tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEx-Cellmate Looks Him Up

Ex-Cellmate Looks Him Up


Everything was going to be perfect. Nathan hummed an upbeat tune to himself as he set the table. His girlfriend would arrive for their dinner in any time now. Nathan checked the food simmering on the stove for the second time in as many minutes.

He heard a knock at the door.

"Be there in a minute," Nathan called out from the kitchen. He quickly ran a comb through his hair and then grabbed the flowers he'd purchased for Jenny. Nathan opened the door and presented the flowers to his visitor.

"Those are for me? Oh, Nathan, you shouldn't have."

Nathan's jaw nearly hit the floor. The woman reached for the flowers, which he suddenly clenched tightly. He was dumbfounded. Nathan couldn't find the words to speak as the impressively-sized woman stepped through the threshold of his apartment and cleaned her heels off on the carpet.

"Gia!" he exclaimed. "You're out! What... what are you doing here?"

"Awww baby. You seem upset. I guess this means these flowers aren't for me," she smiled knowingly.

The tall, muscularly built woman looked better than ever. Her hair had red highlights in it now. They matched her full, cherry red lips nicely. Gia was in even better shape than she had been in the past. Nathan finally came to his senses.

"You can't be here!" he shrieked, remembering Jenny could be there any minute.

Gia took her coat off and threw it over the couch. She stepped out of her heels and kicked them under the table. "Is that dinner I smell in the kitchen? Just who were you expecting tonight?"

Nathan picked her coat up and tried to put it back on her. His eyes flickered to her big bosom in her tight-fitting black blouse. "I said you can't be here. Jenny could be here at any second. Please!"

"You've been a bad boy, Nathan. I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers. We'll talk about it over dinner. You're lucky I'm giving you this chance." Gia ignored his pleas and stepped into the kitchen. She lifted the top to the pot on the stove and took a whiff. "Smells scrumptious. You always did take to domestic duties."

"Please Gia. I'm begging you! Just hide in the other room for a moment and I'll get rid of Jenny quick." He was becoming more frantic by the second.

"Stop mentioning this Jenny girl and put my meal together, Nathan." She gave him a cold, business-like stare. "I'm losing patience with this."

Nathan got his phone out and attempted to text Jenny the best lie he could come up with. A big, feminine hand grabbed the phone before he could. "Give it back! I'll tell her I have to cancel!"

Gia looked at him playfully and shook her head. Nathan attempted to wrench the phone from her grasp, but Gia pushed him back and gave him a much more serious glare which stopped him in his tracks. "Where do you get off acting this way, Nathan? I'm going to give you a chance to explain yourself. That's a lot more than you deserve. In case you didn't hear me the first time, get my fucking dinner on the table... NOW!"

Something deep inside Nathan clicked on once again. Without another word, he pulled a plate from the clean dish cabinet and set about preparing a plate for her. This time when there was a knock at the door he barely heard it. Gia sat up from the table and answered the door with a big grin on her face.

"Nathan?" the girl at the door called out. She'd never gone over to his apartment and been met by another woman. Gia offered her hand and Jenny shook it uneasily.

"You must be wholesome little Jenny. Nathan's told me so much about you. Did he mention we were all going to have dinner together?" Gia sized up Nathan's girlfriend as she talked to her.

"No, no, he didn't. Nathan?" she called out again in disbelief.

Nathan rushed to the doorway of the kitchen. "Jenny. I, uh, I'm sorry. This is... Gia."

No one spoke very much as Nathan hesitantly put the finishing touches on dinner. He kept a close eye on the two women from the kitchen, but there was nothing he could do. Gia would do what she wanted as she always had and always would.

Gia found a picture of Nathan and Jenny and picked it up. She stared at it for a long time. Curiosity finally got the best of Jenny and she asked, "So where did you meet Nathan?"

A devilish grin crept across Gia's face as she answered, "Prison."

Jenny couldn't hide her shock. "What?!" Nathan heard her and went to the kitchen doorway again.

"Nathan must not of told you too much about his past." She put the picture down. "He must have glossed over this part. It's really a funny story." She looked over at Nathan, "Do you want to tell it?"


"Then I will," Gia responded.

"No wait, I will," he changed his answer. Nathan couldn't get over how much height difference between Gia and Jenny there was. They were two very different women and Nathan had hoped they'd never be in the same room together. "I did something really stupid when I was younger. Like something non-violent stupid. I got sent to prison for it. I'm sorry I never told you."

