tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExploitation of a Housewife

Exploitation of a Housewife

byA Cracker Slut©

Now the woman in the story is very real, the names have obviously been changed to protect the innocent. Sh would love to receive your feedback so get writing and voting. Hope you all enjoy.


Fay was lying in bed, bleary-eyed as the sun slanted through the window. She loved this time of the morning, lying there with her thoughts, Richard, her husband long gone to work, feeling all warm and sleepy. Fay couldn't resist running her hand down over her soft skin, searching for her nipple, teasing it as her hand went lower, searching for the heat between her legs. She was feeling particularly horny at the moment, mainly due to the fact that Richard had been away on business a lot recently and was always shattered when he returned. Fay didn't work, so she had plenty of time to fantasise, and play with herself, somehow though it wasn't the same and she yearned for something more distracting to keep her occupied.

Fay shut her eyes, her mind filling with images of a faceless lover using her for his own pleasure, fucking her ruthlessly, roughly pawing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She stifled a moan as her fingers slipped inside the folds of her cunt, working away, teasing the slick folds of her outer lips. Mmmm that feels so good, thought Fay already on the way to an orgasm, she pushed a finger inside herself, revelling in the feeling of penetration as she continued her toying.

A sudden noise from downstairs snapped her from her playing, bloody doorbell, her orgasm receded into the background as she jumped from her bed cursing to herself under her breath. Normally she would of left it but Richard was expecting a special delivery from work and Fay knew she would be in trouble if she didn't sign for it.

She threw a dressing gown on, aware that it barely covered her ass as she ran downstairs and into the hall. Fay opened the front door, a deliveryman stood on the doorstep clutching an A4 envelope to his chest. Fay barely registered the mans face, but was aware of him blatantly checking her out as her dressing gown gaped revealing her cleavage. Fay looked the man in the eye, he blushed aware that he had been caught.

"Letter for you to sign for, addressed to Mrs Fay Smith, that's you I guess, if you could date the slip for me I'd appreciate it"

"You better come in"

The man stepped nervously into the hall as Fay took the clip board and turned to bend over the small hallway table, she was only to aware of her gown rising up her thighs, she was excited, knowing that the man must be getting an eyeful. Fay had flashed people before, it gave her such a dirty thrill, but recently she had found she could barely help herself and was making the most of the opportunities that presented themselves.

She took her time, conscious of the excitement returning between her inner thighs, she made sure her gown was open, clearly showing her breasts as she turned round and handed the man his signed reply slip.

Fay looked the man straight in the eye, he was blushing furiously but had obviously got the message as he was openly staring at her exposed flesh.

"Is there anything else you require"

The man's head snapped up, he stuttered a reply.

"N..N..No Mrs Smith, that's fine thank you"

And with that he turned and virtually ran back to his van. With one look back he started the van and speeded away. Fay chuckled to herself as he left, shutting the door behind herself, she put the envelope on the table and went upstairs to get showered and changed, she had a tennis match booked for 10.30 and didn't want to be late.

Fay stepped out of the shower towelling down her long brown hair, she admired herself in the mirror, she exercised regularly and was proud of herself for maintaining the looks and figure she had when she was at school some ten years ago. Her legs were long and shapely from all the tennis she played, she knew that men admired her as she frequently caught them looking, she made no secret that she enjoyed the attention.

However she tried to limit this flirting to her shopping trips, she knew Richard would not approve of her flirtation. Fay was lucky enough to have a husband that supported her and she was desperate not to jeopardise the relationship, she loved Richard very much and couldn't bear the thought of upsetting him, but she knew that her sex drive was not being satisfied at present.

Fay dressed herself, white panties under short starched tennis skirt, topped of with white sports bra under clingy T-shirt and a little sun visor. Fay smiled to herself, secretly hoping for an audience at the club later on, occasionally on of the local schools allowed there senior boys to play tennis at the club and Fay loved all the admiring glances she got from them. She knew that their young hormone filled minds were undressing her and she loved the thought.

