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We attend a recurring party, put on by a very private, very special group of people my wife and I are part of. I have been to 6 or 7 of these parties, and I was feeling pretty comfortable with myself at these events with these people. This is a good thing, because the first few parties are not that easy. Thoughts such as 'Will any of the women want to be with me?' and 'How will it be to see the woman I married fucking another man?' are often common for first timers, and even fourth and fifth timers. Being part of a non-monogamous community and lifestyle has great benefits, and at the same time, is challenging. You have to completely control feelings of jealousy, be sensitive to the needs of your partner, and somehow be comfortable enough with yourself to be at ease and be your attractive self to the people with whom you would wish to interact.

To add to this, some people are more submissive, such as my lovely wife, and (so it seems) her sexual partners come to her easily. Sure from time to time she has to say No to someone, but for the most part, they come to her. For me, most comfortable on top, even more comfortable being totally dominant, it can be a challenge, because the offers need to come from me. Not such a problem once I know a potential submissive is giving me the Green Light, but it can be a challenge to meet women like that and discern where she is at on the spectrum. That may sound whiny coming from someone who is telling you he is a Top, but it is no fun to run into a Red Light, or a woman who also wishes to dominate. Let's just say it is important to know something about the girl one chooses to approach.

For this party, like all parties, we were asked to choose roles, which are sort of like duties or chores, which make the party happen. We might be on the Food Team, or Setup, or the Cleanup Team. It varies depending upon the party and who is attending. This time, when I signed up, all of the usual roles I prefer were taken. There was one role however, which caught my attention: Dungeon Master.

I did not even know exactly what this role was, but it called to me. I signed up for it, along with a question to the party organizer as to just exactly what was expected.

The answer came back soon, and the organizer had never had that role either, and just told me that the Dungeon Master was in charge of setting up the Dungeon, outfitting it with restraints, floggers, blindfolds, and other toys, and might serve as a guide of the Dungeon. There was not too much pressure put on me to perform, and I was told that others would help me and even might have some particularly interesting toys to lend the Dungeon. I was a bit nervous about how I would attend the Dungeon during the party, but at the same time, I was excited by the prospect. Perhaps this was a way to meet the girls who wished to submit to my pleasures while I gave them what they wanted.

The setup day for the party came, and I arrived with all of my implements and toys. The wife and I had already an impressive collection including dildoes, cuffs and collar, leash, ropes, small flogger, leather crop, feather tickler, small rubber whip, Mexican wrestlers masks, blindfolds, and a strap on which a particularly hot girlfriend of ours had used to fuck my wife for the first time by another woman. Ah, memories!

Along with my things, some of our friends lent me other items to round out the "toolbox", including, a full size leather flogger, more restraints, a leather-covered paddle, more blindfolds, a few more collars and various fun toys for inflicting pain and rendering pleasure. I was delighted that so much showed up. Just seeing everything laid out on the shelf made it seem like a Dungeon and gave me additional confidence that I would live up to the role I had chosen.

Then I began to decorate the room to fit the bill. I blackened out the windows and began to hang black and red fabrics all over the wall and ceiling. I covered the double bed with a black sheet over the rubber sheets, and did the same with the single bed next to it. I installed tie points to six points on the double bed with loops for easy connections. To the two points on either side of the head of the bed, I attached our leather cuffs so that the sub could be easily and quickly restrained. I also put in a triangular wedge on the bed, which would allow someone to be draped over it, comfortable while cuffed and on their stomach, but with their ass in the air and totally vulnerable.

I stepped back and admired my work. Yes, this would do just fine. A primal heat began to rise within me, and most notably, a confidence surged. I didn't need anyone to tell me what to do in this place. Here, I was very comfortable and I knew just what I would say and do.