Jenny's face turned white. She took a moment and then asked, "So then how did you meet Gia?"

"That's the funny part," Gia answered before he could. She winked at Nathan. "Some dope told him he could mark 'transsexual' on his papers and get put in a protective unit for transsexuals."

Jenny looked over Gia again self-consciously. A transsexual? The thought had never even entered her mind. She was beautiful.

Gia sensed what she was thinking and said, "I'm a shemale, sweetie."

"Then you mean you two were friends?" she looked back and forth between Nathan, who looked horrified to be discussing this, and Gia, who seemed to relish it.

"That's the funniest part of it. Guys always try to get placed with us and they never realize until it's too late." Gia paused. "We're worse than the men." She chuckled. "Nathan and I shared a cell. I made a deal with your boyfriend. He put out and I looked after him."

Jenny looked at Nathan. Her eyes were red. "Why didn't you ever tell me this?"

Gia answered for him, "He was probably ashamed." Gia stared at him now. "He was ashamed that he promised to write me and visit me after he got out and then he never did."

Jenny's tone suddenly became harsher. The usually even-tempered, concerned girlfriend said, "He probably wanted away from you. If I'm grasping this right then you should be ashamed of yourself. You took advantage of him when he needed help!"

"I think you should tell your prissy little girlfriend to keep her mouth shut until she has all the facts!" Gia raised her voice and scared both of them. "Maybe you should tell her how the wolves were circling before I saved you." The conversation immediately became between Nathan and Gia, with Jenny as a helpless onlooker. "Some girls wanted to eat you up and leave nothing behind. They would have fucked you day and night and treated you like shit for it if not for me. I kept you safe and you forgot about me the second you got out!" Gia lunged forward and grabbed him by the collar, "Remember that?!"

"I, I'm sorry," Nathan started to acquiesce.

"You shouldn't be apologizing to her, Nathan! You're not in prison anymore. She can't treat you like this. I'm going to call the police." Jenny fumbled through her purse for her phone.

Gia's grip tightened on Nathan's collar until she was nearly lifting him off the ground. "No wait. Jenny it's ok. Don't call anyone," Nathan implored his girlfriend.

Jenny looked even more hurt now. "Nathan. Don't play this game. Either you tell me right now she has to leave or I'm the one going." He didn't respond and she stormed to the door.

"Jenny, wait--" Gia's lips crushed down on his. The door slammed. Gia felt his body go limp in her arms. She held his smaller frame against hers and shoved her tongue into his mouth. An old, comforting feeling welled up inside Nathan. She wanted him and she'd have him.

Gia broke the kiss. "Let's forget about dinner. I've got something else on my mind now. Show me your bedroom." Nathan tentatively took her hand and led her down the hallway to his bedroom. He had conflicting emotions. Nathan thought he had left this life behind when he got out of prison. But now it was back again. And like the monster throbbing between Gia's legs, it was back in a big way.

Gia's only interest was in the bed. She strutted across his bedroom like it was hers and stretched out on it. "Clean sheets," she noted. "And look at you. Don't think I didn't notice. Come here baby." She held her arms out for him. "You made yourself real pretty tonight. Thought you were gonna get some hot action from that Jenny chick," she giggled. "Well I won't disappoint you in that department. It's been a long time and I need it."

He came to her on the bed and they embraced. She started to cover his face and neck in kisses. Gia's heavy leg swung over his and locked him in the place. He smelled her perfume, felt her lips, and finally gave in--fully and completely. Gia's skirt came off. Then his shirt. Nathan felt her bulging erection against his thigh. He reached down and started to stroke it.

"Mmmm..." she moaned. "You know what I like. That's why I came to you." Gia unbuttoned her blouse and let her big, full breasts spill out. Nathan's mouth found an over-sized nipple and nursed on it. "It would take too long to train someone else. Especially when I have a perfectly well-trained bottom right here." Gia cupped his butt cheeks. She squeezed them hard in her hands, "You don't know how much I've missed this." Nathan's hand slipped into her panties and wrapped around her thick shaft. Gia nearly had his pants all the way down. Nathan knew he'd soon feel her impatient cock penetrate him.

Gia pushed him down into the bed and slid over on top of him. She put his skinny legs up on her shoulders. The big shemale covered her cock in spit and pressed it between Nathan's vulnerable cheeks. He grunted and tried not to jerk. Gia's head hovered over his. She looked into his eyes with her mushroom head pressing into his tiny opening.

