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Early summer. Half past ten pm. A comfy bedroom. Andrew, the husband, is on the bed reading a paper. He is a forty something rather handsome guy. Susan, his wife, enters the room. Medium size, brunette, green eyes she is the typical next door mid-thirty-young-very-good-looking housewife. She hangs her dressing-gown and goes to the full length mirror in her panties only looking at herself for a while. They married 14 years ago, their kids are Emma, 13 years old, Tommy 11 years old, the little Frances 5 years old and they compose a beautiful and loving family.

"Do the kids sleep, Susie?" he asks.

"Frances does, Tommy and Emma are still awake," she anwers hinting at their children.

"You spent a lot of of time with them. I believed they slept all," he adds.

"I spoke to Carla on the cellular phone too," Susan answers again looking at her image in the mirror. From head to toes fit and pretty. She throws her panties on a chair sporting a nice hairy patch then she strokes her hips with her palms.

"Ok," answers Andrew inattentively. After a pause he gives a little yawn. Susan looks at his husband through the mirror and says "Do you want to sleep, hon?"

She now cups her medium size boobs wich are very nice with large areolas and hard nipples. Only a bit pendulous, but sexy.

"No, dear, not yet. I want to read a few minutes again," says Andrew looking vaguely at her.

"How about a little talk?" she looks closely at her boobs and tries to lift them up a bit.

"Why not, dear? I'm listening to you," says Andrew putting his paper down.

"I shoud like to go to Carla's house for a tanning session tomorrow afternoon. I think to leave the kids with your mother until you go to take them back. They don't stay with their grannie very much never the less," Susan proposes.

"Great Susie, mom is happy when the kids stay with her."

"I'm afraid that Grandma gets tired looking after three kids thirteen, eleven and five years old. Am I wrong, dear?" she joins her husband on the bed.

"O no, don't be afraid, Susie. Emma and Tommy will do their lesson while mom takes care of Frances. No problem, you like so much to go to Carla for tanning after all."

"O thanks, dear. Take a little kiss. That's true, I like to go to Carla," she kisses him again, "four or five women tanning topless and talking on their own. That's much better than going to the beach. You ought to see us, we are not-so-bad-looking girls," she says cunningly with a little laugh.


"Yes, honey, topless is the rule. The place is so secluded that nobody can spy on us. We call Carla's garden ʻthe topless ladies parlourʼ in joke. We think to be more liberated women without a top," she has a little laugh again.

"Mmmm, interesting," comments Andrew .

"Sometimes one or another sheds her panties too, but not always," adds Susan kissing again her husband.

"And are you that one, Susie?"

"Sometimes but not always, hon," she laughs loudly again, "do you like the idea of your wife tanning naked? you always ask me to avoid the top when the kids aren't with us at the beach."

"Mmmm, that's true, but you are not so concessive with me"

"O dear, I am a bit shy at the beach because my tits start to sag after the born and the lactation of three children, and I am on the way to be forty years old too. But if you want I can do it for you next time. I did it in the past, do you remember?" she caresses his face. He takes a boob in his palm with an usual act.

"O come on, Susie, you are so sexy and you look great at 36" he says playing with a nipple. "Thanks dear, I love you." She closes her eyes and kiss her husband once again. He reciprocates and she has little moans. They kiss for a while. When they broke the kiss he asks "What do you girls talk about by Carla?"

"O many matters, honey. Imagine a few women doing nothing than to get a tan and talk. Many topics... children, health, clothes, a bit of gossip, men"


"Yes dear, we talk about men sometimes. Don't you like it? Women talk about men very frequently."

"And what about men, Susie?"

"Uh, dear... trifle... their class, their taste, their character... sex sometimes."

"Sex? Let me know."

"Speak in a low voice, honey, the kids can hear. Emma begins to be very curious about sex at thirteen. Well, mmm, yes," she is a bit in spot, "fantasies about perfect men, or lovers... just to have a bit on the side, dear"

"Just to have a bit on the side?"

"Yes dear, a few of the girls have tried it. Can you keep a secret? Carla has had two lovers and still sees one of them, Paula has had one, she stopped to see him for sex but he is her best friend now and Laura, well, Laura has fooled a bit around also." Susan seems to be rather amused.

"I can't believe it. All my best friends are, well, cuckolds."

"Cuckolds! What a rough word, dear," she smiles, "but it's true dear. Their wives have had or have lovers. They say to be still in love with their husbands but they need something different at the same time."

