tagExhibitionist & VoyeurElysium: The Chair

Elysium: The Chair


Author's Note:

This is kind of a long one, but let her dance, and you'll not be sorry. Thanks.


The Arrival


The anticipation was the worst part. I couldn't decide if I was excited or nervous, but I definitely felt uneasy. The chair I sat in was surprisingly comfortable, given its lack of arm rests. There wasn't much to do but wait.

I stared up at the wall and studied the huge painting above. It was really strange. A tangled web of vines and thorns covered one corner of the piece. A large shiny cocoon hung down to droop against a nondescript surface. The cocoon was split open, with strings of shiny film stretching from the lips of the thing. From this opening a woman was sliding free. Her arms were stretched wide and her breasts rested naturally apart. Her red hair fanned out behind her head.

It was beautiful, but disturbing. It must have been her eyes, those golden slits that seemed so otherworldly. They were like the glazed unblinking stare of a reptile. The wet wings that she lay upon looked thin and veiny like those of a bat. Her skin looked smooth and tender, but the color was too pale, almost translucent. Gazing into the eyes of the woman in the painting was not helping my anxiety.

"Did you see all those cages and glass rooms down at the dance floor?"

We looked at Freddie. He had almost had to yell over the loudly echoing music in the building.

"That stuff was crazy," I said, remembering the chaos of the ground floor.

I could still hear the booming of the music below, even from twenty stories high. The sounds of the ensuing party bounced through the cavernous belly of the club. The interior of the building was hollow. One could stand on the ground floor and look up twenty stories to the ceiling the gigantic chandeliers that hung above. It had been only a few minutes since I had done just that, and it had been a humbling sight.

"There was one platform with a glass cube or something on it," Andy chimed in. He leaned forward in his chair. "Did you see it? There were like eight people in that thing and they were all fucking naked and oiled up, man."

I nodded as the images surfaced in my head. The swirling laser lights and strobes broke the darkness of the dance floor, creating an eerie atmosphere. The crowd swayed and bounced to the thunderous beat. The glass above the swarm was illuminated by pink and blue hues of light. The bodies that had writhed across each other within were glistening wet and naked.

Yet like everything in the club, what was beautiful and arousing was also unsettling. I recalled the women in that glass container, all of whom were completely hairless. No hair. No eyebrows. Strange cryptic markings were on various parts of their body. The men were much the same, though I tried to blink away the images of their dangling pierced cocks.

Freddie and Andy were sitting across the wide corridor from us, leaning close and chatting. I glanced over at Michael, who was busy texting on his phone. Grinning, I leaned in so that he could hear me.

"Stop texting Emily."

Michael glanced up, his hands falling to his lap. He wore the same somber expression that he had the entire drive.

"I think she's pissed, man," Michael said. "We were supposed to have a night out to ourselves and go see a movie."

My smile grew as I shook my head. "She's always pissed, and it's always your night out. Loosen up, man. Have a little fun tonight."

Michael was staring at Freddie, who was laughing at something Andy had said.

"He told you to get me to come along, didn't he?"

I looked at Michael. "No, he wanted to leave your grumpy ass behind. I wanted you to hang out with us."

He gave me a sarcastic grin. "A long ass drive to a strip club? That's the best way to hang out?"

Freddie suddenly flopped down beside Michael. He flashed him a smile.

"I've told you, it's not a strip club." Freddie grabbed him by the shoulder and shook him playfully. "It's the most notorious nightclub on the coast! Have you not fucking looked around since you've been here? This place is a party paradise."

"It's an STD factory," Michael said. "I think I bumped a girl downstairs and got high from her sweat."

Freddie and I burst out laughing.

"And I thought you said our room was on the third floor or something?" Michael asked.

Freddie held up a hand and turned in his seat to face him. "That's where we are sleeping. But we are guests of honor tonight, brother. Through those doors...."

Freddie motioned toward the gigantic wooden doors at the end of the wide corridor. Looking up at the huge entrance made me feel small. The guard in the black suit was still standing motionless by the keypad on the wall.

"That is where we are partying tonight," Freddie continued. "With the rich and the famous, not with that common rabble down there on the dance floor. The Ballroom is strictly V.I.P. and we've got passes."

