tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnslaving Elliot Ch. 06

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 06


Once she had closed the bathroom door behind her Elliot Reid leaned back against it, closed her eyes and sighed.

She had been a nervous wreck all day, totally on edge to hear the words which would introduce her to her new master or mistress for the night.

The last six blissful months Elliot had been trained to be the perfect slave and the submissive blonde had loved every moment of it. She had loved every spanking, cropping, whipping and paddling she had been forced to endure as punishment for all sorts of trivial things during her training just as much if not more as all those times her wonderful mistress stretched out her pussy or ass hole with one of her toys, Elliot learning to adore the small butt plugs, vibrators and clit stimulators just as much as the massive strap ons that her mistress used to drill her holes. As much as she had grown to love her 'punishments' and as much as she loved having her holes played with, stretched and fucked the one thing Elliot adored more than anything else was worshipping her mistress with her mouth, Elliot living to lick out pussy and ass hole so she could serve her owner.

Elliot now knew her purpose in life was to serve others, because they were all better than her, every single one of them. Her mistress Jordan Sullivan had opened Elliot's eyes and shown her this and for that Elliot would adore her mistress forever and do whatever she wanted, even if that meant submitting to a total stranger.

Jordan had been talking about pimping Elliot out since she enslaved her, and just as Elliot began thinking it was just mindless talk her mistress informed her she had been sold for a dollar.

It was humiliating to think she was only worth a dollar and yet Elliot loved the idea of being a cheap sex slave her mistress pimped out for her own amusement, which showed her mistress was right and she was a perverted little slut, or her training was taking effect, or both.

Of course the fact that she liked this humiliation didn't matter, her mistress told her she would do this so Elliot would do this.

Slowly walking to the basin Elliot used the cold water to wash her hands and face to try and calm her nervous body down.

Even though there was no doubt in Elliot's mind she was going to do this the anticipation was killing her.

She had begged her mistress to tell her who she had been sold to several times, which earned her several spankings, but her mistress refused to tell her anything except some time during the day someone would tell her to 'place her hands on the wall and stick her ass out'. For the rest of the day Elliot would have to submit to that person no matter who it was and do every little thing they said.

As a result Elliot had spent the entire day on edge, just waiting for this person to reveal themselves, feeling like everyone she talk to, looked at her, or even walked past her were about to say those words which could have her submitting anywhere, even in a public place for all the blonde knew. Her mistress never made her submit in public but this new person might, and Elliot would have to do what they said no matter how public or perverted it was. This person could want anything, and be anyone, and that was driving Elliot crazy.

Elliot was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of the door opening, the blonde tensing as she looked up into the mirror to see who it was but then relaxing and smiling when the reflection showed her who it was.

"Hey Carla." Elliot greeted the reflection of her friend.

"Hey," Carla replied softly as she came to stand by her friend, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Elliot said, a little too quickly to be convincing.

"Are you sure, you seem a little distracted." Carla pointed out.

"It's nothing, I just... I just have a lot on my mind today that's all." Elliot said.

"Oh... anything I can help you with?" Carla offered.

"No, thanks but I don't think you can help me with this." Elliot said.

"Are you sure?" Carla asked in a noticeably softer tone, "I might surprise you."

It could have been Elliot's imagination but there seemed to be something off about what her friend had just said. It was a vibe she was also getting from the way her friend was looking at her.

"That's ok, I'm... I'm pretty sure you can't help me with this." Elliot said, immediately hating herself as that sounded rude and adding, "Thanks though, I really appreciate it."

An awkward silence fell between them, Elliot feeling like Carla was watching her like a hawk, something her mistress always seem to do right before giving her an order.

Could Carla... no, it wasn't possible. Carla was with Turk. Carla loved Turk. Everyone knew it. There was no way Carla could possibly... and yet the way Carla was looking at her made Elliot feel the same way she felt when her mistress looked at her like that, like she wanted to fall to her knees and beg the obviously superior woman to use her as she pleased.

"I... I better be going..." Elliot said, feeling a little overwhelmed, "See you later."

