tagNovels and NovellasEverything Will Change Ch. 01

Everything Will Change Ch. 01


This first chapter is not very long, there's no sex in it, and there's not a lot talking either, mostly just information for future chapters.


"I never asked for any of this. I never wanted to be taken, forced to take some unknown illegal substance, thrown into a room with a guy and be expected to perform such lewd activities, including the ambitions of my abductors that I become pregnant. I never intended to be so attached to a guy I barely know. True, that I did always want kids but not until I was married to a man that I love and who loves me dearly. Now, here I am.

Chapter 1

I should probably start at the beginning.

I was out on my day off, my single only day off of the week doing things you save for that day: groceries, paying bills, cleaning around the house, squeezing a meal or two in there somewhere, and if there's time maybe relax at a coffee shop or go to the movies. Today I decided on all of the above. After I finished cleaning it was a little after 4, so I decided I'd go to the movies, get a small popcorn and an Icee. Then I'd go to a cyber-coffee shop, and munch on a chocolate frap while checking my online stuff.

It was there that I got the spiders crawling on your skin type feeling, you know the one. It tells you someone's boring wholes into your back or you're being followed. I turned around nonchalantly, pretending I was looking for something in my purse hanging on the back of the chair, trying to see who was watching me and why I had that feeling. The hair on my arm was standing up.

I saw no one looking at me directly so I turned back to the screen, quickly signed out of all my accounts, got up chucked my half drunk frap, and walked out of the café. It was only a few blocks to the apartment building but I considered taking a cab. When I looked back at the café and saw no one followed me out I just impulsively decided to walk. I got to the corner before I started to feel queasy. The sidewalk started curving in front of me and I'd swear that the brick wall of the building I started leaning against was melting.

Just then a black van with the door already sliding pulled up next to the sidewalk, actually one wheel went up on the sidewalk and just before everything went black I had the thought, 'Someone laced my drink.'

I woke in a haze. There was a bright light above my head and when I blinked a few times I saw that it was a lamp. Shear white light shone directly into my eyes. I tried to focus on something else, first I closed my eyes to adjust to the lighting.

I see that the bed is one like in the hospital and the head part is raised a bit, then I notice my hands and ankles are bound by the leather type shackles hospitals use. Surprisingly, I didn't need to think to remember what had happened and what must've happened. I remembered thinking my drink was drugged just before I passed out, which is when whoever must've made their move.

A small part of my mind was wondering why I was taking and why they chose me? Because drugging my drink, that seemed like I was somehow important. Which didn't make sense, I was nobody. Just a small town girl, going to the University in the large city.

The other more prominent part of my mind was trying desperately to get out of the shackles. I was forcing my right hand to slither out of its confines. One time long ago I had dislocated my thumb in softball practice and since then it had been looser, and I was sure I could dislocate it again and shimmy out of it.

Just then the door clanged, I readjusted to make it look like I had just struggled with it but I was sure I could get out of it if necessary. Then the door swung open and in came a man I'd never seen before.

He was big, like huge. Not fat, but muscular. He was black. He looked much like a boxing legend or something. He was also very tall, at least 6' 4", but I could only guess from my position on the bed. The Michael Clark Duncan-look alike didn't say anything, and didn't move to touch me, his face showed no emotion.

Strangely, I found that a little comforting, I did my best to emulate him. I didn't ask any of the dozens of questions pinging around my head, I didn't start to cry, and I didn't try to struggle against my restraints.

I had noticed I was wearing nothing. I just had a thin sheet between my nakedness and the cool air. I also noted that the door was steel, it swung inwards to the room, and the latch on it moved sideways-so there was little chance of getting the door open from the inside; when I planned my escape I would have to wait till someone came in.

MCD guy never took his eyes off me, and the silence was starting to drive me nuts. Just before I lost my resolve I heard steps ascending stairs.

When she came in she about took my breath away; she was one of the most entrancing women I'd ever seen. Not super thin like a model, but thin enough she must have guys drooling at her feet. With a bust that would make even the straightest of girls' mouths water, and a nice shapely ass. She had stood against a light in the hallway at the door, and her silhouette gave me pause. This was a woman who'd make Jessica Rabbit's mouth hang open. She even had flaming red hair, which I know couldn't have come from a bottle and if it did then her stylist deserved a medal. It had a bit of a curl to it and I guessed it came to her shoulder blades.

I hadn't heard what she asked the MCD guy, but heard him reply,

"No, she hasn't even spoken."

"Well, that's a new one."

Once again I tried this guy's approach. I remained stoically silent as I watched her come close to the bed, and sit beside me on the bed. A sweet smile crossed her face, and I tried not to show my confusion and wariness. She moved her right hand to stroke my cheek gently, with the back of her hand.

"Don't worry, little one. You're going to be well taken care of." She said.

I could no longer hold in the questions that plagued my mind.

"Why am I here?" I didn't start sobbing, but my voice did crack on the last word.

"You're here as a gift, little one; to the son that will inherit." She smiled what I could only guess was a smile intended to give comfort.

I was breathing long and slow, to try to get my emotions in check and in hopes of not allowing tears to fall down my face.

"Whose son, and what am I intended for?" I asked two because I wasn't sure how long this honest exchange would last.

"The son of crime boss Alphonse Stewart, the one responsible for all the drug sales and production in this city. And you are intended to be his bride."

I hadn't guessed any of it right. Bride, crime boss, drugs. When I realized I was naked, I had guessed sex was a part of it; and when I saw 'block of muscle' guy I should have guessed something to that respect, but this was all way too much to take in.

She waited while I attempted to come to terms with it all.

"You said 'inherit', so that means I'm supposed to marry the next crime boss of this city?"


"I didn't know we had a crime boss, I've never heard of this guy before."

"That's because he's just that good. He keeps his name out of the news and the papers, he pays his taxes, he has everyone believing he's a solid citizen."

"Well, that must be a job of work." I let a little sarcasm leak from my voice.

She smiled a large smiled and coughed a little laugh, "I like you, you're going to be fun."

For the next hour I asked many questions, all of which were answered honestly. I learned that my 'fiancé'-I would choke on the word if I had to say it out loud-was 25, worked in his father's 'company', liked traveling, movies, and surfing-when he had the chance to anyways. I learned that we would be married tonight in private tonight and in a few months publically, so that people could see us together before we were married, again.

Ugh, this was so frustrating. I couldn't think of a way out of this mess. Couldn't bare the thought of marrying someone I'd never even seen and it was killing me that all choices and decisions were taken from me. I then bucked up my courage to ask-

"And don't I, or for that matter either of us, get the opportunity to choose? Decide for ourselves that we want this so-called marriage."

"No." She said simply.

That was when the tears finally broke free of the damn, for a while I had them at bay during the information gathering, but at that word I broke. It wasn't because it was harsh or anything just knowing that I was trapped and without any means of bartering or escape, my eyes flooded and didn't stop for a long time.

End of Chapter 1

This story will continue, I promise it gets much hotter, and a lot will happen soon.

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