tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Enterprise Ch. 05

Emily's Enterprise Ch. 05


It only took a few weeks for the police to bust Trixie, the hooker the partners had set up to operate out of their hotel.

Emily was lying in bed, feeling her twat recover from a reaming Karlo had just given her when she heard a commotion down the hall. Karlo was sound asleep next to her. She stood up and as she went for her panties felt the semen start to ooze. She grabbed Karlo's shorts and shoved them between her legs as a pad, and held in place with her panties. She threw on the dressing gown she kept handy to cover her nudity when she had to go out in the hotel and ran down the hall.

A policeman was leading Trixie out of the door, in handcuffs. Another cop was standing to keep back a small crowd that was forming. Trixie was wrapped in a terrycloth robe and wearing little else. The robe gaped at the front and her ample bosom was on display. When Trixie saw Emily, she gave Emily a surreptitious wink and then started yelling about her rights again. The cop leading her rolled his eyes. Later Trixie told Emily that she could have been let off! She thought the cop would have let her go if she put out for him but her yelling made the bust too publicly visible, so she didn't have to turn him down and make him suspicious. That's why she acted out in the corridor, to make sure they booked her.

"What happened?" Emily asked the officer, knowing perfectly well and having waited for this moment for over a month. Whew, thought the policeman, getting a whiff of Emily's potent scent of fresh come and man crotch. Lady, take a shower! "Ma'am," he said politely, we found a prostitute working out of the hotel. We're taking her downtown. "Oh my," said Emily. "Who would have thought that could happen here? This is a decent place! Well, you have to do your duty!" She turned around and padded back to her room. The policeman looked after her and wondered for a moment if she turned tricks too. Naaah, he thought, she's too skinny and naïve to be a whore. Still, if she didn't stink he'd do her in a second. She's cute!

When she got back to the room (which she suddenly noticed, after being outside in fresher air, reeked of sperm and sweat) she called Kurt and Deidre to let them know that Trixie had been arrested. Kurt was of course ready to act as her lawyer as soon as he got the call and Deidre wanted to know all the details! Finally, she woke up Karlo but first Emily sprayed air freshener in the room and opened a window.

There were many tense meetings around a table at Deidre's nightclub over the next several weeks. Karlo was not one of the partners but as the house bouncer he was vigilant in keeping people away from their table. Kurt had Trixie's bail set up ahead of time. She was arraigned, and Kurt's appearance in the courtroom representing her surprised the prosecution. Why was a high-profile lawyer interested in her case? The prosecutor and even the judge looked annoyed when she pleaded not guilty, since everyone just assumed that this would be a very easy case. A date was set for trial. The prosecution noticed that Kurt was not making any motions or doing any of the usual tactics to keep his client time. It was like he wanted to get to trial as quickly as possible, which was in fact true. Once they got to trial, the reason became clear: Kurt was arguing the most outlandish defense the court had ever heard! Was he serious? How could it be in the best interests of his client to base her case on an untested legal theory -- which nobody in the courthouse could believe when they heard it -- that commercial sex was legal on the property!

What next? Zoning appeals for public nudity? Emily really liked that idea. She went nude pretty much wherever and whenever she wanted now because nobody minded a bit if she stayed nude all day. The church groups left in horror and never came back. Enrique kept a wrap-around dress behind the reception area in case she needed to go out into the lobby or outdoors but otherwise she did most of her work buck naked. She didn't usually dress for business meetings or even when she had appointments with visiting clients for special events, because most of which were swing club parties these days and they liked her that way. All the publicity surrounding Trixie had brought even more swing clubs, sex tourists, and one-nighters - in droves! The organizers just loved to come over to her office and watch her sitting cross-legged in front of them, showing everything she had.

Life was a little restrictive, since she also lived in the hotel where she worked and her boyfriend worked just across the alley at Deidre's club. Sometimes she didn't leave the block or put on clothes for a week, streaking naked across the alley between the hotel grounds and Deidre's nightclub under cover of darkness. But she didn't mind not getting out much because Karlo boned her deep and hard two or three times a day and every day was an adventure at work. The food was good downstairs with the new chef, there was a health club in the hotel, she was meeting lots of attractive people who were saving her time by coming over to her office for some reason, and her big idea was playing out for real! What a rush!