"And you, what do you say, Susie?"

"Well, what do I say, honey? Mmm... I say that I love you, that you are a very good father to our marvelous children. I say that I don't want to spoil our marriage, but..." she interrups her speech.

"but, Susie?"

"O dear. I say that only one man is maybe not so much in a woman's life. Isn't it, hon?"

"Not so much? What do you mean, Susie? I had been your first and only man until today."

"Yes, honey. I haven't had other men until today. I haven't of course. I don't want to cheat on you, but after an agreement between us (she has a pause) with the right guy (pause) only for sex (a little pause again) without any other involvement than sex, well, I could try. The girls say with the right guy is great."

"Do you need to find this guy, Susie?"

"O dear, I don't of course. I haven't done it in fourteen years," she strokes his husband's cock over his briefs, "but if it happens," she smiles, "I am only a bit curious, believe me."

"Have you said that to the girls, Susie?"

"Yes I had, dear," she lowers his briefs and takes her husband's cock in hand.

"And what they said about?"

"O Carla wants to teach me a thing or two (pause) and," she hesitates while her hand goes up and down.


"You get excited, dear," says Susan looking at his husband's cock, "and she added you at a soon-to-be cuckolds list. She says I am rather receptive and planned a party for my emancipation next week," Susan kisses her husband's cock just on the top. "I should like to go."

"O Susie, you drive me crazy," he shakes his head.

"Are you jealous, dear?" she takes it in her mouth a good half length.

"O no, not jealous. I am rather surprised."

Susan looks at her husband's hard on once again.

"Are you getting excited at the idea of me with another guy? Think, love, Carla wants to change me in a perfect hot wife."

He doesn't answer but spreads her legs. His eyes fixed in his wife's eyes he enters her.

The following evening, Andrew and Susan's bedroom about ten again. As soon as Susan enters the bedroom he asks her about the afternoon by Carla.

"Did you have fun by Carla, dear?"

"O yes honey, I had fun. Lot of laughs with the girls. Your mom had been very nice to take the kids consenting me to go there."

"Have you had been naked today?"

She smiles and admits "yes I had, dear."

"Let me see your all over tan."

She unties her night-gown opening the sides. The garment falls to the floor. She stands naked near the bed and smiles again.

"You shaved your groin," he says.

"Yes dear, I did. Planning to sunbathe in the nude I shaved a bit my little beaver this morning. She was too hairy."

"What did you talk about with the girls? men again?"

"Uhuh, honey. They talked about their lovers too."

"Mmm... (half insinuating and half joking) lovers! did you get excited with this matter?"

"A bit curious again. Carla and Paula were rather extrovert."

"May I know?"

"I can't say you details, dear, but they slept nights with their boyfriends. Unbelievable."

"Do their husbands know?"

"Of course no, dear"

"Mmm... cheating wives! what do you think about, Susie?"

"I don't know really. Dangerous and exciting at the same time. Carla and Paula both said to have better feelings with their husbands since they had been indiscreet."

"Who these guys are? do you know them?"

"O no, dear, I don't. But I'll know them next week at the occurance of the little party by Carla. Albert (Carla's husband and a very good friend of Andrew) will be not at home and she wants to invite her actual lover to introduce him to us girls. Paula shall bring her ex too. That's a bit promiscuos, maybe. I told her I'll go, but I am a bit undecided. What do you think, may I go, dear?"

"You can if you wants, Susie. Go, it will be fun. I'll remain home with the kids, not a problem."

She kisses him on the cheek "Thanks dear, you are the best husband in the world."

He kisses her back and adds "There will be other guys, I think."

"Yes, dear, but not so many. Carla says two or three guys, no more, just to introduce me to new friendships. Don't you like it?" her hand goes to his cock "you are excited, hon" she strokes for a while. Andrew's manhood becomes harder and harder.

"I think at another cock in your hand, Susie."

Her hand hastens the movement. Andrew touches his wife between her legs finding her wet. Both are ready to make love.

"Will you get mad if I go with another man?" asks Susan. He doesn't answer but he kisses her deeply then enters her.

Four days later. Carla's party night. Andrew alone in the lounge watching television. He has mixed feelings with jealousy prevealing, but the got excited four hours previously watching his lovely wife going out for the evening. It's about midnigh when Susan comes back home.

"Hello dear."

"Hello Susie. You come back very soon. How the party was?"

"Rather unventful, dear."

"Are you deceived?"