"You're tighter again. Feels like a virgin hole. I guess two years will do that." Gia's breathing was more ragged. His expression became more and more pained as she filled him. His memories of the experience must have dulled over time. He couldn't believe how large she felt inside him.

Her entire body covered him. Gia's cock was completely buried. Her big breasts pressed into his face. She clenched her eyes shut and started to thrust into him. Nathan peered out from under her tits and saw the same smug smile on her face that she always had when she fucked him. She was in charge. He was her fuck doll. He'd been her only means of entertainment and pleasure in prison and now she had him on the outside as well.

"This is nice. Like old times again. Your sweet ass and my big cock were meant for each other!" Gia pressed her lips against his and kissed him. He moaned out. The physical stimulation of this beautiful woman and her giant sexual organ were getting the best of him. He squeezed her breasts and plucked at her nipples. It really was like old times again.

Gia wasn't kinder on account of it being their reunion fuck. Her thrusts were powerful. Brutal even. Nathan embraced the role he thought he'd escaped from. He humped his butt up at her and squeezed around her tool tight. He manipulated her tits and kissed her sweaty flesh. He was wholly dedicated to her pleasure.

"Mmmughmmm! Oh please slower..." Nathan softly begged when she picked up the pace. Her hips kept thrusting just as fast as they could. She wanted to cum in him. To mark him as hers once again.

"I'm gonna fill you up real good. Make you forget about that bitch Jenny! What do you think she'd say if she saw you now?" Gia was happy with herself. And so horny. His hole felt so wonderfully tight around her. It was like a glove.

Nathan felt his cock flap against her hard stomach. He was hard and ready to cum just from getting fucked. Nathan didn't want to think about it or the feelings it created in him. He groaned out loud, his soft, slippery ass walls clamping down around her cock. He cried out and shot his load between their stomachs.

"You like that cock? Oh yeah you do. Your ass is mine. Yeah, that's right. Cum for me!" Gia's lips crashed into his. She ran circles around his mouth with her tongue. Her pipe felt thicker now. Nathan knew that meant she was close. His cock finished spurting onto them. He clutched her breasts tight and kissed her back, sucking hard on her tongue.

"I'm gonna fucking fill you up! You're mine. Fuck, you're MINE!" she half-shouted and half-cried. Gia drove her dick to the deepest depths inside him and sprayed his asshole with cum. She bit down hard on his bottom lip. Thick, sticky shots of jizm painted his insides cum white. Her thrusts were less focused and more primal now. She hammered him until her hose began to slow.

Gia was breathing hard. She stared down at him. A smile had overtaken her face. She told him, "That was even better than I remember it. I'm glad we've still got it." Gia chuckled and gave him another kiss. Her cock tensed again as the last drops spilled out. Nathan felt physically and emotionally spent. He couldn't bear to think of Jenny.

Nathan's ass was sore. He could feel her cum roll down his ass when she pulled her dick from him. Gia rolled over on the bed. She kept his legs tucked under hers and ran her fingers over his chest. "I couldn't have gone another night without filling your bottom. Did you have fun, boy of mine?"

Nathan swallowed hard. He slowly, careful of his sore behind, turned onto his side and pressed his face into her breasts. Gia let out of a laugh. She pulled the blanket over him and wrapped him up in her arms. "We skipped dinner but I couldn't eat a thing tonight. No, I can barely keep my eyes open. Let's sleep and recharge our batteries for tomorrow. A big breakfast and then some more fun tomorrow morning. That'll do us good."

He curled deeper into her arms. Her voice was calming. Nathan remembered how she protected him. He felt secure in her arms. It was a nice, warm feeling. Something he didn't want to admit, but he missed.

There were three missed calls on Nathan's phone from Jenny by the morning.


Gia picked a pack of gum off the shelf and brought it up to the counter. She put it down and made eye contact with the cashier. Gia looked even hotter than she had last night. She'd moved her stuff into Nathan's apartment, had a nice soothing shower and did her makeup properly. The cashier, Nathan's girlfriend, wasn't wearing any makeup. She wore a very plain dress to work.

"Can you take a break?" Gia asked her.

Jenny rang up the pack of gum and responded, "I can take my lunch now."

Gia opened the passenger door to her car for Jenny and the two women got in. Gia seemed content to sit quietly, even though she was the one who called this chit chat. It made Jenny feel even more unsettled. She asked, "What did you want?"

Gia began, "I came to you because I want to do this amicably. Nathan is mine. You're not to call him anymore. He's my boyfriend and you have no claim to him from now on. Got that?" Gia rolled through the stations on the radio as though she were bored with this discussion already.

