tagBDSME-Mail Sex Slave Ch. 02

E-Mail Sex Slave Ch. 02


This is the long awaited (by me at least) sequel to the first E-Mail Sex Slave. Took me a while but finally got past my writer's block. Then I had to wait until Literotica allowed me to sign in. Have no idea what the problem was but am glad it has been fixed. This is written as a mixture of first person narrative, with Nickie telling her own story, and several sections of third person narratives, marked as 'Observations', as there are some things I wanted to include that were better told from other than Nickie's point of view. It is probably a bit heavy on 'story build' and lighter on sex than I wanted, but – such is life. Anyway, hope you enjoy the story. Who knows, I might even get to the next part some time in the NEXT two years. If I can still get on when I finish it.


Perhaps you have read her earlier story. If so you know that Nickie has, for a little less than a year, been trained via e-mail to be her Master's sex slave. Since all of the training has been done through the internet, she had never met him in person, however she did follow his instructions faithfully and has become much more aware of her sexuality, as have many others. Nickie is Eurasian, born in the USA, the daughter of two foreign nationals, the father, a French citizen whose parents were Aisian , the mother from a prominent Swedish family. They had met, fallen in love, married and worked as senior foreign correspondents for a large European news agency. Shortly after their marriage they were transferred to the USA where their only child, Nickie, was born. They were killed in a freak traffic accident during Nickie's Sophomore year at school, leaving her financially independent, in trust for her until her 21st birthday. From her mother she had acquired a fiercely competitive streak that required her to do her best at everything she attempted. And her best was very, very good. She was convinced that once she set her mind to a task, there was nothing that she could not conquer. Now at 19 years of age, she is strikingly attractive, her Asian ancestry contributing to her olive complexion and almond shaped eyes, her Nordic ancestry her blond hair, blue green eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and perfect teeth below a small but authoritarian nose. Her hair is worn long and straight, reaching below mid back. She is naturally athletic and trim, but worked at staying in shape by a regular regime of jogging and workouts at a local gym. She is a tall girl, 5' 7", and consistently weighs between 125 and 130 lbs. Her measurements, 35-24-36, belie her true appearance, for she is broad shouldered with average sized breasts. The breasts are, however, perfectly shaped with just the slightest hint of sag, as to confirm the existence of gravity, small well defined areola with nipples that hardened to firm eraser like nubs when aroused. Her buttocks are, in her mind, too large and she has tried various exercises to reduce their size, but managed only to make them extremely firm and all the more attractive in the eyes of others. Men as well as women take notice when Nickie enters a room. In spite of her beauty, obvious to others, as is the case with many beautiful women she does not consider herself beautiful. Oh, she knows she is attractive enough, but thinks, no raving beauty.

Her submission to her e-mail master in no way diminished her self confidence or, in her own mind, her sense of independence. She initially considered her submission an intriguing game to be played as long as it was fun. She knew she didn't have to do as told and what harm could come from someone who didn't know her real identity and whom she would certainly never meet, or so she thought initially. It would be fun to see what he envisioned for her. So she started. As time passed and she was rewarded with pleasure at performing each of the tasks he gave her, she began to consider each new instruction a challenge to see if she could perform it to his satisfaction. Each time she completed a task, she felt such a sense of accomplishment and reward that she looked forward to either new challenges or to repeating others. In this way, Nickie became his true submissive sex slave, either through his unique ability to read her true desires from her replies to him, or to pure dumb luck at finding one so completely receptive to his manipulation.

Now to Nickie – in her own words:

I believe the greatest benefit to me in this relationship with my Master has been the realization that I can enjoy sex so much more if I know I am pleasing my partner, giving him or her pleasure thereby enhancing my own. I still perform some version of my nightly routine of self stimulation on those nights that I am not otherwise occupied and I believe that this keeps me in a heightened state of arousal most of the time. Through my contact with my Master I have come to realize that I simply love sex in all it's forms and revel in the challenge of ensuring my partner loves sex with me. As the chapter in my life that covered my years as a student, both at the university and possibly as a student of my Master's, came to a close, I knew it was time for decisions. But initially, I was just relieved that school was over and thought that I did not really have to make any big decisions right away. I could just play for a while, mark time until I was ready to move on to that next chapter in my life, whatever it might be. Well – that's not exactly the way it turned out.