Fay grabbed her sports bag and went downstairs, she spied the envelope and grabbed it on her way out of the door. She plipped her silver BMW, putting her bag in the boot and throwing the envelope onto the passenger seat, she got in, her skirt riding up again exposing her shapely thighs, no one to see her actions this time.

Fay eyed the envelope, might be something important she thought. She opened it, it contained a folder which she opened, and another envelope, which she set aside. She was greeted by a number of photos, her attention grabbed she looked closer. The first one showed a young woman on her hands and knees, face hidden by long brown hair. She was being fucked by a large black man, his cock clearly visible as he appeared to be re-entering her.

Fay shivered, the picture was having an effect on her, she still hadn't come and the events of the morning were taking their toll on her. The last thing she needed was a damp patch clearly visible on her panties, that would certainly raise eyebrows at the club, someone was sure to notice every time she served.

Fay turned the next photo over, her heart ran cold all thoughts of an orgasm immediately evaporating, her breath sticking in her throat, it pictured the same woman on her hands and knees sucking the black mans cock enthusiastically. The woman was clearly visible this time, Fay recognised herself, her mind immediately rewinding to the party ten years earlier.

Fay had gone with a friend, Sally, to a party in Notting Hill, Sally had begged her to go as she wanted to meet black men. Fay was not keen, they both attended a respectable private school, Fay knew Sally needed some excitement but didn't approve of her fascination with Black men.

The thought repulsed Fay, she had always gone out with respectable white boys that her parents would approve of, she had gone anyway after she could not bear the pestering any longer. Ten minutes after arriving Sally had disappeared into a bedroom with some guy she had met five minutes earlier, leaving Fay on her own in a room full of black strangers. She faced a dilemma, she couldn't leave Sally here on her own, but she was desperate to leave. She settled on getting a bit drunk, eventually letting one particular guy, who seemed nicer than the rest, get her a glass of punch.

Before long Fay was feeling a bit the worse for wear, she was slumped against the man as he talked to friends, she was feeling very light-headed but a lot more comfortable. The punch was making her warm and she hadn't objected as the man felt her breasts, oblivious to the watching friends as they smirked at her obvious enjoyment. Fay moaned her approval unaware of the unfolding situation, her body taking control, she revelled in the tingling feeling in her nipples and between her legs.

The man had led Fay to one of the many bedrooms, she had been vaguely aware of another man being present but quickly forgot him as she was undressed roughly. Fay stood naked swaying slightly as the man undid his trousers and prized his enormous cock out, it was only half erect as Fay reached out to touch it, mesmerised by it. She had sunk to her knees, kissing the tip lovingly, barely aware of the camera as it clicked away in the background.

She had awoken the next day, with a crashing hangover, only to aware of her nakedness. There was no sign of the man and with tears in her eyes she stumbled to get dressed and left immediately. Fay was troubled she remembered getting fucked like never before, but this feeling was mixed with shame as she only half remembered the acts she had performed and the constantly whirring camera, committing her obvious pleasure to film.

Fay blinked and returned to the present, she had never spoken about that night, to Richard or Sally, who she still saw occasionally. She had told Sally she had left not long after she had disappeared and had never mentioned it again. In the back of her mind she had always worried the pictures would re-surface but since being married and moving to Surrey she had largely forgotten about the incident. The arrival of the pictures after all these years brought a fresh sense of panic to her, she had no idea who was behind the pictures or what they wanted, it didn't make sense.

Fay's eyes settled on the envelope and with a sense of foreboding opened it, her hands shaking uncontrollably as her mind ran through the possible consequences that faced her. The envelope contained a short note.

Mrs Fay Smith

Your past is coming back to haunt you.
After your tennis match you will go to the equipment shed behind the clubhouse.
You will not be wearing panties.
This is the tame set of pictures there is a video as well so do as I say.
Failure to comply will result in the pictures being sent to every member of the club.

That was it, no name or anything, Fay's heart was racing, she would be ruined. Richard was a member of the club, as were all her friends, she would be a laughing stock. No one would invite them for dinner, Richards business would be in tatters as it was revealed his loving wife had a less than perfect past, she fought to contain the tears that welled up inside her. What was she to do, cancel the match and not turn up, no good the pictures would be sent out anyway. She had no choice, she had to comply there were no options.

