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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 06


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 6

Session 2, the Competition Continues

Archer had recalled Trip and Malcom from their pleasure break on Jural 4 after T'Pol reported several bogies on long-range sensors. The two men had returned as quickly as they could, and Defiant was now at worp 6 only a few hours from intercepting what appeared to be a five-ship force coming from Starbase Delta 4. Sensors indicated two Vulcan ships and three from the Terran fleet, one of them being Columbia, commanded by an old friend – and lover – of his.

"We are in com range now Captain." T'Pol reported.

"Hail them subcommander." Archer replied.

"We have a response from Captain Ramirez on Columbia sir." she said.

"On screen." Archer commanded.

The lovely Captain Ramirez stared him down from the viewscreen. "This is a most distressing situation Jonathan." she said. "First you disobey orders regarding the Defiant, and now you have destroyed a Vulcan ally. I'm asking you as a friend to stand down."

"I'm not going to do that, Katherine. But I will offer you – and your friends – an opportunity to join forces with us." Archer responded.

"You know we cannot do that Captain Archer." She told him, getting more serious. "We have orders to destroy Defiant if you do not comply."

Archer laughed. "Don't fool yourself into thinking you can do that. You know as well as I do that Defiant's shields and armament is more than enough to defend against your attack and make you pay for your attempt." he replied. "I will give you the opportunity to change your mind; but don't get too close. My armory officer gets a little frisky with his trigger finger some times. I will need your answer before you enter weapons range. Archer out." he told her, terminating the communication.

"Senior officers report to my Ready Room." Archer commanded. "Ensign Mayweather, you have the bridge. Let us know if anything changes." he added, striding into his conference room followed by T'Pol, Trip, Malcom, and Hoshi who was acting in her role as communications officer once again.

"I need a fool-proof battle plan to defeat this force, and I need it right now!" Archer demanded, pounding his fist on the table.

"Sir, they have chosen their weapons platforms well. The two Vulcan ships are the newest in the fleet, equipped with Type 7 disruptors, while the Terran vessels have J-class Phasers and Photon Torpedoes." T'Pol told him. "Our shields are not currently capable of defeating all three types of weapon simultaneously." she added.

Archer pounded his fist again. "I did not ask for excuses why we cannot defeat them, subcommander. I am well aware of this small weakness. What I need is a plan to either eliminate the weakness or work around it!" he told them. "Trip, what do you have for me?"

"Cap'n, I believe we may be able to set the shields up in multiple configurations and have them – uh – layered." Trip replied.

"Think that'll work, T'Pol?" he asked, staring at her.

"I'm not certain Captain. We have not run any simulations to show the interaction between the layers in the event that an energy charge passes through one layer and is stopped by the next. It is possible that our hull would be subjected to a significant discharge." T'Pol replied, her usual thorough self.

Archer looked around the room. "It sounds to me like Trip may have a shield solution. What about weapons?" he asked, ignoring the risk proposed by T'Pol.

"As far as we know sir, they have no answer for our more advanced Phasers and Photons. Not even the Vulcan ships can withstand two hits from either one. The first hit will wipe out shields, the second will surely disable or destroy the ships. The Terran ships have nothing more advanced than what Enterprise had, and we know those weaknesses. One Photon strike and they'll be out of the fight." Malcom reported.

"Very well. If they have not responded by the time they are in weapons range, I would propose a first strike to disable the Terrans. If the Vulcan's pursue, we'll deal with them as well. Any questions?" he asked. Nobody responded. "Very well, let's do this people. Take your stations."

The team returned to the bridge, Jonathan Archer in the lead. "Yellow Alert!" came the command. "Report!"

"Five minutes to weapons range Captain." Travis reported, returning to his station at the helm console.

"No contact since your last conversation with Captain Ramirez." Hoshi reported.

"Tactical Status!" Archer demanded.

"Shields at maximum in tri-phase configuration sir." T'Pol reported

"All weapons charged and ready!" shouted Malcom, always proud to shoot and kill opponents.

"Hail Columbia." Archer ordered.

"Captain Ramirez responding sir." Hoshi said.

"On screen." Archer ordered. Again Captain Ramirez' face graced the viewer.