A while later, that evening, we all gathered to begin the party. There was the usual electricity in the air amongst us as we looked around and saw who was attending this party. Every party is different, and this one was looking to be a great one. The women looked scrumptious, the men looked hungry. There are some gay men, some lesbian women, some bisexuals in the group, but the group is primarily heterosexual and all inclusive. The vibe is very friendly and these people know each other well. There are around 60 people in attendance. I look around and see several women I have had my eye on and have been slowly getting to know. There are also a few women who already wear my collar, and we exchange looks that speak volumes about what we intend to do together. I smile, happy to be at this point and no longer the guy nobody knows. I also note that my wife has several men eyeing her. I am also happy to notice that I no longer feel any jealousy about this. Not only am I used to it, but that jealous part of me is not as strong as it once was, I am more powerful now.

When the introductions are done (there are always a few new people) and our opening ceremony nearly is complete, some announcements are made. At this time, I am asked if I have any announcement about our Dungeon, as it is not a normal fixture of our parties, and even if it were, there are always particulars that people would need to know. I had not prepared to say anything, but what came out of my mouth came naturally.

"We have a Dungeon this time, and I am glad to welcome you to use it. You will find many items which you may use, but please be considerate as they are all things lent to us by us. You will find the safer sex supplies you may need. I will also ask that, unlike our other play rooms, that this room be used with the door closed, to provide a bit more privacy and to keep the mood dark and away from the rest of the party. I will serve as your Dungeon Master. You are free to use the room as you wish, and, if you would like a guide, I am here to show you the ropes."

This got a laugh, and a few nervous titters from some of the ladies. I mentally recorded these reactions, as it could be good information for later. The party began and some people scattered, some stayed, and some got right into playing.

In fact, it was not very long at all before Thomas took my wife into a side room. She had had her eye on him and his huge cock for several parties now. This was the first time they were getting together. I noticed this as I was speaking to the woman who is partner to the man who was the party organizer. She was asking me if I would show her what I knew about spanking, flogging and generally being a Dom. She and her man wanted to elevate their relationship to the next level and he wanted her to more fully take control and this hot, older woman wanted to take it on. I was speaking with her, but at the same time, I was straining to see in the room where my wife went, and listening for her voice. Jenn noticed this and suggested we discuss this further in the room where my wife was. I liked that idea fine.

Inside, as it had been a good 10 minutes since they left, things were well underway. It was obvious that we were not going to be talking. Instead, Jenn and I sat down on the bed next to my wife and Thomas. She was on her back, legs spread and he was still, plunged deep inside her. My wife was moaning. Jenn sat on my lap as we watched. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they looked so beautiful together. They paid us no mind as his thrusts began to build and speed up. She was making a LOT of noise now, drawing other people into the room to watch the show. I liked that my wife had not seen me and did not care who was in the room. She had eyes only for Thomas and was paying complete attention to him and the monster inside of her.

As the thrusting built, the energy in the room rose too. At least 5 other people besides Jenn and I were now in the room, and everyone's breathing was getting faster, everyone was feeling flushed. His fucking found what must surely be his favorite rhythm and the smacking of his balls on her ass filled the room, punctuated by her gasps and moans and yells. Even though Jenn as Top and myself were probably not going to get it on, I felt her turn on and I enjoyed fondling her ass a bit as she squirmed on my lap.

Thomas and my wife came to a climax, though not an orgasm, as he was not nearly done with her. The pause in the action gave them a chance to notice all the people watching, and he laughed a little, expressing his surprise. A few people had left, obviously turned on and ready for other adventures, and feeling a bit of self-consciousness in the room, Jenn and I decided it was time to move on and let Thomas finish having his way. I thought to myself, Tops do this for one another: we gotta leave room for each other.

Jenn and I got back to talking and we made a plan to take my wife and her husband into the Dungeon later and I would give her a lesson in what I could teach. We parted ways.

I found Jasmine. She and I had been dating for several months, and she proudly showed me that she was wearing the collar I had given her. I smiled. She was such a good girl. She was a bit upset though, not terribly, but she told me that as luck would have it, she was on her period and was not so interested in fucking tonight. I smiled. I told her that it was totally OK and she looked reassured. I then told her that there was no reason that we couldn't still enjoy each other. She smiled.

