Emily's Summer Vacation

byDavid Phillips©

She came around to the large fence that surrounded the mud wallow. He couldn't see me from here, but if I acted like I didn't know he was there..., she jumped up onto the fence, ...and walked along it, balancing with my arms like a tight rope walker...

Emily crept along the top of the fence like a cat, she could do this in her sleep. She glanced up at him quickly, he hadn't seen her yet. She started whistling quietly to herself as she turned around to go back.

On her second trip back she noticed he was looking at her now, and she tried to look surprised as she smiled and looked up. Big mistake. Emily slipped on some duck shit, and fell into the mud hole in a big brown splash.

Why did she have to wear her light blue checkered Gingham dress today she wondered, it was ruined. She heard laughter approaching.

"I'm sorry Miss Emily, that was the funniest thing I've seen all summer," Roy smiled heartily, and climbed in to help her up.

"Oh pooh," she said as she slapped her hands down, splattering mud everywhere. She looked up at Roy, and noticed she had splashed him. She also looked at him for the first time up close. He was very handsome.

Big brown eyes and an easy smile were framed by sandy brown hair, wet with a hard days work. He held out his hand to her.

She had second thoughts. Emily took his hand, and with all her might, pulled him down into the mud with her. She jumped on top of him in his confusion.

"I thought Uncle John fired you," she smiled as she plopped a handful of mud onto his chest, and started rubbing it in. "I'm really glad you're still here," she nodded as she traced a finger into his chest. "What's your name?"

Roy laughed a little at this gorgeous girl straddling his waist and drawing on his chest. She was so fast, he didn't know what hit him. "Roy, Miss Emily."

"Roy," she rolled his name around in her mouth. "You don't have to call me Miss Emily, and you don't have to worry about anything. I won't tell anyone." Emily started rubbing her excited mound against his hardening cock. She started writing her name on his muddy chest.

"Tell anyone what, Emily?" Roy couldn't help but get hard. He could feel her heat through his pants, and her fingers on his chest was no help at all.

"What we're going to do, silly," she twisted both of his nipples as she laughed. He tried bucking her off but Emily was staying put.

Roy couldn't believe what he was hearing. For a month now this girl drove him nuts, and she was throwing herself at him on his last day. This was perfect. He no longer had to fear for his job, and could indulge himself. He'd be miles away before anyone found out.

But he was still quite angry at having been fired. If it weren't for her, I'd still have a job, he thought hotly. Oh, we're going to do something alright, but I'm taking a little something with me. He decided to give Emily everything he had, and then some.

Emily felt his approval hardening, then started writing something else on his chest.

Roy could feel every letter this time. The unmistakable 'F', the broad sweeping 'U', the sensual 'C', he felt her spell out what she wanted him to do.

Emily looked down at what she had written. FUCK ME! She had just picked up that word recently from reading Lady Chatterly's Lover, and smiled at it proudly. She bent down to give him her first kiss.

Her ruby red lips parted as she closed her eyes. Her passion drove her as she seemed to know just what to do. Their hot lips met, and meshed in a tangle. She ground her hips against his huge bulge, as he slipped in his tongue. Emily wasn't afraid of it in the least, so they swirled their tongues together. Suddenly she thought of something she had seen once.

"I want...to suck...your cock," she said breathlessly through wet kisses. Here was another word she picked up from Lady Chatterly's lusty game warden.

Roy flopped his head back down in the mud, as he felt her hands search for his cock. She squeezed it tentatively, and smiled at him, her eyes glimmered in the sunlight. She climbed off, and helped him to his feet. They kissed again as she pushed him backwards against the wooden fence.

Once there, she fell to her knees in a splash. Anticipating the moment of seeing her own first cock, she licked her lips. She had seen penises in medical journals, and of course the magicians. She remembered every move Becky Molson made as she sucked on his "wand".

Emily unzipped his pants and reached in, it wasn't hard to find. His pole was hot and huge as she pulled it from his pants with a struggle. It's much bigger than the one Becky got, that's for sure, Emily admired. She smiled at it as she turned it over to inspect it.

It was hard, and veiny with a big shiny head. As she lifted it up to look underneath, it slipped out of her hands and landed on her arm. What she saw shocked her. It was the same size as her forearm!

