tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEbony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory

byMany Feathers©

I had met Chris in one of my classes while attending a local university. We'd immediately hit it off, pairing up as we'd been given an assignment and needed to do research on a study paper together. Chris was fair skinned with short dark hair closely cropped above her ears. She reminded me to some extent of an Elf with her thin features, large blue-green eyes, and a smile that could melt butter. And though I had as yet to see them, Chris likewise had what appeared to be nicely shaped breasts, occasionally wearing something that would hint at their fullness. Once in a while, even wearing a tee shirt that looked like it had been painted on, even more clearly defining them. That, and what I unfortunately rarely saw as being two very hard thick nipples. Occasionally I got a brief glimpse at them when we'd come in to the much cooler air of her apartment or the grocery store after having spent any time in the heat outside. Like I said, it was a rarity however as Chris always seemed to sense when her "high beams" were on, and either quickly tossed on another shirt, or somehow magically willed them to go back to their normal state.

The second time I had come over to her apartment I had met her roommate Michelle. Michelle was a tall very attractive Afro-American, with long beautiful dark hair that fell nearly all the way down to her tight firm ass. Nearly as tall as I was at six feet, she had a vivacious personality. And not that Chris didn't, but Chris was far more shy and reserved about showing herself off. Michelle was completely the opposite, which Chris had even warned me about the second time I'd come over, knowing that she'd most likely be there when I did.

"Don't be too surprised if Michelle's running around the apartment half-naked," Chris told me. "She always does. Trying to keep clothes on her is like eating popcorn without butter."

I laughed it off, trying to imagine that but couldn't. And I figured even if she was, the moment Chris and I entered, she'd make some sort of a bee-line for her room, or at the worst toss a tee shirt on over herself or something the moment she realized Chris had brought home some company.

It was our intent to order in pizza, finish up some research we had planned doing that evening, and then settle down to watch a movie together before it was time to kick me out and send me home. In the month we'd been dating, Chris had allowed me a few brief moments of light petting in the front seat of my car. But I'd not yet even seen her breasts, let alone felt her soft skin directly. So far the closest I'd been to that was caressing her braless breasts through one of those painted on tee shirts of hers. But up until now, that had been as far as anything had gone. Needless to say, it was my hope with us snuggled up on the couch together that we might in fact take it to the next level. Or at the very least, letting me at least touch them beneath her tee shirt if nothing else.

When we entered her apartment and as I was soon introduced to Michelle, I wasn't at all prepared for the way it came about. Chris had spoken literally, and if I thought she'd been exaggerating at all, I was sadly, though excitedly mistaken. Michelle was standing at the kitchen sink washing a few dishes as we entered, the counter top just high enough to block the view of her from the waist down. But it was the appearance of everything from the waist up that took me by surprise. She turned, smiling when she saw us enter. She quickly wiped her hands off on a kitchen towel, turning towards me and extended her hand over the counter. It was everything I could do to keep my eyes on her face rather than where they wanted to be. And though I tried to maintain eye contact with her, I was well aware of the twin globes so openly displayed with two very large, very round dark nipples staring back at me.

"You must be Mat," she said. "Chris has been talking about you non-stop lately!"

"I have not!" Chris retorted, blushing as she did. Then much to my surprise, almost like sister's they were teasing one another, arguing, with Chris going so far as to push Michelle only slightly. But that action triggered another, and suddenly Chris was squealing off in a dead run across the room with Michelle right behind her. Which is when I realized, Michelle wasn't just topless, she was entirely nude! When Michelle caught her, she wrapped her arms around Chris's waist and threw her down onto the couch like she was a rag doll. Obviously stronger, Michelle then pinned her there, sitting on top of her with her arms now held well over her head. Chris made some effort at trying to dislodge her, but it was obvious she wasn't about to. But even more surprisingly, as Michelle kept after her to say "Uncle", Chris adamantly refused. She wasn't going anywhere, that was obvious, but she wasn't about to give up either.

