tagCelebrities & Fan FictionElixir For The Undead Ch. 03

Elixir For The Undead Ch. 03

byVampire Sedet©

“Willow what am I going to wear?” Buffy asked exasperated to her best friend.

“Buffy I’m sure you have at least 5 outfits in that closet of yours,” Willow replied trying to calm her frazzled friend.

“Spike said to wear something sexy yet elegant!” Buffy exclaimed as she was pulling out all the contents of her closet and throwing it on her bed.

Willow just kept sorting through all the garments that were tossed her way. All of a sudden, she heard a shriek from Buffy.

“Ahhhh!! This is the one!” she beamed excitedly.

Willow saw what Buffy’s wide-eyed expression was about. Buffy pulled a beautiful knee length slip dress out of her wardrobe. It was cherry red and dazzled with sequins and a matching scarf.

“This is the dress!!” she exclaimed.

“Oh Buffy, you will look amazing! You definitely have to wear that dress.” Willow walked over to the closet, “And these are the shoes and purse to finish the ensemble.”

“Oh Wills what would I do without you?” Buffy hugged her one true girlfriend and took the black sandals from her.

“Willow, will you help me put my hair up?”

“Sure thing Buff. I tell ya, Spike’s heart would definitely skip a beat if it could,” she laughed.

“Ya think?” The two girls shared a giggle.

“Ya know Will, Spike was so mysterious about this whole date tonight,” Buffy said as she handed Willow some hairpins.

“He wouldn’t even tell me where I’m to meet him. All I’m supposed to do is wait for his phone call in one hour and how to dress.”

“Well, Buffy… I just think Spike wants to give you a good surprise, since you two haven’t been together that long. Deep down, Spike really is devoted to the woman he loves… Even if his last one was a little demented,” Willow stated sheepishly.

“Um..Yeah… Dru really didn’t have much up in the sanity department,” Buffy remarked.

“Willow, I truly appreciate you and Tara taking Dawn for a sleep-over. I know she really likes you both,” she said with a warm smile on her face.

“It’s no biggy Buffy. Tara and I really didn’t have any plans and besides, Anya and Xander are on patrol tonight, so you and Spike go have your wonderful evening together.”

“Thanks Willow, you guys are the bestest friends a Slayer could ever ask for.” Buffy stared at her friend in the mirror and leaned back into Willow’s embrace.

Before Willow could shed a tear, she said, “There. All done. Now I will leave you to get changed and I will check on Dawn to make sure she is all packed for the sleepover.

“Great! I know my mom will really appreciate you watching her while she is away on her buying trip in Europe.”

Buffy heard Willow holler out to Dawn as she closed her door and proceeded to get dressed.


Willow came into the living room to see Dawn and Tara sitting on the couch watching TV and eating some ice cream.

“You all set Dawnie?” Willow asked.

“Yup! I can’t wait until you teach me those spells that you promised.”

“SSHHH!!!” Tara panicked. ”You don’t wanna say that too loud. I don’t want Buffy to know that we will be corrupting your mind with magic.” She carefully looked to see if Buffy was coming down the stairs.

“Tara honey, it’s not as if we are going to teach her to turn boys into frogs or anything,” Willow cut in.

“Besides, you promised to show me those two spells for tinkerbell light and for levitating a pencil,” Dawn whined.

“OK! OK! Just don’t go advertising it out to the whole world Dawnie,” Tara pleaded.

“Mums the word,” she said as she pretended to pull an imaginary zipper across her lips.

Just then they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Dawn was the first to stare boldly at her sister.

“Wow Buffy!” she stammered, “Just … Wow! Spike is not going to believe his eyes.”

“Yeah since most of the time he sees me in dark leather clothes with my hair in a ponytail and of course ‘Eau d’ Vampire” musk after a long hard night of slaying,” Buffy said jokingly.

All the girls laughed at Buffy’s remark as the phone rang. She walked over to the cordless and answered, “Summers residence, oh hi Spike!” she beamed and decided to turn and walk out of the room for a bit of privacy.

“God, sometimes those two just make me wanna barf!” Dawn said pretending to gag.

“Dawn you won’t think so when it’s your turn,” Tara replied with laughter in her eyes.

Buffy re-entered the room and placed the phone back on the coffee table.

“Ok. I’m outta here in just a few. Dawn, you be good to Willow and Tara, I really don’t wanna have to get paged tonight for an emergency on your part, ok? We’ve got that clear?” she said in a motherly tone.

