tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 04

Evil Secretary Ch. 04


For the next few weeks I did everything I could for my boss, making his working life as easy as possible. He seemed to notice my hemlines getting shorter, and my tops becoming more revealing. Mr Silver was too much of a gentleman to ogle me openly. Unlike the doctor who helped me after the death of my uncle. I might tell you more about that later, besides, I'm sure you are far more interested in knowing how I was going to get my boss to make the first move. 3 weeks after his return from his break, I had somehow managed to drive into a ditch in the middle of nowhere. It was just after 11.30 at night when I called my hero. I stood by the side of my car letting the rain soak my pink top. I wasn't wearing a bra, and I knew my top had gone see-through.

"God Amy, what happened?"

"I skidded off the road, I, I swerved to avoid a deer or something," I stammered.

"I can't do anything to get the car out now. My house is just a couple of miles away. I'll take you there and you can dry off."

At that point his eyes dropped to my hard dark nipples. He gulped a little and looked away. He took off his rain coat and put it round my shoulders. Again his eyes dropped to my nipples. I was well aware he could see the glint of gold from my nipple ring. I sat back in the seat of his Bentley, running my fingers over the leather. I kept thanking him on the way to my new home. He took me up to one of the guest rooms and I had a shower. I came downstairs carrying my wet clothes, wearing the white towelling robe he had left on the bed for me.

"Thank you sir, I don't know what I would have done without you," I grovelled.

"Look it is about time you started calling me Harris. Now I've phoned William the guy from the garage down the road. He'll get your car sorted first thing in the morning."

He handed me a brandy and I gave him my pile of wet clothes to put over the drier. I saw a little glance at my tiny blue panties that I had placed on the top of the pile. I smiled as he took the pile into the kitchen. I sipped my brandy knowing he was hanging my clothes on the drier. He would have to handle my panties. Would he inspect them noting how transparent they were? Would he be tempted to run his fingers over the crotch area, or would he just hold them to his nose and inhale deeply!

I knelt by the chair in front of the coal fire. I made sure the robe was open at the top a little more than it should have been. He would know that I was completely naked under the robe. Would this get his mind racing with thoughts of seducing me? I smiled a little shyly as he came back into the lounge.

"You are still shaking, are you cold?"

Now it was time to turn on the water works. I let my tears fall silently for a few seconds. I looked up at him with little girl lost eyes.

"It just jumped out in front of me. I, I thought I was going to die. I'm sorry I phoned you, I don't wish to be any trouble."

He was knelt in front of me now cuddling me. I clung to him and added a little sobbing to the tears. His hand rubbed over my back in a soothing gesture.

"Amy, I think you should stay the night and relax. It is Saturday tomorrow. I have to go into work for a few hours but stay here. When I get back we'll have lunch and hopefully your car should be ready by then."

"Sir, I don't want to be any trouble," I sobbed.

He pushed me back by the shoulders and as he did the robe opened even more. I could feel the heat from the fire on my left nipple. Harris glanced down and I knew without looking he could see my gold nipple ring, and the nipple it was secured to. I pretended not to notice, even when I felt him pulling the robe together. He coughed clearing his throat.

"Maybe we should go, go to bed," he stammered.

I nodded thinking to myself, yes please! But I knew he didn't mean together.

I stood outside the door to my room. I looked up into his eyes. I moved closer and stretched up. I kissed his cheek slowly and softly.

"Thank you sir, I mean Harris."

He nodded and looked a little uneasy. I opened the door and looked back over my shoulder. I gave him a little coy smile. As I turned to close the door he was still watching me, or rather the robe that fell open as I slackened the belt, once again his eyes dropped to my nipple ring as I closed the door.

I made him breakfast before he got up. I was still in the robe with nothing else underneath. My clothes were in the corner of the kitchen on the drier. My panties spread over the top rail.

"Oh Amy, you shouldn't have bothered doing this."

I smiled brightly at him. I gestured to the chair and put a cooked breakfast in front of him. I buttered toast and then poured coffee. He stopped chewing to watch me as I put his morning paper down.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked.

"Not bad considering what happened with the fox."

"Fox, I thought you said it was a deer?"

I swallowed turning back to the sink.

