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End of The Day


Mimi had been pulling the old, striped wallpaper off the living room wall for two hours. She was almost finished with the long wall that stretched the length of the large living room. To her right were the long floor to ceiling windows that looked over the river and behind her, not ten paces back was a small step where the carpet melted away into faded parquet and the kitchen beyond. There was a loud thud and Sven sighed happily behind her.

"Done." He sighed, the satisfaction tainting his voice, "Table finished. Come and have a look."

Mimi looked around and felt an odd sense of nostalgia. She finally felt like this apartment belonged to them and not the couple in their middle sixties who had lived here previously. She wiped her hands on her jeans and trotted over to admire Sven's handiwork.

"Oh. Good." She smiled, wrapping her arms around his waist, "It's back."

"Yep." Sven beamed and rubbed her shoulder. "See, two hours and it's like it was never gone."

"Thank you." Mimi said again, "It's so nice to have some of our old stuff back. It really makes it feel like...home, you know."

Sven nodded and walked around the counter and into the kitchen. He pulled a beer from the fridge and let the lid fall onto the counter with a resonant clink. "Do you want one?"

Mimi nodded and he took another bottle from the fridge, pulled the cap off and handed it to her. She took it and drank quickly, the cool, brown liquid washing the dust from her throat.

"Well," she sighed, "I think that's us done for today."

"Hmm." Sven nodded and planted the bottle on the pale table behind him. It was old and ridged with time but sturdy and heavy. Held together with thick wooden grooves that hammered together at the legs. It had taken Sven, his brother and Mimi to carry it in pieces into the apartment the day before and most of the afternoon for Sven to hammer it back together, the old wood having warped and dried slightly. But, finally, it was done and the grin on Mimi's face was enough reward. He ran his hands over the marked surface of the table and smiled, satisfied by his work. He had always said that if he wasn't in music he'd be animating but there was something which always drew him to fixing things, to hard work and the smell of dust and manual labor; The pride in having made something from scratch. He wondered whether it was just the people-pleasing streak he had, and with the table, he couldn't help but feel...

"What?" Mimi nudged him and gave a wry smile, "Why are you grinning like that?"

"Oh." Sven looked up and tried to pull his best poker-face again. "I was just thinking about how glad I was to get this built today." He answered, "I'm pretty proud of it, actually." He admitted, "And...you looked so happy." He threw his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple.

She smiled to herself and nodded, taking another sip from her beer. "You know I love it. Didn't carry it across the country for no reason." She answered, "And it's a great table. I've cooked on here, it takes a real beating, it's strong, it's reliable, it's..." she stopped and smiled to herself and then looked up to Sven again, "It's like you in table form." She answered, her laughter rolling like glass beads around the room, high and sparkling and catching the light.

Sven raised an eyebrow, baffled. "Thanks." He answered, "That's...good to know. That you think I'm just a piece of furniture."

"NO!" Mimi slapped him on the chest playfully and wrapped her arms around him again. "You know that's not what I mean! Just that you're strong and reliable and comforting."

"And you want to chop vegetables on me." Sven added.

"No." Mimi laughed again and looked up, a mischievous smile twisting her lips, "I want to have hot, hot sex on you."

Sven smiled. "Yes, do you remember... at the old house by the lake," He ran his thumb over her cheek and grinned, "You were baking and-"

"Yes." Mimi smiled and kissed him gently on the mouth, "and you showed up and ruined everything."

Sven blushed, giggling like a naughty child. "Sorry." He answered, absent-mindedly running his hand over the smooth, scarred wood. He drained his beer and stretched out, picking up the empty bottle and walking back to the kitchen and dumping it in the bin, the thoughts of the previous summer flickering around his mind, lighting up the rainy February afternoon.

"You know," Mimi sighed, "We could always have a repeat performance if you like." She put her bottle on the worktop that separated the dining area from the kitchen and leant across to rub Sven's arm.

"Oh really?" he smiled and walked around the kitchen unit, a little more spring in his step.

"Yes." Mimi breathed, "You've worked so hard today and I think it's only fair that we unwind a little." She laid her head on his chest and smiled demurely, "I've got some new toys too." She whispered, "Perfect time to try them out."

