Everything Works Out OK


After our evening meal and feeling totally relaxed after a few glasses of wine I asked father if he would read us one of his stories (e.g. Fact or Fiction); this time I did get to see both my lovers making love and the double penetration I so desired. With that we made our way upstairs to bed, following a quick shower which I had on my own since neither of the cubicles could accommodate all three of us; we all climbed into father's bed. Not wishing to spoil my wedding day we just snuggled up together and promptly fell asleep.

Come morning I was woken by the feeling of both my nipples being sucked and fingers circling my pussy. It was bliss; I just laid there and enjoyed the attention my body was getting. My mind kept telling me to get up for today was the most important day of my life, but my body told me a different story, one I had waited many months for.

With the room still in total darkness, soon a body rolled on top of me, followed by a cock slowly entered my sopping pussy. It felt fantastic as it wormed its way deep into my pussy, bumping into my cervix I immediately knew it was Chris, but where was father; a grunt from Chris and a second bump against my cervix answered my question. Wrapping my legs about Chris' waist we slowly began to fuck, father setting the pace with gentle pulls on Chris' hips. When father upped the pace, Chris put his hands under my ass making his penetrations deeper for now he was continually hitting my cervix. I began to moan loudly as the onslaught continued. Soon the pain turned into delightful throbs as I felt my pussy begin to tighten.

"Unngghhh! Oh God, yes!" I gasped

Each of my squeals only encouraged father to plunge harder into Chris' ass.

Soon all three of us was grunting and squealing in unison, I swear Chris' cock was getting bigger every second.

"Ohhhnnnn God, ohhhnnn God!" I moaned. "Ohhhh yes, fuck me hard, please, harder! Ungghhh! Oh shit, its so big! Unggh! Ohnngg! Annggghh! Unh! Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard!" I murmured incoherently, getting more out of control by the second.

Suddenly I squealed loudly as the shocks wracked through my body. "Ohhnnn God, oh Jeeesus, yesss, unnngghhiieeeee!"

The two men groaned and came at the same time I did. They pushed both their cocks in deep and grunted as their cum shot out of them. All three of our bodies thrashed and squirmed together as our cries of passion mingled in our ears.

"You okay?" Chris asked.

"Shit, I've never been fucked like that!" I murmured, with glazed eyes; my body still trembling from its exertions.

"It was your father's idea" said Chris as he lay between my legs whilst father fussed around Chris' ass with some tissues.

With Chris trapped between my legs I slowly felt his cock begin to shrink, it's a marvellous feeling for those who have never tried it.

"Just as well you never took any Viagra; you'll never be able to get ready for the wedding." I quipped.

"Fuck me, the wedding!" cried father.

With that we all glanced at the time, and then hurried for a shower, this time father drew the short straw and showered alone.

"Remember, you haven't got time for any funny business!" father shouted as he made for the guest's shower.

Having showered etc; the only thing for us to do was throw our wedding gear plus our overnight bags into the car, since we were coming back home for a couple days before setting off on honeymoon. Where was we going, we hadn't a clue for father said he would take care of everything.

Arriving at the hotel, I left Chris and father to check us in whilst I grabbed a drink at the bar. Having placed my order I waited patiently whilst the barman stock up.

"Sorry miss, I'm not allowed to serve you without an ID!" he mumbled.

"Pardon" I spluttered feeling more flattered than angry.

"Sorry luv; it's company policy, anybody looking under 18 who asked for a drink must show me their ID."

This time I was flattered. "But I'm going to get married here this afternoon!" I replied

"It doesn't matter, no ID no drink"

By now I was getting very angry, thankfully Chris walked into the bar and asked what was going on, when I told him he just collapsed with laughter. In many ways I was glad, for Chris hadn't laughed like this since his injury.

"I always thought I was a cradle snatcher," mumbled Chris now recovered from his hysterics. "Why don't you put the poor man out of his agony and show him your passport?"

With that, I did exactly that. Offering his sincere apologised the barman wished us good luck and kindly offered us the drinks 'on the house' which we graciously accepted.

Soon it was time for us to go to our rooms and prepare for the wedding. Whilst I was busy changing, the hotel receptionist rang to say that the hair stylist and beautician were in the lobby. I told her to send them right up; leaving the door ajar I continued dressing. Soon the two girls were busy seeing to my hair and makeup.

Now fully dressed and made up to befit the occasion, I could not believe it was me stood in front of the mirror. Thanking and generously tipping the girls I spent a couple of minutes on my own before I phoned father to say I was ready. I quickly rang Chris' room for time was getting close; receiving no reply I stood and waited for father to collect me.

Soon there was a gently tapping on the door, opening it there was father dressed in his wedding suit, casually I walked forward and kissed him, trying not to leave a smear on his cheek. Stepping back he just smiled before becoming glassy eyed.

"What's wrong, Daddy?" I asked, reaching for and wiping the tear off his cheek. Unable to stop himself, he reached and grasped my hand before gently kissing my soft fingertips.