"It could have been either, it happened so fast. Sir, do you want me to come to the office with you?"

"No Amy, stay here, and later we'll see how your car is coming along. Go back to bed I'll be home around 12 or so."

I went up to the master bedroom and cuddled into my soon to be husband's pillow. I grinned satisfied to myself. I turned the photo of his wife and kids face down on the bedside cabinet. Soon my photo would be in its place! I fingered myself for a while wondering if Harris had thought about coming into my room in the night. Maybe he would have opened the door to catch me sleeping. Would he have gazed on my naked body and touched himself? He would have seen me lying naked on the bed. I did it just in case he did wander to my room. I could feel myself getting wetter as I slipped a second finger into my pussy. Harris should have just crawled between my legs. I'm sure his tongue would have made me wet enough for him to enter me. I would then open my eyes as his cock slipped into me for the first time. He would tell me how he couldn't wait any longer. He had wanted me the first time he saw me. He would tell me he was glad his wife was gone, and that already he loved me more than he ever loved her! I imagined his slow rhythm building faster and faster. I would have orgasm after orgasm, as he got so very carried away. He would finally shoot deep into my willing pouting pussy. He would pull out and kiss me lovingly, and then go back to his room and realise I was the right girl for him, and he would have to marry me as soon as possible!

I was up and dressed by 11.30. I spent the time waiting for Harris, exploring his house. I found pictures of his dead parents hanging in his study. I wondered what they would make of his wife to be. I stuck my tongue out at the painting of his wife which hung over the fireplace. That would be gone soon, along with clothes that she hadn't bothered to take. I looked out across the fields at the back of the house, the same view that Kathy had looked at so many times. Still she was gone now, the view would just be a fading memory to her. But to me it was new and exciting. I went for one last visit to his bedroom. It was then I could smell a faint whiff of my perfume. The perfume I had sprayed on myself this morning. I opened the window further and left the room to air out for a while. Harris came home and showered.

"Amy, can you come up here a moment?" he called.

I went upstairs and there he was standing in his room.

"Amy, did you come in here today?"

I shook my head. He pointed to the picture of his wife and kids still face down on his bedside cabinet. I gulped a little, and then I moved to the window and pulled it closed. He gave a little relieved smile.

"The wind must have blown it over," he said.

We went and picked my car up. Luckily there was no damage caused by the ditch. We had a pub lunch. I didn't try anything on with him, but I could see the odd glance at my nipples from Harris, and from a lot of men in the pub.

Monday I was sat behind my desk. As usual coffee, his mail, and a list of calls he had to make were waiting on his desk.

"Good morning sir," I said with my usual grin.

He hovered over my desk for awhile.

"Amy, you um, well you left this in your room," he stammered.

I watched him place a tissue on my desk. I opened up the tissue and picked up the gold nipple ring. He coughed a little nervously and went to his office. I started typing with a big grin on my face. Harris Silver had picked up my nipple ring!

I sat taking the minutes of a meeting an hour later. Harris was forceful with his demands and more aggressive than I had ever seen him before. Even those in the meeting would give each other worried looks. He stayed in his office for most of the day, and sent me out several times when I went in with tea and a sandwich. Shortly before I was due to leave work I went in again. He was staring into space.

"Sir, is there anything I can do?"

He didn't reply he just sat rubbing his neck. I moved round behind him and started to massage his neck and shoulders.

"Amy you don't need to do that," he mumbled.

I carried on until he moved my hands away and stood up. He went to his door and opened it.

"You should go home," he said, holding the door open.

I took a deep breath and went to the door. As I went past him he grabbed my arm pulling me back in. I heard the door close as he pushed me back against the wall. His lips were on mine even before I realised what was happening. His kiss was deep and forceful, and I responded letting my mouth drop open. His tongue pushed into my mouth, and I just held myself back against the wall in submission. As we parted he was panting hard. He looked shocked by his own action. He opened his mouth to start apologising I think. I didn't let him. I forced my mouth on his. He let himself go now. He groaned passionately and a hand squeezed my breast really hard. It softened slightly and then I felt his finger trace over my nipple ring. His other hand went up my short skirt and he pushed my panties down at the front. I put my arms up against the wall, in yet further submission. A finger groped its way into my pussy and I gasped on the kiss. My note pad fell through my fingers and onto the floor. His finger dug deeper into my wet pussy, and his other hand started mauling my breast again.

