tagErotic PoetryErotic Muses: Erato

Erotic Muses: Erato



Resplendent-throned and deathless Aphrodite,
Add to the glorious pantheon
Another goddess.  Make me her.  Thus feminized,
I may both be and have the female's mighty
Alluring powers: I'd use them on
Another woman who loves women.  Thus disguised,
I'd free my rough and masculine desire,
But with a gentle, feminine touch.
The poets added to the original nine Muses
Another goddess, who sang of her fire
For females, and who showed You such
Devotion.  So unfortunate one never chooses
One's sex when one is born: make me a girl,
And I'll go where the lesbians drink
And dance; I'll find a shapely, lipsticked, buxom blonde,
Attract her to the dance-floor for a twirl,
And a toilet stall to sink
My tongue in her hot mouth.  I'd ask how she'd respond
To my doing a striptease for her there.
Freshening the air, she'd spray perfume
While I slowly disrobed in an erotic dance.
Off with my dress and panties: I'd be bare
For her there in the ladies room.
Bent over, legs wide open, I would let her glance
At my vulva and anus, which she'd taste.
Removing her pink panties, too,
I'd lick what she was licking, that so sacred shrine,
The Holy of Holies below the waist.
Give me that divine archway, You
Sex goddess, and I'll honour it, ally of mine.


If you won't make a metamorphosis
Of me into a nymph, O Venus,
Then make of me a male who knows the art of love.
Teach me how I may find sensual bliss
With women, with nothing between us--
With nothing that would make me seem unworthy of
Her charms.  Make many metamorphoses
Of me into the men girls want.
To please one kind of girl, make me a sinewy man;
Make a sophisticate of me to please
Another.  Tell me every haunt
The beauties go to; inform me of how I can
Turn their so pretty heads to look at me.
Bless me with those magnetic charms
That will command women's attention, yet obey
Their will, as does Your every devotee.
Holding a woman in my arms,
I'd have the skills of a seducer who would lay
Her naked body gently on the bed.
I'd touch her so that she would moan
In harmony with all my sighs, for I abhor
Lovemaking that has not equally fed
Both our desires.  Gushing alone
Is merely partial pleasure: there should be much more.
So help me, goddess, to find every spot
On her lovely anatomy
That will delight her; make of her vulva a map
So I may chart a course to find the hot,
Secluded places where I'll be
Most welcome--those spots I would most eagerly tap.


I do not know why I so hate and love
Women, but I do feel the pain
Caused by those who entice and then reject outright.
Two kinds are those I would most complain of:
The first is Lesbia, my bane,
For she has all the charms that girls use to excite
The male, but she gives them all to her sex;
The second is You, Aphrodite,
In all Your earthly avatars, who tantalize
Me by casting on me a tempting hex
I can't resist--You are so mighty--
And You won't teach me how I can turn women's eyes.
My tongue can be as good as any girl's:
Were I to learn to lick the lips
Between the legs of any sapphic sort, why should
She care if it's a man's tongue?  If it curls
And vibrates wildly, slyly slips
Inside and out to satisfy, is it not good?
And as for You, goddess, what can I do
To make myself worthy of those
Who are Your mortal incarnations, nymphs in flesh?
Since You will not teach me the way to woo,
Who'll teach me? Who will end my woes?
Who'll take all of my tired wiles and them refresh?
How can I touch girls as they do touch me?
Goddess, do You spurn me because
I'm selfish?  Is the reason that You won't enlighten
Me that I lack the needed empathy?
Help me not be the man I was:
Teach me to make love, not take love, and my heart brighten.  

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