tagLoving WivesEmmy's Birthday Surprise

Emmy's Birthday Surprise


For my wife's 54th birthday, I surprised her with something we had talked and fantasized about for several years. This birthday she was receiving the undivided attention of 2 men. My reward would be to watch her completely used and abused.

Here's the standard "who we are" info. I'm 60 and though still active can't give Emmy what I used to and what any 2 guys still can. Emmy is still a stunner at 54. She's 5'7", C-cup breasts that still look and feel great, a great ass that begs for attention and a puffy lipped pussy that is oh so accommodating. All this on a set of long legs that any 30 year old would be proud to have. After 4 kids she does have a slight belly, but it's firm due to our gym sessions. Her half Irish-half Asian ancestry gave her a wonderful olive complexion along with her black hair (short) and brown eyes, all complemented with a full pouty-lipped mouth.

I had been trying to figure out how I could find 2 younger guys that I wouldn't have to worry about. Sometimes things just fall into place. While we were at the gym one evening, I was finishing up my routine and watching my sexy wife across the room on a treadmill. Her breasts were moving so enticingly that I started to get hard. She refused to wear a sports bra because it felt too confining. Good thing I had a towel in my hand to cover this predicament. While I was watching I noticed Jim and Ron enter and say Hi to Emmy. Not seeing me, they stopped and made small talk. All the while her breasts were bouncing for them and she had flirty smile on her face.

I moved into the dressing area so they wouldn't see me. A few minutes went by before I heard them say bye to Emmy and head for the dressing room. I quickly stepped into the last stall. I was curious if they would make any comments about her. It began almost as soon as they entered. Thinking they were alone they began making comments about what a sexy older woman she was and how they wouldn't mind getting to know her much better.

Jim said, "The hell with getting to know her better. I would like to flat out fuck her."

To which Ron responded, "I would love to have those pouting lips of hers wrapped around my cock. Well I guess we can both keep dreaming."

We were both familiar with Jim and Ron as we had run into each other at the gym over the last year and occasionally into one or the other around town. They were both mid-to-late 30's professionals in reasonably good shape. Jim was a light skinned black man while Ron was red headed Irish looking. They looked to be about 6' or so tall. I felt my search had ended.

I exited the stall to their immediate embarrassment. Before they could say anything, I said, "I'm in total agreement with you both. How would you like to have your, mine and Emmy's fantasies come true?"

They both looked at me strangely until I explained my plans for her birthday. After I convinced them I was serious, they became very enthusiastic. I explained that the surprise was about a month away on a Friday night. That way if things went well, it could continue into Saturday. I told them that until then every time they saw her at the gym, I would make myself scarce and they were to flirt with her as much as she would allow. As for the "big event", anything goes so long as Emmy agrees. I expected them to use and abuse her until she couldn't stand up or better yet, until she passed out. Even then they could continue if they were still up to it. Need I mention that they eagerly agreed?

Over the next month they were true to my request. They would stop and flirt with Emmy every chance they could; helping with a routine in such a way that their hands would accidentally brush a breast or her ass, staring at her bouncing breasts on the treadmill.

While watching TV one evening, I asked Emmy about all the attention she seemed to be getting from Jim and Ron and she just chuckled and said, "They're just being helpful. They're both nice guys." By the look in her eyes and the smile on her lips I could tell she was definitely thinking more than that. I asked her if maybe they were coming on to her. She replied that they were at least 20 years younger than her. What could they possibly see in her that would interest them?

"Why my little slut, you're thinking about the possibilities aren't you?

"Oh yes! I've been checking them out too. They seem to be packing some meat in those trunks. I'd love to have those cocks all to myself."

Well that did it for me. I pulled my pants done and freed my hard 6 ½ inches and told her to get over here. She smiled and knelt down between my legs. Taking my cock in her hand, she began to stroke it while licking the head. I told her not waste time and just get to it. She lowered her head to engulf me while playing with my nut sack. Her head began to bob up and down. Every so often she would look up at me and give me a cock filled smile. She knows that seeing her puffy lips wrapped around my cock always gets me going. In no time she was swallowing everything I could give her. She licked me clean and got up and dropped her sundress. As usual she wasn't wearing anything under it. She then lay down on the couch with her legs spread. I could see she was already wet.