"You look so much like your mother," he murmured as I looked back at him.

"Come on dad, we've got a nervous young man waiting for us downstairs, we don't want him running out on us do we" I joked trying to ease the tension.

With that we made our way slowly to the reception room. Considering the size of our reception the hotel was marvellous. They fully advertised where our reception was being held, upon my entry my choice of music; 'Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately' started immediately, as did that during the signing of the register 'Mary Carpenter - Grow Old With Me'.

With the formalities over we all relaxed to the sounds of the house music whilst the ante room was being prepared for the small intimate meal we hoped everyone would enjoy. This intermission gave Chris a chance to introduce me to his fellow officers, who being typical junior officers pulled his leg about 'cradle-snatching' and betting they wouldn't being seeing any more photo's of me in future.

It then came my turn to introduce Izzy and her friend Charlotte Charly for short (who I knew very little of) to both Chris and my father, followed by the junior officers. It didn't take long for us to separate into two parties for I knew the junior officers; Jamie, Ian, Peter and Steve were dying to meet Izzy who unknowingly was now the battalions pinup and it wasn't long before the lads were eyeing Charly up in a similar manner.

With the table arranged 'T' shaped, I sat between Chris and father, whilst Jamie, Izzy and Ian sat one side; Peter, Charly and Steve sat the other.

As the afternoon went on things became typically boisterous having some junior officers for company. Our two groups had developed into three with their conversations always slipped back into talking about sexual matters, leaving plenty of opportunity for titillating innuendo and sexual metaphors.

Izzy and Charly by now were pretty intoxicated after consuming at least two bottles of wine apiece, blushed prettily at the thoughts that were evoked, and contributing their own double entendres and risqué anecdotes. I only hoped they knew what they were doing for here were four lads newly back from Iraq with a lot of energy to waste.

Feeling a bit tipsy myself, I whispered to Chris that perhaps we should make a move before somebody caused an embarrassment, after all both he and father were of senior rank and their presence may have been seen condoning the activity. Casually Chris pulled Jamie aside and told him 'not to let the side down', before we left them to it.

"Well Mrs ~~~~~, what do you fancy doing now?" asked Chris

"Well Mr ~~~~~, I don't know about you, but after this mornings wild start I'm pooped, lets go back to our room and chill out."

Catching father as he exited the 'gents' I asked him if he wanted to join us. He replied no, it was our day and to quote Louis Armstrong -- 'We Have All the Time in the World', which I thought was very sweet of him.



Following our brief stay at the hotel, we spent three day at home. Hearing us joking about the Viagra, father tried some and swore never again, unless he really had too, for he was rampant for over 4 hours (much to our joy), but woke up with the most appalling headache,

Our Honeymoon was in Cyprus courtesy of both the RAF and Army. For three weeks we had the run of some very senior officer's villa just outside Kolossie complete with servants etc:

Father is officially retired from the army, but currently in Saudi as a civilian logistics expert. He has finally given way to the property developers and sold the house, how much for I was never told, but knowing father it wouldn't have gone cheap. Since our wedding however, he is a changed man for I've never seen him so pissed off, for the army was once his life. His main gripe is about our so called 'Peoples Parliament', with its sleaze and penny-pinching ways. He also dislikes the British public for their arrogance and brash way of life, in his mind 'nobody now gives a shit'.

Chris unfortunately (and much to my relief) failed his combat medical and is currently in Germany, training others in the art of 'Bomb Disposal' or whatever. We still send videos to each other but with no direct link, they are no longer spontaneous.

As for me, soon after the wedding Izzy came clean about her feelings for my; yes she does love me but was too much of a free spirit to be monogamous. We still maintain contact on a regular basis, for I am her one true friend, she also gave me some juicy details about what went on after our reception. The details will be posted as soon as possible, look for Izzy's Salisbury Weekend she says, 'Never again', we'll see.

Officially I'm homeless, but through father's contacts I'm currently employed part-time as a 'House Sitter'. In his desire to leave England completely and retire to France, father also employs me to look at properties around the Clermont-Ferrand/Loire valley areas.

This to me is the most hardest of all parts, saying goodbye to all my readers. I first started writing about my personnel life as a relief from boredom. Although very revealing about my character it gave me a great sense of mind to be able to add to others, be it erotic or a bit kinky.

Several of you have asked to meet me and share ideas etc; but I'm sorry I have everything I need; the same goes for emails, which I do read and take note of; especially those with wicked thoughts; but my feeling's are once you establish a connection the illusion is lost.

To those who queried my writing style, of cause it changes; I'm a woman with moods and feelings like everyone else. I write when I feel the need, it may be first thing in the morning, late at night, after sex or following arguments. This way you get a truer picture of life.

Again may I thank all my readers, you have not read the last of me for I'm sure I can think up some fictional stories to titillate your emotions. Bye for now and may god bless you.

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