tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErotic Heart of The Damned Ch. 02

Erotic Heart of The Damned Ch. 02


When morning came I felt a great sense of relief as the sun shone through my window. Touching my skin and filling me with warmth, I sat on the edge of my bed for a minute, my head down and a gentle yawn. I stood up to stretch myself a bit, keeping my lower body straight whilst rotating my upper body left to right. Last night had been quite an intense night with Jessica.

One day and I feel like I've spent my life with her.

I got a strong whiff of sweat from under my arms and knew it was time or an early morning shower. When I walked passed the bed on the other side, I noticed Jessica was still asleep in the sleeping bag I lent her. Though to be honest, she wasn't sleeping in it because she was affected by the sun, but rather because she didn't trust herself sleeping with me in the bed. Jessica, quite, frankly, was a different species of vampires that didn't burn or feel any pain in the sun. For a minute I thought she was like a vampire from Twilight, which only shone in the sun like, diamonds. But no. She was perfectly normal on that end.

The only big difference was her form of diet and nutrition.

I walked passed the kitchen to grab a quick cup of coffee and I stumbled across today's newspaper. Jessica must've picked it up earlier ago. When I took a look at it though, I was horrified by what was written down on the front page. The picture on the page was of a young girl, possibly 17, who had been brutally killed in an alley downtown. She was reported to have been shredded to pieces by a vicious animal. Just then a part of me inside felt a bit shaken and my mind turned straight to Jessica.

It couldn't have been her. She was here the whole night -- with me. But then I remembered that she's capable of moving at fast distances, in incredible speeds, and could easily run downtown and get back here before the morning.

I dropped the newspaper on the table and took a moment to calm myself. I took a deep breath. Right now I wanted to avoid getting this whole thing stuck in my head, so I headed for the bathroom, took off my sleeping gear and put it in my linen basket and then got in the shower. Turning on the shower I stood under the flow of warm, soothing water as it fell on top of my body. I felt at peace and the very thought about what happened to that girl just seemed to flow away, like the water going down the drain.

I knew I loved Jessica with all my heart and she loved me the exact same way. But the thing is, when you discover that some myths are actually true, you tend to feel a bit shaken by them.

Once I washed off the soap from my body and turned off the water, I looked up and saw Jessica in the shower's mirror, stood behind me wearing nothing but a towel wrapped round her. Just as I turned around and open the door, Jessica dropped her towel in front of me and reviled her beautiful, youthful body.

'Mind if I join you, Chris dear?' Jessica asked.

I tried to hide what was on my mind by answering in a calmed voice. 'Sure, come on in.'

The very look on Jessica's face had a look of joy and true love. She could've have been responsible for that girl's murder, and she wouldn't dare do even if she was starving. But anyway, I just wanted to do was enjoy my shower in the company of someone very special.

I turned the water back on and held my right arm around Jessica's waist. Bringing her closer and rubbing her soft body against mine whilst I caressed her face with my left hand. Jessica began to gently rub her finger down my stomach to feel the intensity of my abs.

'Wow. Someone's getting stronger. Guess that time you spend in the gym is paying of, eh?'

I gave a smile to her and brought my lips into contact with hers. She wrapped both her arms around my head, gently, and kissed me back in a passionate motion. Eventually I turned off the water seeing as things were about to get a bit more intense. Jessica lowered my head down to her breasts, rubbing my cheek and mouth against her fully hardened nipples. I began to delicately lick her nipple and then moved onto sucking them. The taste of them was still as tender as I remember from last night.

Jessica moaned out in pleasure. 'Ohhh, God, Chris. Don't stop, that feels really good.'

Without any warning Jessica pulled my head up and kissed me again, this time using her hands for something else. She grabbed hold of my erected penis and aligned it with her pussy. Slowly I started pushing in it. Jessica gasped quietly while still kissing me until she pulled her head back. I lifted her left leg, held it up with my hand whilst also holding her right hand and pressing it against the shower door. Then, slowly and very loving, I started to fuck her.

There were gentle thuds as her back hit against the shower door, every time I moved in with my hips. I then grabbed her ass and held it tight with my hands. The feeling of my dick inside her wet pussy was amazing, I was reaching the stage of cumming inside her -- as I intended to.