"I want you Amy," he groaned.

He dragged me over to his desk and pushed me on my back. I heard my panties tear and I spread my legs. I just lay there with my legs open and my arms over my head watching his red face. I saw him grit his teeth and I heard him grunt as he pushed his cock into me. By the look on his face I could have been anyone, I didn't care though. He started thrusting and forcing himself into me. I watched him looking down on me with an animal like lust filled expression. I went to touch his face in a tender display. My arm was grabbed and pushed over my head pinning it to the desk. I repeated the move with my other hand and he responded the same way as before.

"No, don't touch me," he growled through gritted teeth.

His hips started to buck faster, but still he had the same determined look. This was the businessman used to getting what he wanted.

"Do what you want to me," I whispered, as he gripped my arms more firmly.

He fucked faster and his grunting increased with the effort. His hands trailed down my arms and he held my blouse for a second, and then he ripped it open. My breast heaved with the shock, and my bra was roughly pulled down. His head fell to my left breast, and he sucked my nipple and my nipple ring into his mouth. I arched my back feeling my pussy flow freely over his hard cock. His tongue forced into the nipple ring and he made me wince a little. He looked up and pulled my hips trying to get more of his wonderful cock deeper into me. With very little warning he started shooting into me. I gasped as much as he did. As he banged me harder his grunting turned into cries of ecstasy. Finally he was still. I started to cradle his head. That was when he pulled off of me. He turned away and went to his adjoining bathroom, with my panties gripped in his hand. I straightened my clothes trying to pull my ripped blouse over my tits. I just stood there in shock for a moment, trying to get my head round what had finally made him jump me. He didn't come out of his bathroom and I grabbed my jacket and left.

It wasn't until I got home that I started recounting, and trying to savour what had taken place. While it was what I wanted I didn't expect it to happen in that way. I had to think carefully now, of how to proceed. Now Harris Silver had let his passion show, was it going to be easier for me, or harder? I'm sure I was just a frustrated fuck. I started wondering if that was what Mandy had been. I wanted more than that, I wanted him as my husband, but then again so did Mandy, and look how far it had gotten her! All I did know was that making Harris Silver my first choice was spot on.

The next day he was in before me. This was a first, and I even checked my watch. I made him his coffee and tapped on the door. I walked in and felt his eyes on me.

"Good morning," I said.

"Thank you Amy, I'll be out of the office most of the day. My sons are coming to stay for a few days. I don't want to be interrupted unless it is an emergency, do I make myself clear?"

I nodded noting how he had gone into business mode. I felt a little deflated after what happened last night. Not even a little grin, no bunch of flowers, nothing. I didn't see Harris until Friday, the calls were mounting up and people kept asking me where he was.

"Amy, get some sandwiches in for me at lunch time."

That was it! Not even a bloody good morning Amy, and thanks for the wonderful fuck the other day, and me just pissing off and leaving you to get on with things! Friday afternoon he came out of his office.

"What are you up to this weekend?"

"Visiting my mother in the clinic at Exeter," I replied.

"Oh, well um, if you are busy then it doesn't matter."

"Sir, if you want me to work then mum can wait."

"No, but how do you fancy some company, maybe we could stay in a hotel or something down there? Separate rooms obviously," he mumbled, shuffling a little uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

I nodded and then smiled.

"I would like that," I responded, "separate rooms might be difficult. I mean it would be a late booking now."

"Well, then I'm sure I would be happy to comply with what ever you arrange."

We shared a smile and he gave me a little wink.

"I'll pick you up from your home at 6 then?" he asked.

I nodded and grinned back.

I threw my bag on the bed and looked back at Harris. He just stared at the double bed for a moment.

"Amy, I want you to know that I don't expect you to do this because I am your boss. I am quite happy just being friends."

"I know," I purred, as I slipped my skirt down.