"Come and do your slut," she said while playing with her pussy.

As I lowered my head to her, I looked at her inviting pussy. She was completely shaved which made her brown inner lips even more pronounced. They were about 1 ½ to 2 inches long and I love to pull and chew on them. As I got closer her wonderful scent told me how aroused she was. Moisture glistened along her slit. I spread her lips and stuck my tongue in as far as I could and was rewarded with a shudder from her. Her clit is on the small side and hard to keep captured at times, but is sensitive enough that licking or rubbing will bring her off. As I teased her clit my fingers played with her lips. As she got closer I played with her puckered asshole until she began to crest. I than shoved 2 fingers into pussy and sucked hard on her clit. She grabbed my head, tensed and moaned thru her climax. I gentling continued to lick her pussy until she relaxed.

The day finally arrived. I had told Emmy we were staying in Friday night and I had a surprise for her.

"What's so special about you wanting to fuck me? It's my birthday. Don't I have a say in this", she smiling asked.

"Just indulge me. You'll enjoy your surprise."

The guys showed up at 7pm as planned. They were both dressed in their gym shorts and tank tops. I thought that would be appropriate to continue the flirtation and it also made for fewer clothes to remove.

"Oh my. You just know I love red hair and chocolate. This is a great surprise. Are you guys really sure this is what you want?"

The guys gathered her in a hug and wished her happy birthday. At my insistence she was only wearing a short silk robe. Their hands were roaming freely over her body while they were taking turns kissing her. Ron had is hand between Emmy's legs cupping and squeezing her mound. Jim had one hand on her ass and was suckling on an exposed nipple. Emmy had a hand between both there legs, squeezing their cocks.

I broke in and suggested we move to the master bedroom since it is the largest room in the house. We all had a great view of the Emmy's butt cheeks as we followed her upstairs. I let the guys know that my part in tonight's events was as a spectator only and that Emmy would let them know what she wanted. Everyone seemed fine with that.

"So tell us what you want Emmy" Jim said.

She replied, "We can be nice later. Right now I just want you both to use me. Make me your slut. Only one thing, I don't like to waste cum so I want all your cum in not on me."

"Then get on your knees and start using that mouth like the slut you are. I want to see that mouth balls deep around my cock," said Jim.

With a smile on her face she knelt down before her young black master and pulled his shorts down. As he stepped out of them, his still flaccid yet impressive cock slapped her face. It was already at least 6 inches long. His nut sack hung down about 5-6 inches. She grabbed his cock with one hand while hefting his balls in the other. Murmuring how much she was going to love this taste of chocolate, she took it in her mouth to the root. As her tongue and lips began their magic Jim's cock started to come alive. Pretty soon, to keep from choking, she began to bob her head back and forth. After a minute or so of this, she pulled her mouth off to admire what she had done. Jim's cock was an impressive 9 inches long and about 3+ inches thick. That monster would be visiting some virgin territory tonight. Emmy went back to work. At full hardness, Jim's cock was stretching her lips, but my slut gave it her all.

Meanwhile Ron had removed his shorts and was sporting 7 inches of cock meat about 2 inches thick. His low hanging nut sack also held the promise of full cum loads. He knelt down behind Emmy and slid her robe down. He now had access to her lovely breasts from behind, which he began to fondle roughly. When he pinched her already hard nipples, she moaned and worked faster on Jim's cock. Her nipples show off her Asian ancestry. They are brown, fat and puffy and very sensitive. Ron ran one hand down the crack of her ass and found her puckered asshole. He slowly worked a finger in and butt-fucked her to the rhythm of her bobbing head on Jim's cock.

After about 5 minutes of this Jim said he was going to cum and she better not miss a drop. She just smiled around his cock and kept pumping him. As Jim tensed up, I could see her throat working as she swallowed his cum.

"I've fantasized about this for some time and let me tell you bitch, I'm far from done with you."

"God I hope so."

Ron took Jim's place and unceremoniously shoved his cock into Emmy's mouth by grabbing her head on both sides. He started to fuck her mouth and just held her head in place. Emmy had hold of his ass cheeks to keep her balance and just kept up with his rhythm.