Thankfully Jessica insured me that, being a vampire, it was quite difficult to get her pregnant. Although, at one moment she had mentioned that it was possible. But when I asked her how... she just didn't answer.

My pulse was rising and my body was tensing up, then in a burst of shock, I came inside her.

'Ohhhh... my God...' Jessica collapsed into my arms, breathing heavily.

I took a deep breath. 'You enjoy that?'

Jessica took a moment. 'Yeah... oh darling, that was absolutely wonderful.'

'Heh. Glad you enjoyed it.'

I held Jessica in my arms and turned on the water, to wash off our sweat. During the time we stood under the water, I hugged Jessica with every ounce of love I had. I never wanted to let her go, no matter what she was and what she was capable of, I didn't care. The only I knew was I loved her much more than my ex-girlfriend ever did in my previous relationship.

Later in the afternoon I thought I'd take a little trip out to the pier with Jessica, and enjoy the day with her. We strolled down calmly, holding onto one another by the waist. All around us there were people enjoying the day: couples on their dates, parents with their kids, elderly folk walking up to the end of the pier to absorb the sea breeze.

Jessica seemed happy from what I noticed. The look of joy on her face made it seem as though she had never really had a date since she was turned into this. But either way, Jessica seemed to be having a lot of fun with me on our first date. I even played a few games of pool with her, and wouldn't you know it, she won every game. Then once we left the arcade and started making our way to the Ferris Wheel, I asked her if she wanted to go on it.

'Do you wanna take a ride on the Ferris Wheel?'


After buying the tickets we waited for the wheel to turn, until there was an empty seat available. An empty car appeared and once we were sat inside, the guy closed the gate and the wheel started to move. As the wheel moved up I held my arm around Jessica's shoulder while she rested her head on mine. High up in the sky we could see seagulls flying around and the sun poking out through some of the clouds, hitting our faces with its rays. It was a one of those magical moments to be up here and noticed just how tiny everyone looked from below.

I looked over at Jessica and saw her smiling. Her eyes shone in a more reddish tone as the sun focused on her face. Although, the very look of her eyes turning red only reminded me of the side of her that wasn't caring and peaceful. I couldn't stop thinking about that poor girl, murdered and slashed to ribbons, in the newspaper. Jessica noticed I was looking at her. We shared a moment of silence and after a soft sigh, Jessica broke the silence.

'I know what's on your mind Chris... I've known since this morning. But believe me; I didn't kill that young girl in the alley.'

I was shocked to find out she could sense what I was thinking. But instead I choose to remain silent and just listen to what she had to say.

'I've been keeping an eye out since I got here and, well; I noticed something about that murder, and... the others that took place before that one.'

'There were more,' I spoke out.

'Many. All at a distance from one another, but also, all heading in the same direction: towards here. My fear is that they'll get closer and closer until they reach your apartment.'

For a moment I forgot about the danger of the situation, and blurted out what was on my mind. 'Not mine... ours.' I took hold of Jessica's right hand with both of mine. 'You're now part of my life and have a place, with me, to live. I don't care about any dangers out there -- or even the fact that you're a bloodsucking demon. I told you last night that I love you and will always love you.'

Jessica smiled at me and just then, I spotted a tear of joy running down her eye. I dabbed my thumb on her cheek to wipe away the tear and while I did that, I couldn't help but move in for a kiss on the cheek. Just as I gave her a quick peck, Jessica stared into my eyes and then, in a daring speed, moved her head towards mine. She kissed me with all her strength and all her love, I almost felt too weak to stop her.

But then again, why would I want to stop her?

Upon finishing the ride, I was caught by surprise when I spotted an old friend -- or rather, an old lover of mine: Becky Black, my ex-girlfriend. She looked the same as ever with her short blonde hair and greyish eyes. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans, a sleeveless yellow top that only covered half her stomach exposing the piercing she had in her bellybutton and finally, a pair of red high top converse shoes. Becky instantly noticed us, and Jessica, and thought she'd come over say hello. Probably just to find out who my new girlfriend was?

'Hey, Chris! Good to see you again. How you doing?'

'Hey, Becky, good.'

'Is this your new girlfriend?' Becky said with a smile.