"Not at all, dear" she leaves off her shoes and goes barefoot to the table. There she puts down her purse.

"Who was there?"

"Carla of course, Paula, Laura and Carla's cousin Elizabeth." She strips her earrings off.

"No guys?"

"Yes dear, a few guys too... John, wich is Carla's boyfriend and four other." She pours some water in a glass.

"May I know their names?"

"Peter, Mark, Roscoe wich is Paula's ex lover and George." She drinks quietly.

"Did you like any of them?"

"Well, all of them were rather handsome if you mean it. John is interesting. He is tall, well built, intelligent. I can't blame Carla," she smiles, "Laura maybe has a secret crush for Peter. George is very nice, I spoke a lot with him then he offered to drive me back home and I accepeted. We left the party first." Susan drinks again. She looks sexy in her halter neck blue spotted white dress. Her naked back testifies she is braless as well as her nipples slightly poking the cloth. The dress is also buttoned on the front.

"You two were in a great hurry to be alone," he smiles.

"Don't say that, dear. We wanted to talk a bit, just to get acquainted. We did for half an hour quietly, then he drove me home," she explicates.

Andrew nodds, "I heard the car. What did he say you?"

"O George was very formal. He loves music and good books. He passed me a few compliments for my dress too."

Andrew smiles "I know why. Your dress is rather revealing."

"O no, he said I was elegant. He was very nice as I had on a little summer dress only after all."

"Nothing else?"

"Nothing special. He said I have lovely legs," she bends to kiss her husband on the lips.

"I agree," says Andrew, "You have lovely legs and when you seat that short dress of yours raises higher. I think he got an eyeful of your legs in the car, isn't it, honey?" he reciprocates her kiss.

"Maybe, dear, but I tried to pull the hem down."

"But you didn't, uh?"

"What a devil you are. I tried, but he stopped my hand." They kiss again.

"Let me see how high your gown raised."

"Ok, see by yourself," Susan seats beside his husband, "I seat now as I did in his car." Andrew looks at his wife's legs. The dress covers half Susan's thighs up.

"Great sight indeed. What did he say after he complimented your legs?"

"He asked to see a bit more of them."

"Have you done him happy?"

"I only raised the hem a bit more. See," she slowly lifts the gown near her groin up and crosses her legs, "so."

He kisses her again and again, while she strokes him on his trousers. With a quick movement Susan takes her husband's cock out, then she lowers her panties and impales herself. They start to make love.

The evening after. Ten minutes past ten pm. Susan's and Andrew's bedroom. He is on the bed in his brief. She stands naked at the full length mirror brushing her hair. He looks at her wife's lovely backside.

"What a beautiful wife I have" he says. She smiles from the mirror.

"Thanks, hon. Fourteen years after our marriage you are always a dear."

"From your ass cheeks I divine you went to Carla's garden in the afternoon."

"Shhh, shut up with this bad word, naughty boy. Never the less it's true, I went to Carla between three and five o'clock when Claire (their maid) was here doing homework. I asked her to give a look at the kids too."

"I divine that you sunbathed in the nude too. Your delightful little ass is rather sunburnt."

"Dont't say that, I gained a few pounds and my delightful little ass as you call it grows bigger," she tapes her asscheeks, "alltheway you divined right, Mr. Wizard. I sunbathed in the nude." She smiles again and going to the bathroom sticks her tongue out to Andrew with a little "prrrr". Leaving the door open she starts to brush her teeth.

"You are the sexiest woman in the world."

"And you are the most loving husband." She flows him a kiss then she soaps her face. In a moment or two she seats on the wc.

"Who was there today in Carla's garden?" asks Andrew.

"The same team. Paula, Laura, Elizabeth and Carla of course"

"What they said? Did they remain for a long time since you left the party?" asks Andrew while she starts to piss.

"They did, but not for a long time. Paula and Elizabeth left with Roscoe and Mark in half an hour. Laura and Peter went away only a bit later." Susan's peepee is heard in the silent room. He turns on the side looking at his wife.

"So Carla remained home with her boyfriend. Do you think they had sex?" Susan seats now on the bidet cleaning her pussy.

"Yes they had. Carla said John had been very passionate yesterday." She is ready to join her husband on the bed now. Still naked as the day she born Susan takes a refreshing cream and lays on the bed aside her husband facing the mattress.

"Had Carla given you girls other details?" Andrew asks kissing his wife's shoulder.