"Oh my goodness," Emily sighed as she grabbed hold of his shaft.

She's never done this before, Roy thought, I'll let her figure it out, then I'll "help" later, heh, heh. He waited.

Emily kept a clear picture of Becky in her mind as she tried to imitate her movements. She grabbed onto the length of his cock, her fingers barely touching, and kissed the very tip. She kissed all over the head, before licking it. She wanted to watch his reaction, to make sure she was doing it right, so she looked deeply in to his eyes.

They closed tightly as she closed her mouth over the head. Then opened wide as she began sucking deeply on it. Emily stroked his cock with both fists as she started twisting her head on the end of it. She opened her mouth, and swirled her tongue over the head and down the long shaft, kissing it on the way back up.

Maybe she has done this before, Roy smiled. "Oh Emily, that's so good, oh oh oh..." He watched as she opened her mouth wide and started swallowing his cock. She looked determined to get as much as she could, her focus changed from his eyes to the sweaty, matted hair at the base of his cock.

Emily had a very competitive spirit, she had to have one to prove herself to all the boys in town. She saw this big cock as a challenge, and she was damned if she was going to let a boy get the best of her.

Her cheeks bulged slightly as she pushed more in. The spit she won so many contests with was dripping out of her mouth now, and ran along the bottom of his cock. If Becky can do this, I can, she assured herself. She had made swallowing that magicians cock look so easy, but it was considerably smaller than Roy's.

She cleared her mind of all distractions, and relaxed her throat muscles as much as she could, and pushed. Drool bubbled past her lips, as she came very close to the end. She gagged, and felt a little defeated.

Now I'll help, Roy thought as he put his strong hands behind her head, and pushed. "You can do it, yeah Emily, suck that cock!" He pulled her head back for a breath.

"Don't stop me, I'm almost there!" Emily replaced her mouth quickly. She tried harder this time with her slight oxygen high, but still gagged. Roy came to the rescue, again.

I hope this doesn't mean he thinks he wins, because we're not through with this. She stretched her lips as far as they could go to accept the last inch.

With the last barrier broken, Roy tightened his grip on her head. "I knew you could do it! Now here comes the fun part." He slid her mouth back, and pumped it slowly back in, all the way to his sweaty pubic hairs.

The musky aroma filled Emily's nose as she rubbed her nose against his wet bush. Her spit dribbled from his nut sack and collected on the straight wiry hairs.

He pulled her back again, and built up a slow, steady rhythm. Her drool hung low and dripped wetly onto the mud. Roy slid her all the way back, with just the head in her mouth, and then back down, seating her lips tightly against the base. Roy then took his cock completely out of her open mouth and pulled it back, bridging with wetness.

"Come on, I'll race you to the barn," she said with strands of droll dripping from her chin. She stood up and skipped away slowly, looking back at him. Roy's pants were around his knees as he tried seriously to beat her.

No way in hell am I going to let him beat me, Emily's pussy quivered with anticipation. No no pussy, I don't trust you yet, you could get me into trouble, she scolded. Emily had plans to go to college in the fall. She wanted to be a doctor, and wasn't going to stop until she was one. But in today's male dominated medical field, she would probably only be a nurse. Stupid boys, she fumed.

She reached the door just before he did so she could see the look on his defeated face. He didn't look very defeated when he kissed her deeply, and opened the barn door like a gentleman.

Several bales of hay were stacked along the walls, as sunlight brightened the gloom of the barn. Emily pushed some bales together, and got a horse blanket to lay over it. She remembered a spare tin of lard she hid in the corner. She brought it back, and sat down beside Roy.

"I want to you to fuck my asshole, Roy," Emily said brightly as she opened up the tin with a sly grin.

"Excuse me?" Roy had never done that before. He grew up in the city, and had sex several times before leaving to look for work. But no woman would willingly submit themselves to such torture, he concluded. He looked at his cock and her hands lubricating its girth.

"Are you sure?" He asked skeptically.

She nodded, "Very sure. I've been practicing with ears of corn for the last month. Thinking of you..." She blushed slightly, as she stroked him back to rock hardness. "But you're much bigger than corn." She remembered her fleeting interest in the horse and decided she was much better off with a human cock.

