tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnhanced Interrogation Ch. 05

Enhanced Interrogation Ch. 05


Author's Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with the talented Doctor_Tease. Chapters will be posted on an alternating basis so please look to his profile for the previous and next installments


I hurt. My instincts were warring with my sluggish brain as I struggled back to awareness, screaming at me to move, and move quickly, but my body wasn't obeying my commands. I felt tender and bruised all over, each nerve ending sensitive, my muscles weak as I tried to take mental inventory. My last memories were fuzzy - Cole's voice and hands, the cold chain around my neck, my desperate, panicked struggle. I shivered. It wasn't the water, or even the shocks - I'd been through worse. It was the way he'd systematically stripped me down, exposed me, made me question my very nature. I felt raw and jumbled, like he'd hollowed me out and put everything back in the wrong place. Who I was, what I was, all of it seemed so tenuous now.

"I'm an agent." I whispered, my voice hoarse, as I wrenched my eyelids open.

I was talking to myself.

My hands were secured behind my back, wrapped in some sort of leather cuff, and I still wore the silver chain around my throat, but I was otherwise unrestrained in a bare concrete cell. A quick scan of the space told me that there were no windows, a single door, and no less than three cameras monitoring me. I remembered the cells Cole had led me past earlier, the video screens showing their occupants being sexually tortured, and I whimpered, wondering what sort of torment he'd devised for me next. My nipples hardened in spite of myself as I imagined the things he could dream up. I had a sudden urge to just lie there, to give up and let him win. To stop fighting him, to just accept his control. I felt a warmth pooling in my core at the idea, a traitorous little voice whispering that I'd probably even enjoy it. To feel his hands caressing my sensitive little nipples, his cock in my pussy as he held me down and fucked me. To hear him call me his little slut, to know that that's what I truly was. Would that be so bad?

"No." I whispered again, my voice coming out in a sob. "No, I'm an agent. I'm an agent."

I gritted my teeth, whispering my new mantra to myself, tears running down my cheeks as I fought back the tide of emotions, the weakness, the confusion.

"I'm an agent." I hissed, my breath turning to a gasp as I sat up, my sore muscles protesting.

"I'm an agent." I rolled to my feet in a maneuver that should have been second nature and yet felt stiff and somehow foreign.

"I'm an agent!" I screamed at the nearest camera, my face flushed, my chest heaving with the effort of choking back my tears.

"Fuck you, Cole, I'm going to win. I'm going to win." I whispered, turning my back on the camera, my brain finally clicking into gear, my training coming to the forefront.

I scanned the room again, assessing the door strength, hinges, walls, floor, cameras. The door was a simple steel affair with a peephole in the center - standard issue, virtually impossible to break out of. Ok, walls? Solid concrete, no weaknesses or flaws, same with the floor. I eyed the cameras, mentally lining up their trajectory with the glimpses I'd caught of those other captives. If I was right....Oh yes, I was right.

"Mistake number one, you fucker." I muttered under my breath, studiously ignoring the small area in the corner that the cameras couldn't see. Maybe Cole thought his little cell was so impervious he could afford to have a blind spot, but I intended to prove him wrong.

"Cole." I said, turning fully to one of the cameras. "Let's talk." I tried to make my voice sound forlorn, my body language that of someone broken, hopeless. "I can't....I can't do this anymore. Please. I just.....let's talk." I let a few more tears fall, hunching my shoulders and bowing my head. There was a pause, just long enough for me to wonder if anyone was even monitoring the feeds from my cell, then a voice crackled out of a hidden speaker.

"I'm sure Cole will be more than happy to hear that, Aleks."

Oh good, an underling.

I sobbed harder, my words coming out in gasps. "Please, just let me talk to him. Let me see him, I need to end this. I can't keep going."

The voice sounded slightly hesitant this time. "Cole will speak with you when he has the time, in the meantime..."

"Please," I gasped, crumpling to the ground, my voice breaking with anguish. "Please, I just need to talk to someone. Don't leave me in here. I can't breathe, please....I can't....."

There was another long pause, then the voice came back on. "I'm sending someone down to you. If this is a trick, you will sorely regret it." My only response was to sob harder, curling onto my side in the fetal position and then rolling so that all but my head was safely in that convenient little blind spot.