"Look at me bitch. I want to watch you swallow."

As Emmy complied Ron sped up his pumping. Emmy had a hard time breathing, but kept up with him. Her saliva was running down her chin. With that cock pistoning in and out of her mouth and her hands full of Ron's ass, she couldn't have looked sluttier. From the previous assault and now Ron's, her lips were already red and swollen.

"Here I come!"

Ron stopped and held her head so her nose was buried in his belly. For the 2nd time in about 15 minutes a load of cum was flowing down my wife's throat. As before, she slowly used her tongue to clean the cock that had just used her. Her smile was dazzling.

Our bed is about 36 inches high allowing Emmy to be fucked while she either lies on its' edge or bends over it. Jim seemed to notice this. His cock had recovered and was ready for more of my slut.

"Bend over the bed and show me your ass."

She wasted no time. It was obvious she wanted some cock quick. Her wet pussy and puckered asshole were on display for all to enjoy.

"Tell me what you want, bitch."

"Fuck me with that black monster now."

Jim held his cock and rubbed it up her slit spreading her lips and then trailed it up to her puckered rosebud. She moaned and pushed back against him. He repositioned his cock at her pussy and slowly pushed it about half way in. Emmy moaned in pleasure and asked him to give her all of it. Jim pulled out and positioned himself for his assault. He grabbed her by the hips and shoved all 9 inches in and held himself there. Emmy wailed and moaned. Her pussy lips were extended around Jim's monster.

"God, that feels so fucking incredibly full. Fuck me hard and don't stop."

Jim was more than happy to comply. He began to slam in and out of her so hard it looked like she was ready to pass out. Instead, she was slamming her ass back to meet his thrusts and yelling at him to fuck her harder.

Ron and I were watching this display in awe. Ron was stroking himself and getting ready for the next round.

After about 20 minutes, Emmy was whimpering incoherently and no longer pushing back. She was laying there like a rag doll while being furiously fucked by Jim. Jim grabbed her ass and told her he was going to unload in her. After a few more monster thrusts, Emmy's pussy was full of another man's cum for the first time. He kissed her on the neck and told her she was a good little slut and he would fuck her anytime she wanted. She barely had enough strength to smile. When he pulled out of her, her pussy was raw and gaping. Cum didn't leak out of her, it flowed. Jim gently wiped her with a towel. He then scooped up a finger full of his cum and fed it to Emmy. She sucked and then licked his finger clean.

"That was the best fuck ever. I love your black cock."

After everyone had a quick drink, Ron had her bent back over the bed. He worked his cock into her abused and sloppy pussy. While slowly pumping her he began to play with her asshole. He liberally applied KY into her puckered back door and then began to force his thumb into it. Having both holes filled was a new feeling for Emmy. She began to moan again.

"I want to feel your cock in my ass. I can't wait to feel the fullness."

Ron worked his other thumb into her ass while grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. He now had both thumbs in her ass and his cock in her pussy. When he felt she was stretched and lubed enough, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed the head at her asshole. "Just relax", he told her and then slowly leaned into her forcing the head of his cock into her receptive ass. Once he had the head in, he simply slammed the rest of his cock into her ass nuts deep. Her shriek could have woken the dead. He waited a minute to give her time to adjust to his thickness and then reached beneath her to grab her breasts. Now he got serious, pistoning into her while mashing her breasts even more than they already were by the bed.

"Ugh...fuck me ...fuck my ass...you bastard."

After about 10 minutes, he grabbed her ass and began to smack first one cheek and then the other without ever missing a stroke. About the time Emmy's ass was bright red, he grabbed her hard and shot his load into her bowels. When he pulled out, Emmy surprised us all by dropping to her knees and taking his slimy cock in her mouth. She took her time cleaning his cock. When she finished, Jim wanted her to bend back over the bed so we could all see what a true slut she was. Her abused holes gaped at us. Cum was leaking out of both. In a nasty perverted way, she was quite a sexy sight.

Jim told her to go clean herself up and then come back for more. Shortly we heard the shower running. Jim and Ron both thanked me and told me what a great fuck Emmy was. They thanked me for giving them this opportunity. I assured them that she was as pleased as they were since they had both touched virgin parts in her. Just keep her going as long as you want.