The breath caught in Sven's throat and it turned into a low, hearty purr. "What?" he asked, "I didn't know." He pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Hmm." Mimi followed, planting herself on his lap, "Well, while you have been off bar-hopping with your brother these past two days, I have been doing a little shopping and aside from the girly stuff like a couple of new dresses and those to die for shoes I saw last week, I also bought a little something for you."

"Oh yeah?" Sven smiled squeezing her tight, "And what would that be?"

"A new cock."

Sven snorted. "I'm sorry?" he said, "What's wrong with this?" he gestured to his own crotch and Mimi rubbed his thigh.

"No silly, that is fine. More than fine. But I just thought you were...ready."

"Oh?" Sven looked up at her quizzically, "What do you mean?"

"Well," Mimi replied, "It's a little bigger than you're used to, but it's just so hot and it really turned me on and I just had to buy it."

Sven laughed and kissed her hard on the mouth, his fingers glancing over the tight, thick fabric of her jeans, sinking between her legs. " I think." He breathed, his voice beginning to thicken with desire, "I'd like to see your cock."

"Well then, my darling you shall." Mimi smiled, grinding against his grasping fingers, "Strip off. Sit on the sofa and I'll be back in a second, hmm?"

Sven nodded, his eyes going wide and Mimi kissed him hard again.

"Of course." He winked and followed her down to the pale green sofa that was now pressed against the step. He leant against the arm of the couch and watched her walk away, pulling off his sweater in the process. There was a dull thud in the background as Mimi closed the bedroom door. He let his grey sweater fall over the back of the sofa and pulled his t-shirt off. He pulled off his socks and hoped, silently, that these walls were soundproof. His worked the old leather of his belt open and pulled off his cheap, work jeans, now spattered with pale flecks of light green paint from the kitchen. His hands were still dusty from the work he had been doing and he wiped them quickly on his t-shirt. He hoped he didn't look too much of a mess – he'd spent the past two days with his brother and felt a little bad for neglecting Mimi, especially when she'd been thinking of him like this. He sighed heavily to himself and walked over to the darkening windows and pulled the heavy curtains closed and turned on a lamp that bathed the room in warm, yellow light. Aside from the bare wall at the end of the room, the apartment finally looked like theirs, their home. He smiled happily to himself at the thought of a job well done and sank into the sofa, his head propped in his hands, listening to the tiny sounds of the building.

The bedroom door opened and Mimi reappeared, that smug smile playing about her lips, the face that she always got when she was about to have her way with him. Sven giggled back and frowned, puzzled by her appearance. It was as if nothing had changed and she walked out to him in her usual dark jeans and t-shirt.

"I thought you were-"

"In good time." She smiled, placing her hands onto the warm radiator that was against the wall a little further down the room. "I don't want my poor, cold hands to scare you half to death. Want you to be comfy." She winked.

"That's generous." His confused expression did not change and Mimi laughed.

"You're suspicious of my intentions?" she asked.

"Yeah..." Sven replied, "I am. What are you playing at?"

Mimi walked over and sat on the sofa next to him. "Can't I be nice to my baby once in a while, hmm?" she rubbed her warm hands over his bare arms and he shivered happily.

"That would be nice." He smiled, "Very nice."

"Good." She kissed him on the cheek and he turned it quickly into a long, slow kiss, pulling her into him so she straddled his thigh.

He gasped and pulled away, grinning at her again. "Is that what I think it is?" he said, reaching down and rubbing the familiar shape that ran down the inside leg of Mimi's jeans.

She kissed him hard again and nodded. "Hmm." Straightening her back, she rose up against him so that he lay against her chest, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

"I want you to get on your knees and suck my cock." She sighed, "Would you do that for me?"

Sven laughed and pushed her back onto the sofa, pulling her shirt off and pushing his own erection against her thigh. He managed to pull off her bra and let her clothes fall to the floor next to his own. "You are so bad." He purred, "Thinking of me like this." He cupped her full breasts, planting a wet kiss on her neck, rubbing her nipples gently. "I feel so bad for basically ignoring you the past two days." He buried his head in her hair and Mimi gripped his face, staring him dead in the eye.

