tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEveryone Loves Debra-Again!

Everyone Loves Debra-Again!


For "Dan", who can't get enough of Debra!

"She said what!" Debra snarled.

"She says you dress like a tart." Ray repeated.

Debra was boiling, who was that dowdy Lillian Swick to criticize her wardrobe? Debra knew Swick was just jealous of her figure and didn't like the way her nerd of a husband stared at her during the P.T.A. meetings.

It was the Barone's turn to host the monthly P.T.A. meeting and Debra planned to give them an eyeful. If they wanted to see a tart she would give them something to look at.

Ray and Debra had not had their turn hosting the monthly P.T.A. meeting yet and Debra looked forward to making it a memorial event.

The meetings were held on Wednesday nights, usually attended by the same half dozen couples and Ms Furley, Ally's young teacher. The "regulars" were Lillian and Ted Swick, Carla and Ed Foster, June and Norm Carmichael, Joyce and Ted Salada, Robin and Carl Jackson and the Barone's.

Lillian Swick was the type that liked to take charge and run everything, overruling the rest of the timid bunch. The chubby dominating bitch aggravated Debra to no end. She had had enough and was about to set her straight.

Debra had spent the entire afternoon making little finger sandwiches and platters of canapés to entertain the meeting. Instead of the customary tea and coffee Debra had set up a bar of liquor and mixes, she intended to spice up this meeting.

The kids had been sent over to Marie's to spend the night and they had the house all to themselves.

Ray had gone to the store to pick up a few last minute items when Debra went upstairs to change for the evening's events. She had selected her outfit earlier in the week and had the items carefully lain out on the bed.

The peasant blouse had a very low scoop neckline that bared much of her décolleté exposed above the half-cup black pushup bra. Most of her 38C tits would be on display to her guests.

The black leather skirt was little more than a wide belt; it barely covered her bare ass cheeks when she stood up straight!

A crimson garter belt held her black fishnet stockings; she wore no panties.

Scarlet lipstick and nail polish completed the image; she looked like the quintessential French hooker!

Debra was waiting for Ray when he returned from the store. Coming in the door laden with shopping bags he got his first look at his slut wife.

"Oh my God, you can't wear that!" his mouth fell open in shock.

"Why not?" Debra teased.

" Lillian Swick will blow a gasket!" Ray cried.

"Exactly!" Debra smiled.

Ms Furley was the first to arrive. She acted as the group's secretary and took the minutes down for further action.

Bev Furley was in her first year of teaching. The twenty-four year old dishwater blonde was rather plain looking and tended to dress in dowdy schoolmarm type dresses. She had on a below the knee length calico cotton dress and when Debra answered the door she thought she was at the wrong address!

"Come in Bev." Debra greeted the teacher.

Seeing Furley's look of astonishment she add, "I just thought I would spice things up tonight."

One after the other Debra greeted her guests at the door. Soon the whole room was buzzing with her inappropriate attire.

"Its. Disgusting!" Lillian Swick said to June Carmichael, so vulgar."

Just then Debra bent over to pick up the pencil she had deliberately dropped on the floor, Ted Swick saw she was wearing no panties!

"The agenda for tonight's meeting is going to be a little different." Debra announced to the group. "We are going to have a games session to get warmed up."

"The first game is going to be "Truth or Dare." She told the surprised couples. "each person gets to challenge someone they choose to answer a question with the truth or to do a dare. Ted, why don't you go first?"

Ted Swick looked like he would like to disappear, "C'mon Ted, ask me!" Debra urged.

Ted looked at his wife and then with all his courage he asked, "Are you wearing underwear Debra?"

Debra hiked up her short skirt showing the room her bare pussy, "Nope!" she smiled.

"Now my turn Ted, I want you to fuck me!" Debra said.

You could have heard a pin drop, everyone stood with horrified looks on their faces, Ted Swick looked at his wife, his wife looked daggers at him.

"Well?" Debra dared.

Lillian Swick watched in horror as he husband too a very hard cock from his pants. "Ted, what do you think you are doing?" she asked as the room watched.

"Just watch me." Swick said as he approached Debra's still exposed pussy.

Debra took a stance to accept him. Pelvis pushed forward and legs slightly parted she offered her bush to her neighbor. Swick slid his cock into her with a look of ecstasy on his face,

Everyone, including Raymond, watched while the here before timid Ted Swick fucked the sassy long dark hair beauty before his or her very eyes.

"Oh yes Ted, you cock feels so good in me!" Debra moaned as she grated her cunt on Swick's buried cock.

