tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying A Party

Enjoying A Party


Carol and Sandra had been friends since school. Carol had been through a messy divorce a few years ago and had not had much interest in men since then therefore it came as something of a surprise to Sandra when Carol told her that she had met an amazing man called Stephan. Carol said that he could be a bit wild but that he was very supportive of her and she thought she had fallen in love with him. As Stephan had recently moved house and would be holding a house-warming party, Carol invited Sandra along. Sandra was keen to meet this man who had seemingly swept Carol off her feet so she didn't hesitate to accept the invitation on her and John's behalf.

Sandra was quite taken herself with Stephan when she met him. Although not tall, approx 5ft 9ins, he obviously looked after himself and he was very attentive towards Carol. He was very tactile with Carol, touching her frequently, stroking her bum at every opportunity and Sandra also saw him stroking Carol's breasts through her dress a couple of times. It brought back memories of when Sandra and John had started dating and made her realise that familiarity had indeed lessened their public intimacy. Something she thought she might try to do something about over the forthcoming weeks.

As the drink flowed at the party some of the conversation turn sexual in nature. Sandra was a bit uncomfortable with this, given how few of the people she and John knew and was a bit annoyed that John seemed to go along with it.

Sandra felt that one of the men at the party was out of order because he kept pulling down his girlfriends top baring her breasts. She didn't seem to mind and just kept pulling it back up, seeming to have conceded a long time ago that this was his 'party-piece'. If she was bothered that everyone was being treated to views of her breasts on a regular basis she didn't show it. Sandra also noticed that on the dance floor there was a lot of groping going on, not necessarily in the pairings she had been introduced to. As Sandra and John moved slowly around the dance floor Sandra could see men had their hands up the girls' skirts, were being fairly open about playing with the girls' breasts and were only too keen to indulge in passionate open-mouthed kissing.

Sandra and John were the odd ones out because they stayed paired up, resisting a few half-hearted attempts by other party-goers to separate them. Sandra did notice that the other girls, all of whom were quite attractive, fascinated John. Eventually however, they gave in to the pressure and allowed themselves to be parted and to dance with the less inhibited attendees. This resulted in Sandra's breasts receiving a bit of a pawing but that was limited to through her dress. She drew the line at allowing hands inside her dress. Sandra felt slightly guilty at the slight arousal she was feeling, especially when one or two of the men had managed to pinch her nipples through the soft material of her dress. Then she noticed that John was also indulging in a bit of molesting himself. He had even managed to convince one of his dance partners to remove her blouse and his hands were happily roaming across her exposed breasts.

Shortly after noticing John's behaviour, Sandra was approached by Stephan and taken onto the dance floor again. Her dress was quite open at the sides but for a short while Stephan just kept his hands on her waist. Eventually, however, Sandra felt Stephan's hands move upwards until they encountered her breasts. With his palms at the side of Sandra's breasts, Stephan ran his thumbs over the slight bulges that indicated where Sandra's nipples were. Because of the attention they had previously received, Sandra's nipples responded immediately, becoming very prominent through her dress. Sandra couldn't help herself. She uttered a slight moan and moved forwards to crush her breasts against Stephan's chest. Stephan managed to extract his hands from between their bodies and they moved to Sandra's sides, where they quickly moved inside her dress and against her skin. Stephan applied a slight pressure to separate himself from Sandra and then moved his hands completely over her breasts. Sandra could feel a tingle all the way to her groin as Stephan's fingers and thumbs played with her nipples.

Sandra looked down between them to see that the material of her dress was squashed between her breasts and her breasts were, in fact, exposed to everyone on the dance floor who cared to look in her direction. Despite the pleasurable sensations she was feeling that was a bit of a wake up call and she managed to release her breasts from Stephan's grasp, restore her modesty and walk off the dance floor to find John. When she found John and told him what had happened he just shrugged his shoulders and said that was what everybody else seemed to be doing.

