tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEric's Lucky Night

Eric's Lucky Night


Jackie could not believe that she was doing this; kneeling on the floor beside the bed in her motel room, performing oral sex on a twenty-one-year-old total stranger. She had met Eric in the bar across the street from the motel that she was staying at, with her eighteen-year-old daughter, Karen.

Jackie had not been with another man since marrying Bob, Karen's stepfather, ten years ago. They had broken up just over a month ago, so perhaps Jackie was acting out of a desire to prove that she was still attractive. Eric was cute, and obviously interested, so, while her daughter was off with the other contestants of Beauty Pageant that she was involved with, Jackie decided that she would entertain herself. After all, as long as her soon-to-be ex didn't find out, she had nothing to worry about. And he was three hundred miles away.

Eric looked down at the attractive 39-year-old who was sucking his cock. She had a pretty face, long brown hair, D-cup tits, and a shapely body. He did not know how he lucked out, but this was one hot M.I.L.F. He had just finished going down on her, now he was going to blow his wad in her mouth, then she had promised to fuck him. This really was Eric's lucky night.

Jackie stopped when she heard the sound of a car pull up out front. Eric protested as the naked woman jerked her head away from his hard, throbbing, 7-inch cock, and stood up. He looked at her patch of pubic hair, something that the 21-year-old was not used to seeing on women. "What are you doing?"

Jackie rushed to the window and peeped out through the curtain. "Oh fuck, my daughter's here. She wasn't supposed to be back this early."

Jackie grabbed her robe and began pulling it on. "Grab your clothes and go hide in the bathroom. I'll get her to run to the store for me, and you can sneak out then."

Eric grabbed his hard cock in his right hand, "But what about this? Aren't you going to get me off?"

"I am sorry, but I can't let my daughter catch me with you. Shit, get the fuck in the bathroom, now!"

"Eric began picking up his clothes, "I'll hide, but when she goes to the store, I want to fuck you real quick before I go."

"Jack off while you're in the bathroom." Jackie told him.

Eric begrudgingly ducked into the bathroom, just as he heard the sound of the motel door opening. "Hi mom." Karen greeted. Seeing her mom in the partially opened robe, Karen asked, "What's going on here?"

"Nothing, why are you back so soon?" Jackie asked.

"They finished up, and I'm tired. I really want to get some sleep before tomorrow."

Eric peeked out trough the crack in the door, from the darkness of the bathroom, as Karen began unbuttoning her blouse. Karen was a beautiful redhead, with medium length red hair, big, bright blue eyes, and a captivating smile. She wore a short skirt that revealed long, sexy legs. His eyes went wide as she opened her blouse, revealing her firm, bra covered, boobs.

"What are you doing?" Jackie asked. She had been busy trying to straighten the bed, and avoid looking her daughter in the face, and only now realized that Karen was undressing. "Put your shirt back on."

Karen dropped the shirt onto the floor. "Why?"

"I need you to go to the store and buy something."

"Buy what?" Karen asked.

"Toothpaste." Jackie said. It was the first thing that she could think of.

"We have toothpaste," Karen said, "I put it in the bathroom." Before waiting for her mom to say anything, Karen hurried to the bathroom door. "No." Jackie cried out, too late to stop her daughter. Karen pushed the door open and bounded into the bathroom, flicking the light switch on and jumping in alarm at the sight of the naked man standing in front of her. "What the fuck?"

"I am sorry." Jackie said to her daughter.

Karen could not believe what was going on. Her mother had a man, who couldn't be more than a year or two older than Karen, in the room. "After all the preaching you have done to me about not sleeping around, here you are with someone half your age."

"He's twenty-one." Jackie said.

"Oh, so that makes it so much better." Remembering that she was wearing only a bra, Karen covered her chest. Her eyes were instinctively drawn to Eric's cock, which was growing erect as he watched Karen.

"Eric, go please." Jackie told him.

An evil desire crossed Eric's mind, "No, I think I'm going to stay and have a little fun."

