tagErotic Poetryerectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction


the treatment for e.d.
is a session with me
i'll get you horny and hard
and your problem will be history
i'll turn you on
and get your blood pumpin'
you'll feel like a dog
from doing so much humpin'
i'll awake your cock
with lots of licking and sucking
your e.d. will disappear
and we'll do some serious fucking
you'll be out of breath
your heart will be racing
i'll keep you stiff for hours
because i'm so damn amazing
when it comes to erectile dysfunction
my pussy is the cure
after just one time with me
you'll suffer from this ailment no more
no more limp dicks
no more popping pills
just a night with lisa
and her doctorate level skills
when it comes to giving hard-ons
i am the best
conquering erectile dysfunction
is my latest quest

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