tagNonHumanEternal Wedded Bliss

Eternal Wedded Bliss


"My love," Joshua began as he led his young bride into their honeymoon suite. Tyrin smiled up at her husband as he closed and locked the door. Joshua Nightshade sauntered back to Tyrin, his seduction beginning.

"I love you," he said, bending down to kiss her smooth, slender neck. Tyrin closed her eyes, thinking of her husband, now her lover; Joshua was like Adonis and stood at least 6'3". His long hair was the color of ravens' feathers, spilling over one side as he tilted his handsome face to gaze longingly at his wife. Tyrin caressed his neck, the soft tan skin warm to her touch.

"Oh, Joshua...," her breath was steep as she pulled in icy air. She found herself being pulled across the room to the bed.

Joshua sat down on the satin coverlet, holding her small hands in his own. Then he encircled her waist with his strong arms, hugging her tightly. He kissed her stomach through the thin material of her white blouse. Tyrin's hands brushed through his feathery hair, stroking the sides of his face tenderly. Taking her hand, he brushed his lips over her palm, feeling it tremble.

"Ma cherie, come here." Joshua said, and she sat down on his lap, straddling his legs.

Their lips met and held as passion grew, scarlet and hot. Joshua pulled at the floral-printed, lightweight material of Tyrin's skirt, pushing it up around her hips. His strong hands massaged her bare legs, slowly working their way to the button of her skirt. With one swift movement, Joshua turned them over, now lying on top of her. He worked the skirt off, letting it fall to the floor along with their shoes, which they had already kicked off.

Joshua's lips travelled to kiss the hollow of her throat, and his fingers worked quickly on the buttons of her blouse. He ran his hands over her skin as he slowly pushed the flimsy material from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. Tyrin stared up curiously when he left her; excitedly, she watched as Joshua pulled off his shirt, revealing a smooth, well-muscled torso. Her chest began heaving as her swelling heart beat faster, and her breathing stopped when Joshua slipped out of his black pants and underwear. The sight of her husband naked was something Tyrin had only imagined and anticipated.

He returned to the bed, kissing her taut stomach; his lips on her bare skin felt like velvet, and Tyrin quivered at the touch. Joshua pulled her to him roughly, his hands bracing her hips. Sliding his hands down, he removed her silk underwear, tossing them with the other clothes. One of his fingers traced a line up to her breasts then to the back where he skillfully unhooked the bra and took off the lacy material. Joshua positioned himself above her, staring possessively into her eyes. He pulled the ribbon from her long chestnut hair, ran his right hand through the silky tresses, then replied,

"Alors, ma petite, tu seras la mien."

His lips crushed down on hers just as he fervently entered her. Tyrin arched her back, biting her bottom lip to stifle a scream. Joshua moved his tongue along her neck, tasting the sweet, tempting flesh. He kissed her breasts, his lips forming to each nipple.

They moved together rhythmically, friction increasing. Sweat poured from their bodies. Tyrin wrapped her long legs around his waist, her arms clasped around his shoulders. Joshua rolled them over and sat up, holding Tyrin tightly against him on his lap. His lips traced a path from her left shoulder to her neck; sharp teeth, a half and inch long, bit into her throat. Warm, thick liquid coursed into his mouth, quenching his painful thirst.

Tyrin cried out suddenly, not from pain but from the erotic sensation of the blood being drained from her veins. She brought her hands up his back lightly, feeling him shiver at her touch.

"Oh...oh, God!" she exclaimed, bucking at an orgasm that seemed to be coming from all over her body, ripping her apart until all the pleasured ions burst from her at once. The two molded together continued to move with one another, their passion wavering between their changing quick-slow tempo.

Finally, when Joshua felt that he could drink no more, he pulled back. Tyrin cried out once more as they climaxed.

They fell back exhausted, clinging to one another as if their lives depended on it. Tyrin rolled on her back, seeking sleep since she was weak. Before her eyes closed, Joshua turned to her and pulled her up to him. He made a small cut on his neck and forced her lips to it before the wound healed. Unaware of what was going on, Tyrin drank the nourishing immortal blood that would replace what she had lost.

Afterward, Joshua laid her back down against the soft pillows; she was already closing her eyes and breathing softly when he, too, collapsed against the mattress. Tyrin curled up and soon fell asleep in the circle of her husband's strong arms.


Tyrin awoke in darkness, the satin sheets pulled only up to her naked waist. She remembered vaguely what had happened, only fully recovering her memory when she touched her neck and felt a slight twinge of pain. She smiled; now she was truly one with Joshua.

Slowly, she rose from the bed, pulling on the first piece of clothing she could find: Joshua's shirt. Tyrin made her way across the room and into the bathroom. She turned on the light, and just the small teardrop of light seemed like staring directly into the sun. She winced but allowed her weak eyes to adjust to the brightness. Then she stared at the full-length mirror on the wall.

Her image faded a look of confusion back at her. She tried to focus her eyes to see the reflection clearly; it was now only a hazy figure in the glass, but her youth seemed retained.

"Please don't." Joshua's voice said from behind. Tyrin looked around, realizing that he had not cast an image in the mirror. She smiled.

"Look...,"she began, but was interrupted.

"Tyrin, please. Move away from the mirror. You won't like what you see." His voice was full of warning, but Tyrin looked back anyway.

Her faded image was still there, only now her youth had diminished. Smiling back was a much older version of herself; pale skin was full of deep wrinkles. Long, once luxurious hair now hung in gray strands around her face, and her hands, which raised to cover her chest, were gnarled crow's talons, her nails long and witch-like.

"Oh, God!"

Tyrin covered her face with her still youthful hands, turning away from her image. She sobbed, and Joshua rushed to embrace her. Holding her comfortingly, he crooned softly to calm her.

"Shh. It's alright."

"I love you," she said, clinging tightly to her husband.

"Et je t'aime, ma petite." Joshua smiled down at her.

Tyrin glanced back at the mirror one more time, but the reflection had disappeared.

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