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My wrists are sore
the chain of the handcuffs
isn't long enough for my arms to relax.
the blindfold starts to slip
i quickly move my head against my shoulder
pushing it into place
knowing i will be punished if it falls
i'm left wondering where he's gone
i hear only the chain against the hook
as my wrists move involuntarily
i think i hear him re-enter the room
something doesn't sound quite right
but as i try to think on it
my arms try to relax again
and the cold pain of the metal sends shivers through me
i feel the bed move and i'm sure you have returned
i feel the heat rising in between my thighs at the thought of it
suddenly there's sharp pain
you've put the nipple clamps on again
my back arches at the pleasure of it
i feel movement between my legs
daring to hope you'll offer me your cock
instead... i feel the hot wet tongue
i know immediately it's not yours
i feel soft hands now on my thighs
for only a moment
then her sharp nails dig into my skin
she stops, and my cunt quivers
i can feel her over me
she then asks if i've been good
as she gives the nipple clamps a soft tug
yes, i answer, but i can be better
i respond eagerly
i hope not too eagerly
i don't want her to think i'm insincere
her body i feel her turn on the bed
i can now smell her sweet pussy
she slowly lowers it onto my tongue
which is now outstretched waiting for it
she positions herself so her clit is over my mouth
"you can suck on it now" she says, almost as if to a child
i take the small bead into my mouth
sucking it at first gently
until she tells me i may use my teeth
nibbling and sucking as though
i could consume the secrets to life through her tiny jewel
she leans forwards suddenly
simultaneously spreading my freshly shaven lips
plunging her tongue between them
i take her lead and reciprocate
the feel of her tongue
the taste of her sweet nectar
overcomes me immediately
my body shakes uncontrollably,
my back arches forcing my wrists down
the pain adds the last stimlant my body can take
my cunt barely has time to feel her sweet tongue
as my hips start moving on their own
hers do as well
her sweet juices now coating me
as her thighs move the blindfold off of my head
she rubs her sweet perfume all over my face
as my orgasm subsides
i find myself pushing my head up
so that she can get more pleasure
out of rubbing herself from my forhead to chin
she finally collapses
and turns towards me
her blue eyes lock with mine
she turns toward the door
and there he is
my truest love
a video camera
and a bow
he winks at me
saying "you said it was all you wanted...
you know i can't say no."
She climbs up next to me,
wishes me a happy birthday,
letting me know where to find her if we so choose,
gets dressed quickly, and walks out the door.
He unlocks the cuffs, hands me the camera,
grinning and telling me it's one less thing to download.

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