tagGroup SexEarly in the Morning

Early in the Morning


I struggled feebly to get out of the sheets, having wrapped myself up tightly through the night. It took a second to realize that I was not in my own bed, that I was in the guest bedroom of my good friend Kirby and her fiancé Steve.

The sun was just up and I sat on the edge of the bed and stretched. The aftertaste of beer souring my breath. It was a girl's night in and Kirby and I had put a pretty good dent in their beer supply when Steve had gotten home. He had been pretty tired from a full twelve-hour shift but us girls probably could have seduced him into a three-some but we were too pie-eyed and we simply stumbled into bed.

I adjusted my cotton camisole and panties, the only clothes I had on and quietly stepped to the closed bedroom door. Just as I reached for the handle I heard a rustling from the other side. Their apartment isn't very big, and the spare bedroom opens onto their living room. I pried the door open very carefully, fearful of any pending squeak but I was rewarded with an opening large enough for me to spy out of.

I was looking at the back of one of the couches set at an angle, Steve's head and shoulders visible. Their was a rustle of paper and a prolonged noise that sounded like sandpaper on wood but softer.

I nudged the door open slowly and eased myself out of the room. I crept along the wall till I was almost beside him but across the room. The magazine was open on his bare knees; the glossy photos screamed skin magazine even from this distance. But of more interest to me was the cock Steve was stroking outside his briefs.

I stood perfectly still and watched as Steve work stroke himself quickly when he turned the pages and then slowly as he viewed the details. My own hands unwillingly crept across my body; one seeking a breast, the other slipping under the elastic waist of my panties to tease my clit. The folds of my sex parted easily, the nub rising to meet my probing fingers. The thrill of watching without Steve knowing was making me very hot, let alone the sight of his huge cock head and long length. Jim would be awfully envious if he knew just how well Steve was equipped and that I had the pleasure of that cock before.

Kirby and I had joked about a four-some last night, but Jim would never go for it. Steve would be happy to found my cunt once again and she had admitted that they were going to ask me to join them once again, that was until I got my own boyfriend.

And now, here I was, fingering myself as quietly as possible while Steve whacked off just a few feet away. I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Need help with that?" I whispered.

I tried not to laugh when the magazine went flying from his lap and he jumped up and turned in midflight to face me. The hand on my breast went to cover my mouth from a giggle as his huge pole bounced up and down in front of him.

"Jesus Shannon, don't scare me like that!"

"Sshhh. Kirby still sleeping?"


"Can I lend you a hand?" I smiled seductively, realizing I still had one hand down my panties.

"Been watching long?"

"Long enough. Let's take a look at the magazine." I stepped closer and bent over to retrieve the magazine from the floor. I placed it on the coffee table and stayed bent at the waist knowing my panties would be pulled tight across my backside. Steve steeped closer and I felt his hands slide over my back and his cock jump happily at my hip. I reached behind me and gently grasped it, giving it slow, firm tugs.

"Jeez Steve, this doesn't look a bit like Kirby? Nor me for that matter? Is she your type?"

"Nah, she's just a whore. You two are sex goddess'."

"Good answer." I straightened and turned into his arms, my hand still squeezing his hot cock. I noticed my voice dropped a little and became a little huskier. "I forgot how gorgeous your cock is Steve; can I have a taste?"

He glanced down the hall to their closed bedroom door. "Sure."

I pushed him playfully back down onto the sofa and knelt between his open legs. I wiggled his shorts off and ran my fingers along the inside of his thighs. I laughed with excitement to see the huge rod jump with anticipation. One hand massaged huge balls; the other began a faster, stronger stroke of his cock.

"Oh fuck, Shannon, take me in your beautiful mouth."

"You want me to fuck you with my mouth?"

'No, no, I want to fuck your tight cunt but right now I need to feel you suck my cock."

I leaned forward and I heard Steve sigh when I finally made contact with my mouth. I worked him slowly, drawing him deep into my small cavern and then out again. I teased the length with my tongue, folded my lips around the side, and wiggled my tongue into the tiny crack there to taste his precum.