We made out on the couch. For me this was a bit of a first, as I usually like to find a more private location, but this time, I was fine to be in the middle of the party, where anyone could watch. Perhaps it was because I knew we would not be fucking, perhaps I am just growing in my exhibitionist side. Soon things got pretty hot with Jasmine and I. She was really worked up and my cock was straining at my pants. I attached a leash to her collar and I gently, but very firmly, forced her down onto the ground. I unzipped my black vinyl pants.

She looked up into my eyes with a certain glee, perhaps only realizing that moment what I had in mind. Although I doubt this had been too far from her mind. She cooed with pleasure as I pinned her down with my knees and let the tip of my cock brush her face. It wasn't two seconds before her lips drew me in and my hardon lengthened. As I looked up, enjoying the first moment of bliss, I noticed that we had drawn a crowd ourselves. I liked that thought, but I did not pay them much attention. Instead I looked back at Jasmine's face between my thighs, smiled at her and began fucking her mouth with abandon.

I knew her and I knew that she loved this, so I did not hold back at all. She would choke a little, perhaps even gag, but having had experience with her carefully, in her bed, asking questions and checking in before, I knew that I had a total Green Light with this girl. She wanted me to fuck her face until I came.

I took my time, as I was experiencing a long drawn out climax, building to a high plateau, fucking her mouth faster and harder, her groans egging me on. I held her head and hair, pulling it just enough. I could feel her body squirming behind me and she sucked me like a champ. She only needed one break to catch her breath, and then she gave me the signal to give her all I had. I picked up her head and got a better grip on her hair on the back of her head. I squeezed her a bit more with my legs and began powerful and very fast thrusts. She gagged and snorted, moaning and whimpering. In my mind's eye, just for a second, I got an image of how it must have looked to see me, tall, large and muscular to take this petite woman in this way. The thought hastened my thrusts and explosively brought my orgasm.

She sucked all I had to give her and we both relaxed our grips, she loosened her mouth and I released her hair, head and neck. Fully sweaty, and totally satisfied, I rolled to the side, pulling her with me to nestle in my arms for a few minutes of rest. Looking up, I noticed a few women blush and smile and several men give me a look that sort of tipped their hats at me. The crowd dispersed.

My lovely wife walked up then and snuggled in on my other side as Jasmine took a little snooze. She smiled and asked me if I was having a good time, laughing and saying that she was guessing Yes. I told her that indeed I had been enjoying the party so far and told her that I had seen that she had started out well too. She smiled. I felt a rush of love for this goddess before me. We had come through a lot to get to this place, and it felt really good to be there with her. We all took a little snooze to recharge our batteries.

When I woke up a little while later, Jasmine was gone and I got up to go eat a little something, leaving my Beloved to sleep a bit more. While looking over the food table, I noticed someone standing next to me.

She introduced herself as Dawn. I greeted her with a hug and asked her if she was new. She said no, but we determined that perhaps we had just missed each other over the last year by missing parties or perhaps just by being a bit too preoccupied to notice everyone. Then she got serious and looked me right in the eye.

"I was hoping that you would take me into your Dungeon. I would like you to spank me and flog me."

"Wow." Was all I could say at first. What a wonderful thing for her to say to me. She was not a woman I would automatically be attracted to. She was a bit more rotund than I normally go for. I usually go for rather thin women. This woman was just naturally more round, and as I really looked, I found her to be in good shape. I briefly noticed for myself that if a woman's ass was larger than is my ideal, I don't look further. I took the lesson immediately and really looked at the woman in front of me. She was really very pretty. Shame on me for not seeing this before, but I didn't waste time wallowing in my shallowness.

"Yes, I would like to take you to my Dungeon."

There it was. I had accepted her request and I liked it. I liked that she was clear with me, asking for what she wanted, while at the same time giving me the Green Light which told me I could do as I wished.

"There is one more request. Can my girlfriend Cheryl come and watch?"

"I have no problem with that," I said. "When do you want to do this?"