Before I could answer, Jessica lent out her hand, introducing herself. 'Jessica Gray, it's a pleasure to meet you Becky. Chris has told me quite a bit about you.'

'Really?' replied Becky going a bit blushed. 'Wow, Chris, I never thought you'd end up with another girl -- especially a British one?'

'Is there something wrong with being British?'

'No, no! It's just, well... Chris always blabbed on about going to London, ya know. Travelling, visiting historical landmarks' and meeting knew people.'

'Really. Chris, you never mentioned that to me?'

'Well, I... I had always planned on visiting the UK, but, with the cost for a plane ticket I figured I'd save it for another time.'

'Shame, and here I thought you'd take me on this trip of your one day?' said Becky in a slightly disappointed voice. 'Oh well, it was good seeing you again, Chris. See you around.'

'Yeah... you too, Becky.'

As Becky walked away, I watched her and noticed she seemed a bit sad to see me again. I guess after everything that happened before, seeing me again was a bit hard for her. But as harsh as it may sound, I had someone else I was happy with, and I'm sure Becky would one day find someone who loved her the same way I did.

'She seems nice. I can see why you fancied her in the first place,' said Jessica.

'Yeah... well, c'mon. You wanna go watch a movie?'

'Sure Chris, I'd love that.'

Jessica gave me a kiss on the cheek to help cheer me up.

After the movie we went for a little stroll down the streets. It was night time now and there was hardly anyone walking the streets, except for the people going by in their cars. It wasn't that cold but I felt a bit of a shiver, so Jessica wrapped her arm around my shoulder to help keep me warm. It was funny really because normally vampires are suppose to be freezing cold, but she felt as warm as the sun did against my skin.

We went passed the Asylum Nightclub and after remembering how we first met, we decided to take a little trip to the alley behind. It was a bit dark and damp and had a few leaking pipes and water on the floor, but at least it was isolated. Jessica put me up against the wall and shoved her entire mouth into mine. Her tongue was shoved deep into my mouth I had no space for mine to move about, but I still enjoyed the pleasure of French kissing her.

Jessica put her hand to my dick. 'Ohh, I see you're hard again eh?' She took out my dick and began to jerk it off whilst continuously making out with me.

For a moment Jessica stopped kissing me and then diverted my right hand down her pants, into her panties and to her clitoris. I rubbed the head of her clit and then shoved my finger deep into her hole. Instantly I could feel a wet sensation running across m fingers and onto my hand. Jessica was getting wetter and hornier by the minute, causing her to jerk off my dick harder and faster until eventually... I came all over the floor.

I was breathing heavily so I leaned back rested against the wall for a few moments. Jessica bent down and began to clean my dick for me with her tongue and lips. The feel of her soft and warm lips covering my dick sent an electrical shock up through my body, that I rested my hands on my head to bring my cock her closer and deeper into her throat. The feeling was sensational until it ended with an unexpected surprise.

Stood just on our right was a man dressed in foul smelling, torn-up and possibly covered in piss and vomit stained clothes -- a hobo most likely. He staggered up to us and while I was zipping up my cock, he asked in a weak drunken tone for some money.

'Ya... (burp) ya got any change?'

Feeling like it was the right thing to do, Jessica obliged and gave him two dollars she had on her. Just as the hobo took the money and thanked her, Jessica walked over to me with a slight grin on her face, unaware of what was about to hit her. A massive force threw her onto the floor and in an instant I felt a similar force grab me by the neck, pulling me up again a wall. The hobo definitely wasn't a hobo. His eyes glared at me in a fiery red glow that I knew straight away he was a vampire, and was looking to get a drink out of me.

'Get the fuck off me!' I yelled, but it was no good. I couldn't call for help and the music inside the club was too loud, no one would've heard my cry for help.

His grip on my neck was beginning to tighten, I thought I was going to pass out and lose consciousness. My lungs began to swell and my face started to turn blue I could've sworn I was going to die right here, in this shithole. And just when he reviled his sharp fangs to my neck as my eyes started to close, I felt a gush of wind blow right passed me, the next thing I knew I fell to the floor. Sat up against the brick wall of the club, I only herd the faded sounds of grunting and scratching before I officially lost consciousness.

Next thing I knew I woke up to the sound of Jessica's soft, gentle voice calling out to me. As my eyes opened I saw a bright light in front of me, and then realized it was just a lamp post attached to the wall.