Just as Kurt had predicted, Trixie was convicted. Superior Court ruled that she was in violation of city and state law and threw out the defense. Then things started to get interesting. Kurt filed an appeal on the grounds that the court did not properly consider the defense theory and because the presiding judge had been a little free with clever remarks, he won the appeal and there was a new trial. A stern faced judge delivered another guilty verdict and Kurt appealed again, this time to the state Supreme Court, on the grounds that this was a constitutional issue arising from the foundational laws of the state in 1850. It took months but the Supreme Court of California finally agreed to hear the case! Kurt worked night and day for weeks, letting other work at the firm slide, until he was ready to present oral arguments before the justices in Sacramento on the big day. There were church groups picketing out on the street! Every California daily had reporters there. Even the big Eastern newspapers covered the story! He was eloquent, logical, and lawyerly. The justices asked a hundred questions, so many Kurt almost didn't finish. But both sides got through the arguments without losing their solemn demeanor. The justices retired. In a few months, after serious deliberation, they would hand down their decision.

Three months after arguments were heard, Nuszsaecker called an emergency meeting in his office in downtown LA. As usual, Emily sat naked and cross legged on the conference table, twat on display, facing the window, sunlight streaming on her pale skin. Everyone noticed that since she and Karlo had paired off her she had trimmed her pubic hair into a heart and that her pussy looked a little pinker. The beautiful and voluptuous Deidre was dressed in a tight, very short knit dress with a scoop top that showed her spectacular figure and bosom. She was not even pretending to be business-like anymore because she wanted Nuszsaecker to focus on her, his longstanding mistress, now that his wife was threatening to move out. Kurt and Nuszsaecker's CFO were the only ones in the room fully dressed. Kurt had an erection but the CFO was gay.

Nuszsaecker breezed in and walked toward the head chair, patting Emily's bare shoulder affectionately as he passed. He sat down, facing and looking down at her pussy. He noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair into a heart since the last time he saw her

After a brief pause to enjoy the view, he got straight to the point. "It's all coming down to a roll of the dice. If the Supreme Court goes our way, we're not necessarily golden. We got the only legal brothel outside Nevada in the country and maybe we'll get rich off it. But we could just as easily get slapped with a bunch of lawsuits for giving people VD or false advertising if they don't like the whores or for facilitating felonious paternity if someone gets knocked up under false pretenses. If the Court doesn't go our way, all we've got is a cheap hotel." Emily didn't think that was fair. The hotel was actually making money thanks to her sales acumen and Enrique's tight management. But it wouldn't make billions without prostitution, that's for sure.

"Now I'm rich and you're not." Nuszsaecker continued. "I can take a loss. So I'm going to make you a deal. I'm going to offer you some insurance." What he didn't say was that the rest of them would only lose sweat equity -- and they wouldn't lose much at all because the hotel was actually getting to be profitable - because only his money was tied up in the deal as it was now. Deidre had an idea what was coming. She was right. "I'm going to take a big gamble here. I'll pay you for your share so you can get out now. Now I know Kurt here will do the best he can," Nuszsaecker tipped his head toward the country's most distinguished attorney for the sex industry and defense of vice crimes as if he were a neighborhood divorce lawyer, "but we have to face the fact that it could go against us. I'll buy each of you out for ..." and he named a figure that was very high for 1978. "Now I don't want you to make up your mind right now. But let me know if you want to leave the game while you're way ahead or take your chances!" What he meant was that he saw the prospect of all those billions for himself. A huge resort development, maybe even a theme park, built around the one patch of land where prostitution was legal in the largest and richest state in the US! "And I'll sweeten the deal even more. I promise you that if you sell and -- against all odds," he was laying it on thick, "-- we win, I'll give you high-paying executive jobs in the legal prostitution business so you'll still benefit. If we lose, you'll have your money and I promise that Emily can keep her job at the hotel if she wants it."

The other three partners looked at one another, scowled, and said, at the same time "No way! We're going all the way with this!" and "This is our big chance -- we're not going to lose it!" and, from Emily, "Hey! This was my idea and I'm going to see it through!" Nuszsaecker shrugged. He was expecting this.

