tagGroup SexEvery Night is Saturday Night

Every Night is Saturday Night


Just because I love Toronto, doesn't mean I can dance there.

Rose dragged me halfway across the continent to the T-Dot, and I dragged her to a Blue Jays game. In revenge, she insisted that we go to a dance club on Bathurst for Asian night. I don't dance, or rather, I dance, but terribly. It would not be my want to go to a dance club, but Rose insisted I chaperone her; the last time she had gone dancing, she had made out with a man who was not her fiancee, and she did not want to repeat that drama. All of which left me trying to dance with her, trying to keep up with her frenetic hips. The music was some Indian song. They played the accompanying music video on giant screens: a wizard turned a woman into a basketball; a man with fangs exploded into a puff of purple smoke. The music had a time signature so strange, so unfindable, that I don't think anyone with an even number of limbs could feel graceful dancing to it. Rose looked graceful, however, as did a few other couples on the floor. Most of them though, had the cultural advantage of being of Indian extraction. The only exceptions to the smooth dancers were all Indian rule, were Rose, and a couple in the corner, a small, Asian girl, and a taller, slender blonde woman. They were sinuous, wrapped around each other, finding a sensuous rhythm somewhere hidden deep inside the strange beat. They looked incredible together.

"Who are you looking at?" Rose leaned in to ask me, as she swayed closer to me, wrapping her arms around me for the first time that evening.

"That couple in the corner," I told her, as I put my hands on her hips, leaning into her ear so I could be heard over the thrum of sitar and bass.

"The tall Indian guy with the girl with the gold dress?" Rose asked.

"No, the asian girl and the blonde. Over by speakers," I told her. Rose twisted us around, in perfect step to the beat.

"Hmm. Hot. You would go for that."

I grinned. "You know me well."

"What's a best friend for?" She asked, smiling back.

"Apparently, best friends are there to chaperone your drunken ass back to the hotel." I said, sticking out my tongue out at her.

"Best friends are there to act as a wingman," Rose said, winking at me. "I think I need something to drink." She sashayed off, taking a circuitous route to the bar. Wait... she's headed into that corner? Where the girls are taking a breather? She's talking to them? She's... Rose is pointing at me, and smiling, and the girls are giggling? And now... now, Rose and the Asian girl are waving me over towards them? And my legs, without my volition at all, are moving towards them, zombiewalking their way to the corner where Rose has the two lovely girls.

"Kinch, this is Amy and Rachel," Rose introduced. We nodded at each other, smiled, and looked at Rose for guidance as to what we should all do next.

The music picked up again at that moment, switching from Bollywood to J-Pop, the beat now completely understandable, my movements graceful for the first time this evening.. Rose and I fell back into rhythm, dancing together. Rachel and Amy danced next to us; I kept furtively glancing over at them, and caught Amy grinning back at me.

In another story, written in another forum, I would find a way to describe the next hour. I would have details of how Amy was the one who wanted us to switch, to dance with me, while Rose danced with her pretty blonde friend. How eventually I got to dance with the comely blonde as well. How when we switched back, Amy and Rachel danced closer, whispering to each other and then looking at me and giggling, losing their beat for a moment. I won't describe how eventually, after dancing with Rose, Amy pulled me outside with Rachel, leaving Rose behind and dancing with a tall clean cut man as Amy ushered me and Rachel into a cab. I'll describe none of that, and pick up with us three abreast in the back of the cab, Amy in the middle, flanked by me and her lovely blonde friend.

Amy gave the driver an address and then turned to look at me. I stared into the well of her eyes for a full minute before she turned away and immediately gave Rachel a passionate kiss. I watched Rachel start shy, passive, receiving the kiss and not returning it at first, but eventually giving in to Amy's kiss, her shoulders going slack, her shy tongue darting out around the edge of their liplock.

They parted, and Rachel looked wrecked by the kiss; she was slumped down against the door of the cab, eyelids fluttering. Amy looked invigorated, and swooped into me for a kiss as well, her eyes glowing. Her kiss was light and exploratory. She pulled back and looked at me thoughtfully.

"Rachel," Amy explained, "hasn't been with a man since high school. Well, a boy, then, and it wasn't any good. So you are coming home with us, for her." Rachel looked at me shyly, and then turned away, so all I could see was blushing, freckled cheeks. "Think you can handle that?"

I reached out for Rachel's hand, and softly tugged her towards me. She allowed herself to be pulled in, and we kissed, inches from Amy's face, leaning into her lap. I could feel one of Amy's nipples chug up and make its presence known against my arm.