"You're here with that miss uptight, pageant with all the debutants and all the morality rules, aren't you?" Eric asked Karen.

Karen could not pull her eyes away from Eric's dick as she spoke, "It's not like that."

"But it does have a moral code, right?" Eric asked, "And if they find out that you and your mother were in here banging a 21-year-old together, you would be disqualified, right?"

"Yes," Karen answered, "but I'm not doing anything. Still, they could through me out because of you, mom." She accused.

"And I'm betting that you don't want your husband to find out about this." Eric said to Jackie.

"I'm separated." She said, but she knew that her husband could still try to use this against her in order to stop her from getting half of his retirement in their divorce settlement. "Shit, why did I bring you here? Just leave, please."

"Not until I cum." He said. "Take off your clothes and go sit with your mom." Eric ordered, "And you remove that robe." He said to Jackie.

"Fuck you." Karen replied.

Eric was becoming bolder by the second. "Look, either you do as I say, or I'm going to take what I want from you. If you try to call for help, then you're both getting into some kind of trouble too. And I doubt if either of you can fight me off."

Jackie removed her robe. "I'll do whatever you want, but don't hurt Karen."

"I won't hurt either of you, just as long as both of you do what I want. Now, Karen, get naked. I want to see that hot body of yours while your mom and I have sex."

Karen unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she began undoing her bra and removing her panties. She was humiliated by allowing this stranger to see her naked, but there was a part of her that was mad as hell at her mother for causing all of this. Maybe she would enjoy watching her mom get fucked after all.

Eric stroked his cock as he watched Karen strip. She was truly beautiful. He adored the thin patch of red hair over her pussy, and her long, erect nipples. "Come sit by your mom."

Karen sat on the side of the bed beside her mother. Eric stood in front of them, his cock only inches from their faces. "I want you to both take turns sucking me."

"I'll do it," Jackie agreed, "but don't make her do it."

"I said you're going to take turns." Eric insisted.

Jackie leaned forward and took Eric's cock into her mouth. She began sucking him, hoping to make him cum quickly. He let her suck for a little bit, then pulled away, "Your turn, Karen."

Karen could not believe that this was happening. "She began sucking the 21-year-old's cock while her mother looked on. After a few moments Eric told her to stop. Then he decided to change positions. Eric lay on the bed and had each girl kneel beside him. "Now, when one of you is sucking my cock, the other will lick my balls."

Jackie began sucking his cock. Eric used his hand to guide Karen's head between his legs. She stuck out her tongue and began licking under his balls. "Oh, that feels good." He said. He enjoyed the two tongues working on him for a while, and then said, "Switch."

Now Karen was sucking his dick, while her mother licked his sack. Eric could not take his eyes off of the beautiful face that was bobbing up and down on his shaft. He could feel his balls tightening. The sensation of Jackie's tongue beneath his balls made everything so much more exhilarating. He was about to cum, and he was going to do it in Karen's mouth.

"Don't you dare spit it out or swallow it." He ordered, just before blowing his load in Karen's mouth.

Karen felt Eric's cum spurting into her mouth. This wasn't the first blow job that she had given, but she never let her boyfriends cum in her mouth before. She wanted to gag as he came in her mouth. Eric held her hair in his fist, moaning as he climaxed, and reminding not to spit it out or swallow it, over and over again.

Eric could not believe how good it felt having Karen's lips make him cum while Jackie's tongue continued to caress his balls. When he was satisfied, he let Karen pull her head away from his cock, and said, "Now, spit it into your mom's mouth."

"What?" Jackie asked in alarm.

"Lie backwards and open your mouth so your daughter can give you a snowball."

Jackie reluctantly did as instructed. Karen leaned forward and opened her mouth, expelling the contents into her mom's mouth. "Don't you swallow it either." Eric insisted, as he watched his cum, mixed with Karen's saliva, droll into Jackie's mouth.

"Now, give it back to your daughter."

Karen groaned as she switched places with her mother. She was disgusted as she looked up and watched the cum that she had taken, and gotten rid of, spilled out of her mother's mouth and back into hers.

