tagIncest/TabooEvil Bitch Ch. 16

Evil Bitch Ch. 16

byLost Boy©

Chapter 16

The Orient Express:

Private Car:

Last Stop Berlin:

The door had barely closed when I was manhandled. The next thing I know my back hit the floor with a deep thud. I was staring up at the elegantly decorated ceiling of the train car. The painted panels were murals depicting Victorian London in all its glory of that bygone era. The center panel was a lovely redhead dressed in a cream colored gown with a backdrop of a familiar manor house. But it was the queer black monolith that didn't belong that got my full attention until my mother and sisters pressed close demanding it here and now.

"Um hello ladies," I said looking up into their smiling faces.

"Hello Jon," they said in one sensual voice. "We need cock and now."

I began to open my mouth but mom but a finger to my lips.

"Just shut up and let us do all the work," she said. "Okay girls you get his pants and I'll remove his shirt."

"Yes maám," the twins said.

I watched mom's fingernail grow a good three inches upon command. With precise swipes buttons began to fly one at a time. When the last button was gone she tore my shirt open. By that time the twins had taken a completely different approach. They popped their claws and carefully shredded my tux pants. So everything was easily accessible now. Vana simply sat on one of the beds and watched with a bemused expression on her face. Mom slid onto my chest facing my head while the twins began sharing my cock between them. Carol was licking one side of the shaft and Colleen the other.

"Are you enjoying yourself Jon," Mom asked as I moaned softly. "I bet you are. You have two women sucking you off. Is he hard as a rock girls?"

"You bet he is," Carol moaned.

"Does Jon feel like licking mommy's pussy?"

"Uh huh," I said licking my lips.

Mom tugged her t-bar aside revealing her soaked pussy. Then she leaned back and eased her cunt to my lips. I lifted my head up to meet her. As my tongue met her labia her fingers slid into my hair and made a fist.

"That's it baby eat mommy's pussy!"

So while she ground against my face Colleen and Carol began to work on other parts of my cock. One licked and suckled the head of my cock while the other popped a testicle into her mouth. I found my mom's clit and began to tease that and her muffled shout filled my ears. I looked up and mom had her tits free and she was pinching and teasing one nipple fiercely. Go mom! Vana had stripped down and was hesitantly playing with her pussy as if unsure what to do. Now one of the twin's head was bobbing up and down on me while the other's tongue had returned to the shaft.

Mom shifted her position and was now on her belly and her pussy over my face. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as I tongued her. Now I felt two tongues on the shaft of my cock and one mouth moving up and down.

"Let's see if he's slick enough," Mom said as I felt her fist wrap around the shaft and stroke it a few times. "Yep he's ready... who wants to go first?"

"Colleen why don't you go, you planned this trip so well," Carol said.

"Well if you insist," Colleen said.

I could hear bodies shifting around. Then I felt Colleen lowering her dripping slit over my cock. Then she let out a long drawn out groan as she impaled herself. Then she was moving nice and slow. Then I felt mom's tongue lapping away when Colleen lifted up. I kept up licking and suckling mom's pussy. I would have been a bad son otherwise. The girls were very organized tonight, but they weren't alone. I took some of mom's pussy juice and eased two fingers into her ass. She let out a deep guttural groan and begged for more. If she wanted more, then more she would have. I opened my left hand and one of the Unseen, my bodyguards, handed me the toy I had set aside for my mother into it. I slid the anal bead tail into her ass.

"Is that a toy in my butt son of mine?"

"Yep but not just any toy," I said as I activated the vibrator feature.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNN DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN it's alive," she moaned. Mom looked over shoulder and I heard her deep throated laugh. "Is that a devil tail?"

"Can you think of anything more appropriate?"

"No not really, damn but that looks real."

"It should I had Charlie make it for you," I said.


"What about me," Carol was asking. She was on her hands and knees with her head down and her ass high up in the air.

"Do you think I would forget you," I said as I nodded and one of the Unseen slid a cat tail into her ass.

"HOLY SHIT... who... what... oh god damn that feels good..." she moaned.

The cat tail that now projected from her ass matched her hair color perfectly. I set the pulse pattern, using my watch; it was much deeper than mom's since no one had touched her so she wouldn't feel left out.

"Carol why don't you help Vana out," I suggested.

"Okay," she purred as she crawled on her hands and knees to the skittish woman.