"O dear, don't insist. I can't tell you. That's too personal, I can't be unfair. Sorry dear, you want to hear something naughty maybe, but I can only say Carla was rather extrovert and descriptive, no more. Sorry a million, dear. Carla and the girls were rather curious about my moments with George too."

"What have you told them?"

"Nothing more of that you already know. Will you be a dear, hon? Put a bit of cream on my back. The sun really burnt today."

"Of course, honey, my pleasure." He takes the tube and spreads the cream on his wife's shoulders starting to massage.

"Thanks dear. The girls joked a lot about me," she says lifting up her hair.

"Why dear?"

"Because George has an irresistible fame with the women. They said I have no more than one month of resistance. Lower, dear." Andrews hands glide on Susan's pelvis.

"Are you excited at the idea, Susie?"

"O it's only a joke, dear, nothing seriuos. No more than flirting between adult people. Nevertheless he is very nice. Handsome and nice. Lower dear, just on my buttocks, my ass is scorching. Mmm," (she moans) "just there," (she moans again) "how sweet."

"Is he married?"

"Slowly dear, put a bit more cream. No, hon, he isn't. Never married. He is single." A pause follows while Andrew massages his wife's lovely ass, then Susan's cellular phone advertises a text message. She hesitates.

"Somebody texted a message. Read it" says Andrew. Susan takes the cellular phone and reads.

"It's George. He apologizes for having been so demanding in the car."

"What did he demand you yesterday, dear?"

"You know it, dear. I've told you coming back home. He wanted to look at my legs and caress them." Andrew perseverates to massage his wife's ass.

"And you led him. Isn't it, dear?" he takes his wife's ass cheeks apart.

"I only raised the gown up but I stopped him when he tried to go higher from my knee to my thigh with his hand. He wanted a kiss too," Andrew fingers her clit gently from behind, "o dear you stir me."

"A kiss? You haven't told me. Did you kiss him?"

"O I oublied, dear. I kissed him, but I gave him nothing more than a little kiss on the lips. He wanted a wet kiss but I didn't indulge his wish. Alltheway he is very polite and apologizes. I appreciate his style." Hearing at his wife Andrew begins to finger her. Susan moans with pleasure "Mmm, yes dear, touch me."

"Do you think to see him again?

"He asked for a date and he shall call tomorrow morning. I think to see him again with the girls. Stop only a moment dear, I want to reply him" she replies the text message

"What have you texted him back?" he approaches his mouth to Susan's open buttocks and starts to lick.

"O dear, what do you have this evening? Mmm, leave my little hole in peace. I texted him to call tomorrow morning."

Silence. Andrew continues to lick Susan's open ass and to finger her pussy. She moans loudly when the her cellular phone advertises another text message. She reads it.

"What's up, Susie?"

"George texted me goodnight."

Andrew leans his cock between his wife's labia from behind. She raises her hips a bit giving him access.

"O dear, I never felt your cock so hard and big."

"I'm thinking on you with George."

"O dear... push... push... take me hard."

"Do you want to make love with him?"

"I don't know, dear."

"But you are excited by the idea..."

"Yes I am, hon...o... o... o... deeper dear, deeper." She is on her four now. He takes her hanging boobs and squeezes them then kisses her neck. She comes like a fountain while he spreads his seed on her lovely backside.

The morning after. Andrew has gone at seven o'clock for a three days business trip. Saying his lovely wife good-bye he recomended her to be good and to have fun. She remained in bed but she couldn't sleep again because her brains storming. She had new sensations, she felt herself no more the prim and proper wife she was until a few months before. She spoke with her female friends about "to have a bit on the side". She confessed her husband to be curious about it. She confessed him to have played a bit on the risqué side with another guy. Her husband didn't go upset at all, but saving her modesty she confessed not what happened completely. Making love Andrew was excited at the idea of her with another man. Then he seemed to encourage her to go further. "To have fun". And he knew she is waiting for a call from the "other guy". At eight o'clock she dials Carla's number to ask her help.

"Hello Carla, it's Susie. Sorry for being so early but I need to talk with you. May I?"

"You welcome Susie, no problem. Kids are sleeping and I have nothing to do."

"Thanks Carla, mmm, well, I played a bit with my husband yesterday."

"You are rather playful in these days, dear," Carla laughs lowdly.

"O don't joke, Carla.That's true, I'm playing with fire. The little dirty talks in your garden with the girls," she hesitates, "your party," she hesitates again, "George... my husband. I am confused."

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