Carla leaned against the basin for a few moments as she watched Elliot try and leave before calling out to her.

"Place your hands on the wall and stick your ass out."

Elliot immediately stopped dead in her tracks, her heart beating a mile a minute as she replayed what was just said in her mind, checking she wasn't hearing things, before like a shot pressing her hands against the nearest wall and sticking her ass out.

Carla smiled at Elliot's obedience, but the blonde wasn't where she wanted her to be.

"Not there, lean over here so you're hands are either side of this mirror." Carla ordered, pointing to where she wanted Elliot to be.

This time Elliot didn't hesitate in obeying the command but halfway there she realised she had forgotten something, "Yes Mistress."

Carla smiled at the comment as Elliot got into position, and then again when Elliot stuck her ass out without needing to be asked. It seemed Elliot might not be as bad as Jordan had said. Then again they had only just gotten started.

The Latina nurse waited a few seconds before standing behind her prey, leaning in and whispering in her ear, "Surprised?"

There was a pause and then Elliot nodded, "Yes Mistress."

"That's cute, but sweetie I'm not your Mistress. Your Mistress is a bitch who is way too hard on her slaves and has a tendency to throw them away like broken toys once she's done playing with them, or passing them around to anyone with a dollar in their pocket." Carla said, sounding annoyed, before her voice softened again, "That's why I always make sure I'm the first one she pimps her slaves out too, so I can remind them, in case she's beaten it out of them, that they can still say no and they don't have too do anything they don't want to do. So Elliot, I guess my first question is do you really want to do this? Do you really want to be that bitch's whore?"

A long silence fell between them.

In truth that question had been floating around Elliot's head all day but the answer had always been the same and the reason for the pause was not because Elliot was rethinking it but was simply terrified that her answer would disgust her friend.

"Yes." Elliot said softly.

The blonde waited for Carla to become disgusted, but it didn't happen. Instead the other woman showed her sympathy.

"Ok, next question. Are you ok with what your Mistress does to you? Is it too much? Do you like being dominated but feel your Mistress is too rough?" Carla asked.

"No, I like what my Mistress does to me." Elliot admitted.

"Are you sure? You're not just saying that?" Carla asked, getting closer to the other woman.

"Yes... I'm sure..." Elliot said.

There was another pause, and then Carla smiled.

"Ok then," Carla said softly before brushing a piece of Elliot's hair back and then gently beginning to stroke her fingers through her hair soothingly, "You know when you first came here, when you were little Miss out for yourself making things difficult for everybody, I thought about making you my little bitch, or at least giving you a richly deserved spanking, but I decided against it and I'm glad I did because it turns out I was wrong about you. You're not as bad as I thought, and I'm even starting to like you. That doesn't stop the fact that there are about a million different nasty things I'd like to do to your beautiful little body, that is if you're ok with it. Are you ok with me doing nasty things to you tonight?"

"Oh yes." Elliot replied in a half smile as she thought about what Carla might do to her.

"Good," Carla said, "But if things get too weird for you just let me know ok?"

"Ok." Elliot replied softly.

"Ok... now, before we begin do you have any questions?" Carla asked.

There was a pause.

"W... what about Turk?" Elliot asked softly.

Carla smiled, "We have an agreement. I continue doing this with just the women Jordan enslaves and I tell him everything that happens in detail. I even let him join in on occasion as long as he promises not to tell JD."

"Do you think he keeps his promise?" Elliot asked curiously.

"I think so. JD wouldn't be able to stop obsessing about it if he knew, and he's pretty oblivious to half the stuff that goes on around here. Hell, he's so wrapped up in his own little daydream filled world I don't think he even knows I'm bisexual even though I've been stealing glances at you're cute butt since you got here." Carla said, reaching down and squeezing Elliot's ass, "And speaking of your cute butt, I think it's time for us to start having some fun. Unless of course you have any other questions?"

"No, I'm fine." Elliot gasped as Carla caressed her ass.