"Jonathan, you know we cannot acknowledge your offer. Orders from Terran Command remain as they were before – to destroy you and your ship if you do not stand down." she told him. Her face was sad – almost scared.

"I'm sorry to hear that Katherine. Good by." Archer said, terminating the communication. "Battle stations." he ordered.

The bridge lights dimmed, status panels flashing a dull red as the ship and her crew made ready for a fight. The bridge crew had practiced similar situations in drills designed to maximize their fighting efficiency, and they were ready.

"Weapons range in thirty seconds sir." T'Pol reported.

"Arm six photons and target the three Terran ships. We want this to be as quick as possible." Archer ordered.

"Photons armed and targeted sir" Malcom told him. Thirty seconds later he added "Targets locked, ready to fire on your command."

"FIRE!" Archer ordered. They all heard the torpedoes as they left the tubes on their way to 'friendly' vessels. "Time to impact?" he asked.

"Fifteen seconds sir." T'Pol replied. "Impact in five... four... three... two... one...." She said.

"Target status?" Archer demanded.

"Columbia and Essex are disabled, main power is down." T'Pol reported.

"And Horizon?" Archer asked about the third ship.

"Destroyed sir." T'Pol replied.

"Status of the Vulcan ships?" he asked.

"They are still on an intercept course sir. They have increased speed to Worp 5." T'Pol replied.

"Hail the lead vessel." Archer requested.

The Vulcan captain appeared on the viewer. "I am Captain Shirok of the Vulcan High Command. You have just killed more than two hundred of your own people Captain Archer." Shirok spat.

"I know that Captain. What are your intentions?" Archer asked.

"They are charging their disruptor arrays Captain." T'Pol reported.

"Shields to maximum, let's see what he has." Archer responded. Defiant shuddered as the blast from the Vulcan disruptors bounced off of her shields.

"Shields are holding, no damage." T'Pol reported.

"Captain Shirok, you have no chance against our ship. Stand down and I will let you live." Archer said confidently. The Vulcan's answer was to terminate the communication, shortly followed by a second disruptor volley.

"Target Phasers and fire when ready." Archer ordered.

"Firing sir." Lieutenant Reed reported.

"Targets destroyed sir." T'Pol reported.

"Damned fools!" Archer said under his breath. All they had to do was back off, and I would have let them go! he thought. Oh well, perhaps they would learn before too many more Terrans had to die.


Jonathan Archer's thoughts turned to more enjoyable pursuits – the second session of his competition between Hoshi Sato and T'Pol. He had come up with a way to debase both women while giving himself whatever physical pleasure he wished to enjoy. All he really needed now was a scheme to add a competitive element – a way to 'score' the performances of the two competitors.

Archer stood up and headed for the turbolift. "I will be in my quarters." he said. "Malcom, you have the bridge." he added.

Back in his quarters, he worked on the 'apparatus' he would deploy for the next session. It appeared to be a simple table, about 80 centimeters high and 50 centimeters wide. It was padded on top and had two sets of 'stirrups' mounted alongside the top surface which was about 130 centimeters long. Table height was adjustable, as were the positions of the stirrups. There were also fixtures intended to enable restraint of the two women who would occupy the apparatus. It was ready, and he needed to see the doctor for the next step in his preparation – but first, notification of the contestants.

"Archer to T'Pol." came the com call.

"Subcommander T'Pol here." came the reponse.

"Report to my quarters at nineteen hundred hours this evening. The competition will resume." Archer ordered. "Archer out."

"Archer to Sato." came the second call.

"Sato here captain." Hoshi responded.

"Report to my quarters at nineteen hundred hours this evening. The competition will resume." Archer ordered. "Archer out."

That done, Archer headed for sick bay.

"Ah... Captain... what brings you to my sick bay, mmmmm?" Phlox greeted him.

Archer told him of his planned event, the two women 'stacked' in a sixty-nine position with him maintaining access to one of each type of opening at each end of the table. His idea for the competition was to have each woman be given an opportunity to make him cum in each of her openings – perhaps more than once each. But Archer needed something to give him the sexual stamina to ejaculate many times during the evening.