"Well, think about it," Nuszsaecker insisted. "This is not a sure thing -- it could go sour on us. I'm offering you big money now and a guaranteed job if it happens, and you don't take any risks later. That's a pretty generous offer!" No it wasn't. He wanted the profits all to himself, of course! He wanted to buy them out now so he would have 100% later. "Well, that's all I have to say. Offer expires at the end of next week. You can all agree and I'll buy you all out now equally at 25% if you all sell together or I'll buy any of you out separately at 20%. Just think about it and call me!" He and his CFO got up to walk out. As he passed Emily he put his hand on her upper thigh and, while it lingered a moment too long, said "Love your new twat!" She was so pleased.

The three remaining partners stayed in the room and looked at each other. They suppressed a giggle while they looked around the room theatrically. Finally Deidre spoke. "Well, Nuszsaecker has something he wants to discuss with me so I'll be staying. His driver will bring me back to the club." Kurt said, "I've got to get back to the office." Then he raised his voice slightly. "And we really have to stick together and reject his offer. This is our idea and we should reap the rewards!" Emily raised her chin and said loudly, "Yes! I feel the same way! Even though I am a young woman and have little money saved, I want to be part of this big and exciting opportunity! It will not come again! Still, I wish I had more cash in my bank account so that I could go back to school and get a degree." When she stopped, they were all quiet and avoided looking in each other's eyes so they wouldn't giggle.

Emily got up and scooted her bare white butt across the conference table to get down. Deidre noticed the steam and a few drops on the glass where she had been sitting and thought maybe Emily was getting aroused. "Are you showing off again today?" asked Deidre. Emily confirmed that they had a porn shoot scheduled for this morning, as long as they were going to be in the building anyway. Emily and Karlo had been models for eight film segments now and four or five times for still shoots for Nuszsaecker's various magazines. She had become an overnight porn star to readers of Oversexed and Underdeveloped. Emily was graduating from just showing herself to wanting people to watch her be sexual!

Karlo came into the room at that moment, saw his girlfriend, and bent down and kissed her, obviously with tongue, and ran his hand over Emily's tits in front of Kurt and Deidre. These crazy kids! Deidre's look seemed to say. Karlo and Emily held hands as they went through Nuszsaecker's executive suite to the clothing-optional elevator and took it to the 14th floor, where who should they encounter in the corridor but Trixie! The girls hugged, breasts touching, and kissed. Trixie's hand lingered on Emily's bare arm as they caught up on news.

"I'm doing a photo shoot," Trixie said, excited, "for a spread in Hooker World on prostitutes who love their work! I'm so excited! It's great advertising!" Trixie had moved out of the hotel after the bust and receiving her financial bonus for a successful arrest under the table. The bust and trial had brought her so much notoriety that she had become the favorite whore of the Hollywood jet set! She was now working as a high-class call girl to the stars. Emily was so glad that things had turned out well for her since the arrest. She looked good, too, wearing tight jeans and an open sweater baring her tits -- no bra. The redhead seemed to have graduated to an E-cup and to have lost a little weight. She looked sexy as hell. Trixie embraced her again and kissed in parting, her hands behind Emily's back gently pushing her modest boobs into Trixie's abundant chest.

Gisella, their regular prep artist and fluffer, was waiting for them, topless as usual, sitting on her usual stool in the prep room outside the studio. Emily greeted her with a deep kiss and a hug, nipple to nipple, that pushed both their breasts out. Emily was surprised when Gisella gave her a second kiss when Karlo wasn't looking.

This was just a photo shoot, so it was relatively simple. After the usual sponge bath, touch-ups, and genital makeup, Gisella laced Emily in a frilly black corset. Emily did not see the point at first, because she was slender to the point of being skinny and her waist was narrow already. Then Gisella was pulled it tight, squeezing her waist and lower chest, making her form into an impossibly severe hourglass and pushing her up so high it looked like she had real tits and could spill out. Her nipples were showing over the top. Emily felt like she couldn't take a breath -- at first it was frightening! Then she learned to take little short breaths but that made her lightheaded. It was such a new experience, though. She felt like her body was being used like a dress-up doll. It was so hot that people wanted to look at her that way!

She could barely walk and finally she sat down, spread legged, on the high stool, leaning over slightly to breath. She felt like her body shape was completely controlled by another person, for their selfish pleasure! That idea was so hot!