"Lucky bastard," I chimed in.

Freddie's brown eyes glared playfully in my direction. "Easy, Tate. We're all lucky. I should have made your ass pay for this trip with all that settlement money you got."

I grinned and threw him a bird.

"Can you do me a favor, Mikey?" Freddie said with a big smile. "It's my birthday, so cheer the fuck up and have some fun! Quit worrying about Mrs. Menstrual and chill with the gang for a night."

Michael shook his head, but I saw a smirk forming on his face.

"She hates your guts," Michael told him. "You know that right?"

Freddie winked at him. "Of course, sugar. She thinks I'm a better lover."

I smiled. I had seen Freddie in a better mood, but I couldn't remember when. He'd done nothing but blab about Elysium for two weeks. I glanced at my phone and checked the time. We'd been waiting outside the doors for several minutes. I began to wonder if Freddie had the "hookup" he'd been bragging about.

"Dude," Andy called to us, "I just saw a guy piss off one of the balconies down there!"

I hadn't even seen him leave the corridor, but he was headed back from the walkway of the floor we were on. He approached with a smirk and twinkling green eyes.

"Two security guards jerked his ass up quick though," Andy said. "Apparently copious amounts drugs and sex are allowed here, but pissing off the balcony onto the dance floor is a no go."

"Well, remind me that when we get to the room later on," I said chuckling.

Michael made some quip about the club, but we all turned when we saw the gigantic wooden doors open. A young oriental woman emerged and strutted toward us. The white dress she wore seemed to be painted on her body, capturing her every subtle curve. It was long and elegant, but still provocative. Her shoulders were bare and there was a slit in the dress that rose all the way to her rib.

I choked back a laugh when I saw the slack jawed expression on Andy's face. I couldn't really blame him though. This girl looked flawlessly beautiful. When she came to stand before us, it was hard not to eye the shapes of her nipples beneath the white fabric of her dress. She gave us a perfect red lipped smile.

"Good evening, gentlemen. My name is Mia, your hostess. I apologize for any inconvenience," she said. "For security purposes, we confirm any black key cards with our database. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your stage."

As Mia turned and headed back toward the doors, the four of us exchanged glances. I did not miss the nervousness in Michael's eyes.

Freddie held out his hands. "What'd I tell you? We're in boys."

"Did she say she checked all black key cards?" Andy asked. "Or did she check your key card because you're black?"

"Hey, easy with that shit man," Freddie said with a grin.

Michael sighed. "So we are doing this. This is happening."

I nudged him with my elbow. "C'mon. Can't be that crazy."


The Ballroom


I changed my mind as the four of us stepped through the threshold.

Freddie told us it was called The Ballroom. Apparently, it had been an actual ballroom at one time, seated atop the building's twenty stories. The room was a lot bigger than I would have thought. I'd been to smaller basketball courts. My eyes went up and up, but I never saw the ceiling in the darkness above. Only the multicolored lights gleamed there like stars against a black void of space.

The whole place was awash in an ethereal mixture of glowing light. Hues of lush pink, icy blue, neon green, and haunting purples enveloped everything. A thin fog coated the carpeted floor. With every step the floating waves swept about my feet. I felt instantly at ease. The atmosphere was so soft, so alluring and comfortable. A heavy beat thudded around us, but the music was quite slow, gentle, and erotically soothing.

"Holy. Shit."

We were all thinking it. Andy had merely voiced it.

There were round tables, long rectangular tables, luxurious cushioned booths against every wall, large glowing stages, and a huge bar on one side of the room. All were packed with people. These were not the wild and rowdy bunch we had seen downstairs though. Many wore suits or beautiful gowns. Others wore casual attire, but everyone was dressed for the occasion. It was like a cocktail party. Everyone chatted silently, or turned their eyes to any of the stages about the room.

I was in shock. Freddie was right, this was no strip club. As we followed Mia, weaving through the tables, I soaked in the scene around us one bit at a time. We passed one table in particular with two half clothed people on top of a table. The woman was on her hands and knees with her dress pulled up past her hips. A younger man was behind her, naked from the waist down, thrusting against her pale ass cheeks. The people around the table looked on.

"They... those two work here, right?" I heard myself say.

It was Mia who answered with not so much as a glance toward the table.