Carefully keeping my face a mask of misery and fear, I smoothly brought my bound arms underneath me so they were at my front. "Mistake number two." I thought to myself, examining the locking mechanism through tear blurred eyes. Simple, but not one I could pick without tools, sadly. Still, I knew several highly effective fighting techniques that could be employed with my hands bound. I sincerely hoped I would get to try them out on Cole.

It took less time than I expected before a small noise outside my door alerted me that my new marks had arrived. A little shot of adrenalin and pleasure went through me just then, reminding me why it was I was so good as an agent. This was what I lived for. What I was good at. Not even Cole could take it away from me.

The door swung open and a uniformed man took one step inside before I exploded into action. I rolled, my legs tangling with his and bringing him crashing to the ground where a quick blow from my bound hands to the back of his neck took him out of the fight. I didn't stop to assess whether my aim had been good, I just kept rolling, dodging the booted kick coming my way from his backup and bringing my own feet up in a hard kick to a sensitive groin.

As my latest victim bent double, groaning, I had time to count that there were two more in the corridor, one reaching for a baton, the other for a radio. I rolled again, this time forward and to my feet, coming up swinging, my fists making contact with the second man's solar plexus. He let out a cough, his radio dropping forgotten to his side, and I grabbed him, spinning him so he shielded me from his partner. I still had the slight edge of surprise on my side as the other guard hadn't fully got his weapon up, so I shoved my meat shield forward, his weight bowling his partner over and sending them both to the ground. A couple of quick blows took them out completely.

I paused for a moment, getting my bearings before taking off down the corridor at a sprint. I was a bit disgusted that none of the guards had been carrying guns, but perhaps Cole had been smarter not to trust such incompetents with them. Still, my escape would have been much easier with a little extra firepower on my side.

I kept a steady pace as I traversed the long hallway lined with cells, trying not to be distracted by the images I could see on their monitor screens. I could hear moans from behind the doors, sometimes accompanied by sharp cries and yelps, and what I saw made me quiver with a horrible combination of lust and fear. The small part of my brain, the part that Cole kept tapping into, wanted to be one of those girls, wanted to be tied down, fucked mercilessly, used as an object. I struggled to keep focused, but my eyes kept wandering - a girl in a rope harness being fucked by a mechanical dildo, another with her tits caught in suction, her nipples swollen and red, yet another writhing on the floor, a shiny substance all over her pussy and ass. It would be so easy....

"No." I growled, closing my eyes as I sped down the corridor, aiming for a stairwell I could see at the end. I was maybe fifty feet away when the alarms started, a shrieking klaxon that nearly deafened me before it was abruptly shut off.

"Smart." I muttered, privately pissed off. An alarm would have been an easy way to mask any noise I made in my escape. I reached the door and paused, my breath coming easy, my muscles feeling better for the stretching I'd just given them. I slowly pushed the door open, crouching down and ducking my head around the corner, trying not to present an obvious target.

It was unnecessary. The stairwell was deserted.

"Sloppy again, Cole," I grinned, running through the door and starting down the stairs as quickly as I could go. This was obviously a maintenance exit, all bare concrete and metal, no windows, and I wished briefly that I could see how many floors up I was.

I had made it down perhaps two flights when the bang of a door opening above me made me pause, quieting my breath and hugging the wall, listening for footsteps. They came quickly, a single set of boots pounding down the steps, and I ducked into position, waiting for my pursuer to come around the corner and into my waiting fists.

I swung hard but he twisted at the last second, taking my blow to his shoulder instead of his head. I had just enough time to register that it was Cole himself after me before his return blow caught me in the chest, momentarily stunning me. I grunted and brought my knee up against his crotch in a feint before catching him in the ear with my bound fists. He growled at me, twisting his body so my knee hit his thigh before taking a step back to assess me.

We circled for a moment, silent, each throwing tentative punches, dodging, and trying to get a feel for the other. I got another kick in, this time narrowly missing his solar plexus, and he roared at me, charging forward in a rush I narrowly avoided. We circled some more, his face a mask of anger, mine of concentration. I had started the fight confident, but I was beginning to worry as my bound hands made my moves slower and more predictable, and I had never seen Cole look so furious

I had just about resolved to cut and try to run when his boot flew out in a kick and I was forced to dodge, grabbing his leg in my hands and twisting, pulling him off balance. He fell into me, taking me down with him in a tangled heap. I hissed at him, twisting and struggling as he grappled with me, one big hand fisting itself in my hair and wrenching my neck back, his weight pinning me to the ground. I felt his position shift, slightly, and then he was pressing against me, a hard bulge nestled up against my ass as he tugged on my hair even harder.

