tagIncest/TabooEddie and His Mom Ch. 03

Eddie and His Mom Ch. 03


What you're about to read takes place in the summer after the events of chapter two. I had some time off school, so my mom and I decided to go visit her sister Nancy for the weekend. Aunt Nancy has one daughter named Dora. She also has a husband who is often out of the country on work. I'm not entirely sure what he does. I think it has something to do with the space program.

Before you read too far, I'll say right now that I didn't have sex with either my aunt or my cousin, just my mother. I'd hate for you to get disappointed. Haha.

My aunt is a small, petite woman who, like her sister, has aged well. She exercises daily so she's smaller than my mom, making her breasts look bigger. On the down side, her ass, almost identical in shape to my mom's, is smaller. I once got the chance to "accidentally" touch it and it's not as soft either.

My cousin, who turned eighteen just a few days before our visit, has a nubile teenager's body. Her breasts are somewhat flat but definitely noticeable and her ass seems to be filling out to be as beautiful as her mother's and aunt's.

It was a hot summer day so we decided to spend the afternoon in my aunt's swimming pool. The women all wore one-piece suits that clung to their curves and showed off their bodies alluringly. As they swam together, the water made their suits cling tighter to their bodies. My aunt's erect nipples stared out at me from beneath the cloth of her swimsuit. Their suits rode up into their ass cracks, showing off their rounded buttocks. Fortunately, I was wearing dark goggles and no one could see where I was looking.

Pretty soon, I retired to the hot tub, asking my aunt to turn on the bubbles. I sat in the frothing hot tub, hoping that the bubbles would conceal my raging hard-on. An hour of staring at my beautiful, wet relatives without being able to touch them was too much. Precum was mingling with the water that soaked my bathing suit. Hopefully unnoticed.

Dora joined me in the hot tub for a break. We made small talk. She asked about college and talked about the school she would be going to next year. Finally, she playfully chastised me for being lazy and staying in the hot tub. Conversation helped somewhat to take my mind off my incestuous lust. But as Dora stood to reenter the pool, my cock sprang right back to life. Her bathing suit had ridden up into her ass crack, revealing more ass than it covered up. It was almost like a thong. I almost came without touching myself as she bent over to dive back in.

I always had weak willpower when it came to lust. Get me horny enough and you could probably get me to jack off in the middle of a crowded room with just a jacket on my lap for privacy. As soon as I was sure neither my aunt nor cousin planned to join me in the hot tub, I pulled my suit down beneath my balls, freeing my cock beneath the bubbles, and jacked off as quickly as I could without moving too obviously. I turned to watch my aunt, mother, and cousin toss a beach ball around, their wet swimsuits clinging to their bodies. Images of my cousin's round pale ass, right in front of my face, filled my mind.

I started as I heard someone splash into the water. With relief, I realized it was just my mother and I kept beating my shaft. Mom apparently realized what I was doing and smirked wickedly. She surreptitiously fondled her breasts through her suit for me. This pushed me over the edge and I shot several big wads of my seed into the warm, churning water.

We had both decided that we wouldn't have sex during our visit with Nancy. But at that moment, I think we both knew that we would break that promise.

That night, Mom and I shared a guest room with two twin beds. However, we'd only be using one. We waited for several minutes to make sure our hostesses were asleep. Each minute felt like an hour to my balls, which already had more seed for me to spill. And it didn't help that throughout our wait, my mother ran her hand over my crotch to keep me in the mood. Not that I needed help.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my mother-wife into a crushing embrace and kissed her passionately. Our tongues wrestled in our mouths. I pulled away and pushed her back onto her bed. I threw off my pants as she hiked up the skirt of her nightdress and pulled her granny panties down around her ankles, exposing her cunt. Without hesitation, I climbed on top of her and thrust into her. I humped at her, my cock sliding in and out of my mother's pussy. We had forgotten to lock the door and the bedsprings were creaking too loudly but none of that mattered to our lust-filled minds. My mother, who had been as horny as me all day, lasted barely more than a minute before she came. She moaned through clenched teeth as she rode out her orgasm. I came soon afterwards, shooting several ropes of seed deep into the womb I came from.

"Oh! Oh!" I said. It was no louder than normal talking, but that was loud enough to be heard outside.

Our lust satisfied, we returned to our rational minds. Worried, my mom whispered, "We were kinda loud. Do you think they heard us?"

'Yes,' I thought, but I shook my head. Right after that, we both heard the distinctive sound of footsteps on the hardwood floor right outside our room. Then we heard the door to Dora's room, right across the hall from us, click shut.

"Do you think..." my mom whispered.

I shrugged. We both laughed together nervously and quietly.

The next day was normal. Dora didn't give us any weird looks or suggest in any way that she suspected us of doing something strange. On the car ride home, Mom and I joked about it. But we were both quite noticed. Hopefully, Dora didn't hear us.

And hopefully, they didn't notice the cum stains we left on their sheets.

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