tagRomanceEventualities: Allison Ch. 08

Eventualities: Allison Ch. 08


"Are you absolutely sure that this is what Allison told you she wanted us to do?" I asked Tammy for what must have been the eighth or tenth time since arriving at Myra's.

"Yes, silly. Now calm down or I'll have to calm you down myself before the fun starts and that could reduce the amount of fun you're likely to have later," she giggled, clearly enjoying herself far too much.

I was going to have to ask Allison to give her a good spanking later so I could watch and get a little revenge. Judging by the way Allison and Myra's toy collection had grown since my last visit, they certainly had all the materials to do the job properly... and anything else I think of. I didn't even know what some of the newer sex toys were even used for!

If I really understood things correctly, this was the situation. Since the start of Allison's final bit of road to full recovery, Myra had begun to redirect some of their latest efforts to effecting some sort of a treatment for herself. She had apparently surrendered complete and utter trust to Allison and they returned to the Serpent's Lair, this time with Myra the willing subject in the tank. Each day they would review results, suggest new options and plan the scripts she would create for Allison to use in treatment the next day.

Yes, doses of Batch #31 (there were now only 3 vials left now) featured in Myra's self-treatment.

I wondered what sort of Frankenstein monster it could create, especially at the hands of a self-admitted hopeless slut, and was frankly quite alarmed but Tammy stopped me short. There wasn't one word Allison had uttered into her drugged pliable subject that hadn't been pre-screened and reviewed a week in advance. Myra had been very busy apparently during her sabbatical and had everything planned as much as possible in advance. If everything worked right tonight, this would be the evening of Myra's own 'big breakthrough, that she has been resisting'.

Tammy had visited a few of the sessions at the Lair, seen some of the large script binders and had assisted Allison for a few days there this week (I had thought the women were all out shopping together as usual). Our presence here tonight, mine especially, would be critical and my orders were firm; I must remain hidden, silent, and remain undiscovered unless ordered specifically to appear.

Myra's walk-in closet, a 70's added renovation to her 1910's semi-Victorian style house, featured grillwork above the closet door to let air in, and let us see out, once we borrowed a small stepladder from the kitchen pantry. The grill gave an excellent view of the bedroom and we would easily be able to see and hear everything that occurred. We padded the stepladder with towels to muffle its sounds in the event it squeaked or creaked audibly under our weight.

It was about this time I discovered two of Myra's minor new secrets. She now owned a green 'Set' dress to match Allison's and Tammy's and also had her own LBD silk dress with the same matching stiletto fuck me pumps as the other girls. Faced with their discovery, Tammy admitted both outfits had been bought quite awhile back and had indeed been worn on numerous occasions.

Grabbing firm hold of a squirming nipple ring (Tammy was trying to escape further questioning), I obtained several more confessions under duress and prolonged torture. I also started rubbing her crotch under her dress which was protected by only a thin pair of crotchless panties. Eventually she confessed that on her last visit they had driven Myra to buy her LBD and the shoes and the three then wore their outfits while out together that night. They become so aroused that they abandoned any thoughts of clubbing (just as well or they might have been gang raped by any men seeing them) and soon ended up making love together in front of the fireplace in Myra's living room, never quite actually bothering to take their outfits off.

Tammy also confirmed that phone sex between the three of them had been a regular, weekly occurrence for quite some time over many months, and often involved Myra listening in on the bedroom phone while Allison and Tammy had engaged in prolonged bouts of lesbian sex. Once Allison had even hidden the phone so that Myra could listen in while Allison, Tammy I and engaged in sex together.

"She loves you deeply but she won't admit it. She loves Allison just as much and can only just barely admit that either. The silly woman just needs to realize that she loves you both and you both love her just as much. Everything else can be straightened out while in bed." Tammy whispered as we heard Myra's car and we moved into our hiding position.

We snuck a last kiss and mutual fondles and we froze into silent watchfulness at the sexual psychodrama that was about to begin.


Allison and Myra entered the room and kissed deeply, their hands wandering freely over the others breasts and asses. Allison then pushed Myra away sharply and ordered Myra "Prepare the bedroom, then strip and wait for me!"