"What," Vana said.

Then Carol gently but relentlessly pulled her knees apart. There was a pause in the action while Carol's head descended towards Vana's pussy. Colleen circled her hips while she watched her twin. Mom ground her pussy into my face. Then we all heard Vana's voice.

"Wait what are you doing... oh my... oh... UNNNNNNNNNNN!"

"I think she likes it," Colleen said with lilt in her voice.

"You think," mom moaned as I suckled her clit.

"More," moaned Vana. "I want more."

"Oh hell I think we created a sex maniac," mom snickered.

Colleen resumed her riding of my cock with great gusto. She was lifting up and slamming her hips downward. Perhaps she was inspired by Vana's moans of pleasure. There was a definite synergy building between Carol, Vana and Colleen. I think all three of them were about to blow. This could be epic! I drove two fingers into mom's cunt and felt her muscles grip them tight. I fingered her slowly at first but her hips told me that she wanted more too. I thrust them harder and faster and her cries merged with the others.

It was like dominos falling. It began with Carol and her anal vibrator. She was followed mere seconds later by Colleen. Then Vana's back arched as she cried out as she came. Vana's shout and my moms were like one as she climaxed at nearly the same moment. Yep, it was epic! They were all panting and gasping as they recovered.

"Well that was awesome, I'll see you ladies later," I said as I sat up.

"Where the hell do you think you are going," Carol said.

"Um, nowhere," I said.

"That's right," Vana said. "I haven't had a cock yet. Did I say that right?"

"Yep," Mom said with a grin. "You said it just right. Perhaps we should give Jon and Vana some alone time. We can come back in say an hour?"

"I don't want to be selfish," Vana said.

"Oh, we don't mind sharing. Besides Jon's cock will spoil you for other men," Colleen said.

"I don't understand," Vana said.

"You will afterwards," Mom added with a smile. "Let's go girls."

"Oh Colleen," I said and gestured and the last anal vibrator was in place.

"What Jon," she said. "What the... nnnnn that'll keep me happy until we get back."

The trio slipped on robes. I couldn't help but laugh seeing the two cat tails and one devil tail swishing from beneath their robes as their walked away.

"I am confused," Vana said.

"Ask and I will see if I can help clear up your confusion."

"Why are they happy to have robotic tails shoved up their asses?"

"Ah well," I said. "The tails have vibrators built into them which give pleasure to them."

"Oh," She said with a look of disbelief. "If you say so."

"Would you like me to show you?"

"If you don't mind," she said.

"Get on your hands and knees."

Vana without any hesitation whatsoever dropped down and assumed the position.

"Now stick your ass as high up in the air as you can, yes like that. Okay here goes."

I knelt behind her. I pulled those perfect ass cheeks apart and lightly tongued her asshole. I waited to see how she would react.

"NNNNNNNNNNN," she moaned. "That is not unpleasant."

"Shall I continue?"


I flickered my tongue over her sphincter a little more. Then I stabbed her anus with my tongue. This got a definite growl from Vana. I smiled to myself. I leaned back and stopped.

"UNNNNNN... why are you stopping," she asked obviously disappointed.

"Do you want more?"

"Yes," she said sheepishly.

I spit on her asshole, took my index finger and began rubbing and teasing it. She was purring now. As she relaxed I pushed my finger into her ass very slowly.

"UNNNNNNNN OHHHHHHHHH I see now," Vana said.

I began fingering her ass now and Vana's hips were pushing back against me.

"It seems you understand now."

"Oh Yes I do," she growled.

"Do you want a tail too?"

"Ask your family, I don't want to..."

"I will ask. It is very thoughtful of you." I said and she just smiled.

"What is next Jon?"

"Would you like to like to try penetration?"

"Oh Yes!"

I took my cock and teased the lips of her pussy. She let out a deep moan. As my cock spread her labia we moaned together. Then as I slowly entered her virginal pussy it wrapped around me light a velvet fist.

"Oh god, you were right! I do like intercourse!"

"Damn your pussy is so fucking tight!"

"UNNNNNNNNNNNN fuck me Jon... fuck my tight little pussy!"

I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her over and over again. Her screams got louder and louder as I took my pleasure from her. Wow what a change of positions. I was once scared shitless of her. Now here she was bent over taking my cock from behind. The more we fucked the harder she thrust her hips backward. She was definitely not a gentile lady, she liked sex and she liked it rough. My cock began to swell inside of her.