Fay tried to calm down, there had to be a way out of this, she had money she would buy the pictures back and destroy them. So simple, no need to get all worked up about it, there just pictures after all, over 10 years old, nothing she couldn't talk her way out of. Fay felt the tension within her relinquish its stranglehold on her heart, everything would be fine.

With these thoughts fresh in her mind she drove to the club, parked up and went straight to the court, she was a bit late and didn't want to risk defaulting the game as it was a league match. Her playing partner, a new guy called Graham was already waiting for her, he looked her over as she approached.

Fay was not above a bit of flirting, if it helped her win a match and the guy was sort of cute. She dropped her bag and turning her back to him, bent from the waist, showing her thighs and she was sure a good look at her ass. All thoughts of her dilemma had gone from her mind as she started concentrating on the matter in hand, she had nothing to worry about.

The match lasted an hour Fay won comfortably, after she shook hands with Graham again aware of his gaze. He seemed to be staring a little to intently at her, but she dismissed the thought and packed her kit up. She would just deal with the small matter of the pictures than she had time for lunch, maybe some of the girls were around.

Fay remembered her instructions, removing her white panties, a little sweaty now, and putting them in her kit bag. She was aware of the cool air tickling her pussy hair as she tried to stop her skirt from rising up. Fay stood in front of the shed, its large barn like door slightly ajar, no one was about so she snuck inside feeling slightly naughty as she knew this area was out of bounds for members.

She stood in the centre of the floor feeling slightly foolish, the room smelled of oil and diesel. Fay shifted her weight between her feet.

"Is anyone there?"

Her voice sounded tiny but elicited no response, she was about to leave, thinking the whole thing some kind of practical joke when Bill the caretaker appeared from behind a tractor, wiping his oily hands on a rag.

"Damn, Bill you frightened me I nearly jumped out of my skirt"

Fay sagged with relief, she had known Bill for ages, well not exactly known him. Bill was always around, pottering, mowing the lawn, mending the nets keeping his head down, as the privileged enjoyed the facilities he worked hard to maintain. Fay had never appreciated how big he really was, he always seemed to be stooped over some piece of machinery or other, but he literally towered over her, making her a little nervous again.

"You looking for some one"

His manner seemed different from usual Fay couldn't put her finger on it, but he seemed more dominant than normal, as if Fay was trespassing on his turf and was not welcome. She was suddenly aware of her nakedness under her skirt and was shamed at the thrill that coursed through her

"No I must have taken a wrong turn, I was just curious about the shed"

Fay knew this sounded pathetic, but she wanted to get out of here and meet some to lunch, it was obvious that she was being wound up, there was no one here to blackmail her. Fay turned to go.

"Lift the skirt"

Fay stopped dead, her heart skipping a beat, her earlier anxiety returned with a rush, almost causing her knees to give way. She turned to face Bill her head hung, suddenly unsure of herself, her confidence crushed.

"You heard me, lift the skirt"

His voice was harsh, Fay couldn't help herself, she complied, hesitating briefly before lifting the skirt over her thighs exposing her most intimate parts to this man she had barely spoken to before.

"I take it you got the pictures"

"Yes I got them"

Fay mumbled a reply, acutely aware of her nakedness, all thoughts of buying herself out of her predicament gone from her mind.

"Quite the little slut aren't we? I knew you would come, your desperate to see the video as well aren't you?"

Fay hated to admit it but the pictures had had an effect on her, she had looked so horny, so wanton, like a slut on her knees sucking cock, she wanted to see more of this other side of her personality which had laid dormant for so long. Fay had no idea how Bill had come by the pictures or the video, it didn't seem to matter, he had them that was all there was to it.

The pictures presented an image that was so unlike her normal self, the respectable surrey trophy wife, the thought thrilled her beyond her wildest imaginings. Fay knew she was in no position to bargain, Bill could pick her up with one hand, she had no choice but to accede to his wishes.

Bill moved closer leering at her nakedness, he reached out to cup her left breast, he squeezed it roughly in his large hand, noting the nipple stiffening at his touch. Fay flinched at the contact she seemed powerless to do anything to stop this man.