“Very clear mommy Buffy.” Dawn saluted with a straight face.

Buffy smirked and said, “Ok smartie pants. I do have my pager and make sure you guys lock up before you go.”

“Okie dokie Buffy… You two have a good time tonight, I will see you tomorrow.”

With that taken care of, Buffy hugged her sister and her friends and headed out the door.

Dawn stared at the two witches and said, “OK, do you have all the things that Spike wanted us to get ready?”

“Yup, I had to go to the store to pick it up, let’s go get it all ready upstairs.” Willow took the bag that she was hiding behind the couch so Buffy wouldn’t see it.

Once outside, Buffy noticed a black stretch limousine in front of her house. She stared in wonder as to who on the street was getting to ride in a limo. Suddenly the driver got out of the car and came around and asked:

“Ms Buffy Summers, I presume?”

“Yes?” she answered bewildered.

“I am here on behalf of Mr. William to take you to your destination.”

“Oh, um, ok!” Buffy replied excitedly as the driver held the door open for her to get into the car.

Buffy was amazed that Spike would go to so much trouble for her. She felt like Cinderella going to the ball and Spike was her Prince Charming.

Buffy scoped out the interior as the driver slowly pulled out onto the street to start her adventure. She noticed the black leather of the seats and a small TV with a VCR, as well as a radio with CD player. She also spotted a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket.

“You are welcome to have some champagne, Ms Summers,” the driver offered from the drivers seat.

“Um… No thanks. I will wait a little bit,” she thought that there would be plenty of time for sipping champagne later this evening.

A while later Buffy could feel the car slowing down and pulling up to a new nightclub called the Raven.

The driver stopped the car and proceeded to come around and open her door. As soon as the door opened, it wasn’t the driver that helped her out of the car, but her knight in shining armor. Spike.

“Spike!” she said with a happy surprise. “Wow! Look at you!” Her eyes feasted upon the dashing vampire before her all decked out in black dress pants that hugged his well muscled legs and a cream coloured cotton turtleneck that looked like it was painted on his torso. He also had, of course, his token leather duster. She laid her hand on the duster and said “The duster… Always the duster.”

“Never leave home without it luv!” he said with a dazzling smile.

“And look at you pet!” He took a step back to drink in her beauty. “If I were alive, you’d take my breath away,” he said bending down to give her a quick yet promising kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arm around her possessively as they walked into the Raven.

They entered the club and right away Buffy heard the entrancing music. She could feel the fast pounding of the drums; hear the trashing guitars and melodic keyboards of the alternative song that was being played by the house DJ.

They headed towards the bar and Buffy realized that Spike hadn’t asked her what she wanted to drink. She was about to swat him on the arm when he turned around with two glasses of champagne in his hands. She smiled and took the glass from him. Buffy proceeded to take a sip when she saw something in the bottom of the flute.

“Hey what’s that? There’s something in my drink!”

“It’s a strawberry luv,” Spike said. “It’s supposed to make the champagne better somehow… To enhance the flavour.”

“Oh! Cool!” she said and tasted the bubbly drink. “MMMMMM! This does taste yummy,” she raved as she licked her lips in a seductive manner.

Spike looked on with a gaping mouth. “I’m sure it doesn’t taste as yummy as you do,” he purred.

“Hey we have all night for tasting each other. I want to check this place out.” With that she took his hand to head into the heart of the club.

“Lead the way Slayer!”

Buffy scanned the club and liked the dimly lit atmosphere. She saw that there were gothic wall sconces that held large flame-like bulbs. The walls were dark reddish brown, like the colour of dried blood. She whispered back to him, “No wonder you picked this place.”

“What can I say Slayer, I love it when humans think they know how to be vampires!” he said with a sly grin.

Turning her attention away from her sexy blonde boyfriend, Buffy was thinking that she liked the dark alternative music. It was always full of emotion and angst, fear and belonging, purity and sexuality all at once.

The dance floor was in the centre of the Raven and down one level. It was an open space that everyone on the main level could look down at the dancers from all sides of the room. Buffy stopped and looked below at the writhing bodies.

Spike led Buffy down the far right staircase. Once at the bottom, they found a private booth that said ‘Reserved’.

“Hey Spike, we can’t sit here. It says it’s reserved.”

“Uh, yeah… For us!” He said with a flash of his pearly whites.

