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"Stop it! You're making me blush!" Jennifer covered her face with her hands, her shiny dark hair falling forward over her fingertips. David loved to see her blush.

He smiled at Emily, whose pale cheeks glowed as crimson as Jennifer's, though she was trying to act as though she was totally comfortable despite her feelings of awkwardness. Not only was she the proverbial third wheel, but she was also the eldest of the three. Should she even be here? Could she get naked amid their perfect young bodies? She wasn't sure.

She knew the direction the afternoon had taken. Hell, she knew where the afternoon was going the moment David rung her hotel phone and asked if she'd like to cruise Vegas with he and Jennifer. Her guy Patrick had left the get-together two days early to take care of a family crisis, so there was no one there to stop her from going. She'd immediately said yes, despite he misgivings, because she was driven by something stronger.

Emily wanted David. She loved Patrick, and had never been unfaithful to him, but there was something about David that skewed her good judgment. And Jennifer... she would kiss Jennifer with no hesitation. Like many straight women, Emily felt an awe for and attraction to beautiful women. And Jennifer was definitely beautiful... glossy brown hair, balanced features, wide eyes, and a slim yet curvy figure. She had been the most popular girl at the get-together. She and David made a very attractive couple. Emily had never been with two people at once, and the prospect made her both immensely nervous and rather excited.

Not that Emily was dog food (though next to Jennifer, she could almost feel the ALPO label on her own forehead). Blonde, and tiny boned with small hips and bust, she did have admirers. But her features were too sharp to be beautiful. She was attractive, but not exceptional. Being neurotic, she ran a list of her physical faults through her head as she watched the younger girl blush and giggle.

David put his hand over hers. He shook his head in Jennifer's direction. He expected Emily, as the older and supposedly braver girl, to make the first move. Emily smiled at him, took his hand to her lips and kissed it, never breaking eye contact. She released his hand and crawled across the bed on her hands and knees to Jennifer.

The younger girl took her hands from her face and watched as Emily crawled toward her. They stared at each other for a full second, each girl unsure of how to make the next move or whether to make the next move... each questioning each other's motivations, and their own. Fuck it, Emily thought. She cupped Jennifer's oval face in her hands and kissed her softly, gently on her cupid-bow lips. They looked into each other's eyes. "No pressure," Emily murmured. "It's just touching. Only go as far as you want. No pressure at all."

Jennifer leaned forward and kissed the blonde girl. She wasn't sure what she wanted, but the older girl's tone was so soothing, her lips so soft, that her fears faded into the background. They continued to kiss shallow kisses, then their pink tongues lightly explored each other's mouths.

"Oh my God..." David sighed as he watched the two women kiss slowly, their pink lips touching. It was a scene he'd imagined, but the reality blew his imaginings out of the water. Both girls laughed, but continued to kiss, turning slightly to make sure he could see everything. His wide-eyed gaze excited them both. David watched as their nipples hardened, denting their shirts. He shifted to accommodate the growing swell in his pants.

Her shyness fading as her lust grew, Jennifer kissed the side of Emily's neck then whispered in her ear, "Let's give him a real show!"

Emily smiled wickedly and nodded. She moved her hands over Jennifer's face, then down her neck to palm her ample breasts. David gasped, which made both girls smile even broader. Not to be outdone, Jennifer ran her palms over Emily's perky bosom, causing her nipples to harden like rocks. "You like that, David?" Jennifer grinned.

"Oh, yes. Yes. Definitely yes," he gasped approvingly.

"How about this?" Emily asked as she lifted Jennifer's t-shirt up over her shoulders, peeling it over her head.

"Oh god yes...that's...that's perfect."

Jennifer slipped Emily's shirt off, and the girls faced each other, dressed in jeans and little else. They resumed kissing, pressing their torsos against each other for David's benefit. The soft girl kisses and the press of girl flesh against her along with the heat of David's gaze worked magic on each girl. They moaned softly into each other's necks as they kissed and fondled one another.

David's grin spread wider as he watched blonde hair brush against dark, lips touching, breasts pushed together, hands wandering. Jennifer turned to David. "Poor, poor boy!" she smiled.

Emily laughed. "Yeah, he does look lonely, doesn't he?" They smiled knowingly at each other, then crawled over to him.

"I think we need help with our pants," Emily declared.

David's smile widened, and he sat up. "I'd be very glad to help you lovely ladies," he purred.