"That's enough, for now," said Amy, pushing us apart. "No sense in giving the cabbie a free show." I saw him grin at me, at us, through the mirror. Rachel, still blushing but glowing, rested a hand on Amy's thigh. I placed my other hand on Amy's other leg, mirroring Rachel. Rachel's hand began to creep in a northerly direction, slowly, teasing fingertips up Amy's leg. I did the same, tracing light circles with the tips of my fingers. Rachel went higher, and so did I. Rachel's fingers stopped somewhere hidden beneath Amy's skirt; I stopped my fingers there. Rachel's knuckles and mine were touching, caught deep in between Amy's thighs, our fingertips resting comfortably, casually, just inside her skirt at the edge of where Amy's panties left off. I could feel Amy's leg tense, shaking, wanting to draw is in, but also wanting to hold off, patience and impatience warring inside her.

We got out of the cab and went into a beautiful old building. We didn't say anything as Amy led us each by the hand up a few flights of stairs and into an untidy apartment.

We both attacked Rachel. Amy got to her first, and pulled her taller friend to her, and kissed her ferociously, so they were almost spinning around. I snuck up to her from behind, my hands softly on her sides under the hem of her shirt, my lips tracing innocent circles around her shoulders, and on the nape of her neck. My hands were tight around her waist, while Amy's hands were working their way under Rachel's shirt, pulling it off and over her head, exposing a purple bra. I quickly unsnapped it from the back and kissed the imprint of skin the strap had made in the center of her back, reaching to cup a breast, perfectly formed and rosy tipped, her blonde hair falling into my eyes. Rachel basked in the attention.

Amy kissed her way down, past her navel and started to shimmy Rachel's skirt down her thighs, bringing the purple lacy panties down with them, and finally pulling Rachel onto the floor, on top of Amy, so that they were in a 69 position, with Amy on the bottom, albeit full clothed. The room began to fill with the smell of aroused woman. Amy kissed Rachel's smooth pubis, and began to slide her way, her slow tongue, down to Rachel's proud little clit, already opened up and ready to be worked on. Amy wasted little time in circling her blonde friend's precious button with her tongue. I, watching all of this, came from behind and began to kiss Rachel's lower back, working her way down her legs, kissing the firm, downy cheeks of her ass, and I finally swung my tongue into her pussy, tasting Rachel's sweetness for the first time. She dampened even deeper creating more wetness for my tongue, for Amy's mouth. Rachel moaned into Amy's jeans, her breath getting shorter and shorter. When her hips quaked, a low moan came out of Rachel's mouth, and she delighted us by bathing our tongues in her delicious nectar. Rachel collapsed atop Amy, exhausted. I rolled off of them both, and Amy pushed Rachel to her side.

"Get up on your knees," Amy ordered to Rachel. "You are going to learn how to suck cock. "You," she barked, pointing at me. "Strip." I complied, shedding all of my clothes in two seconds flat, leaving Amy the only one with a stitch of clothing on. She looked incongruous next to us, still in her clothes from the club, Rachel wearing only her earrings and her necklace, lying enticingly in the valley of her lovely breasts, me wearing nothing but semi-tumescence.

Amy pulled off her shirt and shimmied out of her jeans, leaving her bra and panties on. I examined her carefully; I could see her baldness through the lace of her panties.

"Kneel in front of him, Rachel. Good, right there should do nicely. Now. Take him in your hand." Rachel seemed hypnotized, and took my cock into her warm, small hand. "Stroke him softly. And kiss his inner thighs. Lick a little. Let your tongue wonder. Yes, just like that." During her instructions, she'd come up behind Rachel, so that Rachel was almost sitting in her lap, her arms softly embracing her blonde friend. "Now take just the tip into your mouth, slowly, slowly. Let your tongue ooze around, just roll it over the head of his cock." Rachel took to the instructions well, and soon had me completely hard with her tongue lavishing the head of my cock.

"Good, good," Amy cooed to Rachel in support. "Take a little more. And keep your tongue active." Rachel brought me further into her mouth, her tongue still working in chaotic circles, spinning around in fractal patterns.

"You're doing so good," I told her, petting her hair.

"Open your mouth," Amy told her, stroking her belly, her hands working her way further down her body. "In a minute, he's going to fuck your mouth."

Rachel's eyes opened wide at the thought. Apparently, that thought had never occurred to her. But she obeyed, her jaw slackening, cold air rushing around my cock at the gaps around the edge of her mouth.