"What is that," she asked.

"My cock is getting bigger," I said. "That means I am getting close to climaxing. Where do you want me to cum?"

"I don't understand."

"I will show you."

"Okay... your cock feels so good inside of me."

"I know," I said.

I kept hammering her pussy as long as I could. Then when I couldn't wait any longer I pulled out, flipped her onto back and shot all over her face. Vana licked her lips and smiled.

"Not bad," she said.

"Maybe next time you can suck me off," I said.

"Sounds like fun," Vana said.

"It is, are you ready to cum?"

"Whenever you are," she said.

I eased my semi-hard cock back into her. I watched her eyes roll up into her head. Vana arched her hips driving me deeper.

"You like cock don't you?"

"UNNNNNNNNNNN YES... I like the way it fills me up. The way it stretches my pussy out... NNNNNNNNN fuck me Jon...!"

"Because you asked so nicely," I said.

I started out nice and slow. Then bit by bit I added more speed and more force to my thrusts. Soon our bodies were slapping as they met. Vana cries of pleasure were building in volume and foulness as we progressed. Then I felt her nails dig into my back as she came leaving lines of pleasant fire across my shoulders.

Almost to the minute my sisters and mother returned one hour later. And oh what a sight greeted them! Vana was on her back, knees to her chest and her entire body covered in sweat and cum. I was kneeling in front of her my cock in hand the head pointing at her tits.

"Well it seems our new friend has earned Jon's full attention," Mom said.

"I will get her cleaned up and tucked in," Colleen said. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Take your time, it looks like Jon is going to need time to recover," Carol said.

Suddenly there was this urge inside of me.

"Wait," I said it a little louder and more insistence than I untended. "Wait, it's time I explained a few things. Showed you some things about what happened after the accident in Charlie's lab. It's okay you can reveal yourselves."

Two hooded figures appeared and lowered their hoods. My family and Vana gasped.

"These are my bodyguards I call them the Unseen," I said.

"They are gorgeous," my mother said.

"Thank you m'lady," said the taller of the two.

"And quite respectful too," mom said.

"They have been watching over you and keeping you safe for a while now," I said.

"How is that possible," Carol said. "You were only gone for a day."

"That is where this gets complicated," I said.

"I knew it," Colleen chimed in. "I felt it."

"But first a change of scenery," I said walking around and removing the toys from the girl's rear ends. "There that's better. Where to go? Oh I know. You'll need jeans, shoes and sunglasses for this one. Well get dressed! I'll take care of Vana." I bent down and lifted the limp woman into my arms. "I am sending you ahead of us to Berlin. You will be safe there I promise."

"Will I see you there?"

"Yes you will."

"Okay, this physical thing has been fun. I look forward to our next encounter."

"Me too, now go with them and I will see you soon."

The taller of the Unseen took her into his arms and with a soft popping sound teleported away. Now to attend to my past and my family; I was sure I was going to wait but they were all so happy charge ahead seemed appropriate.

"It is time to talk about what has been bothering me," I said as they dressed. I had to admit I was amazed as how quickly they picked out clothing and were ready to go.

"So where are we going exactly," Colleen asked.

"A little spot the locals call Rularen," I said.

"Never heard of it," Carol said.

"Not surprising," I replied. "It's not in this galaxy."

"Wait... what..." Mom cried out as the surroundings changed around them.

The Journey of a Billion Light Years Begins With a Single Step

In the blink of an eye the train interior was exchanged for that of a sandy riverbed. Of course it was dark under a full moon and that moon happened to have rings. The girls looked up and were speechless as a trillion stars met their collective gaze. The moon was actually a nearby gas giant much like our Saturn. But the sun at the heart of this solar system was a blue giant and this world was much further away from its parent star than earth was.

"Jon where are we," mom was the first to find her voice.

"We are on a world called Rularen," I said.

"Why are we here," Carol asked.

"You wanted to know what happened to me."

"Why here Jon," Colleen asked.

"You'll see," I said as I summoned the symbiot armor. I reached into one of the pockets and took out an old fashioned oil lantern. I lifted up the glass and lit the wick. The lantern now lit it cast a nice circle of light around us. I set the lantern down and waited to see how long it took the girls to notice. It didn't take long at all.