"Now, spit it all over your mom's face." Eric ordered.

Jackie closed her eyes in preparation. Karen only half regretted what she was about to do. This was her mom's fault after all. Karen spat the mixture of cum and spit all over her mother's face.

"Oh, doesn't that look nice." Eric said, as he watched the mess drain in all directions on Jackie's pretty face.

"There, you got what you wanted, now go." Jackie said. As she moved to wipe her face with her hand, Eric told her to leave it alone. Instead, he said, "Now, lie down side by side and masturbate for me."

"No!" Karen insisted.

"Either that or I fuck you." Eric told her,

The two women laid side-by-side, each dutifully rubbing their now swollen clits with their fingers. Eric stood at the foot of the bed watching with great interest as they masturbated. Cum and spit was oozing off of Jackie's face as she pleasured herself. After cuming once already tonight, she knew that it would not be difficult to get off.

"Switch." Eric said.

Both women looked at him oddly. Jackie was the first to notice that his cock was hard again.

"Rub each other's pussy." Eric explained. When they refused, he said, "Here's the deal, I'm hard, and I'm going to fuck one of you. So you each get to rub the other one. The one who gets the other one off first will cause that one to get fucked, but either way, I want to see you both cum.

Jackie took Karen's hand and placed it on her pussy, "Rub me and make me cum for him, that way he'll fuck me and not you."

"No agreements," Eric insisted, "and I'll know if you fake it."

Both women began rubbing the other's clit. Each was blushing intently over the shame of playing with the other's pussy. But Jackie did her best to make her mom orgasm before she did. She did not want to be fucked by this guy, and there was a part of her that now wanted to make her mom fuck him.

It did not take Karen long to be on the verge of orgasm. She was surprised at just how much she wanted to cum. She was ashamed that it would be by her daughter's hand, but she wanted it. In fact, she needed it. She knew that it meant being fucked by Eric, but she secretly needed that too. She would regret having to do it in front of Karen, but they would both get over it.

Jackie began to moan as she climaxed. Karen did not let up on her mom's clit as the woman jerked about beside her.

"Oh, that was fucking nice." Eric said. Now, get on your hands and knees between your daughter's legs."

"Why?" Jackie asked.

"I told you that I wanted to see both of you cum. So you're going to lick Karen's cunt while I fuck you from behind."

"No fucking way." Jackie said.

"Then I fuck her." Eric said.

Jackie did not want to be the cause of Karen getting fucked. Mortified, she knelt between Karen's legs and began licking her daughter's clit. Eric knelt on the bed behind Jackie and sank his cock into her wet pussy.

Jackie began licking Karen as Eric rammed his cock into her. Her pussy welcomed his invasion. Soon she was responding involuntarily to his fucking. As she did so, she began licking Karen's clit harder and faster. Karen noticed the change, and could not help but begin to respond. "Jesus Christ, I'm going to cum from my mom eating my pussy." She thought in alarm.

Eric slammed his cock into Jackie's pussy, watching as her head remained buried in Karen's snatch. He could see Karen's eyes rolling, and her face flushing, and knew that she was about to cum.

"Don't stop." Eric said.

Jackie began cumming. She rolled her eyes back and enjoyed the feeling, despite the shame and humiliation of it. Her mom continued licking her, and brought her to orgasm a second, and then a third time. "Oh fuck, stop, please!" Karen begged, but Eric insisted that Jackie continue licking until he finished fucking her.

Karen was begging for a break. Her mother's tongue continued pleasuring her to the point that she could no longer stand it.

Jackie climaxed as Eric fucked her. She was thrusting her hips back to meet him, totally engrossed by this. The sounds of her daughter cumming and the sensation of her own orgasm had her caught up in the moment. She came again, just before feeling Eric cum inside of her pussy.

"Oh fuck, don't cum in me." She said, but the words were muffled by Karen's pussy.