I was once again stunned when Chris made a half-hearted effort to lean up, even pinned as she was and act like she was about to bite one of Michelle's breasts as her tit hovered only inches away from Chris's mouth. All that did was cause Michelle to bounce up and down on her. Though maintaining her grip on Chris's arms keeping them pinned, ensuring Chris couldn't sit up far enough to carry through with her threat. Seeing this, watching as Michelle sat there bouncing up and down on Chris as the two giggled wildly, was interesting enough. But the best part for me, was standing there watching her as she did. Watching as her pear-shaped breasts with two very erotic twin dark nipples capping each, bounced wildly up and down simultaneously, and the totally bare lips of Michelle's pussy actually coming into view as I stood there wide-eyed, mouth open looking at the two of them.

"Ok! Ok! I give!" Chris eventually cried out, finally giving in. Only then did Michelle actually let her back up, once again looking over towards me smiling. "She never does win either!" Michelle added, which nearly caused the two of them to start things up all over again as Chris stood, and made like she was about to take a swing at her.

"Go ahead, try it...and you'll be standing there just as naked as I am in front of your boyfriend," Michelle threatened quite seriously. Which ended any further challenges.

It was certainly a novel way of meeting her roommate, though we soon after popped a couple of beers open, ordered the pizza, and then settled down at the kitchen table to actually start doing the research I'd come over to do. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Michelle head down the hall to what I figured must have been their bedrooms. I'd expected to see her return, no doubt wearing clothes when she did, but if I'd expected her to do that simply because I happened to be there, I was dead wrong. Michelle came out a few minutes later carrying a book, and promptly sat down at the table joining us, still nude and began reading as Chris and I worked. Even when the pizza guy showed up, Michelle made no effort to cover herself or do anything but sit there looking sexy as hell, smiling, as I paid for the pizza while the guy at the door stood gawking at her with his tongue hanging out.

"You really are incorrigible, you know that?" Chris teased, but it was obvious Michelle got quite a kick out of seeing the poor guys face as he nervously stood there as I took the pizzas from him and then counted out his money. I could have paid him in monopoly money for all he knew as his eyes never once left Michelle's bare chest. "In case you didn't know it by now, Michelle's quite an exhibitionist," she said unnecessarily. Something I had already figured out for myself.

"Is that why the two of you get along so well together?" I asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Chris asked curiously.

"You know...they say that opposites attract. Michelle is obviously very uninhibited, and you're much more shy and reserved."

"You just don't know me all that well yet," Chris said defending herself, though Michelle tended to agree with me in having said that.

"No...he's right Chris," Michelle said teasingly. "Hell, you still wear pajamas to bed!"

"Well...I'm not...inhibited," Chris replied pouting, though her mood had suddenly changed too, which surprised me. "I'm just not as trusting as you are," she said simply. It was obvious in that simple exchange that the night was over. Chris made some comment about needing to go to bed early, and that was that. Even weirder was the quick peck on the cheek for a kiss, and then watching her disappear down the hallway towards her bedroom even before I had gathered up my belongings and made ready to leave.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine," Michelle told me as she actually walked over with me towards the door, though the sight of her naked still bothered me...in both a good and a bad way. "She still has a few issues."

"Issues? Like what?"

"Well, she has trust issues. Her last boyfriend really fucked her up, so she's a bit less trusting than she once was." Looking at Michelle I could see why, though I didn't say anything. "Don't worry, she'll come around," Michelle added, but then she leaned over kissing me on the cheek as my hand reached for the doorknob in order to let myself out. I felt the light brief brush of one of her soft full breasts against my arm as she did, though I hurriedly opened the door stepping out before I spun around grabbing one of them, which I was half tempted to do.

"Night!" I said already taking the steps.

"Night Mat," Michelle called out to me, "Nice to have met you!" I turned, Michelle stood in the door, uncaring if anyone might happen to drive by and see her standing there like that. She waved, blew me a kiss, and then stepped back inside closing the door.


Chris was back to her old familiar self during our class the next day. "Do me a favor?"

"Sure what?"