“Wow, all this? The champagne? The limo? Reserved table? What else do you have up your sleeve there William?” she asked.

“Just you wait and see Pet! The night is just full of wonderful surprises to be viewed by those lovely green eyes of yours.”

Buffy pulled Spike to her and kissed him passionately, tasting the fruity champagne on his tongue. She pulled away and said, “Let’s dance,” and pulled the peroxide blonde vampire out onto the dance floor.

Spike held Buffy to him closely as they moved their hips in a grinding fashion. The music was slower than all the songs that had played since they stepped into the club. It was pulsating and the strobe lights flashed to the beat in unison. Others on the dance floor were hypnotized by the melody coming out of the speakers. Partners held each other close, hands roaming on backsides, up shoulder blades and through hair. Blue eyes stared into green, drowning in the spell of each other.

Lost in a haze of arousal, Buffy didn’t realize that little red butterflies were flying around her.

“What the…” she said confused.

She stepped back and both she and Spike looked up to see not butterflies, but rose petals falling from the ceiling.

“Oh my god! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life!” she said breathlessly.

“I have,” Spike whispered next to her ear, then nuzzled her neck. “It’s all for you Buffy.”

“What? This? For me?” She asked amazed at the site of all the petals in her hands. The smell was overwhelming, as the other dancers would step on the petals to release the heady perfume.

“Spike, you did all this for me?” She stared in wonder at the man before her.

“Buffy, I would do anything for you! I would give you the stars. I would give you the moon. You have allowed me to have the sun – the sun that is in your eyes, every time you look at me. In your face, every time you smile. In your hands, every time you touch me. Buffy, you are the heaven that I will never see and I just want to be able to give it all back to you.”

Buffy gazed at Spike with such tenderness that she never thought she would feel towards him. Spike gently rubbed away a tear that fell on Buffy’s cheek.

“Hey, none of that now,” he said quietly. “I still have a few more delights for you,” he added as he entwined his fingers with hers and led her back to their table.

Back at the booth, they refilled their glasses with the bubbly beverage, and then a waiter approached with a silver tray, placed a silver bowl in front of Buffy and removed the lid. What lay before her were big plump strawberries and in the centre, a smaller bowl filled with whipped cream.

Spike picked up one of the luscious berries and dipped it generously into the cream. He brought it to Buffy’s lips and began to tease her with it by pulling back, as she was about to take a bite. He noticed that some of the cream got on her chin. Buffy was about to wipe if off with the napkin, but Spike stayed her hand and said, “Wait. Let me, ” and bent his head licking the cream off with his cool tongue. Buffy gasped as he flicked it again near her mouth. Their lips met in a delicious kiss, which ended just as quickly as it had begun.

“Hey!” she pouted, “I was enjoying that!”

Spike just gave her a sexy smile and a leer that told her she would be enjoying so much more in due time.

He dipped the strawberry back into the whipped cream, but this time he let her have a bite. Her mouth surrounded the fruit so erotically that Spike could feel himself harden as she chewed the succulent morsel. She licked her lips, which made Spike release a small whimper. Her hand slowly went beneath the table to massage his firm thigh. She leaned over and whispered, “Let’s ditch this Popsicle stand!”

“Bloody good idea Slayer,” he said hastily rising from the table and putting his duster back on, “God I love this coat!”

Buffy quickly realized why. “I see someone wants to come out to play!” she said huskily staring at his midsection. The two quickly ran for the exit and hoped that they would get the first available cab.


The cab driver was oblivious to the two lovers silently caressing each other in the back seat. The cab pulled up to 1630 Revello Drive. The pale blonde paid the fare and scooped his female companion out the door and up to the front porch.

Buffy hastily rummaged through her purse for the keys, all the while Spike kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Um, Spike… I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate a live sex show on the front porch!” She said giggling and opening the front door.

“Fuck’em! I want you naked… NOW!” Spike growled seductively.

Buffy smiled and said,

“Well I think that can be arranged!”

Spike remembered that he had to get upstairs to Buffy’s room to make sure that Willow had done up the room the way he’d asked.

“Buffy… Just wait here a minute… There’s something I have to do first.” He gave her one last kiss before ascending the stairs.

“What? Now? We were just getting… Started!!” Buffy said confused.

“Don’t worry Pet. I’ll be right back!” Spike replied from the landing.

Buffy was curious to know why the vampire was going into her bedroom… WITHOUT HER!