I looked up at him from my bent position. I knew he could see down my loose top to my bare tits and nipples. I stood up and lifted my vest top over my head as he watched. I stepped out of my shoes and walked up to him in just my panties. I took his hand and placed it on my left breast. He toyed with my nipple ring as I undid his trousers. I kissed him lightly on the lips. His trousers fell to his ankles and I knelt down. I pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang up. I pushed back his foreskin and ran my tongue around his red head. Harris quivered and I heard him gulp. His mobile phone went off in his trouser pocket. I fumbled for it still kissing his cock head. I flipped open the phone as I looked up at Harris.

"Harris Silver chemicals," I said.

I licked his cock and listened. I plunged my mouth right over his cock.

"I'm afraid he is on another line at the moment. I'll get him to call you as soon as he gets off."

I closed the phone giving the caller no time to respond.

"Who was that Amy?" he asked in a croaky voice, as I sucked him deeper.

I pulled off his cock and looked up into his eyes.

"Your wife, sir," I replied, and then plunged back on his cock.

I bobbed my head, forcing myself to take him into my throat. He gasped and his legs trembled.

"I want to fuck you," he mumbled.

"You will sir, later."

I sucked deeper again, listening to his groans. His panting increased and his cock seemed to expand. He gripped my head and held me on his cock. He had become quite aggressive holding me there. I started choking as his hot spunk filled my mouth. I swallowed and gagged, but Harris Silver thrust deeper and wouldn't let me off. He thrust his hips and grunted, as I tried to get his cock out of my throat. He wouldn't let me though, not until he was satisfied that I had done a good job. He looked a little embarrassed by the way he held me. He was panting and his cock started to soften.

"Sorry, did I hurt you Amy? I don't know what came over me."

I caught the drop that hung from the tip of his cock with my tongue.

"Sir, we all like it a little rough sometimes," I said, with a reassuring smile.

I stood up and undressed him, covering his athletic body in small kisses. Finally when he was naked I lay on the bed. I lifted my hips and he dragged my panties off. His gaze fell between my legs at my wet hair free pussy. He knelt down and kissed my ankle, slowly working his way up my bare legs and the inside of my thighs. He stopped inches from my soaked pussy and looked up into my eyes. He kept watching me as his lips gently kissed my pussy. My back arched, I whimpered, and my mouth dropped open. I had waited so long for him to do this. All my scheming had paid off. He was my man now, and that fat, drunk, bitch, would have to wait for his call back!

He licked and nibbled on my clit. My pussy dripped and my legs squirmed a little. I couldn't hold off my orgasm not even when his mobile rang again. Harris went to get up. I just wrapped my thighs around his head and held him firm. He soon went back to what he should be doing.

"He is busy," I spat into the phone, and closed it on that annoying bitch.

After all I had done for the fucking cow, there she was interrupting me and my soon to be husband. God I couldn't wait to gloat in her stupid fat face about Harris marrying me. Of course her boys would be there. I'm sure they would tell their drunken mother how good Harris and his new wife looked together!

I let my lover up and he just stared at me with a look of disbelief.

"Fuck Amy, your thighs are really strong. I nearly suffocated down there," he said, as his expression changed to a grin.

You only need to ask my uncle that, if he was still alive I thought. OK that needs explaining but you aren't going to get it, well not yet. Anyway Harris and I are far more interesting.

We got into bed and I cuddled him for awhile. My hand was between his legs just slowly stroking him to an erection. I was savouring the moment, just before he moved between my thighs. All this had been well worth the struggle. He was mine now and I wouldn't let go, ever!

So there I was pussy poised to go down on my man. That fucking phone was going in a bucket of water soon!

He pushed me of and went to the bathroom, talking to that cow!

"I have to go, Amy I'm sorry," he mumbled.

I grabbed his trousers as he went to put them on. I threw them on the chair.

"Is it a matter of life and death?"

He shook his head.

"Well this is," I said, dragging him back to bed by his cock.

He moved between my legs and slid his cock into me. He started fucking me and I grinned over his shoulder. Whatever it was that he had to sort out it could wait. I was number one in his life now. Surely it was time he realised that!

I got in the shower with him and washed his body.

"Will you come back here?" I asked.

"Amy my wife is in a police cell. I have to go and get her out. She got drunk and made a scene in a restaurant. I'll see you at work on Monday. Book everything to the work account. I'm sorry."

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