Karlo was dressed like a late Victorian gentleman, although he was too large and muscled to look like the effete aristocrat they had in mind when the writers wrote the script. The only thing unusual about his costume was that his pants were cut away at the crotch, so his cock and balls were exposed. When he saw Emily dressed in the corset, his penis swelled up while the two young women watched. He loved the extreme look of her, with that new tiny waste and a new look to the tits he already loved. He was fully erect in no time!

In the studio the lights went on. The photographer had arrived and was ready for them. Gisella led Emily and Karlo into the studio, where the stage was set with furniture to look like an English or French drawing room. At the center was a "day bed", one of those heavily upholstered couch-chairs that women used to lie on all day, fanning themselves. Emily knew perfectly well that she was going to be on that bed, with a penis inside her, orgasming within an hour, with people watching! It made her pant more to think of it and that made her feel short of breath again. The lights felt hot on the bare skin of her shoulders and her tits.

But first, Gisella put them through their paces. She started with Emily sitting back in a chair with her hips thrust out and Karlo kneeling in front of her, concealing his genitals from the camera for the moment, staring at the beauty of her pubes while he pushed her legs apart with his hands. He took a deep breath, inhaling her fragrance. He kissed her once in the groin, then many times, and started to lick around but not on her pussy and kiss her mound all over until he heard her moan a little. Then he took each of her labia in his mouth and sucked for a minute or two, pulling them back and watching them snap back into place. He took them between his fingers and pulled them apart, so the entrance to her vagina was unobstructed. He took another deep breath, of her essence. Then he pushed his tongue as deep into her as he could and tasted her still-scanty secretions to test her. He knew from experience that this particular taste meant that she was ready for the next step. Emily had her eyes closed and her hands under her breasts, trying in vain to help herself take a deep breath as the hot lights warmed her face, thighs, and exposed upper breasts.

Emily jumped a little when Karlo ran his tongue over her clit hood - it was so delicious! He burrowed the tip of his tongue right over the little pearl and then back down to her tunnel, then back up again. Then he concentrated on her clit for a very long time, making her squirm with pleasure -- in that tight corset she felt like she was being squeezed into his mouth! She juiced and he could feel the texture and taste of her secretions change.

He picked Emily up and laid her down on the day bed. She was gasping now, both from excitement and trying to take a full breath. He loomed over her, his exposed cock long and very hard, in a well-practiced move he mounted her and she took it. It was heavenly for Karlo -- very wet and very tight, even tighter than usual, because Emily was a small woman and her internal organs were being pushed down. It was a funny sensation for Emily, too -- she felt that her pelvis was even more stuffed than usual because the tight corset was pushing her organs down and his big cock was pushing them back up! She felt lightheaded because she couldn't breathe easily. Her nipples, pushed up and over the top of the corset, were rubbing on the satin of his elegant waistcoat. Then the photographer made a sign to Karlo and they shifted position so that Emily was on top (and easier to film). He liked that because he could see her extreme, altered figure better and hold her narrowed waist in his hands. Sitting up also made it a little easier for her to breath, especially on her upstroke when she was pulling away from him. They fucked that way for a while and Karlo could see that she was very close. He pushed her up and off and got behind her in the doggie position. Emily thought she might go unconscious for a moment but she had an orgasm instead -- intense, deep, strange, and very different! Karlo felt her vagina contracting around him and lost it himself, flooding her with his big load and watching the white foam form as he churned it before his erection softened.

When Emily became aware of her surroundings again, she was lying on her back, gasping for breath. She remembered Karlo lying on top of her and being turned over. Someone had spread her legs. The photographer had moved in for a close up because the semen was running out of her now, helped along, she thought, by pressure in her pelvis from the constricting corset. It was running between her legs and dripping onto the brocade of the day bed, forming a clear white puddle. Karlo was standing behind the photographer, looking dazed, and Gisella was carefully wiping off his penis clean with a moist towelette. "Will someone get me out of this thing?" Emily wailed. When Gisella was done with Karlo, which involved licking his member to be sure she had not missed anything, she came over and got Emily out of the constricting garment. Emily took deep breaths for a long time before she felt she had enough air.

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