During a break from dancing Sandra sought out Carol and found her friend in a somewhat inebriated state. Much to Sandra's concern Carol seemed to be losing her inhibitions and whenever Stephan took her onto the dance floor he openly groped her breasts in front of everyone and even lifted her skirt a couple of times to flash his girlfriend's bum at his friends. As Sandra watched, Stephan turned Carol away from him, loosened her blouse, eased it from her shoulders and through it into the corner. As had many other women at the party, Carol had gone without a bra and her medium sized pointed breasts with obviously very erect nipples were exposed to everyone. Stephan reached from behind Carol and played with her nipples. A glazed expression came over her face and her knees seemed to go weak as it looked to Sandra as if Carol had a mini orgasm due to Stephan playing with her breasts. As Carol recovered and stood up straight Stephan held her hands behind her back and . the other men started dancing all around her grabbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Sandra thought about stepping in but it seemed as thou Carol was actually enjoying the mistreatment at the hands of Stephan and his friends. When Stephan finally released her Carol was smiling happily and she made her way off the dance floor, playfully swatting hands that continued to try to molest her.

As the evening progressed Sandra got the impression that Stephan was abandoning Carol to his friends in order to be with her. Even John seemed more interested in Carol than in Sandra. Sandra assumed that was because he had never seen anyone behaving so wantonly in public and that the sexually charged atmosphere had had an affect on him. And Sandra had to admit that there weren't many prettier half exposed girls at the party.

Sandra walked into the lounge later in the evening and saw Carol sitting on the couch resting with her eyes closed. There was a man either side of her and both were stroking her body and periodically moving their hands over her breasts. As Sandra watched Stephan came up to Carol from behind and leant over and kissed her. She put her arms behind his head to pull him down and he immediately took hold of her hands and trapped them behind his head. He extricated is head and kept hold of Carol's hands and the men stroking her promptly started playing with her nipples. Carol started squirming on the sofa and slowly sank down, spreading her legs a bit and causing her skirt to rise up. The men promptly moved their free hands onto her legs and started stroking her exposed thighs. As Sandra watched she looked across and saw John also watching the spectacle, obviously excited by what he was seeing. As Stephan's friends' hands made their way up Carols legs Sandra looked up at Stephan and saw he was staring at her and smiling wickedly. Carol moaned loudly and that caused Sandra to drag her eyes away from Stephan's. She looked down to see that one of the men had moved Carol's panties to one side and was stroking his fingers up and down her slit. As Sandra watched first one finger was slipped inside her friend, quickly followed by another.

Sandra could not make sense of her feelings. In one way she was extremely turned on by what she was seeing but in another way she was upset by seeing her good friend manipulated in such a way in front of everybody. Eventually the negative feelings held sway and Sandra walked away from the scene. She found herself in the kitchen and stood against the sink trying to calm down. She wasn't sure what she felt about her and John's voyeurism but had to admit that it had had a distinct affect on her. Once she had got her breath back she found a soft drink and poured herself a glass. As there were no seats in the room Sandra sat up on the kitchen counter and could hear the shouts and moans from the lounge as the men were encouraged to do various things with Carol and Carol herself responded loudly to the stimulation she was being subject to.

Sandra took a sip of her drink and looked up to see Stephan in the doorway, a lustful expression on his face as the sexual sounds continued from the lounge. He asked what Sandra was doing she admitted that she was a bit uncomfortable watching her friend in that situation. Stephan responded by saying that there was nothing to worry about, that Carol was enjoying herself and that John seemed engrossed.

Stephan then proceeded to wander around the kitchen as if looking for something. He stopped several times close to Sandra and each time would look at her. He would stare into her eyes then his eyes would slowly drop down her body and work their way back up again as if he could see through her clothes or was mentally undressing her. Each time, as his eyes made contact with hers, Sandra would break the contact almost immediately, but having kept it for sufficiently long for a slight thrill to go through her.

When Sandra looked down she noticed that her dress had shifted quite far up on her legs due to her sitting on the kitchen counter. She realised that she was enjoying the lustful attention of Stephan and her breath caught as moved towards her. He stopped directly in front of Sandra and bent down to open a drawer right under where she was sitting. As he opened the drawer it rested against the backs of Sandra's legs so he gently moved her legs apart slightly to create enough space for the drawer to open. Sandra realised that when Stephan bent down to get something from the drawer he had a clear view up her dress. Sandra had small and thin panties on, which, having been quite transparent when she first put them on were probably completely see-through now due to her arousal from the earlier dancing and the scene in the lounge.