Swick had his hands full of Debra's bare ass and was pulling her onto his cock like an old boot.

"Ted Swick, you stop that immediately!" his outraged wife demanded.

Swick ignored her for the first time in his life, continuing to ram his dick into his neighbor's hungry pussy.

The others in the room were reacting to the sudden turn of events. Raymond was standing next to the shocked Ms Furley watching his wife getting fucked.

"You want to screw Bev?" Raymond asked the overwhelmed teacher.

Bev Furley was engaged to marry Clint Stephenson who's father owned the local Pontiac-Buick dealership. Bev and Clint had been having sex for almost a year but the untouched teacher had never done anything improper with another man.

There was an unconvincing gleam in Furley's eyes as she demurely declined Raymond's proposal.

"C'mon," Ray urged, "If we join in everyone else will!"

Raymond could tell by the look on her face she wanted it. The sight of Debra and Ted Swick fucking like two dogs in heat had started her juices flowing.

"Don't come in me!" Bev Furley asked.

Then other couples watched while Raymond stripped their children's teacher before their eyes. First he removed her white linen shirt revealing a modest full cup white bra containing her full breasts. Furley did not resist as he unfastened her gray flannel skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor around her ankles.

Bev was wearing knee-high nylon stockings and white cotton panties beneath the skirt. Eagerly Raymond reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Everyone saw the tension release as the clasp came unfastened and Raymond brought his hands forward, bringing the bra with them and allowing Furley's magnificent breasts to tumble into full view. Ray saw the 38D tag on the bra; her nipples were outstanding. Delicate pink aureoles about the size of silver dollars and teats that stood out like giant pencil erasures. Ray's right hand cupped her left breast as his left hand dropped to the waistband of her panties.

Kneading her breasts like soft pliable bread dough he tugged down her panties uncovering he natural bush. She was untouched, her pubic hair curled an a tangled pelt over the entrance to her womanhood,

Raymond guided the near-naked teacher over to the couch.

Furley was tense as Raymond mounted her. "Relax." He said as he started his erection into her fuck hole. Her legs fell slightly more open as he began his journey into her.

The young teacher was tight, much tighter than his slut wife who had been fucked with his brother's monster cunt stretcher. He closed his eyes as he felt Furley's silky soft flesh embrace his cock. Her pelvic muscle subtly twitched acknowledging his presence, her hips gyrated slightly, and she began making soft moaning sounds.

Ray settled into a slow and deliberate enjoyment of Furley's faultless pussy as Swick continued driving his cock up into his wife's insatiable cavity.

"Suck my cock Bitch!"

Lillian Swick was startled by Ed Foster's demand.

"You heard me, wrap your lips around this!" Foster ordered producing his erect cock.

Unexplainably Lillian Swick dropped to her knees before the angry hard-on. Carla Foster watched in amazement as the chubby dominate wife took her husband's cock into her mouth.

"You want some too?" Carl Jackson asked Carla as she watched her husband's cock being sucked.

Carl Jackson was a well-built black man. Carla was not a racist but she had never considered a black lover. She had heard all then folklore about them being superior lovers but the petite blonde had never seriously given it much thought, until now.

With her husband's cock deep in Swick's mouth and her neighbors overtly fucking in front of everyone Carla decide to join in the fun.

"How do you want to take me?" she bashfully asked.

"I like doggy!" Jackson beamed.

Obligingly Carla got down on her hands and knees on the living room rug. Jackson took his place behind her and lifted her skirt up over her round ass. Carefully he pulled her pink panties down to her knees exposing his target.

Ed Foster watched his wife's eyes pop open as 10" of prime Alabama blacksnake invaded the pussy previously dedicated to his use.

"Oh my God!" Carla Foster cried as she got her first taste of black cock.

Foster watched his dirty little bitch wife rocking her ass back onto Jackson's cock in wild enjoyment.

"Fuck me Big Guy!" she cried as she took the black cock deep inside of her.

Ed Foster knew that his wife was working on a little brother or sister for their son Sean and now she had a huge black cock in her unprotected pussy. In moments Jackson would be releasing a huge load of black baby batter into his wife's womb. He released his load into Lillian Swick's hungry mouth.

The meeting never got around to dealing with the upcoming bake sale or the need for upgrading of software in the school's computer department.

Couple had scattered throughout the Barone's home, fucking everywhere. They were fucking in the living room; the kitchen and Debra had taken a couple of the guys upstairs to her bed. The obliging hostess was naked in her bed fucking her guests as the cum and went.

The next day the phones were ringing with plans for a follow-up meeting.

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