Allison left the bedroom and went across the hall to the guest bedroom where she kept most of her clothes and things while living at Myra's. Myra immediately began to prepare the bedroom.

She lit numerous candles around the room, put into the bedside CD-player/alarm clock a disc that started up at once, filling the room softly with a gothic metal sound that suggested lonely moors, dungeons and damsels in considerable distress. Next Myra pulled from under the bed a large bag of toys and fetish clothing items. The toys arrayed, she stripped naked, and grasping a riding crop in her mouth she knelt in front of the bed with her arms placed behind her.

"Oh, this is going to be even better than I thought!" Tammy huskily whispered, placing a one hand into her crotch and the other gently tugging on one of her nipple rings.

Allison returned to the bedroom wearing only a leather corset and high heel boots. Her smooth cunt and pierced tits were well exposed and glistened slightly in the candlelight. She took the whip from Myra's mouth and gently kissed her and standing upright delivered a succession of fairly gentle blows to the tops and sides of Myra's breasts. Myra cried out softly but didn't move a muscle and after a few moments a sensation other than that of discomfort seemed to cross her face. Allison stopped for a moment inspected her work and then gave a last few strokes. She then stooped again and gave her willing slave girl a deep kiss and addressed her.

"Bring me your corset!" Myra did and it was soon fastened it onto her, securing her arms firmly and locking them into position behind her. Allison gave her next order.

"Assume the position Big Lips, I am VERY angry with you. You made cow eyes at my man at dinner tonight, then spent the rest of the evening looking at my girlfriend's tits, and when I let you suck on them briefly you didn't stop when I ordered and even had the temerity to beg to lick her clit without permission. I can't be having that." Myra kneeled at Allison's feet her mouth kissing the black leather boots begging forgiveness from her Mistress.

Allison continued, "Your problem Big Lips is that you are a slut! You love being a slut, and you want secretly keep being a slut, hoping your Mistress will keep letting you do nasty little sluttish things, don't you? I at least have an excuse for being a slut, I got turned into one against my will, but you actually are envious of me and want to be a shameless slut yourself."

Myra cried her agreement begging her Mistress, "Please, I do want to be slut, to please and obey you, to feel your whip and know that you love me." Allison tenderly gave Myra's slighting reddening ass some caresses with her riding crop. The crop looked familiar, I'm sure that it was the one that May had given me.

"Since you are determined to be a shameless nasty little slut, Big Lips, I guess you're going to have to dress the part... but you know that you'll have to be punished."

With that Allison opened a dresser draw and pulled out a pair of stocking and a garter belt. She directed the well chastised girl to first stand as she slid up the garter belt and then to lie on her back on the bed as she slid each stocking Myra's leg and thighs to be snapped into place by the garter belt. I approved of Allison's choice, the garter belt of course was one of custom order silk embroidery ones with "Slut" on the front, I assumed that "Anal Whore" or something like it was featured on the back. I had never seen the stockings before, they were of dark knit and each leg featured the word "Slut" many times in very readable print.

"There! My slut is dressed properly now but is she ready to act the part? Ready to wear this proudly out in public and show off your tits and nicely shaved cunt to everyone you meet? I don't think so! I think my Big Lipped Cunt is all look and no show. She flirts and kisses their lips and nipples, rubs their legs and dreams of big fat cocks, big pierced titties and wet juicy cunts for her to lick, but never does anything to get them. You dream of those fat cocks, especially my lover's big fat cock, don't you? You used to fuck him, while I was away, didn't you? Tell me, tell me how much you loved to fuck him, right here in this very bed too, wasn't it? And with your other female lovers sometimes with you too but your Mistress isn't good enough to share your lover with now. You'd rather run back home wishing for your Daddy."

With this statement Allison began mercilessly caressing Myra's pubic region including her clit, and gently but firmly, applied a few whacks to the public mound, cunt and thighs of her quivering and pleading slave, but Allison was little inclined to show any mercy whatsoever and soon the entire region was a soft glowing rosey pink. Myra's tears were not that of pain, her nipples were rock hard and her eyes glowed with lust.

"Don't you even think about wanting to cum, I'm not going to let you. I bet every time you and Pete fucked you just laid there and thought of your darling daddy, or was it your big brother that filled your slutty young tight girly cunt the tightest?" Allison, without missing a stroke, switched her attention to Myra's breasts and gently but soundly thrashed them both were also a glowing a delicious cherry red in the flickering candlelight.

