Educating Ellie Ch. 03


"You've got nothing to do tonight, right?" Ryan said.

"Look," Adam began. "We're both seeing Ellie and all that. But you're her date tonight. I appreciate how cool you've been and all, but I should go."

"Stay," Ellie said.

She glanced at Ryan again. He shot her that devilish grin of his. She was sure he was thinking the same thing as her. It was a major line to be crossed, to be sure, two guys at the same time.

She'd never given much thought to that particular scenario, but now that it was in front of her she found it had a certain strong appeal. To be at the center of all that male lust would be something indeed.

"Here's how it is," she blurted out without thinking. "You know I've been fucking both of you. I did Ryan on Wednesday and you on Thursday. So why don't you both fuck me at the same time?"

"I, uh," Adam started to stammer. He sounded hesitant, but Ellie knew better.

"I've seen what's on your laptop," she said. "Don't act like you're not into that sort of thing."

"You're sure about this?" Adam asked.

"Yeah," Ellie said, nodding. "I'm sure."

Adam glanced over at Ryan.

"I'm in!" Ryan added.

"All right," Adam said, suddenly grinning. "Why not?"

Ellie found herself smiling widely. She was going to the erotic focus of two men at the same time.

"Then let's get started," she said.

Ellie stood and winked at Adam, sauntering past him into the bedroom. Ryan and Adam followed her.

Ellie turned towards the guys and the three of them stood there, uncertain as to who should make the first move.

It was Ryan. He kissed Ellie hard on the lips, his hands exploring her tits as he did so. Adam held back, uncertain of what to do. Ellie eased his concern, gently nudging Ryan's mouth toward her neck. As Ryan began kissing her neck, Ellie reached out to Adam.

Adam responded, moving closer to Ellie on the opposite side of Ryan. He kissed her on the mouth as Ryan nibbled on her neck. Both of their hands were on Ellie's breasts and she could feel their closeness all around her. Her pussy grew moist as her mind absorbed the reality of two gorgeous guys touching and kissing her at once.

She groaned, turning her head back to kiss Ryan. Their tongues twirled and they both sighed with delight.

For Ryan, this was a dream come true. His favorite fantasy was to share a large and lovely lady with another gentleman. The concept spoke to something deep within him. Now that it was happening he felt an onrush of desire more intense than anything he'd ever experienced.

To Adam, it was all about the raunchiness of the situation. There was no sweet romance to be found in a scenario like this, only raw fucking. He liked his girls slutty, the more the better. Doing two guys at once fit the bill nicely and sent him into overdrive.

Ellie found herself lost in the heat of the moment, like a lifeboat cast upon a stormy sea. Frenzied thoughts flew into her head and she felt herself getting carried away. She'd never felt such a surge of sexual energy before. There she was, the object of so much lust and desire. She'd never felt so alive before.

"Strip me," she moaned. "Get me naked."

They slipped Ellie's top over her head. Ryan unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and off each leg as Adam fumbled with her bra before finally getting it off. Ryan ran his hands over her soft, round butt cheeks and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them and stood before them nude.

She swayed slowly, putting on a show. Her big tits hung down halfway down her round belly, swinging back and forth. She licked her lips slowly and groaned loudly. Ryan and Adam stood there, transfixed. That's right, she thought, worship me. I am your sex goddess.

"You're both so overdressed," she whispered.

Both men got naked in mere seconds, throwing off their clothed and turning towards Ellie with hard cocks pointed her direction. Ellie stared down at them. They were a thing of beauty, these gorgeous cocks made hard with desire for her. She sunk to her knees and smiled broadly.

Adam and Ryan drew closer to her. She took a cock in each hand and a tingle went down her spine. Though she'd fucked these cocks before, to have both in her hands at the same time was something else entirely.

Ellie turned to Ryan's cock first. She teased him, flicking the tip with her tongue before taking the rest of him into her mouth. He felt hard as steel. She sucked his cock for a while and then turned towards Adam. His cock was also rock-hard and he groaned as she took him into her mouth. She gave him a nice, long suck before turning back to Ryan.

Back and forth she went, switching between cocks. Ellie enjoyed the feeling of one cock in her mouth while the other waited, erect and twitching, mere inches away. She could have gone on sucking their dicks like that all night. Her pussy disagreed, though, growing wetter each time she switched cocks.

Ellie needed to get fucked.

She withdrew, standing and crawling onto the bed. She lay back and both men climbed in on either side of her. Ryan slid in behind her, his hands all over her ass as he nibbled on the back of her neck. Adam lay on the other side, kissing her mouth and playing with her breasts.

Adam reached down and began to rub her clit. Ellie let out a tiny chirp. Meanwhile, Ryan started kissing the side of her neck as his hard cock nudged against her ass.

Ellie was in sensory overload. So much was happening at once. There was the feel of four hands roving over her bare skin, the press of Adam and Ryan's hard bodies enveloping her, two mouths kissing her, the feel of their hard cocks pressed against her, and Adam rubbing her clit.

She couldn't take another moment of it all.

"Fuck me," she sighed. "Fuck me now. I can't take it anymore."

Ellie pushed Adam gently on his back and crawled on top of him. She knew that was his favorite and he would go along. Taking his cock in her hand, she lowered herself into position. He slid right into her wet snatch, Ellie gasping happily as that wonderful feeling of fullness took hold.

Adam groaned, thrusting upwards into Ellie as she began bobbing back and forth on his cock. Her big tits swung in tandem and he reached his hands up to feel their full softness. He sat up, wrapping his arms around Ellie's waist and plunging his face into her breasts. It was just like the other night.