She stood up and removed her dress, falling to her feet in a dirty heap. Her full breasts jiggled slightly, as she slipped out of her panties and unbuckled her black shoes. She squatted to remove his muddy work boots, and pulled off his pants. Emily climbed onto the hay bed and pointed her ass at him, after handing him the tin.

"Can you get me ready please?" She asked politely as she spread her ass wide. She wondered if she shouldn't do it herself, so he wouldn't think he had the advantage. But Emily realized she was looking forward to a new hand, as her asshole relaxed with a mind of it's own.

Roy greased up a few fingers and inserted one. It slid in quite easily. He heard a little gasp as he added a second. He twisted knuckle deep into her pink hole. She needs another I think, thought Roy. She's going to need it.

"Oh yeah, that's it, get me ready for that big cock." Emily pushed back against the farm boy's three fat fingers. It hurt some, but nothing compared to what was about to come. Emily couldn't wait any longer.

"Give it to me now stud," Emily looked back at him and the cock he was stroking towards her tiny hole.

Roy guided the tip gently against the barely stretched opening. It still looks like a tight fit, he thought. But she wants it, and I am going to give it to her. As the flared head disappeared behind the veil of flesh, Emily shuddered with a squeal.

"Oh, good fucking heavens," was all Emily could say as he carefully inserted his cock deeper. Her right hand moved to her sopping pussy and massaged her clit. She wanted more. Emily gave her pussy two fingers to play with as Roy's cock invaded steadily.

Roy lifted his left leg onto the bale bed, and pulled Emily's hips back towards his impaling skewer. She shrieked with delight as she felt her ass widen to new dimensions. He looked down to see more than half of his plow tilling her back forty. Roy pulled out slightly, then plunged ahead slowly but strongly.

"Oh Jesus Fucking Christ! Fuck my ass, yeah!" Emily was clearly over the rainbow as she blasphemed in the highest. She felt Roy pull her hips as the painful bliss in her asshole increased. She knew she could handle it, and would never let a boy think he had the better of her, ever.

"Deeper, give me all of it!" Emily was fighting for control, but she was losing. "Harder, give it to me harder!" She couldn't believe she just said that.

Roy threw caution to the wind, and stopped pulling his punches. Emily squealed like a pig while Roy drove his cock in at a furious pace. He looked down at the beautiful ass that he was drilling so mercilessly. She had plump buns, and they jiggled with every thrust. He spanked her ass as he picked up the pace to a quick gallop.

"Oh God, yes! Do that again!" Emily voice was barely understandable through the horse blanket. "My sweet lord!" Emily's voice shrieked as she felt a series of reddening slaps on her ass. Roy's powerful thrusts, and huge cock had left her weak, but she still hadn't given up control. "OH GOD, FUCK ME!" She screamed, genuinely wanting more.

Roy put his strong hands on her shoulders and pulled her back mightily. The fuck thrusts were so intense, their bodies slapped wetly as Roy's fat balls slapped Emily's pussy to a messy drool. Then he saw her braided pony tails flailing with every jolt and couldn't resist.

He grabbed her pony tails and pulled back. Emily screamed, but more from the intensity of the moment than the pain in her head. Roy continued with a determined clench of his teeth, sweat running off of his forehead.

Emily was definitely not in Kansas anymore as she came to a place not yet imagined. But she knew it could be better. She motioned for him to stop, and turned over to pull her legs back. She stretched her legs out straight and put them behind her shoulders. Roy's jaw dropped.

"Now fuck me for real, I'm through playing games." Emily looked up at him seriously and flushed with excitement. Oh my god, what am I doing? He's going to hurt me wonderfully, she thought as he mounted her and aimed his cock.

Roy spread his legs underneath him and pushed his plow deep into her corn hole. Emily bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tightly, as his cock slid in nuts to butts. His arms rested on his fists close at her side.

He pulled out, leaving her hole gaping and wanting, then slid it back in one steady stroke. Like a locomotive, Roy slowly built back his previous rhythm and watched Emily's face distort and grimace in intense pleasure.

Emily's right hand was giving her clit a good rubbing as she approached the deepest abyss she had ever faced. She looked over the edge with a piercing scream... and jumped off.

Roy's fire was stoked as he drove his Great Northern into her dark tunnel at breakneck speed. He felt his impending orgasm tickle his brain, and the hairs on his neck stand up. He wanted to give Emily a little going away present.