'Are you all right?' asked Jessica.

I sat up and looked around. The hobo was gone and it was just me and Jessica, here, alone, in the back alley of the club.

'What happened?' I asked. And just then, I noticed a large scratch on Jessica's left arm, not that far from her wrist. 'Oh shit! Are you all right?'

Jessica didn't reply but from the look in her face, she was urging me not to worry. I stood up and took a cloth out from my pocket, wrapped it round her wrist and press hard to stop any blood loss. I continued to press hard on it, until Jessica placed her right hand on top of mine. 'It's OK... look.' I removed the cloth and watch as the wound instantly healed itself, regenerating any lost tissue and blood. It was almost as though it never happened and before I knew it, the arm was clear.

Jessica helped me up shortly after and guided me as I tried to get my bearings. My legs were wobbly and my neck was aching like hell, but at least, I was still alive thanks to Jessica.

We walked down the street, among all the other people, to my apartment at a steady pace. Jessica asked me if I wanted to go to hospital, but I assured her I was fine and just wanted to get back home. Though I kept pondering to myself what happened to that vampire, and what Jessica did with him. After arriving at the park we took a seat on one of the benches, so I could catch my breath. We were alone and from the way Jessica kept looking around, turning her head left to right; I guessed as much that she didn't manage to kill him.

'So—' I managed to say before Jessica cut me off.

'What did I do with him -- the vampire? I tried to break his neck and finish him, but... he was too strong, and managed to get away before I could get up and go after him.'

'Right. So... I take it he could be our city's recent problem?'

'Maybe, but, I don't know. Don't be fooled Chris, there are many vampires taking residence here in LA. He might not be the only one. There could be more.'

I sighed. 'God... my neck hurts like anything.'

'Here, let me massage it for you.'

'You know how to give massages?' I asked with a slight grin.

'Well, years ago when I was making money to come here, I had a job back in London as a masseuse.'

I chuckled a bit. 'All right then.'

Jessica began to work her magic and by the touch of her hands, my neck was beginning to feel a lot better. She rubbed the sore areas of my neck gently and using her palm rubbed it in a circular motion. I fell back a bit on her whilst she continued to perform her magic and relieve my neck of all its pain. Never had a women made me feel so relaxed and at peace before in my life. I fell back completely to rest my head on her lap and was just about to kiss her, when... all of a sudden we heard a scream coming from just ahead of us. A scream I recognized from the bottom of my heart.


Both of us dashed towards the scream and arrived at a public toilet where we found Becky, on her back with the vampire from earlier on top of her and a hole on her neck. The vampire held her down while licking away the blood oozing out of her neck. We had to act fast so I grabbed a light plastic bin set up just beside a tree and bashed the dirty bloodsucker on his back. Big mistake. As soon as he got up and turned to face me, once he recognized me all his anger pointed towards me. He punched me in the face and kicked me in the gut a good number of times.

Just then the vampire raised his fist and was about to smash my head in when, everything froze. I was still flat on my back and he had his fist still ready to strike, but there was something else. Instantly a burst came from his chest and out came a hand, along with a heart in it. Jessica was stood behind him with his black heart in his hand. The moment she pulled her hand out of his chest and squished it in her hand, the dead heart immediately turned to ashes in her hand. She then lent her hand out to help me up. Then I looked over at Becky who had gone unconscious from the shock and blood loss -- she was known for fainting at the mere sight of blood.

Oh fuck! I thought to myself. I had to do something to help her; I couldn't just leave her here to die. Jessica took out her mobile and immediately dialled for an ambulance, explaining only half the details and leaving out anything about a vampire attacking her. Whilst she did that I held Becky in my arms and used all my force to stop the blood flowing from outside her neck. No good, she was loosing too much.

'It's no good. Jessica! Please... please, help her.'

Jessica stood frozen, watching me trying to save an old friend, begging her to do something to save her life. There was only one option left and Jessica couldn't believe she was going to do this. She went over and kneeled down beside Becky, took her own wrist and used a fang to slit it an inch. Then Jessica put her bleeding wrist to Becky's mouth and let the blood flow into her, flow down her throat and give it no more than a minute to let things decipher whether will make it or not.

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