"Good, now while sadly I'm not your Mistress and you're not my slave there is a really obvious game we can play which is just too tempting to pass up. So here's how we're going to play, you're the naughty, rich, stuck up little white doctor who has stepped out of line way too many times with the nursing staff and is now going to be punished. I think... about 200 spanks should be a nice starting point, don't you? Yes, and I think you should count out and thank me for each one of them. Oh, and you should call me Nurse Espinosa from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Nurse Espinosa." Elliot said.

"Good girl." Carla said, before pulling down Elliot's blue Scrubs and underwear to reveal her bare little butt, the Latina nurse smiling at the lack of objection from the blonde doctor, "Now, let's begin.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa... owww... one, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... two, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... three, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... four, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... five, thank you Nurse Espinosa..."

As she began to spank her friend Carla felt a little speck of guilt.

She had felt it before, randomly ever since she brought Elliot from Jordan and on a few of the other occasion she had done this, most of them in fact, but she just told herself the same thing she always did, and that was this was for their own good.

Over the years Carla had become an expert of spotting whether people were just doing this because they felt they had to or because they actually enjoyed it. If they weren't really that into it she could do everything within her power to save them from Jordan's clutches, and if they actually enjoyed it then she could help get them ready for what to expect. So either way she would be helping Elliot.

Of course another part of the guilt Carla was feeling was because she was hoping Elliot would actually enjoy this kind of treatment because she had been secretly lusting after her since she arrived, but again Carla was almost 100% sure she had nothing to worry about.

Even though she had pretended not to Carla was fully aware of the way Elliot had looked at her both before and after her enslavement, and while before Carla wasn't sure if Elliot was fully aware of her own sapphic feelings ever since the blonde doctor had become Jordan's little plaything her looks had lost nearly all their subtlety. Not only that but Elliot had obviously been fighting a losing battle with her own natural submissive nature since she first arrived, and it was a battle she had seemingly officially lost as the blonde had become even more submissive than before. This fact combined with what Jordan had told Carla about Elliot gave the Latina nurse the impression not only would it be easy to get Elliot under her thumb, but the blonde would enjoy every moment of it.

Putting her theory to the test Carla began turning the heat up on the spanking, randomly delivering the hardest blow she could possibly give in between the more gentle spanks, watching Elliot's face carefully in the mirror for her response.

Carla smiled widely at the response. Elliot cried out in pain as anyone would, but the way her eyelids fluttered ever so slightly and her face and eyes in particular flooded with pleasure told Carla her friend wasn't playing a long because she was either scared of Jordan or scared of losing her job or both, she actually enjoyed it. Elliot enjoyed being a submissive little slut who gets her ass spanked.

Carla's smile got even wider. Tonight really was going to be fun.

"Owww... ninety eight, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... ninety nine, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred and one, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred and two, thank you Nurse Espinosa..."

Elliot was unable to hide her soft moans of pleasure in between her cries of pain as the spanking became rougher.

Her mistress had been teaching her for months not to care about her own slutty reactions as they were only natural for a slut like her but she couldn't help it. Self-loathing and second-guessing herself was just as big a part of who Elliot was as her submissive nature, maybe more so, and the fact that Elliot was still able to feel ashamed and humiliated for enjoying being spanked even after everything Jordan had done to her and made her do over the past few months only made the whole thing more pleasurable to her. Of course the fact that she found pleasure in her own humiliation and self-loathing only made Elliot feel more humiliated and made her hate herself more, which in turn gave her more pleasure which just repeated itself in a vicious cycle.

Every so often her train of thought was interrupted by one of those wonderfully hard slaps to her ass, Elliot coming out of her own humiliation and self-loathing long enough to enjoy the pain before going right back to it.

Eventually after a particularly hard smack Elliot's eyes focused on the woman in the mirror who was spanking her and she immediately felt her knees go weak as her eyes were captured by Carla's eyes, the nurse staring into her soul and seeing the disgusting little slut she was deep down inside. This made Elliot feel ashamed of herself and she immediately looked away as though she had been scalded, but that delicious feeling shame brought her eyes back to Carla's again and again, the doctor staring wondrously and lustfully at the nurse as she continued to spank her.