"I have to work tonight," she informed me, which I already knew. "But I really don't feel like carting all my books off to work with me. Would you mind dropping them off at the apartment?"

"Of course not," I said honestly. "I can do that just as soon as I drop by my place and let the dog out. After that, I'll swing by and drop everything off."

"Thank you," she told me, but then did the sort of batting the eyelashes thing, though it was the same trick with her pursed lips as though promising magic in offering a special kiss, which she didn't quite give. "And...?"

"And what?" I asked, knowing she was after me to do something.

"And, would you mind finishing up what we didn't finish up last night? Otherwise, I'll be far too behind, and then we won't have any time at all for ourselves tomorrow night when you come over either. I promise Mat...I'll make things up to you."

I sighed, giving in. "Ok, sure...what the hell," but then I thought about Michelle. "What about Michelle?" I asked. "Will she be there," or will she be at work too?" I asked.

"No, she doesn't work until tomorrow night," Chris replied. "Which is why like I said...I'll make things up to you then for doing this for me."

My question had had another reason behind it, though I didn't elaborate. My concern was...I'd be there alone with Michelle. Naked Michelle, and if there were issues, and if Michelle had had anything to do with those, it could make for a very uncomfortable evening.

Against my better judgment perhaps, I headed over to the girls apartment after I had let the dog out for a bit. Michelle met me at the door, still naked as they day she was born, though she let me in with no more than a friendly smile as I busied myself at the table. Michelle sat in the small sized living room for a while listening to music through her headphones while I worked on our assignment. I had just about managed to forget she was even there, until she stood, swaying and dancing seductively to the music, which I could just barely hear as she stood there a few feet away from me. Just watching her was mesmerizing, her beautiful well-toned ebony body moving back and forth so gracefully to the beat of the music was erotic as hell. And when I felt my cock suddenly harden, I realized I'd been sitting there watching her for several long minutes as opposed to doing the work I'd come over to do. At some point she glanced over, saw me and smiled. She reached up taking off her headphones and passed by me on her way into the kitchen area.

"Want a beer?" she asked opening the fridge.

I was certainly ready for one, my mouth was dry. "Sure...you bet!" I told her. I heard her pop the tops on two, and then she walked over standing beside me. I looked up accepting the beer she offered as she held the other cold one between her breasts. Her nipples rock hard and winking at me.

"Nothing better than a nice cold beer," she said. "Don't you think?"

I didn't know how to answer that, certainly not the way I was thinking at the moment. So I didn't, taking a sip of my beer instead, as she did. But that merely focused my attention on the totally bare pussy that was just across from me. Her lips once again swollen, slightly parted as she stood there. I half wondered if she knew just how revealed she appeared to me, lips that I so wanted to taste at the moment, sitting there envisioning myself sucking that hard clit, which I could honestly and very easily see. I could see myself drawing her over towards me, tonguing her split as she stood there, slipping my fingers inside what I knew had to be a very wet, very juicy, very delicious tasting cunt. She spoke, waking me from my fugue, and knocking some sense back into me when she did.

"Well, don't let me interrupt you," she stated and then turned heading back into the living room where she again sat down in her chair, though at the angle I was in, I could still easily see her. Especially as she suddenly dangled one leg over the arm of the chair, picking up a book to read, which had been the same one she'd been reading the night before. "The Story of O!"

"Fuck!" I thought to myself, tearing my eyes away and back to what I'd been working on though it took me a while to get into it again. By the time I had actually finished, I had just managed to put Michelle out of my thoughts, sitting up, finishing my beer as I did, looking over towards her. I nearly fell over.

Michelle's hand was down between her legs, she was still reading, but her fingers were almost nonchalantly diddling herself as she sat there. I wasn't honestly sure if she was actually masturbating, or that it was just a natural habit, something she didn't even realize she was doing, especially with me there. But regardless of whichever one that it was...she was. Her fingers were indeed toying with her split, and though she wasn't sitting there driving them in and out of herself, just the fact she was even touching herself there was a little disconcerting for me, especially as I now sat there with another full blown erection just watching her. When she began caressing her own breasts however, and began playing with those, I knew it was time to leave. I hurriedly began gathering my things together, though noticing that Michelle had finally gotten up and disappeared down the hallway heading towards her bedroom. I figured that maybe, hopefully, she either had to pee...or was going to privately get herself off out of my view. Either way, I was on my way out the door before anything could happen. And with a very hard dick tempting me to cave in, there was no doubt in my mind that sticking around was only going to cause me trouble.