"No, they are patrons, probably partaking in a little drinking game that has grown quite popular here."

"I wanna play," Freddie said over his shoulder to us with a grin.

My attention was drawn toward a round stage. The people seated around the platform were in a trance, a spell no doubt woven by the two women dancing above them. I blinked to make sure I was seeing things right. The two women appeared to be twins, and both of their slender bodies were coated with black liquid latex. They writhed around one another like two snakes coiled in a tight embrace. As they did, their hands would slide and caress the other's body.

Then, I saw one of the girls reach around to her sister's chest and clench a handful of her latex coated breasts. The woman pulled until the rubbery film stretched tore free of her sister's chest. As we walked on, the girls on the stage continued to dismantle the other's attire.

I saw a group of men seated at a booth, surrounded by women who were barely clothed. I knew I recognized one of the guys from television, but I couldn't place him. The table in front of them was covered in glasses and large bottles. The surface of the table was mirrored, and I had no doubts as to what the lines of powder were in front of each man.

"Here we are gentlemen."

The four of us stood before a large square stage. The first thing I noticed was the pole mounted at its center that extended into the darkness overhead, where I lost sight of it beyond the glaring colored lights. The surface of the stage glowed a light blue color, and pulsed brightly and waned to dim in constant intervals. The stage was empty. I saw the other patrons chatting and laughing while drinking from tall slender glasses.

"You'll be here at Stage Three," Mia told us politely. "One of our staff should be over in just a moment if you would like a drink or any of our specialty items from the menu."

She motioned with her milky smooth arm to our seats, though it wasn't hard to figure out the four empty chairs at the corner of the stage were ours.

"If you have any questions, or if you should need anything, just tap the red phone icon on your menus."

Mia waited patiently with a thin perfect smile as we took our seats. Michael and I took two of the tall chairs to the left of the stage's corner, while Freddie and Andy seated themselves on the other side.

"Thank you for spending your evening with us in The Ballroom, gentlemen," Mia said. "I believe you have arrived in time to see The Animals perform. Enjoy your evening."

Mia took her leave and almost instantly, Freddie patted the unlit stage surface in front of him.

"Damn! Stage seats, bro!" He said to me excitedly. "I knew Pop had the hookup but I didn't expect to have stage seats!"

I glanced about the room around us, drinking in the atmosphere. The place was like something out of a dream. Normal rules seemed frail in this room. The outrageous and the extreme seemed not only acceptable, but commonplace.

"The Animals," Michael thought aloud. "You think that's like a band or something, Tate?"

I shrugged and leaned on the unlit perimeter of the stage. "I never heard of 'em. But our band never really worked gigs on the coast. Especially not any places like this."

"We need some drinks," Freddie said clapping his hands together. "Where's the menus she was talking about?"

"Um, here," Andy said.

He was staring straight down. Andy made swiping motions with his fingers, his eyes glued to a screen.

"Aw, that's just ridiculous." Freddie grinned and leaned over the surface of the stage's outer edge.

I looked down. When I saw the glossy black square, I tapped it and the screen came to life. I was amazed to find myself tapping and swiping through a digital menu built into the countertop. I mentally voted The Ballroom as the best club that Freddie had ever dragged us to.

"They got Cubans here," Freddie said.

Within minutes, Freddie had ordered our drinks and a huge cigar for himself. He didn't waste the opportunity to flirt with the voluptuous waitress who had only worn pasties in the shape of leaves over her nipples and crotch. She hadn't seemed to mind his palms on her ass and thighs as she bent to deliver our drinks. I noticed how Michael tensed when the woman leaned over him, her breasts inches from his stubbled cheek. I also noted the way he shifted in his seat and adjusted his pants when she'd gone.

Watching him, I chuckled. Michael glanced over at me.

"You seem kinda flustered, Mike," I said.

"Look, it's just a bit weird being here," Michael said. "You guys would probably feel the same if you were married."

I smiled. "Don't play the married card, man, let it go. You're not doing anything wrong."

"I know, I know, it just still feels wrong." He took a drink and set his glass back down with a wince. "Few more of these and I'll be fine."

"You better be, Mikey," Freddie teased. "Quit acting like an old man, dude, you're twenty eight. You won't be old for a whole 'nother two years."