"No more games, Aleks," he growled into my ear, his voice cold and furious. "No more teasing, no more fun. I've been taking my time--indulging your little fantasies--and this is how you decide to repay me?"

"You're fucking insane," I spat. He had all the advantages on his side: gravity, my bound wrists, his painful grip on my hair. My only chance was to piss him off enough to make another mistake, but I knew that chance wasn't good. "Maybe if you weren't completely incompetent at your twisted little job, you wouldn't have prisoners running around beating the shit out of your idiot gua--AAGH!"

He'd bitten my ear, hard enough to make me cry out, maybe hard enough to draw blood. For all the hate I felt for him, all the fury and desperation building in my chest, I couldn't help but notice that it was a strangely intimate way to inflict pain.

"Do you remember the first thing I told you when I walked into your cell, cunt?" I felt his hand slide down between us as he snarled in my ear. "I said I was going to fuck your ass. It wasn't a joke. It wasn't banter. It was a promise that I was going to do a painful, cruel, degrading thing to your tight little body, and now you get to see that my promises come true."

I felt and heard his zipper, and I broke.

I fought hard. I bucked, I kicked, I screamed. My bound hands flailed ineffectually against the ground as I writhed under him, desperate to keep him from fulfilling his threat. My newfound confidence, my fragile hold on myself, all of it was on the line. I couldn't let him win. I called him every insult I could think of, tears streaming down my face as he used my hair to haul me up onto my knees, keeping my legs spread with his own, and then pressing my face to the ground, leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

I could feel his cock against my pussy, warm and thick, and I cried out when his fingers delved inside me. His thumb pressed down on my clit, rocking back and forth as he leaned forward, his breath hot in my throbbing ear.

"You're wet, Aleks. Soaking. Wet. Scream and beg all you want--it just tells me that you want this. You need my cock in your ass."

I cried out my denials, even as he slid his dick back and forth across my wet lips, gathering the moisture there while his thumb danced over my clit, making me squirm.

"Take a breath, girl," he growled, and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole.

I ignored his advice and screamed, bucking against him, trying to dislodge him, but he was inexorable. His cock pressed forward, stretching and burning as it slid slowly past my tight little ring, filling me up inch by inch as I panted and moaned, begging him to stop. My ass felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending screaming--and yet deep down there was a spark of pleasure.

I could feel it in my core, that desire to submit, to let him do with me as he wanted, and the hot shame of it washed over me as he grunted and shoved the last few inches in, his balls slapping against my wet pussy. The fullness of it made me cry out again. I struggled harder, writhing and moaning against him, but he ignored me and pulled back till just the head of his cock was left inside of me before slamming forward, rocking my body and making me scream. The pain of it was fading, but in its place was a dirty sort of pleasure. He began to fuck me, slowly at first and then faster: his balls swung against my clit and the silver slave chain swung against my neck, his fist in my hair keeping me under control.

"I'm not even going to ask you any questions," he growled, pinching my clit cruelly, making me tighten around his cock in a way that sent little jolts of pleasure through me. "I just want you to take this, slut. I want you to know how much you need it. I want you to know just how getting fucked like this makes you feel." I had no words: I just moaned, shaking my head as much as his grip would allow, and he made an angry noise before redoubling his efforts, fucking my ass deeper and harder.

"You've lost, Aleks. Just give up and enjoy it. We both know you're going to come on my cock..."

I whimpered, trying to deny the truth of his words as the jolts of pleasure became stronger, my pussy flooding his hand as he tugged and pinched my clit.

"No," I moaned, my ass tightening around him again, unconsciously. "No, no, no, no!"

I broke off into a scream, my back arching and my pussy and ass spasming as an orgasm crashed over me. I was overwhelmed. Every bit of pent up frustration, all of Cole's torment and teasing, all of my own insecurities and doubts, all of it fueled my climax as I broke down and wept, my cunt clenching as waves of pleasure washed over me, each one pushed higher as Cole continued to ride my ass. I dimly heard him yell, felt his own orgasm as he slammed into me one more time, but it was through a fog. I knew when he pulled out of me, a strange emptiness inside me making me wish he hadn't stopped, but my body felt distant, drugged, as if it no longer belonged to me.

"Little Aleks," I heard his voice in my ear, his hand gently stroking my sweat dampened curls from my face, "I told you. You are mine."

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