I had nearly made it to the door, and nearly left anyway when I heard Michelle calling my name.


"Could you help me for a second?" she asked, "If you're not still working," she added.

"I was just getting ready to leave, I'm all finished here," I yelled back, though I had taken a few steps into the living room to call down the hall at her so she could hear me better. "What is it you need?" I asked.

"Please?" Came the one word reply, without any further explanation as to what it was.

Maybe I should have known better, but I was trying to give her some reasonable doubt that her intentions were anything but obvious to me. "Where?"

"In here...my bedroom," she called out once again. "I need you to help me with something."

Tentatively I headed down the hallway, figuring easily which one of two bedrooms was most likely hers. The one with the door open was my first guess, as it also had a dim light on, which should have been my first other clue as to what to expect when I got there. I entered, and sure enough, my worst nightmare lay on the bed looking up at me. Michelle lay on her bed spread-eagle, a vibrator at the moment busily whirring away inside her pussy as she lay there smiling, looking at me as I came in. She giggled. "See? I told you...I needed your help. This just isn't cutting it at the moment. What I really need is that nice hard fucking cock of yours!"

Believe me, I was tempted. The sight of her lying there like that was almost too good to pass up. But I also knew...I had to. If I truly cared anything at all for Chris, which I did, then the only good thing I could do was say thanks...but no thanks, and then turn around and leave.

"Michelle? I will say this. I am tempted as hell, just so you know that. You're beautiful, you're sexy, and you're certainly uninhibited. And even though Chris hasn't let me do much of anything with her, I'm not about to stab her in the back either. I care for her. And from what you told me yesterday with her having issues, I can't help but wonder under the circumstances, if you're the reason for that."

I couldn't believe I'd just said that, especially by the way she lay there on the bed looking at me as though I'd slapped her in the face, and then she smiled, which really confused the hell out of me, but I wasn't about to stand there any longer either. So I turned heading back out into the living room grabbing my stuff even as she called out my name. Though suddenly, it registered. It wasn't Michelle's voice calling out to me...but Chris's!

"What the fuck?" I said turning, and saw Chris standing there in the hallway. She was nude. The first time I had ever seen her naked was weird enough, but that she had obviously been there the entire time, told me it was a set up.

"I don't blame you if you're mad and turn and walk out and never come back," she said simply. "But I had to know."

Michelle had walked up and now stood behind her. Seeing them together like that, ebony and ivory so to speak was to be perfectly honest, very erotic looking. But at the moment, I was standing there with a half-wilted erection, totally confused, a little pissed, and still a bit horny. It was an interesting combination of emotions to sit there and try and sort out.

"You had to know if I would be so easily seduced and decide to fuck Michelle?"

She nodded her head.

"So like, that's what happened last time?" I asked.

"Not quite," Michelle answered for her, stepping around her. "I am who I am...and so is Chris. We always have been. And we've always trusted one another implicitly. What you see now...is the Chris I've always known. She's every bit as much the exhibionist that I am, and...yes in case you're wondering, we've occasionally been lovers, but never when there's someone else involved with us that might not accept that. Just so you know. But...the last time, Chris's then boyfriend did constantly come on to me whenever she wasn't around. And that hurt her, because I wasn't about to lie to her, and told her he had. After that, we both agreed that should either one of us start caring about anyone else ever again, that we'd first find out just how far, and how much we could trust them, before anything really happened. That's why all you've gotten so far was a little titty fondling and nothing else. She needed to know first. And so now...she does. And if that upsets you, we understand, but that's just the way it is. At the moment, you're neither one of you all that involved that you can't just walk away and call it even. Basically at this point...it's up to you."

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