I ignored the clever jab from Freddie that my age was considered old. I furrowed my brow when I saw Andy. He was turned around in his chair staring at the table behind us. I easily recognized the opened mouthed expression on his face.

"Andy, what are you doing?" I asked him.

He didn't turn when he spoke. "This guy is getting a blowjob from that waitress chick back here."

I peered around to see that he was correct. Though it was a bit dark, I recognized the waitress with the leaf pasties. She standing beside an older man who was still seated in his chair. He was pushed away from the table, and the waitress was bent completely over with her bare ass in the air. I couldn't help but eye those long tight legs while she swayed her hips slowly from side to side. The waitress was curling her hand up and down the man's shiny dick while she polished his pink head with her lips.

"Must have been a good tip," Freddie said turning back to our stage. He glanced at Andy, who was still gawking at the scene. "Dude, stop staring. You're being weird."

Freddie was about to say something to me when he was interrupted by the sudden burst of volume of the music.

The light across the room became a dim red glow. We all turned and I saw them emerging from between every table. There were about two dozen of the wild looking people, men and women alike, all dressed similarly.

Their hair was a mess atop their heads, frizzy and tangled. The people were half naked, wearing different types of shredded cloth. The exposed parts of their bodies were smeared with paint or dirt to give them a muddy appearance.

As two of the women strutted behind us, I caught a glimpse of their eyes. They were so creepy. Shades of black had been smeared around their eyes. The finishing touch was the contacts. The women's eyes glowed bright yellow. I felt a hand sliding across my shoulders, and when I looked back I was staring into the feral gaze of a frizzy haired woman with dark skin. She snarled down at me, at which point I saw a set of sharp teeth. They had to have been prosthetic, but the fangs gleamed with salivation.

The beating of the drums was sluggish and heavy, broken by the hiss of a cymbal. For several moments as the women stalked among us stage side, it was the only sound we heard. Then there came the rhythmic thrumming of a bass guitar, chasing the pounding of the drums. An air of darkness and danger traveled with that heavy melody, and the room drowned in the blood red light.

One woman slid onto the stage on her stomach. Her hands clawed slowly across the glowing red stage, her movements matching the rhythm of the music. Her long black hair was in tangles. She wore only mesh leggings that were designed to look like vines climbing her pale legs.

I shot a glance at Michael to gauge his reaction. The feral woman was slithering his way. He was enthralled by her movements. I followed his gaze to the peak of her round ass, which now rose in the air atop her spread legs while her torso lay flat on the stage. Her yellow eyes searched the people by the stage until her gaze fell on Michael.

The vocals began. It was the voice of a woman, deep and lovely, but eerily delivered. The voice laced itself into the booming of the drums and the bass, becoming a perfect contrast to one another. The singing was almost a moan or a single whispery breath. The sound of it alone made my pants a bit tighter.

The other woman, who wore nothing but cheetah printed body paint on her legs and back, was standing before Freddie, eyeing him like a piece of meat. Freddie stroked his thin black goatee and smiled up at her. She extended one long brown leg and draped it over his shoulder in an amazing display of flexibility and balance.

"Holy shit," I said to myself. I couldn't even hear my own words over the deafening bass in the room.

Freddie's hands were already on her leg. He rubbed his hands down the length of her thigh. Her caramel colored flesh was nearly a perfect match for Freddie's skin tone. A slight grin formed on my face when I noticed his eyes staring straight into the feral woman's crotch.

Michael had his eyes full of pussy too. Looking over, I watched the slender woman on the stage slowly open her legs wide like a spider, her feet pawing at the air. Her wild yellow eyes bored through Michael, while he stared straight ahead at the bare mound of pink flesh between the woman's thighs. I felt my dick nod against my jeans.

The girl was right in front of us.

I imagined that I could feel the heat from those luscious lips. The woman knew we were under her spell. She stuck out a long pointy tongue and swirled it around her middle finger until it glistened. She then slid it down her flat stomach and between her fleshy lips.

The music exploded into a faster tempo. Thrashing guitars broke the steady bass tempo as the feminine vocals rose to a scream that shattered the air. The lights went absolutely crazy. Yellows and whites and greens swarmed across everything in the room.

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