given out, causing her to rest her head down on the couch, with her cute butt sticking up in the air. Pam redoubled her efforts, plunging in so that every time her hips and lower stomach rammed into Erin's behind. Pam's large shapely breasts gracefully swung in time with her thrusts, as Erin's smaller set bounced along as well.

Erin's moans had taken on the pleading tone that Pam had come to know meant she was almost there. With one last deep penetration, Erin let out a long and deep groan almost a growl, which sounded of complete blissful release. Pam slowed down as Erin's pussy continued to twitch in the afterglow of her massive orgasm.

Pam started to pull out of Erin; kneeling back on the couch cushion, but Erin's body followed her, sitting on Pam's lap with a leg on either side of Pam, never letting Pam slip out of her wetness. She reached her hand behind her head to hold Pam's and Pam responded by lightly nibbling on her neck.

"Oh... Pam that was great... would you... mind touching me also, I just need one more..." Erin begged quietly.

Pam responded by reaching around with one hand and grabbing one of Erin's breasts firmly, and with the other she began to play her fingers over the young woman's clit. She gently rocked her hips up into Erin, not pumping too far in and out, due to having her on her lap, put just enough to cause Erin to gasp and begin to whimper sensually.

"Hmmm yes Pam...This is..." Erin sighed, at a loss for words.

Pam could not have been more content, holding Erin to her body, being the one to elicit the noises of pure pleasure that were growing in volume. She rubbed Erin's quicker and a little harder and Erin, already coasting from her previous orgasm, began to shudder and gasp loudly.

"Oh Erin..." Pam whispered "... I love you..." Pam could not believe the words had just fallen out of her mouth, and she could not tell if Erin had heard her, but she had no time to think more about it as Erin's orgasm vibrated though her core.

"Oh Pam, that was the best ever!" Erin said breathlessly as she slowly climbed off the slick toy and collapsed on the couch. "The best ever" she repeated. Pam smiled widely and replied "I'm glad sweetie."

Pam felt the room was a bit awkward and silent as they all got dressed, finding herself not exactly what to say, especially to Angela.

Once Angela had dressed she walked over to the girls. "Thank you for the evening." She said curtly. "I... will be keeping this to myself of course." She said good night and hurriedly walked out the door.

As she was leaving Erin called after her "You're welcome to catch us anytime Angela!" She did not reply or look back so the Erin and Pam could not see the broad smile on her face as she left.

"Holy cow, look how late it is! We should probably get going too!" Erin said.

They gathered there things and road home together, Erin driving. It began to snow thick flakes that caught in the illumination of Erin's headlights. She looked over at Pam and smiled, taking her hand and squeezing it in hers. "I heard what you said Pam. I care so much for you. I love you too."

Pam found herself smiling despite herself. There were butterflies in her stomach and she did not know if that was a good or a bad thing.

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