"Give me a minute to go get Cheryl, let's meet there in 10 minutes." And with that Dawn left me standing there.

My mind raced. I should make sure the room is free. I checked and it was empty. I then went and talked to my wife, letting her know where I would be, mostly so that she would not come looking for me. She was already chatting with another guy, so I didn't feel bad at all.

I went into the bathroom and washed my hands and face. I was feeling a tiny bit of nervousness, which I pinpointed to the fact that I did not know Dawn at all. No problem, I thought, I just need to do a very complete check-in with her and find out where her boundaries are. I know how to do this. "I got this," I thought.

I walked back to the Dungeon and waited. I didn't have to wait long, as Dawn came in with Cheryl. Cheryl was also someone new to me, so I introduced myself and gave her a hug. She told me nervously that she just wanted to watch and asked if that would be OK. I told her yes. Cheryl was also a girl I might have overlooked. She was a bit larger than Dawn, but better proportioned. Her largeness had a certain tightness too it. Her skin was beautiful and her face also beautiful. What an idiot I had been to not truly see these women just because they are not Super Model skinny.

Dawn sat on the double bed. Cheryl got comfortable on the single bed across the room. I looked Dawn straight in the eyes and focused my attention on her. Dawn picked up the large leather flogger. "This is mine", she told me and I thanked her for loaning it to the Dungeon. She told me that she would like me to use it mostly, but that she was open to me experimenting with some of the other toys. I asked her how hard she liked it. She told me that she liked to be flogged pretty hard, but that she did have limits.

I told her that I was used to using Red Light, Yellow Light and Green Light, as safe words. If she ever said Red Light, I would stop immediately and ask her what needed to change. If she said Yellow Light, I would take that as a signal to tone it down a bit, but not to stop. And, of course, if she was pleased, or wanted more, she could always tell me Green Light to let me know to go for it.

She smiled and thanked me for the direct communication. I smiled and told her that I had learned that communication is sexy and with communication, anything is possible. With that, she asked me "How do you want me?"

I took her hand and led her to lay over the wedge pillow with her ass in the air. I took time cuffing her wrists and adjusting the ropes to make sure she was comfortable, but could not really move. I asked her if she was comfortable and she said yes. I asked her if I could remove her short, tight pants and panties.

I heard the most delicious 'Yes'.

I started by caressing her ass with my hand. I wanted to warm her skin and feel her body. While I did this, I reached for her flogger. Soon, along with my hand, she felt the soft leather touch her back and slowly travel down over her ass and down her legs. She breathed heavy and smiled telling me that it felt very nice. I stood up, removing my hand, but continued to tease her with the leather strands. I noticed how, even though my prejudice for small, tight asses was there, an opening was occurring within me and I was finding Dawn's ass quite sexy. Her pussy peeked up at me between her legs and I could smell her excitement build.

Smack! Surprising even myself, I let the flogger fly, flaying her ass cheeks. She jumped, and for a second, I paused, asking silently if that had been too hard. Her coo and smile told me to go ahead. I began to flog her with a pace of about once per second. I moved side to side on her ass cheeks and lower back for about 15 strokes. Then I let the flogger lay and gently slid it back and forth, letting the warmth of her skin penetrate. I lay my hand on her back and felt the heat for myself, letting it build between our skin. She was making sounds of pleasure and wiggling her ass a little as I touched her. She moaned as I used the thick leather clad handle of the flogger to push between her cheeks and explore lower a bit, but without touching her pussy, yet.

I left the handle there for a moment while I used my hand to give her little smacks on the insides of her thighs. As I did so, she responded by saying Green Light and spreading her legs a little bit. The little smacks made a nice sound and I looked up at Cheryl who smiled back at me. She asked Dawn how she was feeling and Dawn replied, "Gooood." I noticed that Cheryl was getting a bit squirmy herself.

I was feeling pretty good myself, enjoying the power I felt. I loved the permission she gave and the response to my blows. I simultaneously felt in charge, doing what I wanted, and in service to her and her pleasure. For me, this was as pleasurable as it was for her.

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