"Jennifer first," Emily declared. He nodded, and took her pulled her zipper down. He paused a moment to admire her lovely, generous breasts. His hands explored her neck, her torso. He pulled her pants down and off her legs, exposing her lovely bottom and womanhood. He kissed her deeply as he slowly worked his hands over her waist down to her asscheeks. His ran his finger down her crease and found her deliciously wet. The both moaned. He reached up and removed the clip holding her hair in place, and it fell across her shoulders in a lovely cloud.

He broke their kiss, then turned to the blonde girl. "Now it's Emily's turn," he murmured, repeating the process. Unzipping her jeans, pulling them down her thin legs, rubbing his hands over her tight body, kissing her deeply, releasing her long blonde hair from its captor elastic.

Emily pushed him to the bed. Jennifer began to kiss him deeply. She licked his neck and earlobes, then returned to his mouth. Emily kissed a path down his stomach to his jeans. She lightly bit his erection through his pants, breathing hot breaths through the fabric. He moaned at the sensation of two women's lips on him. Emily unzipped his jeans, then pulled both them and his undies down his legs and threw them across the room. Smiling, she made he way back up legs. She kissed his swollen shaft, then took it deep into her mouth.

Jennifer leaned forward, offering her breasts to David's waiting mouth. He licked one nipple, then the other, then began to lightly lick-bite each in turn, all the while fondling them. Jennifer sighed, her eyes rolled back. Her hand unconsciously strayed to her clit, which she lightly touched, sending electric shocks up and down her body.

Emily straddled David's body, watching as he pleasured Jennifer. Emily rubbed her aching, swollen lips against his erection, then pushed the tip oh it just inside her. His eyes widened and he groaned lightly. "Sit up," Emily murmured to Jennifer. She motioned to the younger girl, who smiled, understanding. Jennifer straddled David's face, her sweet shaven pinkness resting against his chest. She smiled down at him, then lurched forward. Emily reached forward and cupped Jennifer's breasts in her hands. David was met with the vision of Jennifer's beautiful pink lips up close, and her breasts being fondled by Emily's tiny hands.

Just as his tongue met Jennifer's clit, Emily slid back, taking all of him inside of her. All three moaned nearly in unison, then giggled softly at their simultaneous displays of pleasure. Jennifer began to moan in earnest as David's tongue caressed her soft, wet lips and teased her clit. Emily slid up and down David's shaft, working herself toward orgasm. David cupped Jennifer's ass in his hands, and savored her sweetness. The soft moans emanating from both girls, the feeling of Emily's slick tightness, and the sight and taste of Jennifer's lovely body was everything David imagined Heaven would be like.

Emily gasped, then moaned loudly, breathlessly, as an orgasm ripped through her. Inspired, Jennifer began to rub her clit across David's excellent mouth and tongue. Just as Emily's hands gripped her breasts in ecstasy, Jennifer came in a shower of oooh's and aaah's.

She turned to Emily and murmured, "Switch." Emily nodded, and slid off David's throbbing erection. Jennifer took Emily's place straddled across David's pelvis. She slowly stroked him, then placed him at her soaking opening. Jennifer pushed herself down on him slowly, feeling every bit of him inside her. "Oh!" she gasped.

Emily took David's face in his hands and kissed him deeply. She took his hand and rubbed his fingers across her engorged pink lips. His other hand reached up over her tight stomach to caress her pert breasts. He ran his fingers across her moist opening while his tongue lightly flicked her clitoris. He slipped a finger inside her warmth. Looking up, he saw Emily's blonde hair spilling over her breasts and shoulders, her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Looking around her waist, he could see himself disappearing into Jennifer's tightness, her breasts swaying as she moved, her lovely face glowing.

The visuals were stunning, but the audio drove him to the edge. The chorus of soft moans from the girls was more than he could handle. He dove his finger deep into Emily, his tongue whiplashing across her clit. "Oh!" she gasped as he hit her g-spot. "Yes! There... just like that... Ooh!" Her moans escalated, and she came again, her warm tightness convulsing around his finger. He could hear Jennifer reaching her second, but he wasn't sure he could hold out for long enough.

"I'm close," he gasped. Sensing Jennifer's dilemma, Emily reached a hand back and ran her finger over the younger girl's clitoris. It was just enough sensation to send Jennifer over the edge. David thrust forward with a groan and shot everything he owned deep into the beautiful brunette.

The girls collapsed on the bed. David sat up and gave them deep, soft kisses in turn. Then he smiled. "Now girls...that wasn't so hard, was it?"

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