Sandra realised that she couldn't close her legs due to the open drawer, nor could she make any other movement that wouldn't expose her even more to Stephan's lustful gaze. Stephan didn't hesitate. He stepped right up to the drawer and ran a hand up the inside of her thighs, switching from one leg to the other before reaching the top, for which Sandra was grateful. Stephan was now positioned between Sandra's legs and she was confused by the relief she felt that this meant that she couldn't close them.

As Sandra looked down Stephan ran his hand up her left thigh then onto the top of her leg. He moved his hand down to the hem of her dress, back up to her hip, across her stomach, down and back up her right thigh then onto the inside of her right thigh before trailing down to the inside of her right knee. Sandra closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as Stephan removed his hand from her leg. Her relief was short-lived, though, because seconds later Stephan's hand made contact with the inside of her right thigh again. He reversed the stroking sequence and as his hand moved across Sandra's stomach from right to left she felt herself hoping that it would 'slip' across her panties.

This time when Stephan's hand reached Sandra's left knee it applied a little pressure to move her legs further apart. Sandra allowed that to happen willingly then Stephan's hand moved up the inside of her thigh and reached her panties. Sandra felt a tremor pass through her body as Stephan's hand gently grazed across her panties and back again. She could help but move her legs further apart, edging herself forwards on the counter towards Stephan and encouraging him to make contact with her slit. Stephan slipped his fingers under the soft material and lifted it away from her pussy. She felt a sudden lessening of pressure as the strip of material connecting the front and back of her panties was severed, first at her left leg and then at her right leg. Sandra felt the wisp of material drop away from her pussy and settle between her parted thighs. She looked down and realised that her dress was so high up her thighs that without her panties covering it, her pussy was now exposed to Stephan's gaze – and probably anyone else's if they cared to enter the kitchen.

Sandra felt a rush of cold air over her excited and wet lips, but it was immediately blocked by Stephan's hand as it it covered her pussy and his palm rested on her clit. Sandra couldn't stop herself, she tried to force herself against Stephan's hand so that it would apply much needed pressure to her clit. Stephan took the hint and proceeded to move his hand in a circular patter. This stimulated Sandra's lips and her clit and in moments she was gasping and moaning in pleasure.

Sandra locked her heels behind Stephan's back and pulled him forwards. He removed his hand from her pussy, much to her frustration, then reached up into the sides of her dress and took hold of her breasts.

Sandra moaned "Oh God" as Stephan played with her nipples and sent signals down to her pussy. She wrapped her arms around Stephan's neck and he lifted her off the workbench turned around and set her down on the kitchen table. With her dress again crunched between her breasts and Stephan's hands playing with her nipples, Sandra lay back on the table and gave herself over to the pleasurable sensations she was feeling. Sandra felt the cold surface of the table under her bum and realised that her dress was now scrunched up around her waist and her pussy was begging for attention in the open air.

Stephan released Sandra's breasts and placed his hands at the tops of her thighs. She felts his fingers and thumbs making their way towards her slit but when they reached it they stopped her lips. A gentle outwards pressure opened her up. She was begging for stimulation when she felt a soft flow of air across her distended lips, followed by Stephan's tongue. He started at the bottom of her slit, ran his tongue up through her lips, tasting her moisture and then used his tongue around and over her clit. Sandra's hips were lifting off the table as she tried to get more stimulation from Stephan's mouth.

Sandra felts Stephan's mouth release her and couldn't help but moan "Oh no. Please don't stop."

Stephan was happy to oblige this extremely sexy and now very wanton lady but also enjoyed playing her like a bow.

"What is it you want?"

"Please, lick me. Play with my clit."

"Is this what you want?" he said as he eased first one then a second finger inside her.