"W...What do you want from me, I've done nothing to hurt you, why are you treating me like this?"

Fay stopped her outpouring aware that she had sounded like a scared teenager, rather than the confident woman she really was, damn what was happening to her.

"I am treating you like this because I know you enjoy it"

"What do you mean, I hate this, I'm twenty eight for god's sake I am not a schoolgirl anymore.

"Shut up, I know you like being treated like a slut, in fact you love it"

"I don't know what you’re talking about"

Fay's voice wavered, betraying her uncertainty, she was worried Bill knew something she didn't, she had a horrible feeling that the photos weren't the whole story. Despite herself she wanted to see the video, the thought had nagged her continually since she had read the note in the envelope.

"OK slut I'll prove it to you, get your pretty white ass in my office and we'll watch a little video"

Bill grabbed Fay by the wrist making her wince, his grip was so strong as he yanked her to the corner of the shed and pushed her inside the tiny office. Bill forced her down into a chair and sat beside her, his physical proximity thrilling Fay despite herself, he was so powerful she found herself wishing he would take her there and then. Her mind rebelled at the thought but all thoughts of her respectability were diminishing rapidly from her head, as her body exercised its control over her.

"Sit there like the good slut I know you are and we'll see what you’re really like"

Bill slipped the battered video into the machine and pressed the play button. The image flickered and then focussed, Fay nearly sobbed, there she was naked, lying on an unmade bed, her legs spread wide, fingers toying obscenely between her legs. Bill turned the volume up slightly.

"Don't want to miss any of your filthy language now do we."

A mans voice, Fay recognised it as the man from the party, talking to her, issuing instruction to her, she was complying.

"Finger your cunt, you stuck up white trash. That's it slut tell us what you want"

"I want to be fucked by a black cock"

Fay flinched, her voice was slightly slurred, she couldn't believe that it was her, to her shame the obscenities continued.

"I need cock now, Ill do anything to get it"


The man's voice again, his questioning tone spurring her on to reply.

"Anything you want, I need cock I don't care how I get it"

"Good slut crawl over here, Ill fuck you while you suck Mark's cock for him"

To her shame Fay saw herself crawl across the room, from the bed to the mans side, her eyes fixed on the camera, playing to it, swaying her ass, licking her lips, behaving like a complete slut.

Fay was aware of the heat rising between her legs, she risked a sideways glance at Bill, she could clearly make out his cock outlined within his filthy jeans. She had to fight to control herself, she wanted to touch it, longed to touch it. Damn if only she had brought herself off this morning, her body yearned for attention and wouldn't be satisfied unless she got it.

Fay returned her gaze to the video, hungry for more, aware of the effect it was having on her, she seemed so horny, so hot she could hardly recognise herself. She was currently struggling to take a large black cock deep within her throat, the man with the video was having trouble focussing on her as he received her attention. The focus shifted to her ass as the other man could be seen touching his cock head into her cunt lips, she groaned obscenely as he pushed it into her.

"Getting you wet slut?, seeing what you're really like"

Bill reached over flipped her short skirt up and ran a finger along her pouting lips, she did nothing to stop him. A moan rose in her throat, he pulled his hand away, she flashed her eyes at him, missing his touch already, desperate for more, he ignored her.

"You can play with yourself if you want slut, all you got to do is ask."

Fay gulped, she was desperate to bring herself off, but was damned if she was going to give this guy the satisfaction. That was her plan anyway, as the video continued, with her vocally demanding a hard fucking every time Mark removed his cock from her mouth she wondered how strong her resolve was.

She would hear Bill chuckling quietly to himself, he seemed to know she was torn apart inside, her slutty side appeared to be winning the battle however. She needed relief, her mind was in a mess, all she could think about was coming, anything to reduce the heat between her legs. She caved.

"Please can I touch myself?"

There said it, that wasn't so bad was it, her body desperately trying to soothe her guilty mind.

"You'll have to ask nicer than that, I know you know how, slut"

"Pl..Pl..Please may I touch myself Sir"

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