"Are you guys talking about me? You both hurt me so damn good. Hope you're not done."

The guys were both sitting on the bedroom sofa slowly playing with their cocks. Jim told her to come here and get him ready. Emmy knelt between his legs and took his cock in both hands and took the head into her mouth. With just his head in her mouth, she began to stroke him until his cock was ready for her. She then stood up, turned around, straddled his legs and lowered her pussy unto Jim's 9 inches. She was ready for him this time as she sank into his lap. Ron saw his opportunity and got up to stand in front of her. He pushed her head down toward his waiting cock. Emmy wrapped her arms around Ron's ass to keep her balance and slowly swallowed his 7 inches.

Jim just sat there occasionally smacking her ass while Emmy slowly fucked herself with his thick cock. Ron and Emmy worked together to get a rhythm that kept her mouth full of his cock. The guys took turns squeezing her breasts and pulling and pinching her nipples.

Emmy was the first to cum. The multi-stimulation was finally too much for her. She slammed down on Jim's cock, held herself there and shuddered thru another orgasm. When she calmed down, Ron began to fuck her mouth some more and quickly followed with another cum dump down Emmy's throat. When Ron finished, Jim, who up until now had let Emmy ride him, tightly grabbed her by the hips and began to ram her at his own pace. Soon he dumped another load into Emmy's abused pussy.

By now they were all ready for a rest. Emmy told them that she was pretty fucked out at the moment and asked if they would like to spend the night with her. Jim and Ron readily agreed to this. Emmy asked me to go and sleep in the guest room so she could have these two studs to herself. I bade them a good night and headed next door. It was quiet for about 2 to 3 hours before I heard the first noises from our bed. This continued on and off for another 2 hours before they must have fallen asleep again.

About 8 a.m. I got up, showered and went into the kitchen and made coffee. Visions of last night had me walking around with a hard-on tenting my boxers.

"Hey, lover. Can I help you with that?"

Emmy was standing in the hallway wearing nothing but the evidence of some great fucking. Her lips were still red and puffed telling me she had just sucked some more cock. Her breasts were covered with welts and bite marks, while her nipples were as enflamed as I had ever seen them and so hard they must have hurt. Her inner pussy lips were now pouted out at least 2 inches. All in all a well used and abused vision.

She walked over to me and pushed me against the counter and then squatted down before me. When she pulled my boxers down, my cock sprang out begging for her immediate attention. She thanked me for her surprise and said she had an unbelievable night. Her tongue traveled the length of my cock and then wrapped around my head. She then took just the head of my cock into her mouth and squeezed my shaft and sucked. I almost lost it right then and there.

"I love you for letting last night happen. Do you think I could keep them?" she asked playfully.

"Good God woman, finish what you're doing and you can have anything."

She then took all of me into her mouth and began to play with my balls. It wasn't long before I added my load to the ones she had already swallowed.

It sounded like Jim and Ron had found the two showers. Emmy decided that she would see if they needed any help. With a quick kiss on my lips, she headed for the main bathroom. About a few minutes, I saw her dripping wet and headed for the guest bathroom.

Twenty minutes later we were all sitting around the kitchen table drinking a much needed cup of coffee. Jim chuckled and said let me tell you abut this little slut of ours. She was insatiable last night. She took turns waking us up by devouring our cocks as if the earlier part of the evening had never occurred. After swallowing 2 loads of cum, she insisted they each take turns fucking her ass. The highlight that finally exhausted everyone was Emmy riding Jim while Ron fucked her in the ass.

Jim looked at Emmy and said, "You are the sexiest and most insatiable woman it has been my pleasure to be with. I would sure like to do this again sometime."

Ron leaned over and gave her a long kiss and said, "You truly exceeded all my expectation. At the risk of sounding crude, you are the best fuck I've ever had."

Emmy was blushing, something I had never seen her do. She said, "You guys have made me feel 20 years younger. I'm sore in places never before explored and I want more. Do you have plans today?"

She was greeted with 3 wide smiles.

Emmy stood up and dropped her robe and asked if anyone wanted to join her in the Jacuzzi. With that she left us draining our coffee and scrambling to follow her. She was already soaking in the tub when we started to get in with her.

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