Eric continued banging his groin into Jackie's backside as his balls drained into the older woman. This was better than he had anticipated, but he had something else in mind.

Karen was panting when her mother stopped licking her. She could not believe that she had endured so many non-stop orgasms.

Eric took the belt from Jackie's robe, and used it to tie her arms behind her back. "What are you doing?" Jackie asked.

"You'll see." Eric said, as he began going through their belongings. It did not take long to find what he was looking for. Eric found a small vibrator in Jackie's purse."

"Mom." Karen said.

"Don't act like you don't have one. I've seen your purse too." Jackie retorted.

"Really." Eric said. He grabbed Karen's purse, and found a small, finger vibrator attached to a tiny battery pack. "Well, we have two to play with."

"What are you doing?" Jackie wanted to know.

Eric grabbed Jackie's panties off of the floor and slid them up over her legs. Then he stuffed her vibrator up into her pussy, before pulling the panties all the way up. Now, her panties were preventing the vibrator from coming out. Eric then found some tape. Using that, he pulled down the front of Jackie's panties and placed Karen's vibrator directly against Jackie's clit, and taped it into place. Before pulling the panties back up, he turned both vibrators on to their highest setting.

Jackie moaned as the vibrator inside of her pussy and the one on her clit began working. She knew that it would not take long for them to make her cum.

Eric sat on the bed beside of her, and called Karen to sit beside him. He began fondling Karen's firm tits as Jackie squirmed about on the bed. Jackie climaxed, and the sensations continued. She climaxed again, and then asked Eric to turn the vibrators off. Eric smiled, and said, "If Karen rides my cock until I cum, I'll turn them off."

"Fuck you." Karen said.

"Then your mom cums until the batteries die. You know how rough that's going to be.

Karen remembered the non-stop sensations she felt from her mom's tongue.

Jackie climaxed again, "Please Karen, fuck him so he'll stop this."

Eric stretched out on the bed beside Jackie. Karen began playing with his cock, feeling it go hard in his hands. "Get on me." He told her.

Karen straddled Eric, slowly sinking her pussy onto his shaft. "Will you pull out when you cum?"

"No." Eric told her.

Karen did not like the sound of that, she had only fucked with condoms and did not want to have him cum inside of her unprotected. But the moment she began fucking him, her body betrayed her. She was soon bouncing up and down on his cock as Eric played with her tits, occasionally raising his head to lick her sensitive nipples.

Jackie was orgasming out of control. She loved and hated every minute of it. The orgasm felt great, but the constant stimulation was almost painful. She begged for it to stop, but knew that only when Eric came inside of her daughter's pussy would it end.

Karen climaxed atop Eric, and that was the beginning of the end for the pretty redhead. Now she was pounding him with full force. Against all of her better judgment, her body had welcomed Eric's cock inside of her. Eric thrust his hips, meeting Karen's cunt stroke for stroke. This was without a doubt the best fuck he had ever experienced. Sweat dripped off of Karen's face as she fucked the man beneath her. The never-ending cries of her mother's orgasms only intensified the ordeal.

Karen lost count of how long she fucked Eric, and of the number of orgasms she received as a result. She was no longer doing this to stop her mother's forced orgasms, no; Karen loved every inch of the cock inside of her.

Eric's eyes rolled back and he groaned with delight as he began cumming inside of the beautiful 18-year-old redhead. Karen continued fucking him until his cock was drained and going limp. Only then did Eric tell her to get off of him.

Eric grabbed his pants and put them on. Then he told Karen to untie her mother. Karen rushed to Jackie's side. Her mother was drenched in sweat, so much so that the sheets were wet beneath her. Karen ripped down her mother's panties and turned off and removed the vibrators. Then she rolled Jackie over and untied her arms. When Jackie was free, they looked up to see that Eric was gone. The door was closing behind him.

Jackie fought to catch her breath. She looked at her daughter, not knowing what to say. She didn't have the breath to speak anyway.

Karen looked at her mom. "Don't worry; I'm not saying a fucking thing. But damn I wish you would have got his fucking number."

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