I had just graduated from the university that I have attended for three years. I was looking forward to getting it over with and celebrating afterwards. I got up that morning to get ready to go to graduation ceremonies, removed the large butt plug that I now insert each night after my routine and took my shower. I took the small butt plug and slipped it into my ass. I really like the feeling of being filled back there and usually have something in my ass most of the time. I brushed my hair and applied a little minimal makeup. Then tried to decide what to wear under my graduation gown. The gown was black, made of relatively thin but not transparent material, floor length, and zipped up the front.

'You know,' I thought, 'I don't have to wear anything at all underneath.'

I mean – the gown certainly covered me and the day promised to be warm. I might have to be a little careful when sitting since the zipper only started just above my knees, but sitting I would be able to show a bit of leg and thigh. This appealed to me and my exhibitionist tendencies so I put the robe on and zipped up the front. My nipples were erect from my thoughts of going to graduation this way and were quite apparent through the thin fabric. I practiced sitting in front of my mirror. I unzipped the top of the gown a bit to show just a bit of cleavage and looked at myself. Satisfied, I put on my shoes, relatively modest heels, and put the mortar board on and pinned it to my hair. We were expected to be at the arena by 9:00 AM and it was 8:30, so I left the apartment and walked the short distance to campus.

I arrived, found my place in line, and waited for the march into the arena. I was graduating, Summa Cum Laude, with a 3.98 GPR and so was in with the group of honor graduates positioned between two guys that I knew. We had been in a couple of the same classes together this last semester. I had spent the night with both of them a few weeks earlier and we had gotten to know each other really well. They were well aware of my reputation, as were many others in the arena that day. As I arrived and took my place between them, they each gave me a hug and a kiss. Chuck is an anachronism, a very smart guy who played on the football team. As he hugged me, his hand went to my ass and squeezed it playfully. I grinned and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Just cool it, Chuck," I said. "This isn't the time or place. Maybe later. K?"

"You name the time and place and I'll be there," he replied. As I talked with him I felt another hand on my ass, turned and to find James, a big grin on his face.

"You feel fine this morning, sugar," he said. "In fact, feels like I'm feeling the real you underneath that robe. Don't tell me that's all you have on," he added in a whisper. James is another football player, big, black, and smart as a whip. And did I mention big. Six feet nine inches tall, 250 lbs., about 9 inches long and very thick.

"Of course it isn't the only thing I have on. See." I pulled up the hem of the robe and looked down to display my feet. "I also have shoes on." I smiled shyly at him from under the edge of the mortar board.

"My mistake, sugar. You certainly do have shoes on. I just hope you don't have to stand in front of any really bright lights. That robe's pretty thin." He said, grinning more broadly

"Thanks for the warning, but I think I'll be OK. At least I shouldn't get too warm," I said, smiling back at him.

Grinning even more broadly, he said, "Wouldn't count on that."

The music started for our processional and we began to shuffle forward to the entrance to the arena. Chuck behind me and James in front. As we moved forward, stopped, and moved forward repeatedly, I could feel Chucks erection press against my back. As I bumped into James in front of me, I felt his hands cup my pussy and rub it up and down a few times. He had his hands innocently clasped behind his back at just the right level. By the time we entered the arena and the march to our seats picked up, I was really warm.

As I sat down I pulled the robe up so that it fell on either sid of my legs. I crossed my legs loosely, as always, conscious of my Master's instructions to never let my thighs touch when sitting. In this way anyone sitting across from me could look up my skirt or dress, or in this case, my robe. Of course there was no one across from me now but sitting this way has become, as I am sure my Master intended, second nature to me now.