The CD's background music had begun to add the sounds of the crackle of whips, iron chains and the orgasmic cries of captive maidens being delightfully tormented and ravished. Beside me Tammy had slipped out of her dress and was wearing only her own 'Slut' embroidered garter belt and sheer plain stockings. Her fingers were twiddling and mashing her clit and cunt as fast as she could and she put her other hand in her mouth to stifle her cries. I hadn't figured Tammy for the whips and chains type, and she actually really wasn't big into that. She told me later that she was just utterly delighted to see strong and self-secure Myra begging for love and admitting that her sex life was a disaster.

Myra, now well stimulated, begging for release and confessed that she was 'Pathetic in bed, a total frigid fish that no man would willingly want again after fucking her at least once.'

What did she always think about during sex? Her father, who brought her first to his bed on her fourteenth birthday right after her mother had died, to 'take over the women's job in the house'. Her brother had been diddling her for at least a year earlier.

Had she stopped him? "No, he was much older and bigger than I was. They locked me in a closet and beat me with a belt if I did not obey."

She was pregnant virtually constantly each year from her 15th to her 18th birthday, but miscarried each child after just a few months. She was, "A worthless cunt who couldn't hold her babies that no man would want to keep."

She was thrown out of the house right after her high school graduation, pregnant again but already bleeding and soon about to miscarry for a 7th time. The charity in Knoxville that she went to patched up her shattered confidence, found her a small college scholarship that led to academic success, but failed relationships with both men and women. She could not trust her sexual partners and could never relax herself while performing any intimate act.

With Myra sobbing her pathetic confessions, there was not a dry eye in the house. Allison's eyes seemed filled with tears but she controlled them and selected some new toys from the assortment, a very large butt plug and an intimidating strap on dildo, which Allison proceeded to attach to herself. She inserted the butt plug with a little lubrication and commented on how easily it fit. Had her naughty slut been playing with it and other toys to make her ass ready for other lovers? Like Pete? Myra tearfully nodded yes. What about her naughty Big Lipped Cunt, did she think she was worthy of receiving Pete's magnificent cock?

"Oh yes... please, Mistress, I'll do anything, anyone you tell me to. Suck their cocks, take them into my slutty mouth, cunt and ass. I willingly do anything they ask me to, eat all their pussies, lick their breasts and tight assholes as well."

"Suck my hard cock, my Big Lipped Cunt, make it good and wet for when I fuck you with it. At least I'll have some fun but you'll be too busy missing the way your Daddy and your brother used to take care of you, I'll be the one fucking you but you'll just be thinking of them instead." With that, Allison gently slapped Myra's face with her strap on cock, turned her around on her knees facing the head of the bed and started to violently fuck Myra's spread cunt. Taking up the riding crop, once again, she began to apply vicious strokes to Myra's spread ass and lower back.

"DO NOT CUM!" Allison ordered, as Myra seemed ready to lift her back up and scream in orgasm. "Only Good Obedient Sluts get to come, if their Mistress or Master gives them permission first, but that's only for Good Sluts, not naughty teasing Big Lipped Cunts like yours." Allison pulled her dildo out of Myra clearly dripping wet snatch and ordered Myra to clean it, which she did enthusiastically.

"You want my hard cock again, don't you, back in that tight underused cunt or your wiggling red ass. Tell me, were you thinking of your well hung Daddy while I was fucking you?" Myra shook her head no.

Allison pushed Myra, back onto the bed, drew her legs in the air, and planted a few blistering swaps on each side of her pubic mound and cunt lips with the riding crop. Her lips were as swollen and engorged as I had ever remembered seeing them. After a final swat right onto each of Myra's nipples, Allison placed tip of her strap on cock right at the entrance to Myra's spread open and well lubricated cunt.

"Beg for it!" She ordered. "Tell me who you want to be fucking you right now?"

"Master Pete!" Myra, begged. "I want his cock in me, I want him to fuck me while I eat your cunt as you whip my tits until I come and come and come. Please I want it so bad... I want to be your Good Slut and let my Mistress and Master fuck and use me how they choose. I love them both so much!" With that, Tammy beside me screamed a muffled orgasm and nearly fell off the ladder, her release was so strong.

