tagErotic Poetryelevating the game

elevating the game


i've been called sexy,
kinky, and a freak
i have more orgasms in a day
than most have in a week
i've said things
prissy women find foul
but really they're dying to be like me
and i'd be happy to show them how
with all the attention that i get
i stay pretty grounded
i hope you enjoy page
i bet you're glad you found it
i take direction well
if you're the type to dominate
and i know i have issues
because i compulsively masturbate
there's a ton of smut on my computer
but yet i'm always downloading more
and when i'm not getting it from online
i'm buying it at the store
i've had lap dances
and given them as well
i find it so exciting
when a cock starts to swell
i can be rather loud
when i'm having sex
and i keep people guessing
wondering what i'll do next
i have a creative mind
i'm a new age thinker
did you see the photo
of the curling iron up my sphincter
a lot of people call me
crazy, mad, insane
but i'm just a trendsetter
who has elevated the game

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