"Sounds very – uh – pleasurable Captain. Very pleasurable indeed. I'm sure I can help you. Give me a few minutes to prepare something sir." Phlox replied, scurrying into his lab and keying some data into the computer panel. "I heard that Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed had an enjoyable time at the – uh – Orion resort." the doctor said, making small talk.

"Yeah, well that was the point. Those men worked very hard to get us this ship. They deserved a reward, and I have a friend in the Syndicate that owed me a favor." Archer replied.

The doctor returned with a hypo-spray. "Here you are Captain. I've set the hypo for the correct dose, don't use it more than once per session." Phlox told him.

Archer took the instrument and nodded. "Thanks doc. One of these days we'll get a reward for you as well." he said.

"Rewards are not necessary sir; but as always it would be appreciated." Phlox replied. Perhaps I could have T'Pol or Hoshi for myself some time. he thought. Or maybe both of them! "Have a pleasant evening Captain, mmmm?" he said, bidding Archer goodbye.

Archer chuckled. "Thanks doc, I think I will." he replied, heading out of sick bay and back to his quarters. He didn't really think he would need the extra 'performance' offered by Phlox' concoction; but it couldn't hurt. He glanced at his watch. Two hours to go. He got back to his quarters and ran a thorough diagnostic on his video system. Four cameras were ready to capture all the action. If it worked out, he would share some of the excitement with Trip and Malcom later.

T"Pol went back to her quarters at seventeen-thirty with time for some meditation before she prepare herself for Archer's game. She had no idea what to expect; but she knew that Hoshi must be beaten. She put on some soothing music and calmed her inner mind, telling herself that her body would be up to whatever tasks were required. She would remain in control. She was Vulcan. The Terran and Vulcan empires were depending on her – even if they didn't know it. "The time is eighteen hundred hours" came the computer time report. She took a quick shower, washing her body thoroughly before spreading a coat of her sensual oils on all the parts that she knew would be the focus of the evening. Then she donned the blue satin again, well aware that the slinky attire excited not only Archer but Ensign Sato as well. And Archer would probably want the two of them to get together again. she thought. It wasn't such a bad thing.

Hoshi had climbed into a soothing bath at seventeen-thirty, enjoying the feel of the oiled water seeping into her pores. She gently rubbed at the folds of her pussy, achieving a soft climax to prepare herself. After drying herself she applied an herbal oil to her body, then used a pheromone-based fragrance to her crotch, focusing on her labia and anus. If she was going to get this done – she had to do absolutely everything in her power to make Archer want her. She slipped into a lacy pair of crotchless panties with a black satin jacket. Her firm breasts needed no help to stand up. She was ready.

Archer gave himself the injection at eighteen forty-five, following the doctor's instructions. By the time he had his loose workout garb on his penis was erect and ready. Damn! This stuff works! he thought. He pulled out glasses for their refreshments, poured himself a glass of his favorite Andorian Whiskey, and sat down to wait for the competitors. This time they arrived simultaneously. The door chime sounded. "Come." he said.

The two women were unusually polite at the door, and both came over to him and gave him a welcome kiss. He offered them a drink, and both of them accepted. T'Pol was the first to speak, having noticed his condition. "Would you like me to take care of that for you Jonathan?" she asked, licking her lips.

"In good time, subcommander." Archer replied. "I hope you two are ready for some serious competition tonight." he added.

"And what will we be doing, my Captain?" Hoshi asked, trying to be just that little bit more 'respectful' than her opponent.

Archer glanced over toward the 'event apparatus', which he had covered with a blanket prior to their arrival. He smiled. "Oh, I think you will find it a challenge – and perhaps a pleasure as well." he replied.

"Please let us see sir." T'Pol requested, drinking down her whiskey.

"Very well." Archer said, standing and walking to the apparatus. "I present to you...." With a flourish he swept the blanket off of the table. "the pleasure table." he said.

"Looks kinda small for three of us." Hoshi told him.

"Oh I think we will all fit just fine." Archer replied. "First we have to decide which one of you will be on top." he added.

"On top?" T'Pol queried, standing up to join Archer next to the table. Hoshi quickly met them.