“You have 1 minute ‘William’ before I come up there.” She hollered.

Buffy sat on the bottom steps and started counting

“1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-1000…”

Her body was in need of being close to Spike, just knowing how his lips, hands, tongue and *other* parts of him make her feel, she got up and said,

“Okay loverboy, times up! You better be ready for me!”

She opened her door and saw a shirtless Spike, bathed in candlelight, the whole room had at least a dozen or more candles all aglow and more rose petals strewn about the bed.

“Wow! Spike! God I can’t believe all you have done for me.” Buffy said through teary eyes.

“It’s all for you Buffy.” Spike whispered as he pulled her into his embrace, locking their lips to savor each other’s taste.

Spike slowly started to remove Buffy’s dress; he bent his head to her shoulder, his tongue darting out to her nape and up to her sensitive earlobe.

Buffy took this opportunity to roam her hands across the plains of his chest. Her fingertips dancing lightly over his nipples, teasing them to tiny peaks.

Spike helped Buffy step out of her shoes and moved her back towards the bed.

Buffy was at eye level with Spikes pants, and proceeded to help him with shedding the remainder of his clothing. She could tell by his excitement that it wouldn’t be long before he was inside her.

Spike lay her back on the pillow and began his trail down her body. Her nipples were aching for his touch, her body arched into his caress. His lips and tongue left her begging for more. Spike kissed her belly as his tongue, traced circles around her navel.

He could smell the heady scent of her arousal between her legs, it drove him insane with wanting, but he wanted to please her first before his own need was sated.

Buffy loved the way Spike knew which buttons to press to make her crazy with desire. Her nails raked across his back as Spike’s tongue dove into her sex, she cried out as he worked his magic on her.

Spike tasted her sweetness and he knew that he could drown in her and it would be fine with him.

He crawled up Buffy’s side; he cupped her face in the palm of his hand and kissed her for all he was worth.

Buffy wanted nothing more, than to join together with the man before her. She wanted to feel him inside her, but she wanted to prolong this night as much as possible. She turned him over onto his back and began to lick her way down his body.

Spike lifted his head with desire filled eyes, watching Buffy descend upon his rigid member.

Buffy took small licks across the head of his shaft, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. Her tongue stroked his length before engulfing him completely in her mouth.

“Oh Buffy!” Spike groaned, arching his hips.

Buffy took him in slowly, testing her limits as well as his.

“Shit! AAAHHHH! Buffy, you’d better hold up luv. I wanna save something for later.”

Buffy sat up and stared at the vampire, while grasping his erection and pumping him with slow assured strokes.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?” She asked.

“Come ‘ere” He drawled.

And Buffy obeyed.

The two melded as one, first slowly, inch by inch, her heat surrounded him. Their mouths met, tasting the passion between them. Buffy ground her hips against Spike to totally fill herself. She raised her legs, so Spike could lay them over his shoulders. With this position, Buffy didn’t think she could be more fulfilled.

Spike hissed as Buffy used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his shaft. He knew he would have to ease up if he wanted to last more than 5 minutes.

“Oh God Buffy! The things you do to me!” Spike moaned next to her ear. Spike decided to switch positions, “Here luv, why don’t you drive for awhile?” as he held her and flipped them both over with Buffy on top.

“”Mmmmm, now this is the type of driving that I like to do.” She said as she created her own rhythm.

Up and down, she glided along his cock. Once at the base, Spike would force his hips up to grind against her clit.

“Ahhhh! Buffy moaned. She scratched her nails against his chest leaving welts in her path.

Spike fondled her breasts and nipples; he always liked this position for that reason. He reached down between her legs to massage her clit. He wanted to bring her to the brink.

“Come for me Slayer, take yourself to the edge and let go!”

With the words and the caresses Buffy couldn’t hold back. Her orgasm took over all thought, and she rode the waves as she rode Spike.

Spike took over from his position and started pumping his hips upward as he spilt his seed into her womb.

“FUCK! AHHH!!” He screamed and sat up as he held a panting Buffy, tightly in his arms. Spike tenderly kissed Buffy’s collarbone and lightly brushed his tongue across her jugular. He could sense the strength that flowed beneath the few layers of skin.

“Buffy, you are so amazing. I have never felt the passion that we have in all my lifetimes.” He said staring into her hazel eyes.

“I know… I mean… It is so different with you too… I feel so free and uninhibited when I’m with you.” She replied.

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