"Now," Amy said, looking up at me, "Make love to her mouth. Go slowly." I complied, slowly sinking my way into Rachel's mouth, into her throat. She took me all the way, even giving my cock a little extra love with her tongue. I took a few, slow, measured strokes.

"Go faster," she ordered me. "Fuck her cherry red lips." Amy began to move her fingers between Rachel's legs, I'm sure, cleverly seeking out Rachel's clit. I picked up my pace, fucking her mouth. Amy's fingers started moving quicker now, in Rachel's pussy, her other hand holding tight to Rachel's breast.

"That's it. Fuck those red lips. Fuck her harder." I was compelled to obey; Rachel's eyes began to bug out a little, but I wasn't sure if it was from the shock of my cock thrusting in and out of her unaccustomed mouth, or from Amy's nimble, knowing fingers. Amy's right hand stayed in Rachel's pussy, but her other hand worked it's way up to the base of my cock, pulling it into Rachel's mouth even faster. I kept fucking her mouth, and Amy kept strumming her clit. Before too long, Rachel shook and moaned as she came. Between her quaking and my thrusting, I came undone. My next thrust sort of glanced off of her cheek.

"Sit down in that chair," Amy ordered. She pulled Rachel over, so that she was just in front of me, again.

"Give his cock a kiss." She did. "Now, fuck his cock with your tits." Rachel, almost a zombie, wrapped her tits around my cock, and I started to push. Amy pushed Rachel's tits together, making a tighter passage for my cock.

"Lick the head, when it gets close to you," Amy ordered. Now each of my thrusts were greeted by a warm mouth at the end, while I was wrapped up in her pale skin.

"You have great tits, Rachel," Amy moaned. "So much bigger than mine. Fuck her big tits."

I fucked harder, while saying, "I like your tits too."

A thin piece of precum, drooled from the head of my cock, tracing a neat line from Rachel's chin to her sternum. Amy began to work Rachel's clit again.

"Stand up. Fuck her mouth again." I complied, standing, pushing my cock back into her mouth, and into Rachel's throat.

"That's it. Fuck her mouth hard." I obeyed, thrusting in and out of her mouth. Amy was staring up at me, eyes gleaming.

"Harder! Fuck those cherry red lips faster." And a familiar tingle went through me. Amy could tell.

"Rachel, he's about to come," she whispered. "He's going to come in your mouth. And I don't want you to swallow any of it. Just let him come in your mouth." That did it, for me. With a muted bellow, I let loose, pouring my come into Rachel's inviting mouth, pressing my cock in as far as it could go. My first gush went straight into her throat. Subsequent spurts filled up her mouth, and began to drip down her chin, and onto her perfectly formed breasts. Sated, finally, I collapsed into the chair to watch Amy continue to finger her friend with one hand, and rub my come into her chest with her other hand. She curled around and kiss her blonde friend, just as Rachel came again, muting her cry, and that made my cock twitch back to life, a detail that did not go unnoticed by Amy.

"You liked seeing my drink your come out of her mouth? You going to get hard again?"

"If you keep that up, it won't be much longer," I replied. Amy dove back in for more. The contrast of her darker skin against Rachel's paleness, their tits pressed together, made me twitch again, and grow firmer still.

"I need you hard," Amy said, pausing for a breath, "So you can fuck me." That was all it took. I was now iron hard, and ready. Amy, seeing that I was ready and willing, pushed Rachel back so she could his her way down to Rachel's cunt, still swampy from all her previous orgasms. She gave Rachel one long, slow, giant lick and then turned back to me and stared me straight in the eye. "Come fuck me."

No words have ever been sexier.

I knelt down behind her as she busied herself with her tongue in the blonde's pussy again, and lined the head of my cock up with her cunt. Even though no one had touched her yet, I found her pussy dripping wet and slid in smoothly, bottoming out quickly.

"Yes," Amy moaned. "Fuck me." As I had the whole evening, I obeyed, filling her up from behind. I fucked her steadily, only speeding up when I sense she was close to coming. As her hips quaked, I picked up the pace, fucking her harder through her orgasm. Amy's orgasm seemed to set Rachel off as well, her tongue vibrating across Rachel's clit.

"Fuck that's good," Amy cried. "Keep fucking me. Keep fucking me. Fuck me even harder." She went back to work on Rachel's pussy and I picked up the pace as much as I was able to, holding her hips tight, pulling her back onto my cock, spearing her as deep as I could go. With a great groan, she came loudly; her orgasm seemed to last forever, and she seemed to want me to keep thrusting through it, so I did, trying to extend it for as long as it would go. When she was finally sated, she slipped free of me, leaving my erection hanging.