"Enough sugar!" Steve pushed my shoulders back. "Let me taste your sweet nectar."

"Get me good and wet Steve and then fuck me hard."

We clawed at each other as we switched positions until my cotton camisole and panties were off and Steve was burying his face in my snatch. As big and hard as Steve's cock is, he's not very good orally. I don't produce a lot of lubricant and I need to get worked up real good to accommodate such a monster. I let my fingers drift down and join his mouth. I rubbed and teased my own clit while he sucked my large folds of skin into his mouth. He nuzzled my fingers out of the way and tried to suck my clit. I ran my fingers through his hair, encouraging him.

Steve began to crawl up my body and I reached down to guide him into me. He was rough and eager and drove half his cock into me before meeting some resistance. He pulled back a little and thrust again. He meant to be deep in me in a quick fashion. I dug my nails into his chest and whimpered with pain and pleasure.

Steve was finally rewarded to be completely in me, and our mouths open to wet, hot kisses. One of his free hands massaged my nipple painfully but I enjoyed it. I wiggled and squirmed under him. I reached down and held my lips apart and felt his cock slide in and out of me.

"Oh fuck, Shannon, you're so fucking tight!"

"Well, I don't have this huge monster stretching my cunt everyday."

Steve gathered me up and turned himself into a sitting position, with my straddling his legs. He couldn't pump too much now and so it was up to me to rise and fall on his huge pole. Steve busied himself by nibbling on my large nipples, teasing the nipples and reaching around to grab my ass.

He slid off the couch and landed on his knees with me still impaled. He pushed the coffee table away and laid me gently down on my back. But not for long. Steve rolled me up until just my shoulders and head was on the floor, his cock almost driving straight down into me. I literally bounced on my cunt, abusing my hole like it hasn't been in a long time.

"Oh fuck Shannon, oh fuck!"

"Fuck me Steve, fill me with your load. Yes yes yes!"

My back was killing me but the pleasure was overriding that for now. Steve didn't feel my first orgasm but he heard me whimper.

"Can you cum again?" he asked.

"Just keep fucking you bastard."

Steve didn't need much more encouragement and he pounded my hole without mercy, his weight pressing down on me. I glanced to one side and saw the magazine he was looking at, open now to an image of this very scene. The girl in the picture looked as uncomfortable as I felt but I bet our facial expressions matched.

"Now Steve, cum now, hurry, hurry…oh fuck!"

My second orgasm almost made me scream and Steve pulled out of me, his hot spunk squirting down my inverted body, hitting my breast, shoulder and then face. I closed my eyes and let him squirt his load all over me.

He finally relaxed and lowered my ass down to the carpet. I reached up and wiped the goop from my eyes, taking my slick fingers into my mouth. "Mmmm, tasty."

Steve went and got a towel from the kitchen and helped wipe me off. I surprised him when I launched my mouth over his cock and cleaned him off. I was just dancing on one foot, getting my panties on when I heard Kirby down the hall. Strange, after all the times we shared Steve together, I suddenly felt worried about her reaction that I had him on my own and so I scurried into the kitchen and finished getting dressed. I was filling the kettle when Kirby came around the corner.

"Morning Shan, sleep okay?"

"Sure baby, like a rock."

Kirby slid over to the couch, wrapped her arms around the back of Steve and nuzzled his ear. "You were great last night baby." They kissed deeply.

Kirby stood up and looked around the room. "Damn it Steve, what a mess. You could have put the table back in place. What were you doing?"


"Yeah, trying to impress Shannon right?"

"Yeah, wanted to get pumped up."

I think my face was turning red.

Kirby slid over to the half wall between kitchen and living room. "Coffee ready yet? Steve has to go play hockey soon, why don't we go along and be his cheering crowd. Hey! For an incentive, let's tell him that if he wins today, he can fuck us both this afternoon?"

Steve played the best game he ever had!

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