The spanking itself made it obvious Carla had done this before and that she was very skilled at it. It also became obvious she was holding back. Elliot wished Carla wouldn't, but she knew better than to question her better. Besides, while Elliot would have loved someone else to come in here and see her humiliation, and she was still hoping someone would, she understood that Nurse Espinosa may not want to be discovered, and as always Elliot is eager to submit to another's desire.

On the bright side it wasn't like the spanking wasn't painful, and while it paled in comparison to some of the things her mistress had done to her the humiliation factor of being spanked in a public bathroom by a nurse was more than enough to get Elliot craving a different type of touch, one she wouldn't have to wait much longer to receive.

"Owww... one hundred and ninety six, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety seven, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety eight, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... one hundred and ninety nine, thank you Nurse Espinosa... owww... two hundred, thank you Nurse Espinosa."

With the spanking over with Carla gently caressed Elliot's well tanned butt, causing the blonde to coo softly as the pain was quickly massaged away and replaced by only the anticipation of what was to come.

Once she was sure Elliot was sufficiently recovered Carla slipped her hand down in between the doctor's legs from behind, her fingertips brushing over the other woman's pussy lips and Carla smiling at the moisture she found there.

"You really do enjoy being spanked don't you?" Carla half asked, half stated.

"Yes Nurse Espinosa." Elliot replied obediently.

Elliot then moaned as Carla began skilfully sliding her fingers around the edge of her cunt, randomly rubbing her clit on every other stroke, sometimes even teasing her needy hole.

This continued for what felt like hours to Elliot but in reality it was only a few minutes.

Finally Carla pressed her fingers more firmly against the entrance to her love channel, the blonde doctor praying this would be the part where Nurse Espinosa fucked her. Unfortunately Elliot's prayers were not answered.

"Turn around." Carla ordered, pulling her fingers away, "I want to look into your eyes as I take you."

Slowly Elliot turned round and looked at Carla with such want and need it made the Latina nurse want to jam her fingers as deep into her friend as possible in one thrust, but the stronger willed woman controlled herself. Instead she smiled, stepped closer so that they were practically nose to nose and without looking guided her fingers to the blonde's honey hole and pushed her way inside.

Elliot gasped and then moaned loudly as she was fully penetrated and filled with one of her friend's fingers, Carla skilfully sliding her digit in and out of her for a few long moments before removing it and then quickly re-inserting it, this time the index finger joined by the middle finger. Both fingers were nice and wet, one from rubbing the outside of Elliot's pussy while the other was still well lubricated from the previous penetration, so the fingers slid all the way into the knuckles with ease, the blonde moaning softly as they entered her.

As those fingers began sliding in and out of her Elliot found herself becoming lost in Carla's intense stare, the other woman's eyes burning a hole through her in a way in which gave Elliot no choice but to look away, and yet at the same time she couldn't help return to her gaze again.

Carla's eyes dominated Elliot with ease, making her feel like the pathetic little submissive girl she was who was lucky this obviously superior woman was fucking her.

On the night of her enslavement many months ago Elliot had an epiphany which changed her life, a moment of clarity in which she realised the truth about herself, and that truth was that she was a disgrace to women everywhere. She didn't even deserve to be called a woman. Women were supposed to be strong, dominant and powerful, not weak, submissive and pathetic like Elliot was. A slut like her wasn't worthy to breathe the same air as a real woman like her mistress and the only thing that justified her existence was the fact she could be used by a real woman for pleasure. That's what Elliot was for. She existed to serve. To be a slave to the likes of Jordan Sullivan and tonight Carla Espinosa.

Carla was everything Elliot wasn't, everything she had once wished to be before she realised her true place in life. Carla was strong, dominant and powerful. A real woman. Elliot should be on her knees worshipping this real woman, but instead Carla was choosing to fuck her unworthy pussy with knowing fingers which effortlessly found all of the blonde doctor's sweet spots and attacked them viciously as they steadily pumped in and out of her.

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