"Fuck, you have such a nice cock," she gasped. "Rachel is going to love it." My cock twitched at the thought of getting to fuck the shy, blonde, mostly-lesbian. "Come here, Rachel. Take my place."

Rachel looked unsure, but, as ever, followed Amy's instructions, kneeling over, placing her heart shaped ass and dripping pussy in front of my leering gaze. Amy slid under her so they were face to face. She kissed Rachel tenderly on the nose and whispered, "You're going to love it." I leaned down, unable to resist her wet cunt, and gave Rachel a long, deep lick, starting up near the clit and diving deep into her pussy, drinking all of her nectar that would slide onto my tongue. Rachel emitted a primal, almost feral, "Unnnggh."

"She's had enough of that," Amy barked. "Fuck her. But be gentle... At first." I lined up the head of my cock with her center, and slowly pushed myself in, finding only a token amount of resistance. Her cunt opened up for me, inviting me in to her smoldering core. Rachel exhaled, her breath coming out in a giant gush.

"Do you like that, Rachel? Do you like feeling a cock in that pretty cunt of yours?" Amy asked, their faces only inches apart. Amy was stroking her cheeks softly, peppering her face with little kisses. Rachel nodded furiously. "Do you want him to fuck you? Do you want him to ravish you, to rail you, to fuck your brains out?" Hesitation. Then more nodding. Amy looked up at me, grinning. "What are you waiting for?"

I accelerated from dirt road to the Autobahn, fucking Rachel for all I was worth, my hips a blur. Moans of gibberish streamed out of her mouth at a register an octave higher than her normal voice. My force on her hips rubbed her bald pubis against Amy's smoothness, the friction heating up them both.

"Fuck her tight cunt! Fuck it hard!" Amy had produced a vibrator from nowhere, and was finding Rachel's clit. The first touch from the vibe set Rachel off into a screaming orgasm. Thirty second later, she came again, just as loudly. Another thirty seconds, and a third time her shriek pierced the air. I couldn't hold out any longer and, with a muted cry, came into her, filling the blonde's pussy with everything I had.

When we all came down, we relaxed in their bed, the three of us, with Amy in the middle. I drifted off.

A few hours later, I was woken by Amy's mouth on my cock. "You never got to come in my pussy. I haven't had that in a long time." Those words made me hard instantly, and she got up sat on my cock, sliding herself inside easily. She rode me in a confident rhythm, her eyes closed, her perfectly formed breasts bouncing. The stirrings woke Rachel up. She stared at Amy for a long time, and seemingly unconsciously began to stroke herself. Amy finally opened her eyes and noticed that Rachel was awake; they stared into each other's eyes for a long time.

Finally, Rachel said meekly, "That looks like fun."

"It is fun," Amy groaned, and suddenly, her hips spasmed in orgasm. "Fuck, this is fun. Do you want a turn?" Rachel nodded violently. Amy considered for a moment, still riding my cock in her measured, directed strokes.

"You can ride his cock. But sit on his face first, make sure he gets you wet. Then you can get up here."

Rachel clambered up, placing her smooth pussy against my face. I gave her a few loving nips on her pubis, and then a long deep lick inside her, finding her deeply wet.

"That's it, eat her cunt. Make her beg for more, suck on her sweet tooth til she's sore." I doubled my efforts, and Amy sped up, her cunt running up and down on my cock at a prodigous rate. After she came, she clambered off of me.

Rachel took Amy's place, and rode my cock, slowly at first, but quickly was wildly bucking, her rosy tipped tits flinging themselves everywhere. Amy was on top of me in a 69 position, lapping at the point where Rachel and I joined, while I returned the favor. When Rachel came for a final time, I was just about to come with her, but she bucked so furiously, she freed me from her pussy. Amy immediately stuffed my cock into her mouth and I came for the last time, shooting all that was left in me down her velvet throat.

"Well, it wasn't my pussy, but I'm still glad you came inside of me, at least once," Amy mused.

We all slept for another hour, and then I left them both, spooning in their bed, Amy's hand wrapped around Rachel, cupping one of her fabulous tits.

When I finally made it back to our hotel room, Rose was in bed, just waking, her hair strewn across her face; sticky with what may have been sweat, may have been come. The room was filled with the scent of sex; I smelled the rich curry and coffee smell of her arousal mingled with the acerbic gin and sweat smell of a man, and someone was using the shower. She gave me a rueful grin.

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