As the ceremony started, both James and Chuck reached over and each one put a hand in my lap. I uncrossed my legs and spread them a little. I covered both of their hands with mine and it looked like we were just holding hands, but beneath my hands, theirs were busy, stroking me. I adjusted my position to allow them better access and tried to keep from squirming around too much. But eventually, as we waited, I WAS squirming all around on that chair. I let out a low moan and pushed both of their hands away.

"Sorry, guys." I whispered, "But you were going to cause me to make a scene. You already have me so hot I'll be lucky to be able to walk when its time to get my diploma, not to mention the wet spot that's now on my robe."

"You think you'll have trouble walking? Try it with the boner that I have right now," James whispered back. Knowing James' size in that area, I could imagine, but just grinned at him as Chuck chuckled quietly.

Before I knew it we were standing in line waiting for our name to be called for us to climb to the stage and receive our diplomas. Chucks name was called. Then I heard "Nicole Renee Schau, Summa Cum Laude". I climbed to the stage and walked to shake the hand of the President of the university and receive my diploma. He smiled and shook my hand as he handed me the orange case containing my diploma.

"Congratulations, Nickie," he said as he held my hand. To my surprise, he continued, "I hope you realize that you are a special young lady, a pearl as it were, and the world really can be your oyster." He continued to hold my hand, expecting some comment from me I suppose. I was so surprised that he seemed to know me that I really didn't know what to say.

"Thank you, sir," I managed, "I appreciate that a lot." I tried to disengage my hand from his but he held it a moment longer.

"I know that class rankings have not been made public yet but wanted to tell you personally that you are ranked number one in the class of 975 students. Again, congratulations and best wishes, Nickie." He released my hand. I stood somewhat dumbfounded.

"Wow!" I said somewhat breathlessly. It was all I could say.

"Yeah, WOW is right," he said.

I turned and left the stage. I didn't want to stay for the rest of the ceremony. I had some big celebrating to do. I turned right at the exit and walked out of the arena and went straight to Dave's.


Zantha had arrived in the little college town that morning, driving up from Atlanta. She was looking for Nickie but all she had to go on was the fact that she frequented a bar where the owner's name was Dave. She had a room reserved at a local motel but didn't intend to use it unless she couldn't find Nickie. She drove through the small downtown, passing several bars, obviously catering to the college crowd. She parked and entered one of the smaller taverns, reasoning that Nickie wouldn't choose a big place. She walked to the bar and took a vacant seat at the end.

Zantha was a striking brunette. She was about 5'4" tall, her dark hair was glossy and straight, cut to the shape of her face, parted in the middle and curving in softly at the nape of her neck. Her eyes were pale, lined with black, her mouth wide and sensual. Men noticed her.

The men in the tavern noticed her as she entered and walked purposefully to her seat. The bartender came over and asked, "what can I get you, ma'am?"

"A glass of Chardonnay, please," she answered. He served her the glass of wine and returned to the other end of the bar where he was watching a television with several other men. Apparently they were watching the graduation carried on one of the local cable stations.

"Hot damn, it is her. It was Nickie. You see how long he's taking with her," one of them said. Zantha was immediately interested in the conversation. She glanced up at the TV to see a tall blonde girl leaving the stage. Of course. Nickie was graduating this semester. That must be her

"Yeah," the bartender replied, "she's supposed to be some sort of brainy bitch and I guess she must be. I don't understand why she is so wild, or how she does so well in school all things considered."

Zantha quickly finished her wine and signaled the bartender for another glass. As he delivered it she said "What was that about the girl who just got her diploma? I assume you guys know her and, as it happens, I'm looking for a girl named Nickie regarding a legal matter. Can you tell me where I could find her?"

"Yeah, sure. My name's Jimmy by the way and, yes, we do know Nickie around here. She just graduated in the current senior class with all sorts of honors. That's what we were talking about. So she will probably be looking to celebrate a bit . You can probably find her at Dave's later."

"Well Jimmy – I'm Zantha, and yes, I understand she frequents Dave's quite often. Can you tell me how to find it?" Zantha asked.

"Well, you are almost there," answered Jimmy. "Dave's place is just around the corner, off the main drag. Take a left out the door here, then left at the next street and go about two blocks. Dave's is in the middle of the next block on the left. Can't miss it."