"Will you stop feeling so bad about things?" she pouted, "Your brother was here, no big deal. Don't feel guilty for seeing your family, silly." She stroked his face gently with her thumb and he kissed her belly, his long, dark eyelashes closing demurely. Mimi shivered and felt her own gash spasm with desire behind the thick straps of the harness, at the tender curve of his neck and the way he laid against her.

"Right." She whispered, "I think you have a job to do, hmm?" she traced her fingers down the smooth curve of his back and he nodded, his cheek moving roughly over her flesh. He kissed her again on the side and worked his way down, his own member pushed awkwardly against the thin fabric of his underwear. He slid his hand over his aching flesh and caught Mimi smiling to herself.

"Take them off." She nodded, "Touch yourself while you suck me. Don't come though." She smiled, "Save it 'till later, hm?"

Sven nodded and agreed the desire making him hoarse with need, his voice getting low and desperate. He pulled his underwear off and set to work undoing Mimi's jeans, tugging them down with one hand as he grabbed himself gently with the other.

"That's it." Mimi said, arching her back so that he could pull the jeans off her. "Now get it out."

Sven blushed and stared in awe at the thick, alarmingly life like strap on that Mimi had placed under the thin lace of her white panties. "Wow." He gasped, "That is...Oh." He sank back onto his knees and thumbed the fabric gently before removing it and watching, awestruck as the thick prosthesis fell forward.

"I hope it doesn't intimidate you." Mimi palmed the strap on and smirked at her boyfriend.

"Oh, no, I-" Sven shifted and pulled himself nearer, looking up at Mimi. "I'm just a little...turned on."

"Good. Now stop stalling and get on with it, huh?"

"Oh, uh, yeah." Sven blushed and sank his mouth over the thick, ridged cock, grinding his own member against his hand, shuddering with desire.

Mimi watched in near silence for a while before tenderly stroking his face, he lay into it and rubbed himself faster, working hungrily at the cock in his mouth.

"Whoa, okay, stop right there." Mimi pushed him backwards with her knee and he leant back onto his knees, gasping and dripping happily, his hair falling into his eyes. "You were getting a little carried away." She purred, standing as she spoke. "Stand up." She stepped back and gestured for her boyfriend to stand. He did as he was told and dipped his head gently.

"I don't know." She whispered, "If you bend your head because I'm so much shorter than you or if you're just in subspace?" she let out a low giggle and Sven nodded back, gasping as she took his leaking cock in her hand.

"I...I think it's a little bit of both." He smiled, "I...I don't know."

"Well It doesn't really matter," Mimi answered, continuing the conversation as if she wasn't fingering his cock so gently he thought he would come right there. "I just think it's hot, that's all." She kissed his cheek again and he smiled.

"Come on then." She continued, pulling him by his leaking member, "Over the table with you."

Sven groaned and let out a low moan of anticipation as his hot flesh hit the cool smoothness of the wood. "Mm, so good." He mewled, "So good. You're so good to me."

"I try." Mimi answered, rubbing the neat curve of his bottom, watching as his leg muscles spasmed slightly, taking his weight, his tall frame pushed flat against the table.

"I think this would be easier if I tied your legs to the table, hm?" Mimi strode around the table and ran her hands over his back. She walked away and Sven turned his head, watching as she produced a thin coil of rope from a drawer by the door.

"How?" he looked at her, a look of bewilderment on his face, "How did you-"

"Hey!" she brought her hand down on his ass hard and he winced, "Do I need to gag you too?" she squeezed his bottom playfully and he shook his head.

"Nope. I won't ask again, I swear."

"Good." She laughed again and proceeded to tie each ankle and thigh to the sturdy legs of the table with neat, uniform coils. When she was happy she stood again and pulled a chair out next to her boyfriend, watching his eyes flick over her torso expectantly. She smiled at him and produced a small bottle of lubricant.

"You ready then?" she asked, watching happily as he licked his lips and sighed softly, grinding awkwardly against the table.

"Yeah, oh, yeah, please just do it, baby. Please."