Allison, having heard Tammy squeals of pleasure, looked at the Closet door and motioned for us to come out and barked once again at her helpless slave girl.

"You want to feel the cock of your Master, Slut? Beg for it then, Plead for him to fuck and use you. Beg his forgiveness and maybe he can find a use for a silly teasing Big Lip Cunt." Myra did just that, and pleaded for me to fuck her until her cries were eventually muffled by Allison planting her cunt over her mouth. Tammy moved up to kiss Allison and they deeply lip locked, playing with each other nipple rings with one hand.

Myra's last coherent words to me were, "Fuck me please Master, make me your obedient slut. I've been such a Bad Girl, such a cold hearted bitch to you. Teach me how to be a Good Girl, for you and Mistress." I obliged her; repeatedly. Until dawn the next morning I repeated seeded my cum into every orifice she had, with the other two girls exchanging the use of the strap on (not on me thank goodness) but everywhere else it would fit.


By morning, everyone was all worn out, although Tammy and Myra were having one last go at it, and were wearing out both ends of a pair of large double-ended flexible dildos, one each in their asses and cunts while Allison was simultaneously sucking my worn out cock so that she could share one last load of cum with her lovers. I finally obliged a last sperm deposit into Allison's coaxing mouth which she shared immediately with her lovers as usual. Not a drop had been wasted all night, regardless of where it had been placed and Myra got at least her full share and pleaded to be gifted with my cum, to mark me everywhere inside and out as my property.

We slept until Noon and I awoke to the frantic sounds of three women cramming vibrators and dildo's everywhere in each other's orifices where any opening could be found, until they then merged into a three-way daisy chain. I took the opportunity after admiring the view to plant my first load of the day into Allison's well loosed and lubricated ass, eventually leaving a deposit that I was well proud off and not incidentally reminding Myra's Mistress of her own place in the pecking order when she gleefully licked the sticky contents out of Allison's ass. The girls all gave each other more soulful, sticky kisses and we got up to take a group shower. There was not nearly enough room for the four of us in her shower and I made a note to fix that problem in my next house.

Leaving the bedroom, a noticeable change came over Myra. Once she was outside the bedroom, she instantly lost a little of her abject obedience and became slightly more of her old assertive self, but in no way reverted to the old 'reserved' Myra. The 'project' had apparently been a complete success. She was still steel at work but no longer paralyzed by insecurities and bad memories in bed.

I began to like the new Myra a lot. This one could share her feelings and express (especially now in bed) what she wanted. She was now happier in the outside world now too, everyone at the University and her Hospital soon started to notice the changes.


After a few days of some minor issues nagging at me, I managed to get some quality private time alone with Allison, where I could ask her about the biggest problem that was bugging me.

"Why is Myra now so utterly submissive in bed with a new fondness for B&D and light S&M treatment? She hadn't always been this way, but had "M" done this to her during her 4 days in the tank, or was some of this wish fulfillment?"

Since Allison was still very much a slut (albeit now with growing control over her urges) was she now wanting to mold Myra the same way? The answer ending up being surprising.

Myra had always suspected that she was a natural born submissive and enjoyed being treated as such by all of past lovers. Indeed, she had submitted virtually without any complaint to years of incest and sexual abuse. With her relationship with me she had always been rather submissive in bed, but she had recognized that I was not a natural 'Master' figure, and not wishing to lose me she had concealed those hidden desires. While under "M's" control, these submissive urges had become much stronger, and after long discussions with Allison and Tammy, she had decided to accept these changes, and even fine tune them to her exact liking. She wasn't quite a true pain slut now, like May had been, but receiving pain now while having sex did add to her pleasure.

Myra had had a lot of secrets. As she continued to heal inside we started to learn many of them. I discovered that in our 'old days' when Myra had sex with me at my home that there had been many nights that she would leave right afterwards to visit a girlfriend for increasingly firm 'chastisement.' Every piece of Myra's new reformed personality had been with an effort to bring honesty into her emotional and sex life. It wasn't an overnight complete success, but every day seemed a little better in nearly every way.

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