"Thanks a lot, Jimmy," said Zantha as she smiled inwardly. This was going to be easier than she had thought.

In her own words:

My hurried walk to Dave's took only a few minutes and as I entered Dave spotted me, jumped the bar and grabbed me in a bear hug, lifted me off the ground and slung me around. "Damn woman, graduating with honors. You are something else gal – you must be about to bust with pride!" Dave shouted. Others at the bar were clapping and cheering.

"Jeeze, thanks Dave – and all you guys. Yeah, I am pretty happy about things right now. I can't stay though. Gotta go get outta this robe. Just wanted to stop by and show you my diploma and what a real graduate looks like," I gushed.

"Well they coulda given you a prize for being the prettiest too. Thanks for coming by and showing us your all dressed up self.. You be back later I hope?" Dave asked.

"Sure – soon as I get changed I'll be back." I told him as I gave him a kiss and turned and left for my apartment.


Nickie rushed to her apartment and changed. She took off the robe and chose a mini skirt that barely covered her ass. No panties. An almost sheer blouse that buttoned up the front with no bra. She left the top three buttons undone. She applied minimal makeup as was her habit and left for Dave's

As soon as she arrived she could see Dave at the bar. He looked at her with a serious expression. She could tell he was concerned about something.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked as she sat at the bar.

"See that gal in the booth over there?" He said. "She is here to see you. She said she was here to meet you at a 'Kim's' request. Isn't that the name of the guy you've been e-mailing with?"

Nickie was surprised. She looked over and saw a beautiful brunette sitting in the booth. "Kim? Yeah, sure, that's him. You sure she said 'Kim'?" I asked. "I don't know what this is about but I better find out." She said as she turned to go to the booth.

"Take care, girl." Dave said as she left the bar.

Nickie walked to the booth and stood beside the woman. "I understand you are looking for me – and that you are here at Kim's request? Are you really from Kim?," she asked.

"Ahhh, Nickie. Sooooo nice to meet you at last." The brunette said. "Yes, I'm here at Master Kim's instructions. Have a seat and I'll tell you all about it." She said.

Nickie took a seat opposite her. Smiling she said, "You are as beautiful as your pictures. Master wanted me to see if I could find you and verify the things you have told him. From what I have found out, it seems, so far at least, that you have been truthful. Relax, Nickie, I'm a friend. My name is Zantha. I don't want to do anything you don't want to do but we do need to talk."

Nickie didn't know how to respond. Here was a personal contact with her e-mail master. Something she had not planned on. But she was intrigued with the idea of finding out more. "OK," she replied, "I don't know you or how you found me – but I'm willing to listen."

"Oh Niickie, it was pretty easy to find you. There isn't but one large university in this part of the state and we knew you frequented 'Dave's', sooo ----. Anyway, whatever happens from here on out will be up to you. Now do not interrupt. We DO have things to discuss. Speak only in response to a question, understood?"

"Ohhh Kayyyy," said Nickie, hesitantly.

"Alright," began Zantha, "Our Master thinks it is time for you to experience hands on training. I have been in Atlanta on a business trip for him and since I was going to be so close, he thought this would be a good time to start, especially since you have just finished school. Now let me outline the proposal for you. You do not have to agree but if you do not, all contact with him or me will cease. You may agree initially and then at anytime during the course of your hands on training you may decide to quit, but again, all contact will then cease.

"Now, your training. It will begin with me, starting here and now. I will stay here with you for one week giving you an idea of what your training will be like. Then, assuming you continue, we will visit Master Kim himself. He plans to be in the Atlanta area starting a week from tomorrow. Your training will not include any serious physical harm but may involve minor punishment, at my or our Master's discretion, from time to time if warranted. You must obey all instructions without question or hesitation. You will inform Dave that you are under my care from now on and unless you tell him differently at some future date, he is not to expect to see you for a while. You may tell him you will contact him once per week, if you so desire, to ease his mind about your well being. Do you understand all that I have said so far?"

"I think so," said Nickie, "but will any of this be in writing?"

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