The desperation in his eyes made Mimi wetter and she pushed herself forward grinding against the harness as she slicked the thick cock with a thin layer of lube. She stood and walked back behind Sven, pulling his bottom up gently and stroking his aching erection, pushing her thumb gently against his perineum. He let out a long, low sigh and dripped a little more, the blood rushing wildly against his temples. He closed his eyes and sighed again, his mind blank of everything but this and her and the surreal smell of new paint.

Mimi slid a finger into his gasping sphincter and Sven pushed backwards against it, moaning louder as she let a little of the lube drip suggestively between his ass cheeks. She ran the edge of her hand between his buttocks and shivered happily at the tiny mewls and sighs that were coming from him.

She fingered him a little faster and stopped abruptly, making him grunt with frustration.

"I love it when you're vocal, you know that?' she smiled, "It's really hot."

"Thank you." He sighed, "but I...angel, I don't think I can hold it much longer, please just- oh fuck...oh...oh...ngh."

Mimi plunged the full length of the strap on into him and watched as his eyelids fell shut and he bucked backward frantically. Maybe it was the sadist in her but she loved watching him thrash about like this. Maybe it was the lover. She didn't know. But what she did know that when he finally fell still, he looked so happy and calm, lying there like nothing else in the world mattered. As if there was nothing behind his eyelids but the happiness, like sinking into warm fudge. She edged slowly, painfully, horribly slowly into him, making him whine louder. After a few minutes, she slapped him on the ass and giggled, delighted as he groaned under her touch.

"Be quiet. You're going to get people suspicious if you get that loud." She laughed.

"Fuck that, " he sighed. "Oh fuuuuuuuuck. Oh just...oh Christ..." his eyes flickered open again and he gripped the table harder, "Please, baby, just fuck me. Please, Oh I want it so bad..."

"Like this?" Mimi sped up and watched as he writhed and bucked in front of her, tiny beads of sweat beginning to form on the nape of his neck. She ground herself against his sweet spot and upped the pace some more, feeling the thick straps start to rub against her own aching clit, a shiver of desire skating down her spine.

She pulled his ass upwards, making him groan a little as the rope dug into his ankles. Mimi grabbed his muscled hips and dug her fingers into them as she ground against him, his free hand now wedged awkwardly between the table and his leaking cock.

"You're not to come, you understand?" she slapped his ass again and he let out a low wail as she pounded him against the table.

"Oh, fuck, no." he gasped, "No chance, I-"

She pulled out of him and removed the rope from his legs quickly, making him shiver with baby deer steps as she pulled him up by the shoulder. He couldn't quite stand up and shakily, slowly turned and stood.

Mimi shimmied out of the strap on and she hungrily pulled herself against him, forcing him back onto the table. Mimi pinned him down and sank, with a loud, contented sigh over his own leaking cock. Sometimes their vastly differing body proportions had their advantages, she thought, rolling onto her side. She lay next to him and he grabbed a handful of her thigh greedily, working into her from behind, his breath hot against her neck. His other hand grabbed her nipple and their mouths met hungrily, their bodies moving against each other, slick with sweat and lube and the hot tang of their juices. The work and dust, dissipated.

It did not take long before he came, leaking hot and desperate inside of her, his mouth mashed against her neck, the lurid tangle of her dirty talk filling his head and running straight between his legs. She told him how good he felt and how she wanted him in every part of her and how fucking beautiful he was and then, soon, she followed, arching her back, her cheek flat against his chest, cradled and shuddering against him.

Sven gasped and pulled her around to face him, kissing her playfully on the nose and smiling contentedly.

"Remind me," he breathed, "That we need to go shopping together more. Because that...was perfect."

"I'm glad you liked it." She kissed him gently and helped him up, "Come." She smiled, taking his hand and pulling him forward. After the brutal hunger, this may just have been her favourite part, thought Mimi. Seeing him sleepy and vulnerable like this, walking to the sofa with him and laying him down, caring for him. He was still a little shaky. Mimi covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead, "But now, we're resting and drinking and probably ordering take out, hmm."

Sven nodded, "Angel, "he smiled, looking up at her and running his thumb tenderly over her hand, "Love you."

"You too." She smiled, her fingers splayed against his cheek, cradling his head, "You've no idea."

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