"He's not property!" Jenny huffed, her frustration showing. "You don't own him!"

"I took his ass last night. He's mine. He was mine before he even met you. You're a lucky little girl that I'll let that go." Behind her disinterested veneer, Gia was getting a little frustrated herself.

"He didn't let you do that!" Jenny cried. "You raped him! I never should have left. How can you do this to us?"

"You want to delude yourself? Fine by me. Nathan picked me. Go cry yourself a river. But don't, you hear me, DON'T bother us again."

"He didn't pick you. You bullied him into submission!" Jenny was red in the face. She was going to stand up to this woman because she might not have another chance.

"I'm getting tired of you saying that." Gia picked up her phone and called Nathan. "Get over here now," she told him.

"He's leaving work to come here?" Jenny asked.

"He'll do anything I tell him to," Gia replied with the hint of a smile. The two women sat there rather silently again. Gia turned the music up louder.

About fifteen minutes passed before Nathan drove up to the parking lot. He could see Jenny in the car with Gia, which caused him much apprehension. Gia flagged Nathan down and sat him in the backseat. "Jenny here thinks I'm forcing you to be with me. Is that true, Nathan?"

Nathan fidgeted. He looked at the two women. Jenny tried to plead with her eyes for him not to be intimidated by her. Gia smiled at him and winked. She unzipped her pants and pulled her growing erection out. "Suck if you won't talk." She waved her cock. "I think that'll work."

Jenny tore her eyes away from the monstrous cock with disgust. She looked over at Nathan. Jenny was positive his face would show the same disgust, but instead she saw a much different reaction. He couldn't look away.

"Don't listen to her, Nathan. I love you. Don't let her run your life," Jenny begged her boyfriend.

"Well, I, umm..." he lowered his eyes to Gia's lap once again. A clear pearl of Gia's essence sat at the pink tip of her cock.

Gia suddenly grabbed a squealing Jenny by the back of the head. "Kiss this bitch or suck my cock. One or the other! And you better suck my fucking cock!" she shouted at him.

Jenny couldn't pry herself free of Gia's firm grasp. She appealed to him as best she could, "Choose me and we'll fight her together. We'll find a way to get her out of your life once and for all. Please Nathan!"

Nathan's emotions were going haywire. Jenny was his girlfriend and she'd always been good to him. He loved her. But he couldn't fight Gia; not physically, nor her pure sexual energy. Her hardening cock and intimidating presence got the best of him and he slumped to his knees. Nathan's head made it to Gia's lap. Jenny fought back tears as she watched her boyfriend swallow the woman's cock.

"You broke my heart Nathan," Jenny choked out her words with cotton filling her throat. "I'm gone."

"Mmm... use that tongue. Get my girl nice and wet." Gia kept her eyes on Nathan's bobbing head while maintaining her hold on Jenny, "You're not going anywhere bitch. You're gonna watch him suck my cock! I'm the top bitch around here and Nathan is mine. This is so you won't forget it!"

Nathan's face reddened. He didn't want to do this in front of Jenny. He also found that he didn't want to disappoint Gia by doing a bad job. Nathan's tongue swirled around the spongy head of her cock. He swallowed her leaking precum. That elicited a moan from Gia, which earned a groan from Jenny. Nathan's lips slid down Gia's thick cock. He hadn't blown her for two years, yet somehow it felt like it was yesterday.

Jenny accepted that she couldn't break free of Gia's hold. Gia was physically too strong for her to do it, at least without hurting herself. But what she saw was so utterly humiliating. Jenny couldn't believe she was watching her boyfriend suck off a shemale. And it looked like he was enjoying himself! Her life had been normal once. Wasn't that only yesterday?

He was getting used to cock in his mouth again. Gia enjoyed the way his pretty little lips sealed around her shaft. She told him, "Look at me while you suck. Show Jenny how much you love it, cocksucker."

His eyes slowly opened. He looked up at Gia, her cock filling his mouth. Nathan's eyes began to water as Gia's cock pushed deeper in his mouth. It pressed so deep that it threatened to enter his tight throat; Gia pressed his head down lower into her lap and it did just that. "Oh, fuck yeah! Your boyfriend's little throat is so damn tight. It's almost as tight as his ass."

"You don't have to do this, Nathan. She doesn't own you!" Jenny started to fight again. She couldn't handle this. Even closing her eyes, she still heard it. The sound of her boyfriend's mouth slurping and his throat contracting.

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