"Hey mom," said Carol. "Look at how the rocks glitter..." she was already squatting down to examine the stones at her feet. She picked up a rock about the size and shape of a ping pong ball. Carol turned it this way and that before holding it up to the lantern light. "...holy shit I think this might be..."

Thus the mad scramble began. After a minute or so they looked up at me realizing that each and every stone for as far as the light could touch and beyond were precious stones. This entire area was hugely rich in mineral wealth. It was Colleen who wandered off a little bit and stood looking and listening. I heard her profound words so clearly.

"It's so quiet here," she said. "There are no animals or insects or anything."

Mom sniffed the air and made a slow spiral out and a frown came to her face as she dropped the massive fortune she held in her hands.

"I smell," she tried to put into words. "It's not death exactly but the absence of life. The entire absence of any and all life on this world, this world is dead or dying."

"What happened here Jon," Carol asked.

"A war, for the very resources at our feet," I said. "One of the volcanoes here spits outs diamonds when it erupts. The race that lived here, the Rulan, was a very rich and very influential people for a very long time. Then the other races got tired and made war upon them. The war was so terrible and so total that the entire Rulan race and most of the other life on the planet was destroyed. This world is now a spiritual retreat and it is unlawful to remove any of the stones."

"That's terrible," Colleen said hugging herself.

"How long ago was that war Jon," mom asked.

"A very long time ago, so long ago in fact that the other races have forgotten this place even exists."

I reached into the folds of my symbiot and retrieved a carpet bag and opened it. I filled it to the brim with the precious stones; the smallest was the size of a golf ball. Then the closed it and looked at the trio.

"Someone has got to pay for your spending sprees somehow," I said. "Money doesn't grow on trees."

"No it's just lying on the ground," mom said taking a souvenir of her visit. "So exactly where are we and how did we get here Jon?"

"Remember when I got the piss shot out of me by the J'Nai? One of the things I brought back was a navigation crystal used by them to track me," I said and they all nodded. "Okay well since I have been gone I have had the time and opportunity to add to and improve that technology."

I opened my hand and a clear image of the Milky Way galaxy appeared.

"That is our home galaxy," I said and again they all nodded. "We are no in way near it."

"WHAT," the twins cried out.

"Where the fuck are we Jon," mom asked almost panicking.

I brought my hands together and then apart to show a cluster of forty or so galaxies. I pointed to one side of the cluster.

"That is the Milky Way there and we are all the way over here," I said pointing to the far side of the cluster.

The three of them appeared as if they were about the faint. I waited for them to calm down. I wasn't sure that was going to happen. It was time to go, pity I loved the view. I picked up the carpet back and walked over to them. I motioned for them to huddle around me. When they were close enough I triggered the return trip.

You'd think we had been on the brink of a precipice and sharks nipping at our heels. Each of them raced to their beds and dove under their covers. I handed the carpet bag to the remaining Unseen who knew what to do with it and banished my symbiot armor for now. I made sure each of them was okay and gave them all a goodnight kiss before I left.

"You are not leaving are you Jon," Colleen asked.

"Don't worry sis one of the Unseen is always with you at all times. You are perfectly safe and no one can harm you, okay."

"Okay, where are you going?"

"I have a lot on my mind," I said.

"I bet. How long were you away?"

"A very long time, but I am back now and that is all that matters."

"I can sleep now that I know I am safe," she said.

"Pleasant dreams," I said.

I took a shower to wash the strong scent of sweat and sex from me. I slid on a pair of sweat pants and suddenly realized that Akira had no clothes to speak of. I raided the girl's closet for her and laid out the clothes in the other room. Then I decided I needed a little 'me' time so I teleported to the roof of our train car. The sun was already up and the brisk breeze was a welcome sensation. I closed my eyes and let go. My stress left me bit by bit as I breathed deeply through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. I was nearly done when I heard her climbing the ladder on the side of the car.

"Hello Akira," I said loud enough for her to hear me above the sound of the train and the wind.

"Good morning Jon," she said. "How did you know it was me?"

"Your psychic signature is quite unique," I told her.

"I bet it is," she said bitterly. "May I join you?"

"Sure I was done anyway," I said opening my eyes. I looked up and saw what she was wearing. "Um that isn't what I set out for you."

"I know," she said smiling in an almost predatory sort of way. "I borrowed the blue jean shorts from Carol and the shirt from Colleen. I don't think they'll mind."

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