"Oh yes. Please. More!" was the reply he'd been hoping for and got.

Stephan slipped a third finger inside Sandra's slit and then used all of his sexual talents to stimulate her, bringing her close to her limit then slowing down to ease the pressure. Stephan was watching Sandra's face. She was chewing on her lip, her eyes closed. Her hips were moving in time with his stimulation of her.

Stephan withdrew his fingers completely and Sandra moaned "No, don't. Please."

"Unbutton your dress. I want to see all of you." was his reply.

Sandra reached upwards and started at the top of her dress loosening the buttons. Fortunately there were only half a dozen and then her breasts were completely exposed. Sandra wanted Stephan's hands back on her exposed breasts, playing with her nipples, but he just put his hand back over her pussy and played ever so gently with her.

"All of them." Stephan said as Sandra paused once her breasts were exposed. He was purposefully holding back so Sandra wouldn't come before he wanted her to. Stephan wanted so see all of Sandra before he finished her off. Sandra was trying to get closer to his hands or get him to speed up, but he wouldn't. Sandra started unbuttoning the rest of the buttons. Her dress being bunched around her waist made it slightly awkward to loosen the last four buttons but once that was done she pulled her dress apart. Only the thin straps at her shoulders kept the dress in contact with her body. The rest was lying spread out on the kitchen table, much as she was.

As Stephan continued to tease her pussy, Sandra started to play with her own breasts, knowing exactly what was required to send the appropriate signals through her body. Stephan moved forwards and Sandra was unsure what he intended next. He reached up and loosened the buttons connecting the shoulder straps to the front of the dress. That allowed him to toss the straps above her head and the dress dropped completely away.

"Gorgeous!" was all he said.

"Please Stephan," Sandra begged, "don't play with me any more. Somebody might come, just do it now, please."

Stephan decided that now was the time. He put two fingers inside of Sandra while his thumb slowly circled her clit. Sandra put her feet all the way up on the table, spreading my legs as much as she could. She felt the orgasm finally starting to build. Stephan knew exactly what he was doing and thrusting her hips at him as the pleasure built. Her movements were causing her breasts to bounce and Stephan just stood there watching them. Stephan's hand started moving faster, eager to see Sandra orgasm. At last Sandra felt that intense pleasure wash over her. She thought she might have screamed but wasn't sure.

Stephan's eyes remained fixed on Sandra's breasts as she came. As Sandra's orgasm wound down and she slowly stopped shaking, Stephan eased his fingers from her slit. Then he bent down and placed his lips over her clit, causing another shudder to wrack her body. Stephan then gently kissed his way up Sandra's body, placing a kiss on each of her nipples before tenderly kissing her chin, moving to her eyes and, finally, placing his mouth over hers. Sandra could detect a slight scent of herself from when Stephan had used his mouth what seemed an eternity ago now. They exchanged a hungry kiss as Stephan gave her breasts and nipples a squeeze, then he moved away from her, still absorbing the sight of her glowing body.

"Sandra," he said, "you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I really wanted to fuck you over this table but now was not the time – I'm not sure John would have appreciated that"

Sandra looked up to see John standing at the kitchen door. She didn't know how long he had been there but from what Stephan was saying it must have been some time. John definitely didn't look upset, in fact he looked extremely turned on. Whether that was from watching Sandra or the events in the other room, Sandra didn't know – but she was sure she'd find out on the way home. John walked across to her, helped her sit up and then proceeded to give her one of the hottest kisses he had ever laid on her lips. He then helped her button her dress and climb down off the table onto her very shaky legs.

"Come on love, let's get you home." was all he said but Sandra could see his erection and wasn't sure how far they'd get from the party before nature took its course.

As they were saying their goodbyes to Carol and Stephan, Stephan whispered in Sandra's ear "Carol will be at work on Monday, but I am having the day off because I am having some work done on the house in the morning. Come over and we can spend the afternoon together, then you'll see how much I want to fuck you and make you scream with pleasure."

Sandra just shook her head no and whispered back "That was a one-time opportunity that you have missed." then turned around, took John's hand and walked with him to their taxi.

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