Ryan stood up on the bed next to them, his cock pointed towards Ellie. As Adam found a nipple and began sucking on it, Ellie turned her head and took Ryan into her mouth. She let Ryan set the pace and he began face-fucking her. She looked up at him, eyes glazed over.

Adam watched Ellie suck Ryan's cock. The sight was more arousing than he would have thought. Here he was, drilling this gorgeous big girl while she sucked off another guy. This was the kind of crazed, freaky sex he would recall the rest of his life. He suspected he'd be jerking off to this when he was a senior citizen.

The combination of pleasures swept Ellie away. It wasn't merely the feel of Adam's cock in her pussy or his mouth sucking on her nipples. Nor was it Ryan's cock in her mouth. It was something more than mere physical pleasure. It was all about being at the center of so much lust, all this masculine desire aimed at her.

The suddenness and intensity of her orgasm shocked her. Spasms of pleasure pulsed through her body. She took her mouth off Ryan as it began, still jerking him off as she bucked harder on Adam's cock and gasped.

"Oh, fuck!" she growled. "Oh, yes! Oh my god, yes!"

Ellie went back to sucking Ryan's cock, Adam still thrusting upwards into her. Adam lay back to get better leverage and thrust hard into her pussy.

"I want your ass, Ellie," Ryan said.

"Oh, yeah?" she said. "You want to fuck my ass?"

"Yeah. I do."

"Then go on! Fuck it!"

Ryan smiled, hopping off the bed to get the tube of lubricant in the top drawer of his dresser. He smeared a generous dab on his dick and spread it around. He got back in bed, climbing up behind Ellie. She leaned forward, her hands on the bed to either side of Adam. Her big tits swung forward and buried Adam's face. He sighed and began sucking on them in earnest.

She rocked gently back and forth on Adam's cock as Ryan squeezed some lubricant onto her butthole. Her mind raced with anticipation. She was about to get double penetrated like some porn star.

Ellie wasn't afraid, though. Garret introduced her to anal sex the year before. She found she rather liked it, too. She'd told Ryan all about this the other night when they had their long talk, hoping he'd take the hint.

Ellie felt Ryan's fingers in her ass, slowly spreading her asshole apart and readying it for his cock. Ryan finally pulled his hand away and eased his dick towards her sphincter. She felt the tip pushing into her butt, then withdrawing slightly. Ryan pushed his cock in again, this time a bit further. In a few more strokes, he was all the way in her ass. He held it there for a moment and Ellie gasped. She could feel both men inside her, buried all the way. She'd never felt so stretched in all her life. They began to fuck her. Adam started thrusting wildly, his hands and mouth all over her tits the entire time. He was lost in pleasure, loving nothing more than to be covered by Ellie's full weight and suck on her huge tits. He could feel Ryan's cock inside Ellie along with his own, the deviant nature of what they were doing turning him on more than he would've guessed.

Ryan was also in ecstasy. This was the first time he'd gotten to enjoy Ellie's asshole, and it was every bit as tight as he'd dreamed. He grabbed hold of her ass cheeks with both hands, quickening his pace. All three of them started groaning and sighing as the tempo quickened.

Ellie thought her earlier orgasm was earth-shattering. Compared to her second orgasm, it was but a prelude. The feel of two hard cocks fucking her proved too much to resist. She came, screaming incoherently and rocking back and forth on their dicks. It went on and on, waves of pleasure sweeping over her.

Adam was next. He stopped his thrusting, grunting as his cock throbbed inside Ellie. He shot squirts of cum into her, his face twisted into an expression of pure relief. All the while, Ryan kept fucking Ellie's ass with determined vigor.

Ryan felt his orgasm approaching, drilling Ellie faster.

"That's it baby," she groaned. "Fuck my ass!"

Ryan couldn't hold back any longer. He jammed his cock as deep as he could and froze. It throbbed violently, filling her butt with blasts of cum as a feeling of sweet relief swept through his body.

Ryan pulled out of Ellie's ass and she climbed off Adam's dick. Ellie snuggled between the guys and they lay there catching their breath.

"Holy shit," Ellie sighed.


"I want to talk more about what happened last night," Ryan said.

They were walking through the large park near his apartment, hand-in-hand. It was a gorgeous sunny day.

"Sure," Ellie said, a bit worried by his serious tone.

"It was so awesome!" Ryan exclaimed. "You're so awesome! I've never experienced such raw and wild sex like that in my life."

He turned and grabbed her tight, lifting her off her feet and twirling her around. He put her back down and kissed her.

"I'm glad." Ellie laughed. "Kinda enjoyed it myself, as you might have noticed."

"It got me thinking."

"About what?"

"About us," he said. "Ellie, I've been waiting for a woman like you my entire life. You're so beautiful and smart and we have so much in common. You're also the most uninhibited and sexual woman I've ever met. I never thought I'd find a girl as kinky and open to stuff like that as me. Ellie, I want us to be together."

She started to speak, but he stopped her.

"I don't mean we be exclusive. Not yet, maybe not ever. Keep seeing Adam, or whoever you like. I'd like it to be an open relationship, but I want you to be my girlfriend. We see whoever we want, and enjoy the occasional threesome, but we are committed to love and care for each other above all others. So, uh, what do you think?"

Ellie looked up at him, her eyes moist. Ryan was falling in love with her. Best of all, he understood love did not have to be a straightjacket. It was so perfect, she failed to choke back tears.

"What do I think?" she said. "I think it's wonderful."

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