"Yes. The two of you will be restrained on this table in a position suitable for – shall we say – mutual gratification." Archer told them. "These stirrups will give you a place where your legs or feet will be comfortably held. Then I will have access to three openings at each end." he continued. "So I will let the two of you decide who relaxes on her back and who is on top."

T'Pol, trying to be 'fair', spoke first. "I will take the bottom, as my weight is less than the Ensign's." she said, looking at Hoshi. Sato nodded her acceptance.

"Very well. Mount up, ladies!" Archer said, deftly disengaging the catches on the stirrups and patting the top of the table. "Subcommander?" he said.

"We should remove our clothing before we – um – mount up?" she asked.

"As you wish. It won't matter much; but it might be easier." Archer said, watching as the two beauties disrobed. He joined them, his cock now standing out straight in front of his body.

T'Pol hopped up on the table and swung one leg over. She placed her feet in the stirrups and scooted her butt down until her head was at the end of the table. Archer adjusted the stirrups to splay her legs wide, tilting her pelvis so that her anus was also available. Then he attached the restraints around her ankles.

Archer looked at Hoshi, then pulled out the 'knee stirrups' he had fabricated. "You can use these to climb up if you like. Face down with your pussy on her face and your face at hers." Archer told her.

She did as he instructed, glad that the stirrups were padded as she positioned herself per his orders. She could feel T'Pol's breath on her pussy as Jonathan adjusted the stirrups and fastened the restraints at her knees.

"One more thing." Archer told them, pulling a long strap from under the table that held Hoshi's back down, forcing her face between T'Pol's widespread legs. He walked to each end of the table, inspecting the position of the two bodies and adjusting the table height so he could easily enter any of the orifices. "Looks perfect to me. You may start eating each other now, and act like you enjoy it." he ordered, swatting Hoshi's firm bottom. "While you are enjoying each other I will explain the competition."

T'Pol reached her hands up and began stroking Sato's flanks as her tongue flicked at her labia. She does smell good! she thought. Then she felt the Ensign's mouth on her own pussy, a slender finger slipping gently inside her vagina. T'Pol pulled the firm cheeks of her opponent apart and began toying with her anal ring, sucking hard on her clit. Hoshi returned the favor and the two women began writhing atop the 'pleasure table', much to Archer's delight.

He walked back over to the table and poured another Whiskey, then returned to the apparatus to enjoy the show. "I am pleased to see that you are not averse to pleasuring each other." he told them, peering intently at T'Pol's digit, now buried inside Hoshi's tight asshole. "That's it, subcommander. Loosen up that little pooper for me. I'll be using it later." Archer said. "Now.... What we will be doing tonight is a contest to see which one of you can get me off the quickest in each of you holes." he began. "If you do not have my cock in your mouth I expect you to be sucking on the pussy in front of you. If I pull my cock out of either of the holes in front of you I expect you to open your mouth and suck on it. I will time my duration in each opening and tally these on the computer. Clear?" he asked. Both women acknowledged with muffled grunts in each other's cunts.

Archer decided to use T'Pol's mouth first, and walked around to that end of the table. He place the head of his dick in front of her. "Suck it, subcommander." he ordered. She stopped eating Hoshi's pussy and took his organ into her mouth. "Computer – start timer."Archer called, then he forced it all the way into her throat. "Make me cum, bitch." he spat. Hoshi moaned as the lips and tongue were taken away. Archer reached over and pushed down on her head. "Continue eating her pussy, bitch. You don't have a cock in your mouth!" he told her. He felt T'Pol's throat muscles gripping his meat. "That's it ladies. You're getting it now." T'Pol had withdrawn her finger, so Archer replaced it with his thumb, driving it to the hilt in the pretty Asian's hot rectum. Her squeals were music to his ears.

Hoshi didn't think much of this arrangement. She had a Vulcan pussy in her mouth and Archer's brutal thumb up her ass. Nobody was paying any attention to her needs. Then she sensed T'Pol's fingers finding her clit and she began to relax. She worked at T'Pol's pussy, lapping at the soft folds, nipping at her erect little nub, and stretching her tongue out to rim the Vulcan's sphincter wrinkle. What the hell, I might as well try to enjoy it! she thought.

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