Roy pulled his cock out of Emily's ass, and leaped to her face. Her eyes opened wide as she saw Roy pointing his cock straight at her. She remembered what happened to Becky. God what a mess, she recalled. But Becky seemed to love the pearly white stuff, and happily let him shoot it on her face. She made sure to eat every drop, and even licked it off her lolly-pop.

Emily was determined not to let herself down, and opened her mouth wide as she closed her eyes tight. The next thing she knew, her face was being pelted in a hail storm of smoking hot semen.

Roy straddled Emily's chest and exploded all over her face. His head flew back in a whooping holler as a tornado sized orgasm wracked his body. Stream after salty stream erupted from his cock, and splattered onto Emily's beautiful face.

His orgasmic convulsions released his load entirely, but he kept pumping. It felt like there was more. Then he felt her warm mouth suck his cock in deeply, and strongly. Her tongue probing hard against his now sensitive head.

Emily had read about this point in a man's orgasm, where it was very uncomfortable to have the tip touched afterwards. This was her way of going out on top, because he had to withdraw or go insane.

It was too much for Roy. "Aaahh, shit!" He pulled his softening cock from Emily's vacuum like mouth. "O.K., O.K., you win, I give up!" He fell down next to her and looked at her face. It sparkled and glowed in the daylight that filtered in from the loft window.

Emily wanted him to be the first to speak, so she raised up, and rested her head on her palm. She smiled broadly as her fingertips played with her pony tail, waiting. Cum droplets formed at the end of thick strands, and splattered on the horse blanket. It was so quiet you could hear several audible "plops".

"Emily..." Roy began. "That was incredible. No one has ever fucked me like that." He wanted to kiss her, but he was afraid of the goo.

Emily beamed victorious as Roy broke the silence. She liked that he felt fucked and not that he did all the work. She wanted to kiss him but could tell he wasn't sure about the mess, so she wiped her lips clean and sucked it off her fingers with a swirling tongue. Sissy can't handle a little semen, huh? She thought briefly.

Emily kissed him with that swirling tongue, and if he tastes his own cum, too bad, she thought . She found she liked the taste of his semen. It was definitely a unique flavor, and it did taste like sex, but it had a strange effect on her mouth.

How can I be hungry for this stuff? Emily thought as she sat up and scooped it all into her mouth with a finger. She saw Roy's reaction, as he flopped back on the hay bed and covered his eyes with disbelief.

"Aaagh, my word Emily! You definitely take the cake, I will never forget you." He choked near the end as he remembered he had to leave, and didn't know where he was going.

Emily witnessed his struggle in his expressions and body language. Maybe winning isn't the important part after all, she reflected. She was a woman after all, even if she did grow up around boys, and was surprised that it hadn't occurred to her sooner. She soon felt the pain he was feeling, and lay down in front of him.

"Roy," she stared into his face, "as long as you remember me, I'll always be with you. And if you ever find your way back towards town, you may find me. I am going to college in the fall, but it's not far..." she smiled and hoped she pressed her point.

Roy felt the tip enter his heart, and brightened. He vowed to himself that he would come back and marry her, if she would have him. She may not want that, he thought, but I'd love to just be around her. She's perfect.

They realized they fucked almost the entire day away. They only had a little while before everyone came back, so they put the bales and blanket back, and got dressed. Emily didn't have anything else to do, so she decided to help Roy catch up on his final chores.

They were having a contest to see who could throw the most hay, and it was pretty even, but Emily thought he wasn't trying very hard. Maybe I'll let him let me win, this time, thought Emily.

The sun was going down in a golden red haze on the horizon, when far down the long dirt road they saw headlights. They would be here in a few minutes.

"Hurry, we only have a minute." Emily grabbed his big hand and ran to the other side of the barn. She wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed. Emily looked up into his handsome face, and said, "Kiss me now, or else it will be too late."

Roy pulled her tighter and pressed his strong lips against her soft red mouth. They said goodbye as sweetly as anyone could imagine. Emily broke, and ran inside before the trucks got too close. She looked out the kitchen window as Roy returned to wrap up the last few bales of hay. The first truck pulled up to block her view of her first love.

Emily ran to her room to see him, but he was gone. Where did he go? She didn't see him again for some years later.

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